Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You – Chapter 17

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by ElainaWalker

Executive Summary: Let’s go eat together.

Caught a Pervert

   Ten minutes after Chen Yu entered the Lou family’s courtyard, a low-key black car drove out of the small courtyard for the first time during the day and drove on the crowded road.

  Before leaving, Lou Ming called his mom, but the call wouldn’t connect. Lou Ming had to send a message to his mom’s cellphone saying that he will be there later. In fact, he actually wanted to suddenly appear outside his house and surprise his family. But considering his condition, Lou Ming gave up on this idea.

  There was a burst of coolness from the calming spirit talisman from his palm. Lou Ming subconsciously opened his hand and stared blankly at the bustling crowd outside the window for two seconds.

  There was a price to be paid to do anything in this world. The calming spirit talisman hurts his body but only this thing can let him go out like an ordinary person. He could go home and eat together with his family like an ordinary person. Lou Ming wasn’t afraid to pay the price. What he feared was that no matter what price he was willing to pay, he wouldn’t be able to get what he wants.

  Twenty minutes passed quickly, and the car stopped at the door of a Chinese-style courtyard. Lou Ming stood excitedly at the door but didn’t knock. He took out his cellphone and looked at it. He found that his mom didn’t reply back to his WeChat message. That chat box was still idle, waiting for the message he sent 20 minutes ago to be seen:

  (Mom, I’ll be home in 20 minutes. I have a calming spirit talisman so that the evil spirits won’t leak. But I can only stay at home for an hour. Don’t tell Congcong, I want to surprise him.)

  Lou Ming hesitated, then called Mother Lou again but the call still didn’t connect. Lou Ming then opened his sister Lou Jingxin’s WeChat and video called her. Lou Jingxin just returned to China, so her phone wasn’t able to receive calls. Thus, Lou Ming chose to do a WeChat video call. The video call connected after a while.

  ”Lou Ming, why did you call me so early?” Lou Jingxin held her son Congcong who was playing in the garden.

  ”Uncle, uncle.” Congcong heard his uncle’s voice and loudly called out through the phone screen. It was so loud that he could hear it behind the courtyard door.

  Lou Ming said with a gentle smile: “Sister, I’m outside the door.”

  “You’re outside the door?” Lou Jingxin was momentarily dumbfounded. Wasn’t Lou Ming unable to leave the small courtyard casually?

  “Is uncle outside the door? I’ll go and open the door for you.” Congcong finished his words, slipped out of Lou Jingxin’s arms and ran all the way to the courtyard door.

  “Congcong, Congcong, wait…” Lou Jingxin was anxious and couldn’t talk to Lou Ming. As soon as she released the phone, she ran after Congcong. Unfortunately, she was wearing high heels. It wasn’t easy to walk on the grass so she couldn’t catch up to her son who was like a bullet. She could only watch Congcong run to the gate, stretch out his hand to open the gate and rush out with excitement.

  Lou Ming crouched down and hugged the little guy running towards him.

  ”Uncle, uncle, are you here to see me?” Congcong’s big round eyes were full of joy.

  ”Yes ah.” Lou Ming nodded with a smile.

  At this time, Lou Jingxin also caught up and was at the door. When she saw her son in Lou Ming’s arms, her face suddenly changed. Almost instinctively, she rushed over to pull Congcong out of Lou Ming’s arms, turned around and ran back to the yard. She stopped once there was three meters between them.

  The smile on Lou Ming’s face stiffened and his hand remained in the position of hugging Congcong. Lou Ming’s eyes were full of astonishment as he looked at his elder sister.

  ”Mommy, what are you doing?” Congcong was confused and looked up at his mommy who suddenly took him.

  ”I…” Lou Jingxin looked down at her son, then looked up at Lou Ming who was standing outside the door. She suddenly realized that she might have done something wrong.

  At this time, Lou Ming adjusted his mood. He had a gentle smile again and stood up calmly. However, he didn’t take a step forward even if the door was opened in front of him.  

  “Mommy is playing with you.” Lou Ming smiled and made an excuse for Lou Jingxin.

