Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You – Chapter 15

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Little Demon

  Chen Yu saw that a good ghost suddenly sticks to sin and suddenly didn’t have the energy to fight at all. Originally, the child unexpectedly died in this life. In the next life, he would have been a good baby. But if she guided him to the Underworld, how can he be a good baby in his next life.

  ”What the hell did you do to him?” Chen Yu’s voice was cold.

  ”He… is he still there?” Zhang Wenwen said with a pale face, “It’s him. It’s the little demon who won’t let me talk, right?”

  ”Yes, he covered your mouth with his hand.” Chen Yu simply told the truth. Anyway, Zhang Wenwen self-inflicted this disaster.  

  ”Quickly kill him, kill him.” Zhang Wenwen thought of the drowned ghost on her shoulder that covered her mouth with his hand, she was frightened to death.

  Chen Yu glanced at the little guy on Zhang Wenwen’s shoulder, who was just watching her vigilantly. At this moment, when he heard Zhang Wenwen’s words Chen Yu’s eyes suddenly changed as his whole body began to emit faint black energy.

  ”Shut up!” Chen Yu interrupted the shouting Zhang Wenwen, “If you shout again, believe it or not, he will cover both your nose and mouth.”

  If her nose and mouth was covered, wouldn’t she be smothered to death? Realizing this, Zhang Wenwen’s screams seemed to be choked by someone. She stared with a pair of frightened eyes and didn’t dare to make another sound.

  “Don’t worry. I won’t let her hurt you again.” Chen Yu suddenly said.

  Zhang Wenwen looked at Chen Yu gratefully: “Then… then you… can you send him away?”

  ”Not you.” Chen Yu waved her hand in disgust and turned to look at Zhang Wenwen’s right shoulder. She then said to the little boy that was full of distrust, “She won’t hurt you anymore.”

  The little boy blinked as if thinking about something. He remembered this big sister. A month ago, this big sister saw him and smiled, unlike other people it met later who always bullied him. The little boy thought about it and chose to believe her. She was the only one who could see him and has never hurt him. He was already reaching for Zhang Wenwen’s hand but slowly withdrew it and the black energy on his body gradually disappeared. 

  Chen Yu was relieved and turned to look at the trembling Zhang Wenwen: “What the hell did you do to him? If you don’t say it, then I won’t care about you.”

  ”I…I…” Zhang Wenwen’s face was frightened. She just felt a chill on her neck, as if something was near her neck. Just now, when Chen Yu said that the little ghost was going to suffocate her. Zhang Wenwen was so scared that she couldn’t speak clearly. She could only look at Chu Xiao for help.

  Chu Xiao watched for a long time. Judging from Chen Yu’s actions just now, she seemed to be able to see the drowned ghost. Otherwise, how could she tell at a glance that Wenwen did something to that drowned ghost. These days, she has been inseparable from Zhang Wenwen. Thinking about it, Chu Xiao was also afraid for a while.

  ”Wenwen, Wenwen found a few Heavenly Masters who wanted to… help Zhang Xiaobin find peace.” Chu Xiao said with a trembling voice, Zhang Xiaobin was the name of the child on Zhang Wenwen’s shoulder.

  ”Help find peace?” Chen Yu sneered. “The last time I saw him, he should have gone to the Underworld in a few days for reincarnation. So, there wasn’t a need to find those profiteers to help him find peace.”

  ”He was going to be reincarnated?” Zhang Wenwen’s face was incredulous, “I thought he was going to hurt me, so I, I…”

  ”You have a guilty conscience.” Chen Yu said bluntly.

  “I didn’t mean to. When I passed by the lake that day…I didn’t have good swimming skills, so I couldn’t jump in to save him. Later, I found someone to save him, but he was no longer alive. I really, it wasn’t intentional, I didn’t mean to kill him, I didn’t mean for him to die.” Zhang Wenwen said while crying as she collapsed.

