Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You – Chapter 12

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Executive Summary: It really is you…


   The next day, as soon as the dormitory turned off the lights, Chen Yu snuck out of the dormitory with a sackcloth bag on her back. She dodged the patrolmen in the military camp and jumped over the wall.

  After running for five minutes, Chen Yu saw a taxi parked at the intersection. She opened the door and sat in it.

  ”Mister, go to Xiaohan Mountain.” Chen Yu called this car two hours in advance online. Otherwise, it would be difficult to get a taxi in the suburbs at night.

  ”Okay.” The taxi driver started his car and drove all the way to the destination. Because it was already after 10pm, the Imperial Capital had no traffic congestion. When the car arrived at Xiaohan Mountain, it was ten minutes earlier than what Chen Yu expected.

  “Mister, can you wait an hour here for me. I will come down in an hour.” Chen Yu said.

  “Then I will go ahead and leave to get something to eat. I’ll pick you up in an hour.” When they arrived, the driver saw a small restaurant in front of him. He was a little hungry. He wanted to go over and get something to eat.

  ”Okay.” It’s better if mister driver wasn’t present. Although it’s still quite a distance from the center of the yin energy, after fighting for a while, the malevolent ghost will be very troublesome if it notices that someone is over here and comes running.

  After getting out of the car, Chen Yu stood at the foot of the mountain and raised her eyes. She saw a thick cloud of yin energy floating in the woods. This arrogant malevolent ghost was there so she didn’t even need to open her yin yang eyes to find it.


  Chen Yu, who heard the phone ringing, took out her phone to check.

  March Floating Rain: Is Deity finished?

  Of course, Chen Yu, who had just arrived at her destination, was definitely not done. So, she politely asked: Why must it be done before twelve o’clock?

  March Floating Rain: Because there is a very important person who is going to stay in Xiaohan Mountain at midnight. If he meets a malevolent ghost, this brother will die.

  It turned out that someone came to stay here. He was afraid that the other party will encounter the malevolent ghost. However, there was no time for it to find other people with her here, so Chen Yu replied with great confidence: Let him come.

  March Floating Rain: Done? Brother, did you do it?

  I Want To Fix Road: En. (I’ll get it done right away)

  Chen Yu put away her cellphone and accelerated her steps to go up the mountain.


  In the Liang family’s old house, Liang Guang reminded his cousin Liang Yu again in the presence of Old Man Liang: “Liang Yu, it’s time that you stop pushing yourself. Third young master is almost at Xiaohan Mountain. Now, it’s too late to tell the truth.”

  Liang Yu put down his cellphone and pretended to be stupid: “What do you mean cousin? What truth can I tell you?”

  Liang Guang saw Liang Yu didn’t shed tears in his coffin, so he directly exposed him: “When I went to Xiaohan Mountain in the afternoon, you didn’t expel that malevolent ghost.”  

  Old Man Liang scowled.

  ”Grandpa, I’ve removed that malevolent ghost.” Liang Yu quickly explained.

  ”Impossible. I was there when I went in the afternoon.” Liang Guang said, “Grandpa, you’d better call third young master and tell them not to go. If something goes wrong, it will cause trouble. The malevolent ghost’s mind has been swallowed by resentment.”

  ”Liang Yu, did you take care of the malevolent ghost or not? Now it’s too late.” Old Man Liang asked Liang Yu after weighing the options for a moment.

  ”Grandpa, you believe me. I really got rid of that malevolent ghost.” Liang Yu said affirmatively.

  ”Are you sure?”

  ”I’m sure!” Liang Yu replied confidently.

  Old Man Liang stared at Liang Yu for two seconds while Liang Yu stared back without hesitation. Finally, Old Man Liang chose to believe Liang Yu’s words and didn’t call to stop Lou Ming from going to Xiaohan Mountain.

  ”Grandpa, just in case…” Liang Guang kept staring at Liang Yu. He was 100% sure that Liang Yu never went to Xiaohan Mountain. Although he wanted to take the wooden peach sword from Liang Yu, he didn’t expect him to take human lives as a joke instead. 

  ”It’s okay.” Old Man Liang waved his hand. Actually, the purpose of getting rid of the, malevolent ghost wasn’t because they were afraid that malevolent ghost would hurt Lou Ming but because the evil spirits in Lou Ming will amplify the malevolent ghost’s powers. If the malevolent ghost isn’t eliminated, then he will personally go there tomorrow.


  Five minutes later, Lou Ming’s car reached Xiaohan Mountain. In order to prevent people from accidentally entering Xiaohan Mountain, Assistant Tian Fei ordered people to set up a barricade at the entrance at the foot of the mountain to prohibit vehicles and pedestrians from entering.

  Lou Ming walked into the villa, raised his hand to look at the time, and turned back to Tian Fei: “At ten past twelve, you all retreat to the foot of the mountain.”

  ”Yes.” Tian Fei brought the books and computers that Lou Ming packed on the coffee table in the living room. Then went to the kitchen to boil a pot of water. After making a cup of tea for Lou Ming, Tian Fei turned around and left the villa.

  But in the woods that was only a hundred meters away from the villa, Chen Yu just entered. Almost at the moment when she stepped into the woods, she foresaw danger. She took out a primary expelling talisman from her back. A flash of fire let Chen Yu see the appearance of the malevolent ghost. It was a male ghost with disheveled hair and tusks. His eyes were shining green and had no consciousness at all.    

  The three immortal souls and seven mortal forms have already been swallowed by resentment. This kind of malevolent ghost had no human nature. If it wasn’t expelled in time, it will eventually become a wicked evil that will bring disasters to humans. However, within a few seconds, Chen Yu made a decision. This malevolent ghost couldn’t be sent to the Underworld, so she will destroy it on the spot.