  ”But I prefer to play with my uncle.” Congcong said in a childlike manner.

  Lou Jingxin’s lips opened and closed twice. She looked at her younger brother Lou Ming. Her face turned red and white for a while, now knowing what to do.

  At this time, they heard Mother Lou come out of the living room and doubtfully asked, “Linxi, what are you doing? What’s wrong with Congcong?”

  ”Mom.” Lou Jingxin looked at her mother for help.

  ”Mom.” Lou Ming called out and smiled. He saw his mother who he hasn’t seen for a long time.

  Mother Lou suddenly heard Lou Ming’s voice. She turned her head in disbelief. When she saw her youngest son, her face was surprised. She was about to walk over with trembling steps: “Lou Ming, why are you here?”

  ”Mom!” Lou Jingxin raised her hand and pulled her mother’s arm.

  ”What are you doing?” Mother Lou was confused and looked at her daughter.

  “Haven’t you been feeling unwell recently?” Lou Jingxin reminded. Then turned to look carefully at Lou Ming outside as if explaining something.

  Mother Lou’s expression was dumbfounded and took back the steps she taken.

  Lou Ming’s expression didn’t change. He still had a gentle and warm smile: “Elder sister is right. Mom, your body isn’t very good. Don’t get too close to me.”


  “I was just passing by and thought about what Congcong said yesterday about preparing a gift for me. So, I was curious.” Lou Ming looked at Congcong with a smile and said, “Uncle will leave soon. Can Congcong give me the gift?”

  “Uncle will leave soon? Then I’ll go get the gift.” Congcong nodded, then pulled his arm that was held by his mommy. He wanted to go back into the house to get the gift. “Mommy, you let go of me. I’m going to get the gift for my uncle.”

  ”Ah? Oh.” Lou Jingxin released her hand and let her son walk back into the house.  

  ”Lou Ming, sister…just now…” Lou Jingxin tried to explain something, but after she opened her mouth, she didn’t know how to explain herself and stammered for a while.

  ”I understand.” Lou Ming comforted with a smile, “Mom and Congcong aren’t in good health. They shouldn’t get too close to me. Sister you did the right thing.”

  ”But…but I…” The more Lou Ming said, the guiltier Lou Jingxin was. Although her younger brother’s physique was special, this wasn’t what he wanted. Although she was disappointed with herself, but with her son’s physical condition, Lou Jingxin had no choice but to do this.

  “It’s my own fault. I was so happy to see Congcong and didn’t pay attention to distance myself.” Lou Ming ‘scolded himself’, and continued, “If something happens to Congcong, I will regret it. So, elder sister you’re right. I have to thank you.”

  Mother Lou listened to their conversation and understood something. She couldn’t say her daughter did something wrong, but she thought it was unfair for Lou Ming. Lou Ming hasn’t taken the initiative to visit them in more than a decade. Suddenly, he came today. It can be seen that he really misses them, but he just…

  ”Mom, you’ve been unwell recently?” Lou Ming saw that the atmosphere was a little heavy and deliberately changed the subject.

  “Mom is okay. It’s because I had a heat stroke two days ago and my appetite hasn’t been good recently.” Mother Lou couldn’t bear for her son to worry about her, so she tried to make it sound unimportant. 

  ”Why didn’t you tell me that you had a heat stroke?” Lou Ming frowned.

  “It’s not a big deal. It only affected my appetite, there’s no other problems at all.” Mother Lou quickly said.

  ”Even if you have no appetite, you should eat more.” Lou Ming hid his heart and said with concern.

  Lou Ming has always known when someone in his family is sick. If they are slightly ill, they will call and tell him. But if they are seriously ill, then they will never tell him. In fact, it’s useless to tell him, he can’t even visit them in the hospital. What can he do except worry?

  ”Okay, Mom knows.” Mother Lou responded with a smile.

  The atmosphere finally eased a lot. At this time, Congcong ran out of the room with the gift, trotting all the way to the door. When Lou Jingxin was hesitating to stop her son again, Lou Ming suddenly stopped Congcong from running any further.

