Ah, Senior Brother is Actually a Sister! – Chapter 1

TL Note: This is just a teaser chapter of my next yuri project I decided on. I won’t have regular releases of this until I finish <<Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again>>.

Also, don’t beat me up >~<;; this is my first time doing a cultivation novel and I’m not proud of the results. Trying my best and learning along the way! Despite this large learning curve, I really like the spoilers I was given in this story and *cough yuri smut* which is a rare delicacies around this genre in general. Thought I’ll try for me and my readers….

Translated by Novice Translations

Executive Summary: Fall from the sky…can you guess?

Joy from Heaven1idiom – overjoyed at unexpected good news; serves as a pun as well in this case

    “Ahhh!” From the sky came a deafening soprano that was like a sharp sword that pierced the sky. She severely slashed the auspicious clouds that floated above Luoxia peak as if disregarding everything that obstructed her to attack Chonghua sect’s meditated or sleeping cultivators. The one who was most startled was Zhen Ren2Title obtained after their cultivation reaches a certain level Su Yan who had his eyes closed and was alone in the hot spring on top of Luoxia mountain.

    He was the apprentice of the fairy Ye, the leader of Chonghua sect. He was a well-known youth in the cultivation world. He was high in the sky and captivated the hearts of tender flowers—Senior brother Su Yan was ranked top three in the “Most Beloved Ranking” of female practitioners and had a secret, he was actually a woman!

    And this secret, with the exception of her biological mother and master, it was unknown to everyone else in the world.

    —Oh, now, it was possible that a fourth person will know.

    Everyone, please hold your breath with rapt attention and watch—

    “Ah …” “Putong!” “Shua—”3Putong is the sound of her falling into water while the other one is the rustling of water

    Very good, the camera will replay, and the commentator will explain the aforementioned onomatopoeia for everyone.

    Just now, the amazing soprano continued and was impartial. She fell into the hot spring on top of Luoxia mountain and startled the unsuspecting Su Yan. On conditional reflex, she pulled out the changhong sword that never left her side and stabbed the intruder.

    Perhaps it was the mist that obstructed her sight or the panic that affected her. Anyway, cultivator Su, who never failed in her sword technique, didn’t leave a single scratch on the uninvited guest, but instead exposed her slender and graceful posture.  

    Since she failed with her sword, then she will no longer pursue and attack her. She retracted the blade, chanted a verse and a black robe flew out of the storage bag which accurately covered her exquisite curves.

    After calming down from the initial turmoil, Su Yan returned to the indifferent and calm number 1 genius of Chonghua sect. Su Yan slowly tidied herself up and slipped on the Zijin Yanlong jade she carried since childhood. She coldly looked down at the unknown falling object from the sky with the sword in her hands.

    Long, willow eyebrows, small peach mouth that bubbled and couldn’t be seen clearly in the water, but she was sure it was a woman.

    The clothes were strange and revealing, but without the beauty of a pleasure woman; there was no sense of cultivation in her, it was no different from ordinary people—this was the most puzzling thing for her—Chonghua sect was far away from the world, and Luoxia peak was listed as a forbidden area and there were many barriers around it. Not to mention ordinary people, even the disciples and elders of the sect couldn’t take a step in without the permission of the sect leader and her consent. How did this woman enter?

    She didn’t feel the slightest fluctuation from the barrier. Did this woman really appear out of thin air?

    Watching the other party sink into the water bit by bit, Su Yan thought about it and didn’t have any intention to rescue the other person.  

    The person’s origin was unknown. It was hard to guarantee she wasn’t a spy sent from somewhere. Moreover, she may have seen her true identity, so she can’t live anymore!

    But … Su Yan slightly wrinkled her brows—this gesture, which was only suitable for a delicate woman like Lin Daiyu,4Female character in The Dream of Red Mansions, cousin and thwarted lover of Jia Baoyu, but she wasn’t delicate, instead she was cooler and more handsome, which made her face even more beautiful and thrilling, androgynous.

    Fortunately, she wore the Zijin Yanlong jade all year round and it could cover up her yin qi to obscure the facts. Otherwise, how could her female identity escape the eyes of many senior experts?  

    The cold-blooded Su Yan never overflowed with kindness to rescue a person who may threaten her, but when she saw the pale comatose woman sink into the hot spring slowly, she felt her heart was a little stuffy and couldn’t breathe—Her mind was so difficult to understand and her action forever changed her life—five fingers collected the woman and carried her towards the shore.

