Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You – Chapter 19

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by ScallopedPotato

Executive Summary: Unexpected trouble.

Because of You

  To avoid troubling Chen Yu due to his special identity, Lou Ming asked Tian Fei to drive the car directly to his yard, instead of dropping by Chen family’s gate.

       The courtyard where Lou Ming lives is on the corner lot with a garden next to it, and a few other gardens around. Lou Ming had never publicly announced that his family’s courtyard and garden were restricted areas. However, the elites in the other courtyards had a tacit understanding. Even if they were curious, they weren’t allowed to walk near the area surrounding it.

  Additionally, the two houses in front of the Lou family’s courtyard had already been vacated. They were now used by the special soldiers who protected Lou Ming.

  ”Third Brother, I’m going first.” Chen Yu was about to get off with the shopping bag.

  ”Girl,” Lou Ming suddenly stopped Chen Yu.

  ”En?” Chen Yu turned around in doubt.

  Lou Ming’s eyes turned to look at the space beside her. Although he couldn’t see it, Lou Ming could see the cold energy. “You take this…go back and be careful when you’re home. Don’t talk to it while your home. After all, not everyone believes there are ghosts in this world.”

  ”I know la.” Chen Yu smiled sweetly. “I’ll pay attention when I’m at home. I don’t want to scare my mom.”

  ”Just know.” Lou Ming nodded.

  Chen Yu opened the door and got out of the car. Lou Ming was about to signal Tian Fei to drive the car into the yard, when he saw the girl suddenly look back in. She had a wrinkled face and looked at him at a loss.

  ”What’s wrong?” Lou Ming asked in surprise.

  “Third Brother, do you have any misunderstandings about me?” Chen Yu asked.

  ”Misunderstanding? No.” Lou Ming blanked look at her.

  “You deliberately reminded me just now ah. I’ve been catching ghosts since I was eight years old. I have ten years of exorcism experience. How could I not be vigilant?” Chen Yu’s face was aggrieved as if he looked down on her and continued, “Why do you think I talked to this guy at the mall just now?” Chen Yu pointed to the male ghost who was by her side. “That’s because you’re here ah, Third Brother.”

  Lou Ming blinked doubtfully: “Because of me?”

  “Because you’re here. So, when I speak, others will think I’m talking to you ah.” Chen Yu said naturally, “Otherwise I wouldn’t have been like that.”

  Chen Yu often directly communicated with ghosts when she went out with her grandpa. Old Wu always mediated for her with outsiders, so they thought she was talking to her grandpa. Moreover, Chen Yu’s character was already strange. She was short-tempered and ghosts easily stimulated her. When there was no one around, she remembered not to behave abnormally. However, once there was a trustworthy person around, it was easy for her to be impulsive. Especially when she met this male ghost with a cheap mouth. 

  ”So that’s why ah.” For some reason, Lou Ming suddenly felt a little happy.

  ”But I also have some problems. My grandfather reminded me before that I need to stop being short-tempered and change it,” Chen Yu said with annoyance.

  ”It’s okay, you’re still young, it’s normal.” Lou Ming saw the usually sunny little girl was frowning and couldn’t help but gently comfort her.

  “I’ll try my best to change it. But if I don’t, then Third Brother, I can only ask you to continue helping me cover it up,” Chen Yu cheekily asked.

  ”Okay.” Lou Ming nodded with a smile.

  ”Then I’m leaving. Goodbye Third Brother.” Chen Yu smiled and waved her hand.

  ”Goodbye,” Lou Ming replied in a good mood.

  The male ghost followed Chen Yu. On the way home, the ghost shook his head with a tsk tsk as he walked. “This little girl isn’t experienced, but is very good at flirting. That dude unexpectedly has a pure heart ah.”

  Chen Yu didn’t understand what the male ghost was talking about. She didn’t respond and rolled her eyes at him in disgust.

  As soon as she returned to the Chen family’s home with the ghost in tow, Mother Chen saw her daughter who had left early in the morning and came back in the afternoon. She couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Shishi, why did you come back so early?”

  “A classmate suddenly had something to do, so we left in advance.” Chen Yu used the excuse she had prepared beforehand.