  “Congcong, please don’t come here first.”

  The child Congcong held the gift and looked up at his uncle in confusion.

  “Is this the gift you personally prepared for me?” Lou Ming asked with a smile.

  ”I made it myself.” Congcong said proudly.

  “You made it yourself?” Lou Ming saw Congcong nodded his head fiercely and said with a smile, “But uncle doesn’t believe it. Congcong is so small, how can he make a gift?”

  ”Really, I made it myself.” Congcong explained anxiously.

  “Uncle wants to test you.” Lou Ming said while the child looked at him with anticipation, “Since you made the gift yourself, then you must know what’s inside.”

  Congcong nodded.

  “Then give the gift to mommy, and let mommy give it to uncle. Uncle will unwrap the gift and ask you some questions about the gift to see if you can guess what it is.” Lou Ming said.

  “Humph, I’m not afraid. Ask me. You will know that I made the gift with my own hands after asking.” Congcong was a little unhappy and handed the gift in his hand to his mom beside him.

  When Lou Jingxin received the gift, she was momentarily dumbfounded. After being urged twice by Congcong, she gave the gift to Lou Ming with a complicated face.

  When Lou Ming received the gift, he smiled at his sister gently as usual. Then bowed his head and began to open the gift.

  ”Let uncle see what’s inside…” Lou Ming deliberately said loudly as he opened.

  Congcong looked nervous and waited for his uncle to open the gift. When he was sure that he saw what was inside, he loudly said: “There’s a jigsaw inside. I took my photo and uncle’s photo and asked someone to make it.”

  Lou Ming looked at the group photo of himself and Congcong on the jigsaw puzzle. The two heads, one big and one small, leaned close together. At first glance, their heads were screenshots from the video calls. Lou Ming’s heart became warm, his mouth hooked up and said to Congcong, “Thank you. Uncle likes it very much.”

  “Hehe…uncle what are you doing, if you have any questions, please ask. I’m sure I can answer them correctly.” Congcong said with a smile.

  “So sure ah. Uncle will ask a difficult one then. How many puzzle pieces are there?” Lou Ming decided that no matter how many pieces Congcong said, he will nod and say it was right.

  ”One hundred and eight pieces.” Congcong replied without thinking.

  Lou Ming’s mathematics is very good. He glanced at the grid on the jigsaw puzzle casually and knew that Congcong’s answer was right: “The answer is correct. It seems that Congcong really did make it for uncle himself.”

  ”Of course.” Congcong finally proved himself and his expression showed he was proud of himself.

  “I received the gift. Uncle is busy, I will come see you next time.” Lou Ming said suddenly.

  ”Ah, uncle, you leave as soon as you come ah.” Congcong was anxious and wanted to run over. But as soon as he moved, his arm was caught by Lou Jingxin again. He turned to look at his mommy in confusion, “Mommy…” 

  ”Mom, elder sister, I’ll go first.” Lou Ming said goodbye to Mother Lou and Lou Jingxin, then turned to walk to the car on the side.  

  When Lou Ming turned to open the door, Congcong’s pitiful voice came from behind: “Uncle didn’t even come in, how can he leave?”

  Lou Ming’s movement to open the door paused, but soon returned to normal. He sat in the car.

  Tian Fei was quietly sitting in the car waiting for Third Young Master. When he started the car, he asked, “Third Young Master, where do you want to go next?”

  “Go back.” Apart from here, he has no other special place he wanted to go to.

  At this time in the Lou family’s garden, Mother Lou’s eyes were red from her grandson’s words.

  Tian Fei carefully looked at the desolate Third Young Master from the rearview mirror. Although Tian Fei didn’t get out of the car, he listened to what happened at the Lou family’s gate. Although he can understand Lou Jingxin’s actions, he felt more distressed for Third Young Master.

  “Third Young Master, why didn’t you explain to your family that the talisman on your body won’t let the evil spirits leak out?” Tian Fei couldn’t help but ask.

