Broken-Winged Angel – Chapter 56

TL Note: So was browsing Novel Update and saw this wasn’t updated for two years and there was only one chapter left! It doesn’t feel right that a novel that is so close to be labeled as “Yes” completely translated to be left undone, it’s an injustice! I shall take responsibility. I shall apologize that my translations won’t “match” the flow of the previous translator. I read this when Chapter 52 was completed 2 years ago. Hahaha…I shall try my best, for the sake of completion!

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Yserieh

[Epilogue] Zhao Yu Xiang’s Diary #4 (An Ordinary Day)

“Good morning, Mama Yu.” Zhao Yi Bo walked into the dining room in a casual suit, fully displaying the charm of a mature man. The only incongruous thing was that he held a pink body with a pacifier in his arms, a little baby.  

“Good morning ah, eldest master. Why did you get up so early today?” Chubby Mama Yu, held a spatula in her hand, turned to show a smile to the big and small person. 

“The little sister is hungry. I’m afraid I’ll quarrel with Qing Xia, so I took her down first.” He held the baby in one hand and began to warm the milk skillfully with the other hand. 

“Let me.” Mama Yu came over and wanted to take the bottle. 

“No, Mama Yu. You still have to prepare breakfast. They will all get up in a moment.” He smiled and shook his head. He quickly prepared the milk, then took a sip to make sure the temperature wasn’t hot before fitting the pacifier end into the babbling baby’s mouth.   

Seeing his skillful movements, Mama Yu was reassured and continued to make breakfast. 

“It’s pitiful to be a great President who has to work hard as a father early in the morning.” From the door came a low voice of mockery.  

“It’s disappointing to hear your crow-like voice early in the morning.” Zhao Yi Bo carefully watched the little baby in his arms drinking milk and counterattacked unkindly. 

“You are the crow! It sounds so unpleasant because I’m at the phase where my voice is changing. After this period, my voice will become more charming and magnetic than yours.” A handsome boy in a high school uniform was annoyed and sat at the dining table. 

“You want to be compared to me? Then you are worse.” After watching the little baby finish drinking the milk, Zhao Yi Bo skillfully patted her back to let her belch.  

“You…” Angered by his cold sneering tone, he stood up and glared at Zhao Yi Bo. 

“What are you two doing?” A soft woman’s voice came from the door. 

“Mommy, are you awake? Are you feeling better?” The boy, who was just like an enrage bull, immediately stuck to the beautiful woman who just entered the dining room.  

“Better.” She nodded and patted her son’s head, who was already taller than her, like a puppy.   

Zhao Yu Xiang helplessly watched his mother’s movements. Please! He’s no longer a child. Don’t pat him on the head like this, okay?! If other people dared to pat him on the head like this, he will surely sort them out miserably. But for his favored mother, he has no solution at all, and even dares to quietly protest in his heart.  

“Qing Xia, why did you come down? You still had a fever last night. Aren’t you feeling faint now?” Zhao Yi Bo placed the baby in his arms in the highchair and worriedly went to her.  

“I’m a little dizzy, but I don’t want to lie in bed anymore.” Shi Qing Xia replied lightly while leaning in Zhao Yi Xuan’s arms, who supported her downstairs. 

“She still has a fever, and it seems to be higher than yesterday. She will need to go to the hospital in a while.” Zhao Yi Xuan held her and spoke blankly to Zhao Yi Bo, but his eyes were full of worries. 

Seeing that the two men were worried, Shi Qing Xia rolled her eyes angrily. “Please, I just have a little fever, OK? Even if the temperature is a little higher than yesterday, it’s only 38℃. It’s not serious enough to go to the hospital.” 

“But…” The three males surrounded her with worried expressions. 

“I won’t go to the hospital. If anyone dares force me to go to the hospital- I damn will break ties with him.” She spoke strongly. Those willful and forceful words didn’t sound like they came from a 43-year-old woman with two children. 

“Okay.” Looking at her firm expression, the three men had no choice but to compromise, but their eyes were still full of worry. 

“Madam, good morning ah.” Mama Yu smiled and watched the scene, which was a common occurrence in the Zhao family. 

“Good morning, Mama Yu.” Shi Qing Xia pushed away the group of people in front of her, walked to her seat and sat down. She then played with her little daughter who just turned 1 year old. 

“Mommy, don’t lean so closely to little sister. You’ll spread your cold to her.” Zhao Yu Xiang quickly picked up the drooling Zhao Ningyu and sat beside Shi Qing Xia, keeping her away from their mother.  

Please, she’s still a little baby, don’t poison her with the cold virus, OK? 

“Xiao Xiang…” Looking at the lovely daughter who was taken away by her son, Shi Qing Xia showed an aggrieved expression. The guardian beside her immediately revealed a pair of murderous eyes at the unfilial son, Zhao Yu Xiang, indiscriminately. 

“Mommy…” Seeing the grievance on his mother’s face, Zhao Yu Xiang suddenly felt a little flustered. Although he knew that this expression was to deceive people, he still felt very sad. But the health of the lovely sister in his arms is also very important! 

