Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You – Chapter 13

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Executive Summary: Sounds like a rogue

Third Brother

   The girl was gorging on food when Lou Ming gave her watermelon juice. Lou Ming then turned around and sat on the chair opposite of her at the dining table.

  “Did you know that I was almost killed by you just now when that huge stream of evil spirits suddenly appeared?” Chen Yu took a sip of the watermelon juice and didn’t wipe her mouth. She lowered her head and continued to eat the soft sandwich.

  En, she was eating messily but Chen Yu was having a good time. The salad dressing mixed with the watermelon juice on her face looked funny.

  Lou Ming looked at the little girl eating in front of him with a smile. But his face suddenly changed after he heard her words. He stood up and hurriedly went back to the living room and put on the jade clasp that he removed back on his wrist. The whole person was very upset. How could he carelessly forget about his special physique? He wasn’t wearing the jade clasp and hung around that silly girl for so long, he wasn’t sure if she was affected.

  No, he must send her away immediately.

  Lou Ming thought about it. He walked back to the dining room again and was about to open his mouth to tell Chen Yu to leave. But when he saw Chen Yu suddenly turned around and said with a disgusted face, “What’s the use of putting away the evil spirits now? I’ve already gotten rid of that malevolent ghost and it won’t affect me.”

  ”Affect…it won’t affect you?” Lou Ming was surprised, “You mean my evil spirits won’t affect you?”

  ”Nonsense.” Originally, military training consumed physical strength. But after another fierce battle, Chen Yu was hungry. She ate three sandwiches and drank a mouthful of watermelon juice. She patted her chest and continued, “I’m a great exorcist expert. If I’m so easily affected by evil spirits, what kind of ghosts can I catch?”

  Lou Ming’s expression was full of surprise, since he understood his special body constitution, he has never met a person who wasn’t afraid of the evil spirits on his body. Even Master Mao, a profound master of metaphysics, can only stay by his side longer than ordinary people. It wasn’t good for his health if it was any longer.

  “Didn’t I tell you last time? Be careful that I catch you.” Chen Yu swallowed the last bit of her sandwich. She grabbed a napkin, wiped her hands, looked at Lou Ming and said, “If you didn’t carry evil spirits on you, how can I catch you?”

  Lou Ming’s expression gradually became more and more complicated. He silently unfastened the jade clasp he just put on and placed it on the dining room table.

  Chen Yu glanced at the jade clasp. Although she was curious, she didn’t reach for it, instead she continued to wipe her mouth with a tissue.

  ”You just said, you caught a malevolent ghost near here?” Lou Ming sat across from Chen Yu again.

  ”That’s right!” Speaking of this ah, Chen Yu angrily said, “I was just behind the villa, in the woods behind the villa. I just restrained the malevolent ghost and was about to exorcist it. But a burst of evil spirits came over, do you know what happened?”

  Lou Ming shook his head silently.

  “That malevolent ghost absorbed the evil spirits, those same evil spirits you released.” Chen Yu pointed out this key point, “It was dying, but suddenly became lively again. Look, look at my arm.”

  Chen Yu showed her injured arm to the other person: “Look at the good things you did.”

  Lou Ming saw the claw marks on Chen Yu’s arm and frowned. He was about to reach out to check the other person’s injury, but saw Chen Yu withdrew her arm and angrily said, “How will you compensate me?”

  ”Compensate?” Lou Ming asked with doubt.


  ”How do you want me to compensate?” Lou Ming raised an eyebrow and asked with interest.

  “I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ll let you know once I think about it.” Chen Yu said casually. If you really wanted to ask her how to compensate, she really didn’t think about it.  

  ”Okay, when you think of it, you can come see me anytime you want, but…” Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu and calmly said, “First, let’s define responsibility.”  

  ”Define responsibility?” Chen Yu blinked in bewilderment.

  ”First of all,” Lou Ming asked Chen Yu, “Why would a student who should be training in the military camp suddenly appear here in the middle of the night?”

  ”Hiccup!” Chen Yu couldn’t help but hiccup nervously.

  “Secondly, although I don’t know why you’re here to exorcist malevolent ghosts. But I requested all the evil things to be rid of around Xiaohan Mountain before midnight tonight.” Lou Ming pointed to the jade clasp and continued, “When I took off the jade clasp, it was already 12:10.”

  ”Hiccup!” Chen Yu covered her mouth and leaned back with guilt.

  “In the end, this is my home. I stayed in my home. You suddenly come and criticized me. What do you call this? When people sit in their homes and trouble falls from the sky. Tell me.” Lou Ming had both hands on his chest, leaned on the chair and smiled at the little girl who had a guilty look across the dining table.   

  Chen Yu’s guilty eyes flickered and was stunned.  

  It’s over, it’s over. I should have thought about this beforehand. March Floating Rain said that an important person will come stay here. There’s such a villa on Xiaohan Mountain. It must be the person in front of me who was staying here.

  She couldn’t get rid of the malevolent ghost before midnight. No one must discover this matter, but her braindead-self had delivered this information right to this person’s door. If March Floating Rain finds out, I won’t be able to get the final payment of 2.2 million ah.1She got an advanced payment of 3 million before

  Lou Ming saw the little girl’s face was white with fear. He couldn’t bear it and said, “Forget it. I won’t care about you this time. I’ll help you deal with the wound and let someone send you down the mountain.”

  ”You really…” Chen Yu was about to ask if the other party really didn’t care but her cellphone suddenly dinged in her pocket. Chen Yu had to answer the phone first.

  “After you answer the phone, come to the living room.” With that, Lou Ming got up and went to the living room.