  After hearing Tian Fei’s words, Lou Ming suddenly remembered something. He took out his cellphone, opened his mom’s chat box and sent a message to her again: (Mom, don’t tell sister about the calming spirit talisman. I will come back to see you some other day.)

  ”At that time, it was no longer convenient to say.” After his elder sister’s reaction, Lou Ming definitely could not say that he had a calming spirit talisman. If she was told it prevented the evil spirits from leaking out and Congcong won’t be hurt, then his elder sister will definitely be very awkward and embarrassed.

  For example… if a person with AIDS suddenly ran up and told you that his disease was cured and is non-contagious, will you immediately stay with him without any worries? You will definitely still hesitate.

  Lou Ming didn’t think about the issue that he should have trusted the other person more since they were his family. He wasn’t willing to test human nature.

  Finally, the sentimental mood was erased. Mother Lou returned to the house and took her charging cellphone to call her husband to tell him about Lou Ming’s return. However, she suddenly opened the message that Lou Ming sent her half an hour ago. She looked at the two messages in succession and Mother Lou could no longer restrain herself anymore and cried with her mouth covered.

  =1It’s the mark left by our great author, Grumpy Crab! All Hail grumpy crab!

  When Lou Ming return home, Chen Yu was still sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV. Chen Yu was surprised when she saw Lou Ming return and asked, “How come you came back so soon?”

  “Why are you still here?” Lou Ming asked instead.

  “I’m restoring my spiritual energy ah.” Chen Yu reminded, “You forgot that I just helped you draw a calming spirit talisman just now.”

  ”Does it use a lot of spiritual energy to draw a calming spirit talisman?” Lou Ming was astonished.

  “Yes, it will take me an hour of staying here to restore it.” Chen Yu completely forgot that just recently, she shamelessly said that the calming spirit talisman was the simplest.

  ”That’s right ah.” Lou Ming wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t plan to talk to the little girl anymore. He glanced at the empty coffee table in front of Chen Yu and said to Tian Fei behind him, “Go get some food.”  

  Lou Ming finished giving out orders and went upstairs with the gift he received.  

  After a while, Tian Fei brought a bunch of snacks to Chen Yu. Chen Yu thanked him happily. She comfortably nestled on the sofa with some potato chips. This person didn’t want to move when she was comfortable, so time quickly flew by.

  Lou Ming stayed upstairs for two hours. When he went downstairs, he saw the little girl was still watching TV on the sofa and asked, “Why are you still here?” 

  ”Watching TV ah. This series is so funny.” Chen Yu pointed to the TV.

  Lou Ming glanced at the TV and saw that the female lead on TV was lying in a man’s arms with tears streaming down her face, shouting, “Oppa, oppa don’t die ah.”2Yes, she’s watching a K-drama…oppa – big bro She cried from being heartbroken. Then Lou Ming had a subtle expression when he turned to Chen Yu who was still laughing.

  ”Hahahaha, so funny.” Chen Yu laughed again.

  ”Is it that funny?” Lou Ming couldn’t help asking.

  “Let me tell you that there was actually a female ghost on TV. Just now that female ghost was jealous and pushed the female lead away. She laid on the male lead first and tried her best to kiss him. Having your tofu eaten by a ghost, hahaha, this female ghost must have been a fan of this oppa before she died.” Chen Yu pointed to the TV and laughed again, “That female ghost is trying to take off that oppa’s clothes, but she can’t take it off. She’s so stupid. How can a ghost who just died with no power have the ability to touch an entity?”  

  ”…” Lou Ming looked at the show that only had one man and one woman on TV, then suddenly was a little creeped out, “You…can see ghosts on TV?”

  “Yes, but this TV series is foreign. I can’t understand what the female ghost is saying. If it was a domestic series, I will be able to understand what the female ghost is saying. It’s funny, hahaha…” He didn’t know what Chen Yu saw to cause her to laugh again.

  Lou Ming has met many Heavenly Masters because of his physique. However, Chen Yu was the first to actually see him.3I guess he means, sees him as a normal person or a fellow human being

  At this time, Tian Fei entered. He looked at Third Young Master and asked, “Third Young Master, what would you like for your meal?”