“Can’t I hold my own daughter? I fearlessly risked my life to give birth to her.” Seeing the hesitation in her son’s eyes, the expression on Shi Qing Xia’s face was even more pitiful. 

“Xiang, bring Xiao Yu over.” Zhao Yi Xuan stroked Shi Qing Xia gently and coldly commanded. 

Zhao Yu Xiang could only helplessly walk to their ruthless mother’s side carrying the smiling innocent Zhao Ningyu. 

Poor sister, I hope your resistance is strong enough against the cold virus. If you are unfortunately infected, brother will buy cold medicine for you. He silently mourned the poor Zhao Ningyu in his heart. 

Shi Qing Xia took the soft and chubby little Baby and lovingly kissed the pink face of her daughter. The two guardians beside her immediately looked at the cute baby with envious expressions, completely forgetting that this is their beloved second child and daughter. 

Whenever anything involves their beloved wife, it’s easy for them to forget.  

“Darling, baby is very heavy. You still have a fever. Don’t hold heavy things.” Zhao Yi Bo smiled and took the little tender baby from her hands and placed her in the baby chair again but moved it to the farthest corner of the dining room, completely forgetting his compassionate fatherly feelings.  

Soon Mama Yu brought their favorite breakfast to the table. 

The family began to eat breakfast happily. The two handsome male masters ate while holding and feeding their beautiful wife beside them. The son, sitting opposite of them, looked at his fathers with disdain and jealousy. The poor little sister of his babbled in the corner of the dining room, with her pacifier, and was completely forgotten by her parents and brother. Fortunately, she was already full. 

Breakfast was soon over. 

Because their wife’s body seemed to be in poor shape, the two male masters, who liked to worry about nothing, decided not to go to work at the company and stay at home as part-time caretakers. Their filial son, who also wanted to stay at home to take care of his mother, was driven out of the house and went to school under the pretext “students should be learning oriented.”   

The two male masters carried their beloved wife back to the comfortable bedroom upstairs. Their poor daughter was forgotten in the dining room, and it wasn’t known when she will be remembered again by them. 

“Little Princess, you should accompany grandma today, okay?” Mama Yu smiled and picked up the little girl, who was dozing off in the child chair, then they went out to bask in the sun.  

“Your body is still very hot. Don’t you really need to go to the hospital?” I tested the temperature on her head with my forehead. Zhao Yi Xuan’s usual expression face was full of undisguised worries.   

“It really doesn’t matter. It’s just a little cold. I just have to rest well.” Shi Qing Xia quickly said for fear she would be taken to the hospital. 

Now they were like frightened birds; as long as she had a slight discomfort, they were worried as if the sky was about to fall. Last night she was only a little cold and feverish, and they stayed up all night without sleep to take care of her, as if her life was in actual danger.  

“We are very worried.” Zhao Yi Bo lay sideways on his side and propped up his head with his arm and looked at her. 

“It’s okay. I have always been in good health, it’s just a small cold.” Patting the faces of the two big men beside her, she appeased them.  

“That was before Zhao Ningyu was born.” Zhao Yi Xuan said with a terrified face when he recalled his wife had almost died in childbirth, because of her age, to give birth to their daughter.   

After they knew that she was unexpectedly pregnant again, they decided to get rid of this surprise child. They already had an uncaring and unfilial son who loved competing with them. They didn’t want yet another child to share their wife’s affection. Moreover, she was 41 years old when she became pregnant, and it was very high-risk due to her age. Under their meticulous care, their darling appeared to be about 25 years old, and her good health was very carefully maintained and well-kept, but they still didn’t dare to take this risk. 

Compared to their cherished wife, nothing was more important, including their flesh and blood.  

But she chose to keep the child and even went on a hunger strike to protest. Without any better option, they agreed to keep the child. 

After the long months of suffering, they encountered a difficult birth yet again. When they stood outside the delivery room and heard the doctor telling them the news, they really regretted that they didn’t forcibly aborted the child at that time. But now it was too late to regret. They could only threaten the doctor with black faces that if he doesn’t let their wife leave the delivery room safely, they will let him disappear from the earth.  

In those hours of waiting, they felt cold all over, and even despaired, that they were going to lose her. When they decided to drown in a river to follow her, Mama Yu said she left the delivery room safely and gave birth to a very cute daughter who looked very similar to her.1Chill daddies~

Although they resented their daughter for nearly killing their precious woman, they saw their daughter’s face and their dear wife’s face were very much similar. They were willing to be fathers to her then and placed her in the position of their second most beloved woman. 

But in the face of their treasured wife, they always forget this lovely daughter. 

“I am recovering.” Shi Qing Xia felt terrified when she remembered those days where she was carefully monitored all day after giving birth; she ate more supplements than her meals!   

“You still need a good rest. You still have a fever when you say you have recovered.” Zhao Yi Bo snapped angrily, gently pulling the quilt, from between her chest and abdomen, to under her neck with his big hand. 

“Don’t you have work today? Don’t you have any customers to see?” She looked at them with bright eyes. Hurry up, leave so she can sneak out ah. 

