Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You – Chapter 20

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Executive Summary: I’ll give you two million.

Danger is Approaching

   At the Chen family’s dinner table, Mother Chen looked at her son who was gorging himself in distress. She personally filled a bowl of chicken soup, handed it to her son, and said, “You haven’t had a good meal in the past few weeks. How many times have I told you— no matter how busy you are on the case, you need to remember to eat.”

  ”I know.” Chen Yang raised his head and smiled at his mother.

  Mayor Chen knew his son was busy during right now with the case, so he asked, “How’s the case going?”

  ”It was transferred to the Special Operations team,” Chen Yang replied.

  ”Special Operations team?” Mayor Chen was surprised. “So, it was handed over quickly?”

  The Special Operations team was specially used to investigate cases that were unsolvable for years. In fact, it was said that if a case was transferred to the Special Operations team, the case would be closed.

  Mayor Chen strongly disagreed with this practice, but the Special Operations team was directly under the leadership of the Central Committee. Thus, Mayor Chen couldn’t refute, even if he disagreed.

  ”Yeah ah. It was suddenly announced this morning.” Chen Yang really didn’t understand. His team members worked hard for nearly a month. Although they had no clues, the case had only been investigated for one month. Thus, everyone was naturally wasn’t reconciled to it being declared an unsolvable case.

  Mayor Chen frowned, and his eating slowed.

  Mother Chen said with some displeasure, “Don’t talk about the case while eating. Quickly eat.”

  Mayor Chen suddenly returned to his senses. After eating two mouthfuls of rice, he looked at his daughter and softly said, “Shishi, try not to go out alone during this time.”

  ”En?” Chen Yu, who was eating, raised her head a little puzzled.

  ”Yes,” Chen Yang echoed. “Eight people have died in a row within a month. There are still no clues on the murderer. Shishi, when you go out, try to be with your classmates.”

  ”Eight people?” Mother Chen was surprised and said, “So many?” Mother Chen already knew that her son was investigating a murder case, but she didn’t know that so many people had died and there still weren’t any clues on who the murderer was.

  “Was there anything in common with the dead?” Mayor Chen couldn’t help but ask again.

  ”No.” Chen Yang said, “Some of them suddenly collapsed while eating in a restaurant, while some fell on their way to work in the morning. Others didn’t wake up when they were sleeping at home at night. All of them were sudden deaths. But the autopsy report showed that they were in good health and weren’t sick. If there was anything they had in common, three of the eight dead were born in the same year, same month and same day.”

  ”What day?” Mayor Chen asked.

  ”July 7, 3028,” Chen Yang replied.

  “Yin year, yin month and yin day?” Chen Yu suddenly said out loud, causing everyone at the dining table to look at her.  

  ”What did you say?” Chen Yang asked.

  “I mean it’s a yin birth year, yin month and yin day.” Chen Yu explained to her puzzled family. She continued with a smile, “When I was a child, grandpa always took me out to do things for others. I’ve seen a lot of things and know the meanings of the date.”

  Chen Yang looked back thoughtfully.

  Mother Chen saw that everyone stopped eating again and urged again, “Okay, okay. Don’t talk about the case, eat quickly. Shishi, don’t go out alone in the future, okay?”

  ”En,” Chen Yu called out softly, and then buried her head and continued eating.

  After dinner, Chen Yu returned to her room early because she left the ghost alone upstairs. When Tong Chao saw Chen Yu returning, he immediately blew on his beard anxiously and glared at the other person to release him.

  Chen Yu raised her hand and retrieved the talismans.

  “How can you do this? I asked you to find a way to send me back to my body. I didn’t ask you to catch me.” As soon as Tong Chao was free, he angrily rushed to Chen Yu and yelled.

  ”If you fight again…” Chen Yu raised the talismans in her hand.

  Tong Chao, who had suffered many hardships, turned pale. “Then can you call my Second Uncle again?” He didn’t want to be around this girl anymore.

  Chen Yu turned around and picked up her cellphone from the table. She flipped through her call history and said, “I’ve made so many calls, but your Second Uncle never returned them ah.”