  Lou Ming turned to look at Chen Yu and asked, “Girl, do you want to eat a meal here or at home?”

  “I told my mom that I went out shopping with my classmates today, how can I go home to eat?” Mentioning Mother Chen, Chen Yu suddenly remembered something and jumped up from the sofa. She panicked and said, “I almost forgot. My mom gave me five thousand yuan to spend on clothes today.”

  “Then you can go out and buy it after lunch.” Lou Ming asked, “What would you like to eat for lunch?”

  ”I’m not picky.” Chen Yu was easy to raise since she was a child.

  ”Then let’s eat Sichuan food.” Lou Ming remembered that the dishes from Qingmu Province were spicy.

  ”Yes, I’ll have someone buy it.” Because of Lou Ming’s physique, the Lou family’s courtyard naturally wasn’t equipped with a maid or cook. Most of the time, the bodyguards will ask Lou Ming what he wanted to eat and send someone to buy it.

  ”You still have to go out and buy it, ah? Then the food that’s bought won’t taste delicious.” Chen Yu turned around and said, “It’s better to go out and eat.”

  ”…” Lou Ming was stunned. Before he could refuse, he heard Chen Yu continue.

  “Anyway, I still need to go out to buy clothes later. It’s better for us to drive to a nearby mall to eat, then pick out clothes for us casually.” Chen Yu immediately thought the idea was very good. “Let’s do it. Kill two birds with one stone.”

  “I’ll have someone take you.” Lou Ming still planned to not go.

  “Are you worried about your evil spirits. Oh, don’t worry, there’s me.” Chen Yu then got off the sofa and reached out to grasp Lou Ming’s palm. Her fingers slid rapidly across Lou Ming’s broad palm and soon a calming spirit talisman was drawn.

  Feeling the familiar coolness on his palm, Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu in shock.

  “You see, it’s okay. Two hours is enough time to eat hot pot.” Chen Yu’s face showed she was proud of her achievement.

  “This calming spirit talisman not only suppress the evil spirts but can also harm the body that carries the calming spirit talisman.” Lou Ming’s mind flashed back to Master Mao’s analysis of the calming spirit talisman. But looking at Chen Yu’s clear eyes, Lou Ming couldn’t imagine that little girl would harm him. Maybe, this little girl doesn’t know that the talisman affects him.

  “How is it? We better go eat hot pot. We can order the mandarin duck pot, so we can have spicy and non-spicy dishes.” Chen Yu suddenly wanted to eat hot pot, but wasn’t interested in going alone and vigorously persuaded Lou Ming, “Third Brother, let’s go, go.”

  “Now that you drew your calming spirit talisman, I’ll see if I can go.” Lou Ming gently smiled, “If I don’t go, wouldn’t it be a waste of a talisman?”

  “Yes, yes.” Chen Yu nodded repeatedly, “You certainly haven’t been out for a long time, this will be a great opportunity.”

  ”You’re right, let’s go.” Lou Ming gently smiled. This little girl is right. He hasn’t gone out to eat in a long time. He couldn’t help but feel a little moved.


  The hot pot restaurant in the shopping mall was about 20 minutes away from the military compound. Lou Ming and Chen Yu took a table along with Tian Fei and two other strong bodyguards responsible for Lou Ming’s safety.

  The bottom of the pot constantly rolled, and steam rose. It caused Chen Yu’s face to become red, but she kept using her chopsticks.

  Lou Ming didn’t eat much. When he saw that Chen Yu’s bowl was empty, he picked up the sour plum soup and filled up her bowl.

  ”Thank you, Third Brother.” Chen Yu’s cheeks were stuffed to the brim, she took the time to thank him.  

  Lou Ming saw Chen Yu’s mouth was stained with sesame paste mixed with red oil making her look really untidy. He looked at the people around him and couldn’t help taking out some napkins and handing them to Chen Yu. “Eat slowly, no one will rob you. Wipe your mouth first.”

  “Wipe what mouth, it will get dirty from eating again in a while.” Chen Yu said indifferently.