  Of course, Chen Yu knew that Zhang Xiaobin wasn’t killed by Zhang Wenwen. She knew it when she first saw the ghost child hanging on her shoulder. Zhang Wenwen just happened to see the child while he was dying. The child’s strong sense of survival caused his soul to unconsciously climb on Zhang Wenwen’s shoulder. At that time, Zhang Wenwen, who found the drowning child, didn’t return to his body after confirming the child’s death. So, the ghost was unknowingly brought back by her.

  After a person’s death they go through the seven sevens2PR note: Seven Sevens is actually a legit Buddhist ritual. The family invites Daoist masters or Buddhist monks to chant scriptures every 7 day since the hour of the person’s death. They do this until the seventh 7 day (49 days), a Buddhist service for the auspicious reincarnation of the departed. But obviously, Zhang Wenwen didn’t go to the child’s home for that ceremony. The child couldn’t find his way home and latched on Zhang Wenwen’s shoulder. Originally, this didn’t matter since after the seven sevens, the child would still return to the Underworld. However, Zhang Wenwen asked some Heavenly Masters to collect Zhang Xiaobin.

  If she had hired a powerful Heavenly Master, then Zhang Xiaobin would have been able to pass on. But she found a half-assed fake Heavenly Master. She didn’t know what they did to anger Zhang Xiaobin.

  “I’m wrong, I’m really wrong. Chen Yu, please help me. I beg you, have him let me go.” Zhang Wenwen was really frightened to death this entire month. She had nightmares every night. It was the summer but her right shoulder was always cold. And later, Zhang Xiaobin covered her mouth so she couldn’t even speak.

  Chen Yu raised her eyebrows. She really couldn’t ignore it, not because of Zhang Wenwen but for Zhang Xiaobin. When the child died, he was only seven years old. It’s a pity that he died. She couldn’t watch him suffer because of Zhang Wenwen’s karma.

  ”Are you asking me to expel ghosts?” Chen Yu asked Zhang Wenwen.

  ”Please, please, I will give you money.” Zhang Wenwen nodded busily.

  ”Okay.” Chen Yu directly quoted, “200,000.”3200,000 yuan is $28,255.77 USD

  ”What? 200,000?” Zhang Wenwen was incredulous. She has asked so many Heavenly Masters but the most expensive one was only 20,000.

  ”Too expensive?” Chen Yu raised an eyebrow.

  ”Not expensive, not expensive.” Zhang Wenwen was afraid that Chen Yu wouldn’t help her if she thought it was too expensive, “You…you help me find peace for him. I’ll pay, I’ll pay.”

  “Pay me first.” I’m not familiar with you so I can’t have a running bill with you.  

  ”…” Zhang Wenwen suffocated but she didn’t dare refute her. She could only miserably say, “There’s no available computer so it’s not convenient for me to transfer money right now.”

  “Don’t you have a cellphone? You can pay me through Alipay.” Don’t think just because she’s from the mountain means she doesn’t use Alipay. Recently, in order to study how to sell talismans to make money, she studied Taobao for a while.4Taobao is like an Amazon, online shopping site with many different vendors

  ”…” Zhang Wenwen didn’t dare speak out in anger. She took out her cellphone and transferred all her money from her bank account to Alipay and found she only has 150,000. So, she looked up and stammered, “Only 150,000.”

  “Are you trying to bargain?” Chen Yu frowned. She has been doing this for a long time and never encounter someone trying to bargain her.

  ”No, no.” When Zhang Wenwen saw Chen Yu frown, her heart trembled. She quickly asked Chu Xiao, “Xiao Xiao, you…can you transfer me 50,000.”

  What else can Chu Xiao say. She honestly took out her cellphone and transferred 50,000 yuan to Zhang Wenwen, who then transferred all the money to Chen Yu.

  After Chen Yu confirmed the amount, she put away her cellphone in her back pocket and began to deal with the little demon.

  Zhang Wenwen didn’t see her draw talisman or chant mantras, instead she stood and chatted with the ghost with a smile on her face. Her hair was erect and didn’t dare speak.

  ”Xiaobin ah, your name is Xiaobin. You were wrong. But if you strangle her, you won’t be able to reincarnate.”