  ”Did you buy that dress?” Mother Chen asked.

  “Yes.” Chen Yu moved the shopping bag that was behind her forward.

  ”Let me see.” Finally, I can discuss clothes with my daughter like other family’s mothers. Mother Chen took out the clothes that Chen Yu bought and looked at them with excitement. She praised, “Our family’s Shishi’s eyes are really good. You must look good in this dress.”

  Chen Yu smiled sheepishly.

  ”It turns out that your family’s aesthetic is hereditary ah,” the male ghost suddenly said with an enlightened face.

  Chen Yu clenched her first and desperately resisted the urge to beat the ghost.

  “By the way, your brother will come back for dinner in the evening. Our family hasn’t had a family meal together in a long time.”

 Chen Yu went to military training for an entire month before, and Chen Yang seemed to be investigating a case recently. He only returned home once every ten days. Today was the rare occasion when he came home, so Mother Chen said this.

  ”Mom, I’ll take a shower first. I’ve been out all-day walking and I’m covered in sweat,” Chen Yu said.

  “Okay okay okay. Take a nap if you’re tired too.” Mother Chen put away the clothes into the bag and gave it back to her daughter.

  Chen Yu took the bag and walked upstairs. As soon as she hung her new clothes in the closet, she heard the ghost behind her mutter, “To think the room I entered doesn’t belong to a fragrant beauty. Unexpectedly I had an out-of-body experience, but actually entered a little girl’s room instead.”

  At the end of her patience, Chen Yu no longer endured and slapped the male ghost out of the wall.

  The male ghost roared and squawked. He floated in from the window again and angrily said, “What are you doing?”  

  ”If you talk again, I don’t need the 200,000,” Chen Yu threatened with narrowed eyes.

  ”Don’t, don’t, don’t.” The male ghost immediately counseled, “I’m wrong, I won’t talk nonsense anymore, that… you try to call again, maybe my Second Uncle is back.”

  Chen Yu also wanted to get rid of this ghost as soon as possible. So, she took out her cellphone and dialed the number that she had called twice before, but it still went to voicemail.

  ”I still can’t get through.” Chen Yu threw her cellphone on the bed and sat there cross-legged.  

  ”Why can’t it go through…” The male ghost wanted to grab Chen Yu’s cellphone.  

  “Stop, you stand and step back. Sit on the chair over there.” Chen Yu prevented the male ghost from approaching her. A desolate male ghost and a girl were alone together in the room, still have to pay attention.   

  The male ghost took several steps back under Chen Yu’s stare. He stood on the edge of the chair and didn’t dare move forward. He anxiously said, “Can’t you just send me back? Isn’t it a very simple thing for a Heavenly Master to send the living soul back into their body?”

  “I already told you, I’m an exorcist. I only do exorcism. I don’t save people.” Old Wu had warned Chen Yu since she was young that because of the special skills they practiced, they were much more capable in exorcism than other Heavenly Masters. But in other aspects, their skills were lethal. If Chen Yu used her spiritual power to send a living soul back to its body, after the living soul woke up, the soul would be damaged. Thus, the body would also be damaged. So, Chen Yu would only send the ghost back to his body as a last resort.

  “Where on earth did Second Uncle go? I’ve been lost for more than ten days and he didn’t even look for me,” he said anxiously.

  “More than ten days?” Chen Yu, who had been playing with her cell phone, suddenly looked up. “A living soul can’t return after being away from the body for more than seven days, but you…” Chen Yu carefully looked again. He clearly had the aura of a living soul ah.

  ”I don’t know what’s going on.” The male ghost just had a second uncle who was a Heavenly Master and didn’t know much about metaphysics himself.

  Chen Yu lowered her head thoughtfully and opened up the group chat, “Gods and Ghosts Don’t Ask”, and took the initiative to speak in the group for the first time.

  I Want To Fix Road: Fellow friends, under what circumstances can a living soul stay alive for more than ten days?

  Taoist Priest Feng Huo: Did you meet a living soul?

  Cassia Seed: A living soul that is still alive after more than ten days must be protected by a special magic weapon.

  Taoist Priest Feng Huo: Fellow friend ah, it’s best to return the living soul to its body.  

