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Hello readers!

I just wanted to make an announcement regarding my lack of releases. I’ve been required by my work to work an extra 10-20 hours a week now, so I have to go in on Saturday too. So by the time I get home I’m too tired to do anything and my only day off Sunday is usually allocated on running errands or doing house chores…

I am still very interested in my ongoing series and hope to finish a few of them this year but have been having real life beating me up.

Also, due to my experiences at work and these increase in hours (I rather be at home then make more money…) I am using some of my spare time working on applying for other jobs and once I do get a job, there’s a huge chance I’m going to relocate for the job.

I just wanted to drop a note to let you guys know about my struggles. Thank you guys so much for following my translations and leaving comments and such on my website and NovelUpdates, it really does make my day so much better! <3

If you guys wish to give me moral support through my daily life, you guys can chat with me via discord to help me pass my time while I’m at work! It does help a lot to ease my stress levels haha.

I hope you guys will continue to read the ongoing projects I still am working on and enjoy them with me. But the releases will be much slower compared to how much I did release in the past (2 chapters a day min.).

Next series I plan to finish is Seeking Good Temptation by either this month or next. This is my #1 priority, sorry to my readers who come for The Villain Has Blackened Again.

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    Novi, take care.
    Sending all my luck for your job applications.
    Do check if I still have any, though. I might have used it, idk.

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      Novice TL Admin

      Thanks my loyal lurker!

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    Best of luck! Iā€™m just glad that your keeping up the work, tysm šŸ™‚

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