  When Chen Yu finished using her phone, she walked to the living room. Lou Ming had found a first aid kit and placed it on the coffee table. When Chen Yu came over, he said, “Sit here and take off your coat.”

  ”Oh.” This person had a handle on the 2.2 million yuan and Chen Yu immediately became more obedient.2So, this Chinese pinyin doesn’t translate well, the handle is like blackmail. So, if he actually reports her for doing the exorcism after midnight, she won’t be able to get the rest of her money and might have to give back the deposit since she didn’t do the job as per the requirements

  Under her thin coat, she wore a white short-sleeved T-shirt. On the girl’s fair skin that swelled, there was two dark bloodstains that looked particularly striking.

  ”Why is it black?” Lou Ming asked with a frown.

  ”It’s resentment, malevolent ghosts have resentment tinged in their energy,” Chen Yu explained.

  ”How to deal with it?” He can deal with ordinary wounds, but he didn’t know how to deal with wounds caused by energy full of resentment.

  ”It’s okay. I’ll clean it up.” Chen Yu said, lifting her right palm and placed it over the wound. A light spiritual energy appeared to dispel the resentment energy around the wound. Shortly, the black wound, which was eye-catching, became a normal blood-red color.

  Although he knew that the little girl had some skills before, Lou Ming, who saw this scene with his own eyes was stupefied. But a moment later, he picked up a cotton ball to help Chen Yu clean the wound.

  ”Then…that…you just said that someone will send me back.” Chen Yu quietly asked for confirmation.

  ”En.” Lou Ming replied softly while cleaning the wound.

  ”That’s good.” Chen Yu breathed a sigh of relief. “I just received a call from the driver uncle. He said that the road under the mountain was suddenly blocked. If he couldn’t get in, then he would go back first. If you didn’t send me, I wouldn’t be able to attend tomorrow’s military training.”

  Lou Ming’s hand was still on the medicine and asked with a frown: “You still have to rush back and participate in tomorrow’s military training?”

  ”En.” Chen Yu nodded.

  ”You secretly snuck out from the wall tonight?” Lou Ming asked.

  ”How do you know that I came out from the wall?” Chen Yu was surprised.

  Because the first wall you jumped over was in my yard.  

  “Make an excuse to ask for leave tomorrow, don’t go to military training.” After cleaning the wound, Lou Ming began to bandage the little girl.

  ”It’s okay, it’s just a small injury.” Chen Yu said indifferently.

  ”Then I will ask someone to help you.” Lou Ming found that the little girl hasn’t settled down since she returned to the Imperial Capital.  

  Ask someone to help me? What do you mean? Is it someone who will take me back and ask for leave? Then wouldn’t the thing of me sneaking out in the middle of the night be discovered?

  ”No, no, I’ll ask for leave, please…” Chen Yu shook her head excitedly.

  ”Don’t move!” Lou Ming pressed the little girl’s disorderly arm, wrapped the gauze properly before releasing his hand. “You’ll ask?”

  ”En!” Chen Yu was afraid to death. If they told the teacher she fled military training and people found out that she fled by jumping the wall at the military camp, this would become a big thing.

  ”They can’t go up the mountain. After a while, you go down the mountain first. Someone will take you back at the intersection.” Lou Ming pack up the first aid kit and stood up to put it back in the drawer.

  Chen Yu moved her bandaged arm and found that it didn’t hurt anymore. She put on her coat again and walked behind Lou Ming to thank him: “Thank you ah! Well, I still don’t know what to call you. You see, we’ve met each other twice in such a short time. Let’s get to know each other.”

  Lou Ming turned around.

  ”Let me introduce myself first. My name is Chen Yu with the character from carp fish. You can also call me Xishi or Meiren…” Chen Yu introduced herself.

  ”Meiren?” Lou Ming repeated incredulously.

  ”En?” Chen Yu responded very consciously.

  ”Cough…” Lou Ming couldn’t help himself. He turned around to support himself with the cupboard and bent over with a smile.  

  “Ah, right, a man shouldn’t call out Meiren,3Means beautiful woman so it’s better to call me Xishi, otherwise you’ll sound like a rogue.” Chen Yu added.

  Lou Ming’s hands holding the cupboard trembled from laughter. It took him a long time before he calmed down.  

  ”Then what’s your name ah?” Chen Yu couldn’t help but take the initiative to ask him when she saw that the other person was ignoring her.

  ”Lou Ming.” Lou Ming finally calmed down from his laughing fit and turned to look at the little girl who only reached his chin. “You can call me third brother.”

  ”Lou Ming, this name seems familiar.” Chen Yu thought about it. After three seconds, her eyes suddenly lit up, she pointed her finger at Lou Ming, trembled and stammered, “Ah, you’re that…that courtyard, that courtyard to the north of the compound.”  

  Lou Ming looked at the little girl who was shocked.

  ”Also, you sent me a doll, right, a bear.” Chen Yu asked.

  Lou Ming nodded with a smile.

  ”It’s really you?” Chen Yu asked incredulously.

  ”It’s me.” Lou Ming nodded again.

  ”Third Brother!” Chen Yu pounced on him, hugged someone’s arm without letting go. Her eyes blinked like a puppy and sold meng.4selling meng is selling being cute / moe

  Lou third brother raised his eyebrows in surprise, but he didn’t shake her off.

Author’s Notes:

Today, I saw a little angel suggesting that I change my name…

Cough… Actually, crabs often have this urge,

But…Crabs isn’t a good name. So far, I still haven’t thought of a suitable name. What should I do? (Who can help me……)

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