Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You – Chapter 18

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by ElainaWalker

Executive Summary: Third Brother gave me clothes.

Holding Hands

  Although he was a little scared, the expression on Lou Ming’s face was very calm. The palm of his right hand tightly held the ghost as his eyes continually stared in the direction of the fitting room.

  “Are you the third brother of that little girl? Sure enough, men grow up to look more like their mothers while women grow up to look more like their fathers. You look much better than that girl.”

  ”Hey, hello, can you hear me?” The male ghost shouted for a long time. But apart from holding him still, Lou Ming obviously had no reaction and couldn’t see him. He became bored and stopped. He sat on the sofa to the right of Lou Ming and proceeded to looked at the direction of the fitting room.

  After a while, Chen Yu came out wearing that pink dress. She didn’t go the mirror but instead jumped directly in front of Lou Ming and happily asked, “Do I look good?”

  Lou Ming had never been asked this kind of question before. But the cute little girl naturally looks good in anything. He gently smiled and nodded: “Looks good.”

  “Looks good? How does it look good? Her skin is so dark, but she wears pink. Doesn’t she know how dark she is? And that dress, what kind of tomboy are you to pretend to have a good girl’s temperament.” The ghost, who couldn’t move because of Lou Ming’s hand, had spicy eyes looking at Chen Yu’s attire.

  Chen Yu’s grin was half-formed, but anxiously froze.

  The salesperson sister didn’t find anything strange, came up and praised: “Little sister, you look really good in this dress. That pink dress is our best-seller this year oh. Moreover, it gives a nice contrast to your slightly dark skin tone with the pink color’s white tone.”

  “Best seller means that while walking on the street, there will always be one out of ten people who will wear the same clothes. You’ll be the ugliest one.”

  “Pink has a white tone, so let’s analyze it. If people wear white, it’s because they’re white. When you wear it, it will only look dark. These salespeople will spew nonsense with their eyes open just to sell clothes.” At the salesperson’s words, the male ghost roasted her maliciously.

  The blue tendons on the back of Chen Yu’s hand jumped. The saleswoman who was excessively praising her was the last straw. She strode over to Lou Ming and punched and kicked the area on his right side.

  The male ghost cried out ‘ai ai’ but no one could hear him except Chen Yu.

  Seeing the salesperson puzzled, Lou Ming smiled and explained to her: “She likes this dress very much so she’s very happy.”

  The salesperson saw Lou Ming’s gentle smile, covered her chest and breathed out dizzily. She nodded faintly and looked straight at him in a daze. Why did it seem that Chen Yu’s joyful expression was so wild?

  ”Are you uncomfortable?” Lou Ming saw the saleswoman suddenly covered her chest with red ears and a red face. This looked like warning signs of a heart attack, so Lou Ming couldn’t help but ask anxiously.

  ”Dude, she’s admiring your beauty.” The male ghost ridiculed. He just recovered from Chen Yu’s attack and just saw this scene when he looked up.

  Chen Yu, who just finished beating him, backhanded him again.

  ”Did I say something wrong again?” The male ghost said very innocently.

  Fortunately, the salesperson’s professionalism was still present. She wasn’t completely dazzled by the Third Young Master’s beauty. She remembered to ask Chen Yu about the clothes: “Are you satisfied with the clothes? Would you like to try on a few more?”

  “No, I’ll take this one.” Chen Yu finished, then turned to walk to the fitting room, intending to change before purchasing it.

  “You really are buying it ah. I told you, you’re not suitable for it, you’re really dark.” As a persistent designer, the male ghost couldn’t tolerate his eyes being spicy.

  ”I’m white!” Chen Yu couldn’t bear it and roared before entering the fitting room.

  The slightly embarrassed Lou Ming and the stunned female salesperson looked at each other again. This time, he didn’t know how to explain it, so he could only smile at her again.

  Ahhh… The male god smiled again, smiled again. Is he interested in me?

  “Love-struck fool.” The male ghost grumbled in dislike, but no one could hear him.

  After a while, Chen Yu changed into her original clothes. She went out of the fitting room and handed the pink dress to the salesperson to wrap up. Then, she went to the front desk with Lou Ming to check out.

