Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You – Chapter 14

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Executive Summary: What did you do to him?

I Want to go to Your House

   For many years, Lou Ming hasn’t been touched by such “unbridled” people for as long as he can remember. So, this feeling of being intimately held by the arm made him feel novelty. Because of this, he didn’t avoid the little girl.

  “Third brother, it turns out we live so close to each other ah.” Chen Yu continued to cling on him.1Bro, I’m pretty sure she’s holding onto this male god’s thigh for the free spiritual energy to refill her compass LOL plus that blackmail of her payment!

  Lou Ming felt the temperature passed from the other person’s palm to his arm for a while. He was stunned and gently pried away his arm: “En.” 

  ”Then why did you suddenly come here today?” Chen Yu’s eyes spun and asked, “I remember your spiritual energy is very rich.”

  Somehow, when Lou Ming heard this, his first thought was someone secretly burying the compass in the middle of the night.

  ”This is my safe house.” Lou Ming explained.

  ”Safe house?” Chen Yu was puzzled.

  “The evil spirits on me grows every day. If I let them grow, they will get out of control to some extent.” When speaking about getting out of control, Lou Ming’s face tightened.

  Chen Yu naturally knows the consequences of uncontrollable evil spirits. She frowned: “Is your condition already so critical? I’ve seen you twice. While it is serious, it hasn’t gotten to the point of being uncontrollable.”

  “That’s because I release the evil spirits at certain times.” Lou Ming continued, “Last time at Imperial Capital University, I used the auspicious aura to block the evil spirits every year. Then again here.”

  Lou Ming look around the villa and continued, “There are no people living around Xiaohan Mountain within a 5km radius. This place is where I release evil spirits periodically. There are two or three such places that I will come and stay for several days every once in a while.”

  “The road down the mountain was also closed off by you?” Chen Yu asked.

  ”En.” Lou Ming nodded.

  “You had someone blocked the road and had people perform an exorcism. In fact, you’re afraid of hurting others.” At this point, Chen Yu suddenly thought of when she yelled at Lou Ming at school that day to stop him from walking around and harming people. She immediately felt ashamed and said, “That…that day…I’m sorry ah.”

  Lou Ming raised his eyebrows, pretended, and asked, “What day?”

  “That day, that day at school.” Chen Yu was embarrassed and continued, “I shouldn’t have said that to you.”

  ”Oh.” Lou Ming said, and his eyes were ‘suddenly enlightened’, “You said you would catch me that day.”

  Chen Yu suddenly blushed: “I said that, something that embarrassing that day?”

  “Yes.” Lou Ming couldn’t help but smile. “I just saw you appear outside the villa and thought you came to catch me. I was really shocked.”

  “I came to scare you. If there’s no payment, then naturally I won’t do it.” Chen Yu explained.

  “So that day, you asked me, a client, for money then drew a calming spirit talisman to treat me?” Lou Ming raised an eyebrow.

  ”Oh, didn’t I say it was a misunderstanding ah?” Chen Yu found that Lou Ming still held a grudge regarding the matter of that day. She immediately asked with some anger, “You’re still bothered about what happened that day? Then, I’ll just return the pen to you.”

  Lou Ming looked at the little girl who was flattering him a moment ago suddenly become angry. He couldn’t help but sigh. As expected, she was still a child and couldn’t control her emotions.

  ”No.” Lou Ming said, “On the contrary, I want to pay you another sum of money.”

  ”Why?” Chen Yu wondered, “What can I do for you? Catch ghosts? Or like today, help you remove malevolent ghosts outside your safe house?”

  “Not at all.” Lou Ming shook his head and said seriously, “I want to ask you, that if one day I lose control of the evil spirits. Please come and catch me.”

  Chen Yu blinked, and looked up at the pair of calm eyes and suddenly realized: “You want me to help suppress your evil spirits.”

  Looking at Chen Yu’s lively appearance, Lou Ming felt that there’s something wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong and nodded.

  “Let me tell you. I charge a lot. Oh, especially if it’s as heavy as your evil spirits.” Chen Yu blinked her pair of big eyes for fear that others would notice what she was doing.

  Lou Ming’s mood was heavy just now but wanted to smile now because of her expression. So, she waited for the other party to blackmail him with interest: “Then you set the offer price and I’ll see if I can afford it.”  

  “Ah look, your evil spirits grow every day. That’s to say, I may have to help you quell them often.” Chen Yu pointed out the seriousness of the problem first.

  Lou Ming was dumbfounded, did she actually meant what she said?

  “So, you often have to ask me to help quell your evil spirits. The cost isn’t small ah.” Chen Yu continued, “But, we aren’t strangers.”

  But I only seen you twice before?

  “You’re still a neighbor and even gave me a gift. My mother said we met when we were young.”


  ”So, don’t you think it’s okay?”

  Lou Ming saw the little girl was beating around the bush for a long time and finally reached this key point. He cooperated with her and asked, “How?”

  “It won’t be for free, but… … cough… can you let me go to your house often to replenish spiritual energy?” Chen Yu has long thought about it. She would only need to help Lou Ming a few times a year at most, but if she could take her compass to the other party’s yard to replenish its spiritual energy. This was way better as she could make money by drawing more expelling talisman ah.

