Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You – Chapter 11

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Proofread by ElainaWalker 

Executive Summary: To do business in advance. 

Become Fairer La 

  Imperial Capital University’s military training was arranged in a military camp in the western suburb of the Imperial Capital. It concludes on National Day. During this period, no matter whether you were from the city or country, the top student or scum, a man or woman, you still have to participate and only then can you return to school.  

  But obviously Chen Yu was an exception. After all, the physical strength required to catch ghosts wasn’t what ordinary people had. As for the natural enemy of women, Chen Yu totally didn’t care as the sun of the imperial capital was much gentler than that of Qingmu Province.  

  But in order to not be estranged, Chen Yu still followed her roommates’ whitening skin care routine and used a face mask every night. During the day, even if she forgets to wear sunscreen, several of her other roommates would apply it for her. So more than half a month later, under the diligent supervision of the three roommates, our dark classmate Xishi turned fairer!   

  “Oh, my God, we spend so much time in the sun every day. And you still turn fairer Xishi!” Fang Feifei stared at Chen Yu incredulously.  

  ”I didn’t notice before.” Han You reached out and touched Chen Yu’s smooth and tender face. “Although Xishi was dark, her skin is smooth and tender.”  

  Zhang Muwan turned over Chen Yu’s skin care products: “The mask you used doesn’t seem to be a common brand on the market. Where can I buy it?”  

  ”My mother gave me a gift card at a beauty center, and they gave me this mask.” Chen Yu explained. 

  “Which beauty center ah? Why is the potency of this mask so good?” Zhang Muwan concluded that the mystery of Chen Yu’s whitening was due to this mask.  

  “I don’t remember but I’ll show you after military training.” Chen Yu picked up a few masks and handed it out to them. “Would you like to try them first?”  

  “Then we won’t be polite.” It was quite common for girls to share masks between themselves. The three people weren’t shy and were joyous when they took the mask, laying on their beds to sample it.  

  ”There are still a few days before military training is over, ah. Now I have a face mask on, and it hurts. I must be sunburned.” Because of the mask, Han You’s voice was a little vague. 

  ”Soon, there will only be a week left,” Fang Feifei replied. 

  ”Girls, let’s hold on.” Zhang Muwan laid in bed, raised her right hand and clenched it into a fist to cheer them on.  

  Chen Yu listened to their conversation while chatting on her cellphone with Mother Chen. Mother Chen sent messages every day to Chen Yu to ask about her situation and to also remind her to apply the face mask.  

  Chen Yu just responded to Mother Chen’s message when the Penguin app that was idle suddenly popped out with a message prompt. Chen Yu opened it doubtfully and found it was March Floating Rain.  

  March Floating Rain: Brother are you here?  

  I Want To Fix Road: ?? 

  March Floating Rain: Brother, you are here ahahahah, where are you right now????  

  Chen Yu felt the other party’s urgency from their exaggerated tone full of energy then replied back: I’m in the Imperial Capital.  

  March Floating Rain: Imperial Capital? Imperial Capital!! Have you come back after finishing things???  

  I Want To Fix Road: I’ve been in Imperial Capital and haven’t finished my things yet.  

  March Floating Rain: Brother, no, Deity, can you spare a night and go help this younger brother deal with the malevolent ghost first???  

  I Want To Fix Road: What’s wrong? 

  March Floating Rain: Something unexpected happened. That malevolent ghost must be dealt with before midnight tomorrow ah.  

  Tomorrow night? It was already very troublesome to sneak out of the barracks. Then to go catch ghosts in the middle of the night then rush back that same night for training the next day. Chen Yu thought about it and felt this was too last minute. She was about to refuse it but saw the other side sent another message.  

  March Floating Rain: How about another 200,000? 

  March Floating Rain: I know it’s not appropriate to change the time, but Deity, help this younger brother ah. I boasted in front of my grandfather. 

  You boasting has nothing to do with me but that extra 200,000 can’t be taken lightly ah. Chen Yu deleted her typed words and replied: I’ll make time to go there tomorrow evening.  

  March Floating Rain: Thank you, thank you Deity. Can Deity get this done before midnight??  