  ”How much is it?” Chen Yu took out her cellphone, which contained the 5,000 yuan that Mother Chen transferred to her through WeChat.

  ”This gentleman has already paid.” The cashier looked at Lou Ming on the side with a smile.

  Chen Yu held her cellphone with confusion. Then she turned to Lou Ming and said, “Third Brother?”

  Lou Ming was also very confused. He turned to look outside the shop. Assistant Tian from outside returned a formal military salute. Lou Ming instantly knew that he never brought his wallet when he went out. So, that means Tian Fei paid for it on his behalf.1This is the turning moment, when we know all of Lou’s assistants are going to be their matchmakers!!

  “Third Brother bought it for you.” Lou Ming said with a smile.

  ”But my mom gave me money to buy clothes.” Chen Yu said.

  “You should keep it as pocket money to for going out to eat with your classmates.” Lou Ming replied.

  “Stupid or not stupid, how can you go out shopping with a man and expect to pay for your own clothes…” The male ghost said halfway before he leaped and closed his mouth obediently when he saw Chen Yu’s eyes warning him. 

  Chen Yu just noticed that Third Brother still had his hand tightly holding onto the pervert’s arm. This scene really… Chen Yu turned around and decisively separated one person and one ghost.

  Lou Ming looked up in surprise, as if to ask again, didn’t you want me to hold it?

  “Come on Third Brother. Let’s go back.” Chen Yu took the shopping bag in one hand and held Lou Ming’s hand in the other. She dragged the dazed Lou Ming and left the women’s clothing store together.

  Chen Yu dragged Lou Ming all the way to the elevator exit. Tian Fei had already pressed the elevator button for them. While waiting for the elevator, Lou Ming, who was tightly held by Chen Yu withdrew his palm.

  Chen Yu noticed, but didn’t care. She gave Lou Ming a sweet smile.  

  Lou Ming’s right hand still felt the sensation of Chen Yu’s palm. He clenched his empty hand twice and loosened it quickly.

  Lou Ming, you can’t be greedy for warmth just because this is the only person you can touch. After all, men and women are different. Although she’s simpleminded, she’s already a big girl.

  The male ghost on the side saw this scene and shook his head with a tsk tsk. Although they weren’t siblings, but in this state, why did it look so interesting?


  At this time, the elevator came. Fortunately, there was no one inside. Tian Fei blocked the elevator door with his hand to let Chen Yu and Lou Ming enter. The male ghost also took advantage of this gap and went in.

  “Get out of here.” Chen Yu fiercely roared when she saw this scene.

  Tian Fei, who had just stepped in with one foot, suddenly froze and stared blankly at Chen Yu.

  ”Not you.” Third Young Master Lou explained thoughtfully.

  ”…” Then to who, Tian Fei blinked doubtfully.

  When the male ghost saw Chen Yu driving him out, he immediately said, “What’s the use of driving me out? I’m a ghost now ah. I can pass through the wall, if you drive me out, I can still come in.”

  “What do you want with me?” If this person wasn’t a living soul and was an ordinary ghost, Chen Yu would have exterminated him even if she was to receive karmic hindrance.

  ”Our meeting is predestined…”

  Chen Yu lifted her hand and a faint divine light appeared.

  ”I want to ask you for help.” When the male ghost saw Chen Yu’s action, he immediately made his intentions clear. He had been floating outside for more than ten days and didn’t know what happened to him. It wasn’t easy to meet a Heavenly Master who was able to see him, how can he leave?

  ”Not helping!” Chen Yu refused without thinking.

  Tian Fei and his two comrades-in-arms all looked at this scene strangely but didn’t question this out loud. 

  ”Close the door first.” Lou Ming sighed softly. This little girl’s skill wasn’t small, but she wasn’t cautious enough. Speaking to a ghost carelessly in public, isn’t she afraid of being discovered?

  The elevator soon stopped on the first basement floor and Lou Ming got into the car first. Chen Yu was still quarrelling with the invisible pervert at the door of the car.