  As expected, it was the spiritual energy in his courtyard. Lou Ming wasn’t surprised at all.

  “In fact, this deal has no losses for you. Just think of it as a friend coming over to your house to play.” Chen Yu looked expectantly at Lou Ming.

  How many friends come over to my house to play? Lou Ming was stunned. He turned his head to the little girl’s bright eyes. His mood a little complicated.

  One more friend?

  Ding ling ling…

  The sudden cellphone ring broke the silence in the house. Lou Ming recovered to his senses and raised his hand to answer the phone. Assistant Tian Fei’s voice came from the other end: “Third young master, Chen family’s miss hasn’t come down the mountain yet. Is there something wrong?”

  ”It’s okay, she will be down in a while.” Lou Ming said. He put the phone down again, raised his hand to look at the time and found that it was almost 2am. He said to Chen Yu, “You should go, otherwise it will be dawn.” 

  ”Then… that…” Chen Yu carefully tried to hook him, “Can I have your phone number or WeChat so I can send you a message before I go over to your house?”

  Is this a tacit agreement? Lou Ming couldn’t help but chuckle. He couldn’t resist the temptation from the bottom of his heart and gave Chen Yu his phone number and WeChat.  

  For more than 20 years, the only friend who wasn’t affected by his evil spirits and can touch him without hesitation, this is really a great temptation ah.

  Chen Yu left the villa with satisfaction and was sent back to the military camp by the car arranged by Lou Ming. Then, she slipped back into the dormitory by going over the wall.

  A week later, military training ended on National Day. Chen Yu didn’t return to the school dormitory like the other students but instead went back home in the Imperial Capital.  

  Mother Chen hasn’t seen her daughter for nearly a month. She has already prepared a table full of delicious food for her. Originally, she thought that when her daughter returns from military training after a month, she was sure to be dark. But she didn’t expect that when she sees her daughter again, she would be white instead. Mother Chen immediately was cheerful and exaggeratedly praised the value of the beauty card. Obviously giving credit of Chen Yu’s whitening to the head of the beauty center.

  After dinner, Mother Chen was about to have a good chat with her daughter, but Chu Xiao suddenly came to find Chen Yu.

  Chen Yu looked strangely at Chu Xiao who suddenly came to her door. Although she met her at the racetrack before, Chen Yu didn’t think their relationship was that good to hang out with each other.

  ”Chu Xiao? You wanted to see me?” Chen Yu asked strangely.

  ”En.” Chu Xiao hesitantly glanced at Mother Chen sitting on the side and whispered, “Sister Chen Yu, do you want to come over to my house?”

  ”Go to your house?” Chen Yu refused without hesitation. “No, I just finished my military training today. I’m a little tired.”

  When Chu Xiao heard Chen Yu refused, she anxiously said: “Then…then can you come outside with me for a moment?”

  Chen Yu looked at Chu Xiao with surprise.

  Chu Xiao approached Chen Yu and whispered, “Wenwen is outside.”

  Zhang Wenwen? Chen Yu asked with confusion: “Why is she looking for me?”

  ”Didn’t you tell her last time that there was… something on her shoulder?” When Chu Xiao mentioned this, her voice was unconsciously lowered.

  That drowning ghost? Chen Yu raised her eyebrows in surprise, is it still on Zhang Wenwen’s shoulder?

  Unable to resist her curiosity, Chen Yu followed Chu Xiao out of the yard. There was a black car beside the small yard. She saw Zhang Wenwen, who was somewhat thin and out of it. She had a pale face and thick black circles around her eyes. She looked scarier than the drowning ghost that was still on her shoulder.

  Chen Yu couldn’t help but frown when she saw Zhang Wenwen: “What do you want?”

  “En, en.” Zhang Wenwen anxiously en twice. Then took out her cellphone and typed quickly, then finally displayed the screen to Chen Yu.

  Chen Yu glanced at the phone but didn’t carefully read the words. Instead, in front of the two’s puzzled eyes, she raised her hand and pulled away the hand that tightly covered Zhang Wenwen’s mouth.

  ”Now you can talk.” Chen Yu said.

  Zhang Wenwen only felt her mouth loosen. She tried to open her mouth and made two sounds. She found that she could really talk and immediately weep, ‘wa’.  

  Chu Xiao saw that Chen Yu raised her hand and took something off from Zhang Wenwen’s head and Zhang Wenwen was suddenly able to speak again. She immediately felt that her back was chilly and couldn’t help but take a step back.

  ”Don’t cry, if you cry again, I’ll leave.” Chen Yu said helplessly.  

  ”I…I…” Zhang Wenwen stopped crying and whispered, “Sister Chen Yu, can you help me, help me send him away?”

  Chen Yu’s eyes turned to Zhang Wenwen’s shoulders where a little boy was lying. At that moment, he looked at her with vigilance. Seeing this scene, Chen Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled again. The last time the child saw her, he was still in a state of ignorance and unconscious. He would have naturally returned to the Underworld in about three or five days. But how come he hasn’t disappeared after a month? Not only that, but he also had violent energy.

  ”What did you do to him?” Chen Yu looked at Zhang Wenwen.

Author’s Notes:

Xishi: There are people who have taken the initiative to bet money on me to catch him this year?

Three young master: Come and catch me!

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