  ”…” Lou Ming frowned and said, “You’re a girl. You can’t be inelegant while you eat.” It was the same the last time in the villa but at that time, there was no one around so Lou Ming didn’t mind it.

  “If the food is eaten elegantly, then it must mean it’s not delicious. If it was delicious, who has the time to pay attention to their etiquette.” Chen Yu replied indifferently.

  ”Don’t move.” Lou Ming couldn’t refute the little girl’s fallacious reasoning. But he couldn’t bear to see Chen Yu like this. So, he forcibly interrupted Chen Yu from eating and stretched his arm across the table to help her clean the sesame oil paste from her mouth.

  ”Okay, keep eating.” Lou Ming was finally comfortable.

  ”It’s troublesome for you to eat something.” Chen Yu mumbled and continued to bury her head to eat.

  Lou Ming indulged her and smiled helplessly. He thought Chen Yu was really a child, but his mood was inexplicably better.

  Lou Ming’s previous actions just now was very natural. He surprised the three strong men who has been with him for several years. They looked at each other. Tian Fei immediately took out his cellphone and sent a message to the WeChat group that composed of the seven assistants: (When seeing Miss Chen Yu, we all need to be polite. The Third Young Master likes her.)

  (Is Third Young Master in love?) An assistant grabbed this key point.

  (What? Third Young Master likes the Chen family’s girl? I just left a day ago. How did this happen?) This was the assistant that rotated shifts with He Qi last night.

  (Third Young Master likes the Chen family’s girl? What’s there to even like about her?) This was Cheng Peng, who had a bad impression of Chen Yu. 

  (What? Third Young Master is in love? I thought Third Young Master will be a bachelor for life.)

  (I think if Minister Lou finds out, he will definitely go to Mayor Chen’s family home to propose marriage. Although there’s an age difference, Miss Chen Yu is the only woman who isn’t afraid of the Third Young Master’s evil spirts.)

  (Inexplicably feels suitable.)

  (Inexplicably feels suitable.)

  (Inexplicably feels suitable.)


  Tian Fei saw that the group chat topic skewed and quickly explained: (I mean that Third Young Master likes Miss Chen Yu more than what we thought. I don’t think it’s that kind of like.)

  An ellipsis flashed in the group.

  When Chen Yu was finally full, Lou Ming handed over the napkin he already prepared. Chen Yu took the napkin, wiped her mouth, and said, “Actually, I’m very elegant when I eat at home.”

  “Why are you elegant when you eat at home? Are you sure it’s not like this outside…inelegantly, usually isn’t it the other way around?” Lou Ming asked curiously.

  “Because of my parents ah.” Chen Yu explained, “If I eat too fast at home, they will overthink it. They will think that I had a very bitter experience when I was in Damu Village before. Like I haven’t eaten anything good or starved.”

  “My mom will cry to the point that she can’t move. I’m afraid when she cries.” Chen Yu couldn’t help but shiver at the thought of her mother’s tears, “It’s terrible when a woman cry.”

  Lou Ming looked at the little girl’s expression that looked ridiculous and he couldn’t help but smile again.

  ”What are you smiling about?” Chen Yu asked.

  “Sorry, I just think that you were very happy before.” Cheerful and optimistic, carefree and simpleminded. This type of person can only be created by a healthy and beautiful environment.

  ”Hehehe… alright la.” Chen Yu casually asked, “What about you? Were you happy?”

  Lou Ming didn’t expect Chen Yu to ask this question and stared blankly at her. After a moment, Lou Ming used the same tone Chen Yu just used and replied: “It wasn’t bad la.”

  “You’re so deceitful. You have such a special physique so you can’t go out casually and I don’t think you have any friends.” Chen Yu said and generously patted her chest, “But now you don’t have to worry about that. For the sake of inviting me out to eat hot pot, if you want to go out, you can come and ask me anytime. I’ll draw a calming spirit talisman for you.”

  ”It seems that hot pot was worth it for me.” Lou Ming couldn’t help but gently smile again.  