  “You help me out and send me back.” The male ghost requested.

  ”Sorry, you’re not within the scope of my business.” Chen Yu refused.

  ”Aren’t you a Heavenly Master? Why isn’t it within your business scope.” The male ghost asked, “Or are you still blaming me for saying you were black? But I was telling the truth ah. That pink dress really isn’t suitable for you. You, if you send me back, your clothes in the future…”

  It can only be said that the male ghost was a very professionally persistent ghost.

  ”There are many types of Heavenly Masters.” Chen Yu really didn’t want to listen to clothes anymore. She directly interrupted. “I’m an exorcist expert. Do you understand? There are only two things I can do for ghosts. One is sending them to Underworld, and the other is destroying your soul. So, do you want to go to the Underworld or have your soul scattered?

  Such ferocious words came out from Chen Yu’s mouth. Lou Ming raised his eyebrows in surprise, but strangely didn’t dislike it. On the contrary, he thought this little girl’s serious and ferocious appearance was cute.  

  “Then you help me call my Second Uncle. He’s also a Heavenly Master. Tell him that I’m here.” The male ghost saw that Chen Yu wasn’t willing to help him regarding his own life and death. So, he could only retreat and ask for the next best request. 

  “Can.” Chen Yu laughed evilly, “100,000.”

  “If you take 100,000 for one call, won’t you be too dark?” The male ghost exaggerated.

  “Haven’t you always said that I’m black? Chen Yu was vengeful.

  ”…” The male ghost was speechless and choked silently.

  ”Cough…” Lou Ming couldn’t restrain himself and almost laughed.

  ”Someone is coming.” A bodyguard reminded them from nearby.

  Lou Ming leaned out of the car and said to Chen Yu: “Let’s go first.”

  Chen Yu remembered the time limit for the calming spirit talisman on Lou Ming is expiring. So, she obediently lowered her head and got into the car. The moment the door closed, the male ghost quickly rushed in: “I agree, 100,000, 100,000.”

  Lou Ming saw Chen Yu looking in a certain direction, then glanced at the seat on the left that was empty. He speculated that the pervert followed him and narrowed his eyes involuntarily.

  Chen Yu took out her cellphone and asked: “Phone number.”

  The male ghost replied with the numbers.

  Lou Ming watched the little girl gleefully pressing the keypad, assuming that she was about to earn 100,000. It seems that she was a little money grubber.  

  Chen Yu dialed the number, which rang for a long time before it transferred to voicemail.

  ”How is it?” The male ghost asked nervously.

  Chen Yu then made another call, and no one answered: “No one answered the phone ah. Otherwise I’ll send a message.”

  “You want 100,000 yuan for sending a message, do you want to be black…ruthless.” The male ghost had a difficult time substituting the word ‘black’.

  ”Then what do you say?” She couldn’t help if the other person doesn’t answer the phone.

  “I don’t care. Anyway, you’re the only one who can see me. I will follow you until my Second Uncle comes.” If I let this little girl run away, when can I meet another Heavenly Master again? He’s a good young man and he doesn’t want to die young.

  ”You screwed me over, right.”

  ”Add another 100,000.” The male ghost extended both hands.

  Chen Yu blinked, turned to look at Lou Ming pleasantly and said, “Third Brother, let him stay in the car. He’s giving me another 100,000 yuan. When I get to the courtyard, I’ll take him back to my house, so it won’t affect you.”

  “It’s not good to let him know where you live.” Lou Ming reminded.

  “It’s okay, if he’s lucky enough to survive, he won’t have the memory of this when he wakes up. If he’s unlucky, I’ll just directly send him to the Underworld.” Chen Yu replied indifferently.

  “Okay, then let him sit on my side.” Whether it was a pervert or not, it was better for it not to sit next to the little girl.   

  Lou Ming had experienced holding hands with the male ghost before. Naturally, this time there was no pressure from riding in the same car with the male ghost. Tian Fei, who was driving, looked at the empty seat through the rearview mirror. He suffered from a chilly back for a while.

  Fuck, Laozi walked countless times between the line of life and death but has never been so afraid.

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