  “My Second Uncle is busy. He doesn’t have time to call an unfamiliar number back.” Even he himself hasn’t return an unfamiliar number’s call before. After all, there were too many people who asked him to design clothes for them through the back door. So, Tong Chao could understand his Second Uncle’s reasoning. But too bad that it felt awful when this reasoning was applied to himself. 

  “Hurry and call him again,” Tong Chao urged. He didn’t know why, but his heart suddenly became very uneasy.

  Chen Yu listened and pressed the call back button.

  At the same time, Tong Wei, who was staying in a high-end apartment, stared at the increasingly fierce vibration of the jade plate at the bed. With a compass in his left hand, and a talisman in his right, he would immediately look for his nephew’s location as soon as the jade plate shattered.

  Ding ling ling

  Suddenly a cellphone rang. Second Uncle didn’t bother with it and continued to stare at the jade plate at the head of the bed. The discipline next to him picked up the phone from the desk, and it was the same number from the afternoon. He said, “Master, it’s the same phone number from before. They’ve called you five times since the afternoon.”

  At this time, Tong Wei’s entire body was focused on his nephew. How could he spare the effort to answer the phone? He angrily replied, “Please make the other person stop calling.” 

  Tong Wei’s voice was a little loud. The scared disciple’s hand trembled and directly ended the pending call.

  ”Hung up?” Chen Yu looked up in surprise.

  “Why did it drop? If it hung up, it means that the phone is in my Second Uncle’s hand ah. Call again,” Tong Chao said excitedly.

  As a result, the disciple didn’t even have time to put the phone down before it immediately rang again.

  ”Turn it off.” Tong Wei was furious.

  The young disciple obediently pressed the power button. Before the screen turned off completely, the cellphone received a message. The young disciple vaguely saw the words “Tong Chao,” and froze for a moment. He turned the phone back on and looked at the message.

  Your nephew Tong Chao is in my hands.

  Tong Chao was so mad when he saw what Chen Yu had sent. “How can you send that message? At a glance, it looks like a malicious message, okay? It looks like you’re a kidnapper.”

  “The missing words ‘living soul’ were also sent.” Chen Yu then comforted him saying, “Didn’t you say that your Second Master is a Heavenly Master? He will definitely understand it. So, don’t worry.”

  As Chen Yu guessed, Second Master really did understand. When the young disciple read the message, his voice trembled with excitement. “Master look.”

  Tong Wei lowered his eyes and immediately put down the soul-chasing talisman in his hand. He snatched his phone from his disciple’s hand, and immediately called back the number. “I’m Tong Wei.”

  “Is your Second Uncle’s name Tong Wei?” Tong Wei heard the voice of a young girl who seemed to be talking to someone else, and his eyes immediately lit up.

  ”Second Uncle, your nephew is in my hands now… I know, I know.” The last two phrases were obviously not directed at Tong Wei. “It’s Tong Chao’s living soul that’s with me right now. Come and take him away.”

  ”Tong Chao is with you?” Tong Wei stood up excitedly.

  ”Yeah ah. But he promised to give me 200,000. You come and get him…No, remember to transfer the money to me before you come pick up the living soul ah,” Chen Yu demanded. Otherwise, when Tong Chao returned to his body, he would forget his memories from when he was a living soul. Then who could she get her money from?

  ”You…” Tong Wei was about to speak but heard a crisp “pa” sound in the room. He turned his head, looked at the broken jade plate, and his face suddenly changed.

  ”Master, the jade plate is broken,” the young disciple exclaimed.

  ”Are you also a Heavenly Master??” Tong Wei asked eagerly.

  ”Yeah ah,” Chen Yu replied, as if that was obvious.

  ”I’ll give you two million.”

  ”Pfff…” There was a sound of something spurting from the other end of the call.

  “Before I come to you, you help me protect him for me. I’ll give you two million.” Tong Wei repeated.

  Chen Yu hung up the phone as if in a dream, and looked at Tong Chao with a magical expression.

  ”What’s wrong? What did my Second Uncle say?” Tong Chao asked anxiously.

  “Your Second Uncle is so concerned about you that he took the initiative to increase the price to two million.” Chen Yu held out two fingers and incredulously said, “It seems that your family is really rich.”