  I Want To Fix Road: Address.  

  March Floating Rain: Xiaohan Mountain in the northern suburbs.  

  Chen Yu checked the address and found that it was quite far from here. If she was lucky enough to get a cab, she could arrive before midnight, but it was a little difficult to get it done before midnight.  

  But… an hour and a half away, the other party shouldn’t be aware of it. With a fluke mentality, Chen Yu struck down one word: Maybe.  

  En, maybe, it wasn’t certain, and this wasn’t a complete lie.  

  March Floating Rain: Great Deity, you have saved your little brother’s life ah. If there is anything you need in the future, say it, your little brother will not hesitate to help.  

  I Want To Fix Road: Are you trying to suck up to me?  

  March Floating Rain: Hehehe…you noticed.  

  I Want To Fix Road: I won’t give a discount on friendship.  

  After Chen Yu finished replying, she went offline and ignored him. 

  March Floating Rain sent a long series of ellipsis to express his feelings of being speechless.  


  In Imperial Capital at an ancient Chinese-style building facing the sea, a young man in a white T-shirt, March Floating Rain, who had just chatted with Chen Yu, walked out of the room with a joyous expression.  

  ”Liang Yu, where are you going ah?” A man in a suit who looked 27 or 28 years old shouted to Liang Yu. 

  ”Just going out to take a look around.” Liang Yu didn’t intend to pay attention to the man. He casually replied back that he was going out, passed by the man and was planning to leave.  

  ”Are you going to find a helper.” The man sneered. 

  ”So what?” Liang Yu stood in the corridor and looked at the man coldly. 

  “Brother, I’m doing this for you too. It’s not very easy to deal with a century-old malevolent ghost. Don’t boast about this and drag others down with you.” The man blamed as if convinced that Liang Yu couldn’t find a Heavenly Master to help deal with this malevolent ghost.  

  ”You don’t have to worry about it, cousin.” Liang Yu replied. 

  ”Liang Yu, although I don’t like you very much, I don’t want you to die.” The man frowned. “It’s just a wooden peach sword. What’s the use of holding onto it?” 

  “It’s useless for me to hold it but I won’t give it to you.” Liang Yu saw the man’s face turned green then left the courtyard feeling refreshed.  

  Liang Yu is the legitimate son of the Liang family, but he is the weakest in this generation. After 20 years of hard work, he was barely able to help people through geomancy. In addition to decades of taking care of simple ghosts. He encountered some profound malevolent ghosts who have a high level of cultivation and was chased by them. The man who just stopped him was Liang Guang, Liang Yu’s older cousin and this generation’s genius of the Liang family.  

  Originally, it was okay to be a little lower in terms of cultivation. After all, some people who have high accomplishments have low cultivation. However, Liang Yu had a thousand-year-old wooden peach sword in his hand. A top-grade Taoist weapon fell into the hands of Liang Yu who was a good-for-nothing. The rest of the Liang family were naturally greedy. Although Liang Yu’s father obtain the wooden peach sword by chance and left it to Liang Yu.  

  Half a month ago, Old Man Liang asked Liang Guang to go to Xiaohan Mountain in the northern suburbs to “clean up”. Liang Yu knew that it was Old Man Liang’s friend, Master Mao, who specially ordered for that place to be “cleared”. It was said that there will be a very important person who will stay in that villa for a few days after a month and it needs to be 100% guarantee that there wasn’t a trace of evil energy left. 

  Liang Guang went to Xiaohan Mountain but suddenly discovered that there was a century-old malevolent ghost. After fighting the malevolent ghost, Liang Guang couldn’t defeat it. When he returned, he said to Old Man Liang, “That malevolent ghost is so powerful that he needs to borrow Liang Yu’s wooden peach sword.”   

  Saying he wanted to borrow it, in fact, it was just an excuse to take it away. It’s estimated that the old man also thought that giving it to Liang Guang would be the best way to utilize the wooden peach sword. But how could Liang Yu be willing, he hated his cousin the most since he was a child. So, in order to keep the wooden peach sword, Liang Yu was so hot-headed that he said he could also get rid of the malevolent ghost.  