  Tian Fei saw Third Young Master smile again and continued to bury himself into WeChat: (Brothers, Third Young Master has never stopped smiling during this meal ah. This time alone is more than the number of smiles he had last year. Now, his expression is completely different from when he returned from Minister Lou’s house.)




  (Add another work task to purchase all kinds of snacks. The Chen family’s little girl is easily cheated by snacks.) He Qi saw Chen Yu’s table manners last night.



  (For Third Young Master.) This was Cheng Peng who still had some prejudice against Chen Yu.

  These special soldiers who protect Lou Ming were those who survived in the battlefield utilizing the weapons that he designed. They clearly understand Lou Ming’s value and sincerely admire him. However, such a person was isolated from society because of his condition. Even his family members, relatives and friends couldn’t touch him, which made these rough big men feel sorry for Lou Ming.

  Although they didn’t mind being affected by Lou Ming’s evil spirits, he deliberately alienated himself from them. Even if they stay in the same yard all day long, they can’t say a few words to him unless it was regarding work.

  Chen Yu was the only person who Lou Ming could touch without being affected by the evil spirits. Because of this, as long as Chen Yu didn’t threaten Lou Ming’s safety, these big rough men also decided to secretly please her. Not only snacks, if she wanted to eat a tiger, they can also contact their brothers at the border to see if they can get some from the jungle.

  After lunch, Chen Yu took Lou Ming to the women’s clothing store downstairs. Lou Ming had never bought clothes with others and stood uncomfortably at the door. The scene was even more eye-catching since he was accompanied by three burly men.

  “You don’t need to go in. I’ll go and grab some items.” Chen Yu also noticed that Lou Ming was uncomfortable and suggested this.

  “Don’t worry. Take your time. We’ll wait for you at the door.” There was still 50 minutes left being the calming spirit talisman’s effects faded. It really wasn’t necessary to worry too much.

  Chen Yu nodded, turned around and entered the women’s clothing store. As she stepped into the store, a familiar coolness overcame Chen Yu, causing her footsteps to pause. 

  ”What’s wrong?” Lou Ming asked when he noticed Chen Yu’s unusual appearance.

  “It’s nothing.” Chen Yu smiled and shook her head, then continued to step into the store.

  There were many ghosts in this big city. You can meet them anywhere. Anyway, my yin yang eyes aren’t open.

  What the eyes doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over. But this ghost was very annoying.

  Chen Yu raised her hand and picked up a black dress. She heard a strange voice from the side: “Tsk tsk, it’s so black. It’s not good to wear a black dress. Not afraid of going out at night and scaring others.”

  Chen Yu’s hand that held the dress stiffened. She hung the black dress back on the rack and took a white dress beside her instead. As a result, the voice next to her continued to nag: “My God ah, you took the white one. White and black, are you cold medicine ah.”4Some countries medicine are white and black.

  ”…” Chen Yu resisted the urge to beat up people. She put away the white dress in her hand and turned to the other side to pick up a pink dress. Then a coolness surrounded her and the ghost came again.

  “Tsk tsk. Foolishly naïve, have such a pair of long legs but pick out such tasteless clothes.”

  ”You…” Chen Yu couldn’t stand it anymore. She turned around to scold the ghost but encountered the salesperson’s friendly smile.

  “Little sister, you should try on the clothes beforehand to know whether they look good or not. Else, you won’t be able to compare them well. Why don’t you select some pieces and try them on in the fitting room?” The salesperson saw Chen Yu pick up several unsuitable pieces of clothing and putting it down. So, she came over to give her a suggestion.

  ”Ah, good.” Chen Yu nodded, holding the pink dress in her hand and planned to go to the fitting room to try it on.

  As a result, the ghost didn’t leave her alone. It followed Chen Yu all the way to the fitting room and clamored: “Why bother trying it, you’ll just be uglier wearing nice clothes. It’s not because the clothes look bad, rather it’s being worn by unsuitable people. It really wastes the designer’s efforts.”