  “You don’t say. This little grandpa’s net worth is several hundred million.” Tong Chao asked again, “When will my Second Uncle be here?”

  “He said that it would take him about an hour to get here, and to let me protect you.” Chen Yu felt there was something fishy. She looked at Tong Chao and asked why he specially mentioned to protect him. 

  ”Then you have to protect me ah.” When Tong Chao heard his Second Uncle would come in an hour, he immediately got up again. Then, he sat on the chair in Chen Yu’s room with his legs arrogantly crossed.

  Chen Yu was essentially a simple teenager. She thought that making a phone call for 200,000 was a lot, but she deliberately increased the price because the other person was really annoying. But the other person’s Second Uncle suddenly raised the amount to two million, which made Chen Yu’s heart feel a little uneasy. She didn’t know why, and wasn’t sure if the Consumer Association1Association that protects consumers and their rights would care about this. She felt like a black-hearted peddler.

  Chen Yu thought of this, turned around, and rummaged through her sackcloth bag again. She took out an advanced defensive talisman. She turned around, and handed it to Tong Chao.

  When Tong Chao saw Chen Yu pull out another talisman, he immediately flew from his chair to the corner of the wall. “You… what are you doing?”

  “What are you nervous about?” Chen Yu wasn’t in a good mood. “Your Second Uncle gave me two million yuan. I can’t take advantage of you either. This is a defensive talisman that my grandpa personally drew. I only have three. This kind of advanced talisman might not even be available on the market, and is worth more than one million.”

  Chen Yu didn’t lie about this. After lurking for a period of time on the “Gods and Ghosts Don’t Ask” group chat, Chen Yu roughly understood the market price of talismans.

  There were primary talismans that started at 100,000, whereas intermediate talismans started at 200,000. Advanced talismans ranged from half a million to a million, depending on their appearance and function. The talismans personally drawn by her old man for self-defense were the absolute best. Therefore, this talisman was easily worth more than 1 million.

  ”Why did you suddenly give me such an advanced talisman?” Tong Chao was also a person who had seen the world. Usually, his Second Uncle got millions of dollars when he went out for Feng Shui. Therefore, even though he felt that Chen Yu’s talisman was a little expensive, he didn’t believe her.

  “It’s not for you, it’s only for the time being.” Chen Yu continued, “Your Second Uncle spent two million yuan for me to protect you. I have to show a gesture of goodwill.”

  Tong Chao’s mouth twitched.  

  ”Remember to pay me back when you leave.” Chen Yu handed over the talisman again.

  ”I know la,” Tong Chao replied angrily. He raised his hand and took the talisman. He looked at it in his hand for a long time but didn’t find anything different.

  Chen Yu looked at the time and said, “When it’s almost time, we’ll go to the gate. I’ll tell your Second Uncle to meet us there.” 

  ”OK.” Tong Chao took the talisman and arrogantly sat on the chair again. He looked at the girl sitting cross legged on the bed and said, “Why don’t you save my number? For the sake of helping me once, I can design for you for free.”

  ”No thank you,” Chen Yu said without lifting her head.

  “Don’t regret it. Once you find out who I am, I won’t pay attention to you later,” Tong Chao said angrily.

  ”Hehe…” Chen Yu returned a sneer.

  Tong Chao was angry. He thought this girl was too ignorant and decided not to stick his hot face on her cold butt anymore.2Basically, he’s being so polite to her by offering to do something great but gets the cold shoulder When he returned to his body, he wouldn’t care about this unsophisticated scummy girl anymore.

  The room was quiet for a moment. Ten minutes later, Chen Yu suddenly heard a vibration. She quickly raised her head, got up, and took out the flashing red compass from the cloth bag.

  ”Is that a compass? My Second Uncle also has one, but why is yours glowing red?” Tong Zhao, who hadn’t spoken for ten minutes, asked.

  Chen Yu ignored Tong Chao. She jumped out of bed and walked to the window in her slippers. She felt a ferocious energy approaching from outside and frowned tightly. 

  ”Help me protect him.”

  Chen Yu recalled the words of the Tong family’s Second Uncle from twenty minutes ago. She suddenly couldn’t help but ridicule, “Sure enough, it really isn’t easy to make money.”

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