    Perhaps the little junior brother will know of her origins…Besides, if she died, wouldn’t she stain the place she bathed? Thinking of this, Su Yan whistled to call her favorite pet, a vermillion Zibai,5Ancient creature that looks like a horse, has horns on its head and feeds on tigers and leopards; similar to unicorn – https://zh.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%A7%AE she let him carried the woman on his back, regardless of her favorite pet’s reluctant roar, she used her sword to fly to Chonghua sect’s main peak, Autumn Leaf peak.

    He thought he had food for his mouth, but instead he had to work hard and snorted. He glanced with his big bell-like eyes at the wet woman on the ground and in his heart scorned: humph, skinny, ugly, not delicious! I’ll have diarrhea after eating! Won’t eat, won’t eat! This lord doesn’t want…after swallowing his overflowing saliva, he saw his master’s figure disappeared into the cascading mountains. He bit the woman’s clothes and lifted her onto his back. He hissed in the sky and chased after her.

    Today, there were many sects in the world of cultivation, and they were all outstanding. However, there was a group that stood at the peak of the cultivation world and also belonged to the five Righteous sects and three Demonic sects.6Zhengdao is like the righteous sect and Momen is the demon/devil cultivator sect

The five Righteous sects were Chonghua, Tianyin Temple, Qianyumen, Nishang Valley and Bingyan Island.7 so there’s five different schools/sects that makes up the entire Righteous sects.

    The three Demonic sects consisted of the Tianzong, Xiaoyao and Wangui.

    A thousand years ago, the ambitious and ruthless Leng Nie founded the Demonic sect and united three major sects. He established the Hentian Alliance,8Hentian means to hate heaven and led hundreds of millions of demon practitioners to massacre the disciples and cultivators of the Righteous sects. For a while, there was the dead floating everywhere. There was enough blood flowing to float pestles and people were in a terrible situation, the roads were filled with sorrow.  

    At that time, Chonghua’s leader, Gui Hongzi joined hands with the five major sects to resist the Demonic sect and a world-shaking war unfolded.

    The war lasted for a full three months. At last, Leng Nie and Gui Hongzi died together, and the Demonic sect was defeated.

    Since then, the Hentian Alliance was torn apart and was divided into three big sects. Each of the three sects were independent and were against each other, and the threat towards cultivators were greatly reduced. After this war, the cultivators were greatly injured. In addition to the loss of Chonghua’s leader, the supreme elder of Tianyin Temple was seriously injured and died in a seated posture. The god beast of Qianyumen was demoted to the first rank. The leader of Nishang Valley was forced into seclusion for a hundred years and the leader of Bingyan Island injured his vitality which caused difficulty in progressing in his cultivation.

    Since then, the war between the Demonic sect and cultivators evolved from a battle of orthodoxy to an irresolvable bloody feud of deep hatred.

    Chonghua sect was also known as Chonghua Sword sect, famous for its swordsmanship and therefore ranked in the five sects.

    He who cultivates to become an immortal, seizes the sky and goes against the heaven, forging the body, spells, soul-refining and defensive items, these were different methods to the door of enlightenment, but sword cultivation was also an alternative.  

    The so-called sword cultivation, throughout one’s life, only one sword could be refined, the soul used to raise the sword is quenched by the sword, thus there were numerous techniques. With only one sword in one’s hand, bravely stride forward and shatter all other methods.

    Compared with ordinary cultivation, it wasn’t easy to advance in sword cultivation. It was murderous and confronted people’s minds. However, sword cultivation at the same time can be powerful and even challenge those beyond one’s level. It was easy to be reluctant to provoke others.9Be reluctant to provoke sword cultivators

    Since the death of the former sect head, Gui Hongzi, according to his will, fairy10Usually same as immortal or really beautiful Ye Zhiqiu, the youngest disciple of the sect, took over Chonghua sect as the 69th leader. She was the only female sect leader since the founding of the sect.  

    Under the guidance of Gui Hongzi, there were a hundred disciples and there were 19 personal disciples, but only a few people mastered the arts. Out of the seven, four were killed in the Dao Mo war a thousand years ago.11I think the Dao Mo is the shorthand term of the Zhengdao (righteous) 5 sect and the Mo is the Momen(Demonic) 3 sect

    Ye Zhiqiu was the youngest personal disciple under Gui Hongzi’s guidance, but she had the highest cultivation. She was modest and gentle and possessed both ability and virtue. It was natural for her to take over the position. Under her leadership, Chonghua sect’s strength became increasingly stronger and was worthy of its place within the five sects.