  But he didn’t have the capability.  

  At this time, he thought of the new Deity on the Internet, “I Want To Fix Road” who was able to open the Underworld Gate. Then contacted him,1It’s ‘him’ cause he still thinks Chen Yu is a ‘brother’ and finalized the matter of exorcism after a month. But unfortunately, the important person suddenly changed the appointment, indicating that he would be living there tomorrow night.  

  Liang Yu couldn’t help it. He couldn’t beat the malevolent ghost himself. He could only use the Internet and reach out to “I Want To Fix Road”. Then he thought that if the Deity wasn’t available, he would give Liang Guang the wooden peach sword. After all, magical weapons weren’t as important as one’s life. Fortunately, he had good fortune. The Deity was online and agreed. 

  So just now, he was able to energetically stand up tall in front of Liang Guang, his most hated person.  


  In the Lou family’s courtyard, Lou Ming, the important person, was on the phone with the Headmaster of Imperial Capital University.  

  “Yes, the time is fine. Let’s make it Friday.” Lou Ming nodded. 

  “I’m really sorry about this that I suddenly changed the time.” The Headmaster apologized, “It’s mainly because I’ll be attending an academic conference in Country M next week. It will take me a month to return and I really don’t want to miss out on your lecture.”  

  “Headmaster, you’re too polite. It’s an honor for you to come listen to my lecture.” Lou Ming said modestly. 

  “Don’t say that to me. I know your accomplishments.” The Headmaster asked again, “Is the lecture ready for tomorrow?”  

  Lou Ming glanced at the lecture on the computer: “It’s almost done. I’ll be done by tomorrow.”  

  ”Okay, then I won’t disturb you. You must be done with the lecture quickly.” The Headmaster said and hung up the phone.  

  Lou Ming smiled and put his cellphone aside. He turned around and selected five or six reference books from the bookshelf behind him. He planned to take them to the villa at Xiaohan Mountain tomorrow.  

  “Third young master.” He Qi said. He changed shifts with his previous assistant, and they walked to the study together.  

  In order to avoid being affected by Lou Ming’s evil spirits, Minister Lou provided Lou Ming with seven assistants. Each of whom only worked one day a week while they used their time off eliminating the evil spirits’ contagion. 

  “Back?” Lou Ming asked He Qi to send someone to Qingmu Province to find Chen Yu’s grandfather. The person they sent wasn’t able to find him, so He Qi went there personally a week ago.  

  ”Yes.” Because this matter couldn’t be discovered by Minister Lou, He Qi didn’t come to make his report to Lou Ming until today’s shift change. “I personally went to Damu Village. It’s true that Wu Lao is no longer in the village.”  

  ”No longer?” Lou Ming wondered. “Why does a man who has lived in Damu Village for more than a decade suddenly disappear when we are looking for him?”  

  “The Village Head said, ‘Wu Lao had long said he wanted to travel but because Chen Yu was still going to school, he wasn’t at ease and waited. When Chen Yu left Damu Village, Wu Lao packed up and left within two days, but I feel that this is strange.”  

  “Later I went to check the ticket information at all the stations and there was no information of a Wu Lao.” He Qi said, “I’ll have people countrywide tomorrow…”2Dude Wu Lao isn’t even his name….Lao is just a polite title in front of a person’s name like uncle/brother but this is what you call an elderly man respectfully LOL 

  ”No.” Lou Ming placed the last book on the table and said, “The identity may also be fake. You don’t even have a photo, so how can you investigate?”  

  ”I…” He Qi was stunned for a while. Indeed, there is no photo of Wu Lao from Damu Village. And the photos from the public security system are all old photos from decades ago which are totally different from his current appearance. What’s more, the identity may also be fake.  

  “Pack away these books and take them to Xiaohan Mountain tomorrow.” Lou Ming just wanted to ask Wu Lao about the situation. It wasn’t a goal that needed to be achieved. If you can’t find him, then you can’t find him.  

Author’s Notes: 

Wu Lao: Ah…is it so easy to find an expert? 

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