  ”Rise!” Chen Yu’s right hand threw six primary expelling talismans in the air. The expelling talismans instantly formed a spirit trapping array and trapped the malevolent ghost in the center of the array. Her left hand immediately tried to stick on a piece of intermediate expelling talisman.

  ”Crack, bang.” With a loud noise, the malevolent ghost spread its hands to open the spirit trapping array and the ghost disappeared after a flash. Chen Yu’s intermediate expelling talisman was pasted on empty space.

  It’s pretty good!


  Chen Yu’s fingers were at the center of her brow. She opened her yin yang eyes, glanced around and soon found the malevolent ghost lying on a tree quietly observing her. It was in the 10 o’clock direction in front of her. Chen Yu raised her hand to throw the intermediate expelling talisman. The malevolent ghost snarled and used his own yin energy to set up a barrier to block the expelling talisman. The talisman was fixed on the yin energy barrier and couldn’t go further.


  Chen Yu pinched the formation with her fingers and the expelling talisman attached to the yin energy barrier immediately shattered. A dazzling aura accompanied by a powerful spiritual energy broke through the yin energy barrier and fell on the face of the malevolent ghost. After the malevolent ghost screamed, he seemed to be enraged and rushed towards Chen Yu frantically.

  Chen Yu took a step back, slipped by mistake and seized the arm of the malevolent ghost who attacked her. The dark fingernails were less than 10cm away from Chen Yu’s eyes. After a while, the cold yin energy aura passed into Chen Yu’s body through the body of the malevolent ghost. Chen Yu quickly used her spiritual energy.

  “I have seen a lot of malevolent ghosts, but never one as miserable as you. You can’t get revenge nor can you reincarnate. Is this worth the trouble?”

  These kinds of malevolent spirit were usually formed due to their misery before death, thus bearing a grudge after. The resentment was too heavy. It was unwilling to leave but unable to get revenge, so it began to hurt innocent people. The more people it hurt, the stronger the resentment. And their strength feeds on their own growing resentment. But naturally, its fragile will couldn’t control such strength and would eventually be controlled by their grudge. Its soul became nourishment for the resentment and died again in that sense.

  ”Wawawa!!”1Crying sfx which is the same as the female wuwuwu, or MadPanda westernized it and says sobs sobs lol. It’s often sfx for baby crying noises or vomiting

  Chen Yu mobilized her whole body’s spiritual power and directly poured it into the malevolent ghost through the hand holding its arm. The malevolent ghost shrieked in pain but couldn’t break away from Chen Yu’s grip. The pitch-black yin energy collided with the golden spiritual energy, forming a strange space in the woods. Finally, the golden spiritual energy slowly suppressed the pitch-black yin energy and the solid soul of the malevolent ghost became transparent little by little, slowly dissipating…

  At this time, blood-red evil spirits suddenly came. It overwhelmingly broke the space formed by the yin and spiritual energy. The malevolent ghost who was about to disappear was suddenly stimulated. It came back to life and raised its other arm to quickly catch Chen Yu.

  Chen Yu was caught off guard and scratched on the arm.

  ”Where did those evil spirits come from?” Chen Yu stepped back and looked up outside the woods.

  ”Hu!” The malevolent ghost hated this human who almost killed it this time. After absorbing the evil spirits, its strength increased three or four folds. It rushed to Chen Yu with all its might.

  Chen Yu evaded the danger, hurriedly took out the compass from the bag, raised her hand and threw it. The compass radiated with a bright light and directly hit the chest of the malevolent ghost. She only heard a buzzing sound and the malevolent ghost froze for a while. Chen Yu took advantage of the malevolent ghost’s inaction and pasted an advanced expelling talisman on the malevolent ghost’s head. Her hands formed an array, attracting spiritual energy.


  With a loud noise, the just arrogant malevolent ghost was instantly annihilated and became ash. It dissipated in the empty air together with the rich yin energy.

  Chen Yu retrieved her compass, sat on the grass, and looked at the increasingly rich blood-red evil spirits around her. She was puzzled. When she first arrived, there were no evil spirits. Why did such strong evil spirits suddenly appear, and still blood-red? Was there a zombie nearby?

  Chen Yu rested for a moment and decided to find the source of these evil spirits. If it’s a zombie, then it couldn’t be ignored.

  ”Hiss…” Chen Yu’s arm hurt. She turned her head and saw her scratched arm and her face suddenly became livid. She was actually hurt by a century-old malevolent ghost. If the old man found out about it, he will joke about it for the rest of her life.  

  Chen Yu walked out of the woods and walked to the densest area of evil spirits. She soon saw a brightly lit villa. At the moment of seeing the villa, Chen Yu’s brain unconsciously thought of the man she met at Imperial Capital University. After all, there weren’t many people with evil spirits, and he was the only one she met.

  Chen Yu thought about it, put away the talisman paper in her hand, then went to the villa door and rang the doorbell.  

  Lou Ming, who was revising materials, suddenly heard the doorbell and put down his pen in surprise. His first thought was that no one should be nearby at this time, but curiosity drove him to open the door. When he saw the girl outside the door from the monitor, Lou Ming’s brow furrowed further.


  When the door was opened, Chen Yu pushed open the courtyard door and walked all the way into the living room. When she saw the blood-red evil spirits emitting from his body, it looked like the whole person was floating in a blood-red sea. She immediately pointed to the other person and angrily said, “It’s really you!”

  ”Why are you here?” Lou Ming asked at the same time.

Author’s Notes:

Xishi: I’m good at catching ghosts properly, what are you doing!

Third young master: …

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