    In Chonghua, there was a well-known truth, even deeper than the sect rules: It was better to provoke the leader than to provoke Su Yan!

    It was a small matter to offend the leader because she was lenient and upright. She wouldn’t care much, but if you offend senior brother Su Yan, wash your neck and wait!

    What? You say code of conduct? Senior brother Su Yan will tell you what the code of conduct is!

    Those who were sincere and confessed their mistakes had broken limbs and lie in bed for half a year at most; those who weren’t sensible will be directly thrown to the pet as a chew toy. No one in Chonghua sect knew, but senior brother Su Yan’s mount was the ruler of Cang Liao secret realm and was captured. It was an ancient fierce beast— Zibai. There weren’t a thousand, but eight hundred disciples who died from the beast’s mouth. Even the law enforcement elder turned a blind eye. Who dares to be unlucky?  

    Therefore, when those two or three Chonghua disciples gathered, or practiced, or goofed off, or stayed, but when they saw the vermillion beast fiercely flew in the air. They unexpectedly disperse in confusion and agreed by chance to exert their strength to fearfully escape, even the little door didn’t use much energy.12I guess the door didn’t work hard since it was left open while they fled so it didn’t exert work by continuously opening and closing

    Ji Ya originally harbor resentment when he saw people fleeing like birds and beasts. He roared loudly to show off his strength, then flung his head composed, and landed on Chonghua’s main peak——Autumn Leaf peak.

    There was a servant disciple standing at the side palace hall, Jiuhan Palace. When he saw Ji Ya, he kept his head down for fear the living king of hell would find him when his stomach rumbles, so no one noticed the woman on his back.

    Chonghua, like other cultivators, has always attached great importance to the elders and seniority, and the class concept was deeply rooted.

    The disciples were divided into the outer disciples with gray linen, the inner disciples with blue silk and the core disciples with white brocade.

    As for the several favored disciples that were personal disciples, they represented the highest-level class. They were not strict in classifications, but instead dress according to their preferences.

    These servant disciples have already entered the center of Chonghua. If they were accepted by the master as a personal disciple, they will have a bright future. However, when they saw Su Yan’s favorite mount, they could only be humble. It could be seen he had high status and great reputation in Chonghua, and almost no one dares to brush him.

    Jiuhan Palace was the side palace hall in Autumn Leaf peak, this was Chonghua head’s residence to discuss official business. Compared to the main hall, Qingming Palace, there was no time for civilities, and it was heavily guarded and couldn’t be easily approached.

    As for Ji Ya, there was no need to communicate at all to enter Jiuhan Palace. It was like entering his own home, he went straight to the inner hall.

    After entering the courtyard, he heard his master’s cold and raw voice: “Ji Ya.”

    “Ao~”13SFX for sound of wailing She heard a faint dissatisfaction, and Ji Ya gave a low roar, then immediately ran forward with his hooves, towards the room where the voice came from.

    He was accustomed to discerning his master’s thoughts from her body language and looked up to glimpse his master’s faint expression and his little heart trembled. He shook the woman from his back to the ground and leaped on the elegant woman on the main seat. He rubbed and licked, and the person couldn’t help but smile.

    In ancient times, the fierce dignified beasts regarded themselves as a spoiled little pet that sold meng to curry favor. This made the master, Su Yan, extremely dislike him. She couldn’t bear to look at him again and scold with a low voice: “Ji Ya, don’t be presumptuous!”

    Ji Ya heard his master’s angry voice, but he was still fearless. He only opened his watery eyes and looked at the woman on the seat with tears, as if vividly talking.

    The woman was about thirty years old, with beautiful eyebrows and an immortal temperament. Her lips had a gentle and light smile. She was elegant and graceful. She really deserves the saying, “People are fresh like chrysanthemums.”

She reached out and touched Ji Ya’s ear. When he purred happily from his throat, she faced and softly said to Su Yan: “Yan’er, don’t blame Ji Ya.”

    The cold knife-like eyes lashed severely at Ji Ya who didn’t noticed, but Su Yan obediently nodded and bowed her head respectfully: “Yes, master.”

    The woman above was Su Yan’s master, the leader of Chonghua—Ye Zhiqiu.

    “Then this woman …” Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at the woman lying on the ground motionless, frowned and asked Su Yan.

    “En… leave it.” Ye Zhiqiu’s gentle eyes lingered on the woman for a while, slowly revealing an elegant smile. Her index finger lightly tapped the armrest, and she raised her voice towards the door, “Call Ding Ding to come.”

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