  Chen Yu slammed the door of the fitting room with a ‘clang’ and separated herself from the ghost outside the door. She thought she got rid of the ghost, but this shameless ghost actually went into the fitting room. The angry Chen Yu threw the clothes in her hands. Opening her yin yang eyes, she raised her hand to grab the ghost’s collar and pressed the spirit directly on the wall of the fitting room. She angrily said: “You say one more thing, believe it or not, I’ll exterminate you.”

  ”You… can you see me?” The male ghost looked at Chen Yu excitedly.

  “Not only can I see you, but once you pissed me off enough, I’ll exterminate you.” Chen Yu fiercely threatened the flowery dressed male ghost.

  ”Oh, my God ah, you’re really a Heavenly Master. I say, your body had a layer of divine light.” Obviously, the male ghost didn’t pay attention to Chen Yu’s threat.Instead, he immersed himself in the joy of discovering a Heavenly Master.

  “Just know that you need to shut up and leave. If you dare peek at me while I’m changing, I…” Chen Yu motioned with her hand crossing her neck.

  “Ai ya, I’m so scared oh. Don’t think I don’t know anything. I also know some Heavenly Masters. You Heavenly Masters can’t bully good ghosts like me who haven’t done anything wrong, otherwise you’ll sin.” The male ghost said cheaply.   

  ”I know quite a bit.” Chen Yu sneered. “You’re a living soul who doesn’t want to go back to your body and hang around outside. Be careful that you really become a ghost.”

  If this guy was really a ghost, Chen Yu would have sent this kid back to the Underworld even if there were no profits. Unfortunately, this guy was a living soul. That’s right, just when Chen Yu opened her yin yang eyes, she discovered that this guy wasn’t dead at all, but his soul was detached from his body for some reason.

  “You know that I’m not dead yet??” The male ghost was shocked.

  ”Don’t you know a lot? You don’t even know that you’re dead ah.” Chen Yu was too lazy to talk nonsense with the other party. “Leave. I’m going to change my clothes. You’re not allowed to come in and peek.”

  “Who wants to look at you, you’re a little girl, what is there to see? Do you know how many world class models take off their clothes in front of me every day? They begged me to design clothes for them but I don’t even spare them a glance.” The male ghost proudly said, “For the sake of being able to see me, it’s better that I help you pick out your clothes. You take off your clothes first and let me see your figure…” 

  Chen Yu angrily slapped the male ghost’s face and dragged the semi-conscious ghost out of the fitting room.

  When the salesperson at the door saw Chen Yu coming out of the fitting room without trying the clothes, she couldn’t help but ask: “Was the size of the clothes inappropriate?”

  ”No, wait ah.” Chen Yu smiled at the salesperson, turned to the door and shouted, “Third Brother, Third Brother.”

  Lou Ming heard Chen Yu’s voice and came in the store. He then and asked, “What’s wrong?”

  ”Third Brother, you come here.” Chen Yu dragged the male ghost and took Lou Ming to the resting area in the store. Then she placed the male ghost’s arm directly on Lou Ming’s right hand.

  Lou Ming only felt that there was a cold mass on top of his hand, but when he looked down, he saw there was nothing on his hand. He suddenly looked up at Chen Yu with confusion.

  “There’s a pervert trying to peek at me while I’m changing.” Chen Yu explained.

  Lou Ming’s eyes narrowed dangerously, and he looked in the direction of the fitting room.

  “You have my calming spirit talisman on your hand. If you hold his arm, he can’t move. Let me try on these clothes first.” Chen Yu said then turned back to head into the fitting room.

  Hold his arm, whose arm, the pervert?

  Lou Ming looked at his right hand strangely and his palm was empty. There was a cold touch but there was nothing around ah.

  It was one thing to know ghosts exists in this world. But he never thought there would be a day that he would hold hands with a ghost, nevertheless a perverted ghost.

  Third Young Master Lou, who has been feared by people, felt a chill on his spine for the first time.

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Third Young Master: I don’t want to hold the pervert.

Xishi: Then do you want him to watch me while I change?

Third Young Master: Take off the talisman, let me kill him.

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