  March Floating Rain: Yes yes, Deity, quickly send this living soul back. It’s easy to cause trouble ah.

  Chen Yu looked at the sudden appearance of March Floating Rain and couldn’t help but asked strangely: “Why?”

  This was also asked by Cassia Seed.

  March Floating Rain: I don’t know the specifics. I only know that the Heavenly Masters’ Headquarters has paid special attention to matters regarding living souls recently. Many Heavenly Masters have been summoned.

  Taoist Priest Feng Huo: I heard a little about it. It seems that something has been maliciously devouring living souls.

  Devouring living souls? Chen Yu looked up at the male ghost with the ruddy complexion that was opposite to her. He didn’t look like a ghost at all. She certainly couldn’t deny that if he was floating outside for more than ten days, he would have been devoured sooner or later.  

  Taoist Priest Feng Huo: Makes sense.

  March Floating Rain: Anyway, it’s best to send them off as soon as possible.

  I Want To Fix Road: I see, thank you.

  Chen Yu put down her cellphone, reached out, and pulled out two pieces of soul restricting talismans from the burlap bag beside the bed. She raised her hand and flicked them. The talismans flew towards the nearby ghost. 

  The male ghost who suddenly had talismans pasted on him couldn’t move. He anxiously said, “What are you doing? Why can’t I move?”

  ”I’m going to take a nap, and I don’t want you to move,” Chen Yu said.

  “You’re just going to sleep, why stop me, I…”

  Chen Yu threw another talisman and it immediately became quiet. With a comfortable smile, Chen Yu covered herself with the blanket and didn’t turn on the air conditioning. There’s a ghost anyway, so there’s no need to waste electricity.

  Chen Yu slept until dinner time, and under the ghost’s glare, she walked out of the door and went downstairs to eat.

  At this time, in a high-rise apartment in the center of the city, a middle-aged man in a dark long gown stood besides the bedside a young man. He stared at the trembling jade plate beside the youth’s pillow and frowned tightly.

  ”Master.” At this time, a young man pushed open the door and said, “It seems that you have some missed calls.”

  The middle-aged man took out his cellphone and looked at the strange number. He hesitated for a moment before choosing not to call back. As the Grandmaster of Feng Shui,1So, this is a metaphysics technique called green black art. he had countless dignitaries that usually competed with each other to seek his expertise. But now that his nephew had an accident, he wasn’t in the mood to perform Feng Shui.

  ”Master, has Young Master Tong been found?” the disciple asked worriedly.

  ”Not yet.” Two weeks ago, his nephew Tong Chao suddenly fell into a coma. Fortunately, he arrived in time and found that Tong Chao was unnaturally induced into a coma. His soul was detached from his body through a spell. Recalling the several cases of living souls being devoured in the last month, Tong Wei immediately protected Tong Chao with the Lingtai Immortal Soul Jade. Then, he took his nephew out of the hospital and arranged this uninhabited apartment for him.

  However, while this Lingtai Immortal Soul Jade protected Tong Chao, it also blocked the connection between body and soul. Although the malevolent ghost who devoured living soul couldn’t find Tong Chao, at the same time, he also couldn’t find Tong Chao himself.

  These days, he sent out countless people who brought back hundreds of ghosts, but none of them were Tong Chao.

  “This jade plate is vibrating violently, isn’t it…” The young discipline seemed to have thought of something and his face turned pale.

  “Go get my wooden peach sword and compass,” Tong Wei said in a deep voice. “As soon as the jade plate is broken, it will be up to me to find Little Chao before the malevolent ghost.”

  And Chen Yu, who didn’t know anything about this, was happily eating dinner with her family.

Author’s Notes:

In the evening, Tian Fei traded shifts and return to the dormitory.

He Qi: What did Third Young Master and the Chen family’s girl do today?  

Tian Fei: They went shopping after eating and bought clothes. I paid for the clothes on Third Young Master’s behalf.

He Qi: Well done.

Tian Fei: Third Young Master said that the sofa is too hard.

All of the assistants looked at each other, took out their cellphones one after another and looked for soft cute feminine pillows. They wanted to make the Chen family’s girl feel at home in the Lou’s home. 

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