  ”I know, I know, this big sister is bad. She found some bad people to bully you, right?”

  “But your behavior isn’t smart. How can you put yourself at risk for other people’s mistakes? Didn’t the teacher teach you that you can’t steal someone else’s sugar just because yours was stolen, if you did it would make you a thief too.”

  ”Okay, what do you want? I’ll ask this big sister to do it for you, then can you leave her alone?”

  Chen Yu finished talking, then turned her head and glanced at Zhang Wenwen, who was too terrified to move.

  ”He…what does he want?” Zhang Wenwen asked in sobs. In order to get rid of Zhang Xiaobin completely, Zhang Wenwen can accept any request.

  ”He said he wanted to go home.” Chen Yu replied.

  ”I… I’ll take him back then go pray for him.” Zhang Wenwen said immediately.

  Zhang Xiaobin was still on Zhang Wenwen’s shoulder. His eyes brightened and the energy from his body dimmed.

  “He also said that you should participate in a hands-on activity to give assistance to the poor children in poverty-stricken mountain areas and donating your New Year’s lucky money…”

  ”I… I will, I will help the children in the poverty-stricken mountain areas until he graduates from University.” Zhang Wenwen didn’t wait for Chen Yu to finish and immediately promised.5So, it wasn’t clear but I’m assuming she will keep helping for that cause until Zhang Xiaobin was “supposed” to graduate from University and since he died with he was seven, that will be like 14 more years.

  The little demon, Zhang Xiaobin, tilted his head in puzzlement. Why couldn’t he remember that he requested her to participate in this activity?  

  Chen Yu smiled at him, raised her hand and stroked the child’s head. A faint spiritual force dispelled the child’s violent energy and made his soul pure again.

  Zhang Xiaobin only felt his body relaxed and immediately smiled at Chen Yu sweetly. His pale cheeks turned rosy and he looked very cute.

  ”He… does he have any other requirements?” Zhang Wenwen saw Chen Yu smiling at the ghost on her shoulder and her spine became cold.

  ”No.” Chen Yu helped Zhang Xiaobin purify his negative energy so that he can leave when he wants to.

  ”Then… what should I do next?” Zhang Wenwen asked.

  “Didn’t I just tell you everything?” Chen Yu was confused, isn’t everything done?

  ”That’s it?” Zhang Wenwen suddenly had the feeling that Chen Yu was lying to her. In the past, those Heavenly Masters were busy for half a day and couldn’t solve the problem after a long time. But Chen Yu just said a few words?

  Chen Yu looked at Zhang Wenwen’s skeptical expression, and after a moment of stupefaction, she suddenly felt blessed for remembering what the old man said to her before: “Girl, I’ll tell you ah. Some people in the world are more willing to believe those artificial actions than the truth. So, those fake Heavenly Masters who cheat others outside always like to mystify and act. I don’t know, if they really met a malicious spirit, they will probably be treated as entertainment for those malicious spirits.”

  “Ah, here’s a talisman. Let me grab it for you.” Chen Yu turned back to the house, took out a safety talisman from her sack and handed it to Zhang Wenwen. “Take this talisman and when you’ve done everything you promised to Zhang Xiaobin, he will naturally leave, and the talisman will turn gray.”

  ”That means… when this talisman turns gray, he…he just left?” Zhang Wenwen confirmed.

  ”En.” Chen Yu nodded. In fact, this talisman was useless, but Zhang Wenwen wouldn’t feel at ease unless she had it.

  Zhang Wenwen folded the talisman, carefully carried it close on herself and drove away in a hurry.  

  A piece of safety talisman earned her 200,000 yuan. Chen Yu took out her cellphone in a good mood and opened up WeChat to send Lou Ming a message: (Third brother, my military training is over. I’ll go see you, ah, in the evening.)

  It’s just the right time to add some spiritual energy to the compass. It should only need one night, but if it’s not enough, I can go again tomorrow.

Author’s Notes:

Third Young Master: Don’t do things on your accord!

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