“No. What are you planning?” Zhao Yi Xuan looked at her suspiciously. Having lived together for 25 years, they knew her little tricks very well. 

“How am I? I just don’t want to see your nervousness.” She hooted with her mouth and turned around unpleasantly. Damned boy, what are you so good for? 

“If not, take a rest.” Zhao Yi Xuan’s big hand covered her eyes, preventing her from looking around. Although he knew what she must be thinking of, it wasn’t the time to investigate. 

“Okay.” She closed her eyes obediently. It seems that I can’t slip out today. Forget it, let’s sleep. 

I don’t know how long I slept for. When I woke up, the room was quiet. Where did they go? 

She changed from her silky soft pajamas and went downstairs. 

In the living room downstairs, Mama Yu was feeding her daughter apple puree. When she saw her mother coming downstairs, the little girl immediately danced with joy and welcomed her. 

“Madam, are you awake?” Mama Yu smiled at the lazy Shi Qing Xia. 

“Slept all day, almost turned into a pig.” Shi Qing Xia sat next to Mama Yu, leaned her head against Mama Yu’s broad shoulder while coquettishly teasing her cute daughter, who was like a goldfish spitting bubbles. 

“They are too nervous.” Mama Yu comforted the angry mistress. 

“Where did they go?” Shi Qing Xia asked curiously. 

“Just now, when the company called and said there were important businessmen visiting. They saw your fever had gone away and you slept soundly, they just went to the company. They had just left when you woke up.” 

“That is to say, they aren’t home now and won’t be coming back soon?” Shi Qing Xia stared at Mama Yu with bright eyes. 

“Yes.” Mama Yu nodded. Looking at the mistress’s happy preparation to run away, Mama Yu added cruelly, “They told me to watch you, so you won’t foolishly run around.” 

“Mama Yu…” Shi Qing Xia, who was about to go out happily, looked pitifully at her prison guard who was ordered to watch her. 

“If you can get home before they come back, I can pretend not to see you.” Mama Yu looked at her bitter gourd face expression and winked at her playfully. 

“Thank you, Mama Yu.” She ran over, kissed Mama Yu’s chubby face, turned around, and ran out happily. 

“Shui Lin, have you been waiting for a long time?” Secretly driving the new sports car Zhao Yi Bo bought, Shi Qing Xia quickly rushed to meet Yan Shui Lin at the Green Island Coffee House at 150 km/hr. 

I hope that when they see the ticket, they won’t get angry and punish her. 

“I thought you couldn’t come, how did your family’s two guardian gods let you come see me alone?” Yan Shui Lin asked curiously and doubtfully as Shi Qing Xia appeared in front of her alone. 

“I snuck out.” Shi Qing Xia playfully stuck out her tongue. 

“I want to know how you can still appear so.” Yan Shui Lin looked at her friend’s ridiculous childish appearance. 

“How long can you stay in Taiwan this time?” Shi Qing Xia asked. They haven’t seen each other for a long time. I hope she can stay in Taiwan a little longer this time. 

“I think I’ll stay in Taiwan in the near future. My dad decided to let me take over the President position.” From Shi Qing Xia she never concealed anything. Even this kind of business secret can be easily told to her. 

“How about Brother Yan? Why didn’t he take over?” Shi Qing Xia asked curiously. 

“He chased his wife and went to Africa.” Thinking of that big brother who had the opposite sex and no humanity,2Basically found the opposite sex to spend his life with and no humanity because he shamelessly chased his wife and left everything behind Yan Shui Lin answered angrily. 

I heard that Yan Bonian was chasing a female doctor of the Red Cross, which turned out to be true. After so many years, he finally found a partner who wants to be with him for a lifetime! Shi Qing Xia thought happily. 

“Qing Xia, although I’m envious that those two overbearing guys of the Zhao family have you, I still have to admit that they take good care of you.” Yan Shui Lin said happily, looking at her friend with somewhat bleak expression.  

“What? I will take care of myself, okay?” Shi Qing Xia retorted. Does she need someone to take care of her when she is such a big person? 

“You look much younger than me. People, who don’t know, will never believe you are a few years older than me.” Yan Shui Lin said enviously, touching her delicate baby-like skin. 

“This is the result of doing nothing but maintenance all day long.” Shi Qing Xia said angrily. Her friends and classmates all had careers, only she was a stay at home person. 

“Aren’t you the President’s special assistant in Zhao? Why don’t you go do it?” Yan Shui Lin asked curiously when she looked at her friend’s angry expression. Why doesn’t she go to work when she wasn’t willing to stay at home?  

“Special assistant is the shorthand for ‘an idle special assistant’.” Thinking of the time when she worked at Zhao, the expression on Shi Qing Xia’s face became uglier. 

After Zhao Yu Xiang went to elementary school, she felt that it was really boring to stay at home all day and decided to go out and work. The twins resolutely opposed it. After some struggling, they finally agreed that she could work at the Zhao group. Her position was the President’s special assistant.  

Although she didn’t want to work at their company, it was better to go out to work than staying at home and watch TV all day, so she reluctantly agreed. 

But this job made her feel no sense of accomplishment. It was her usual way of life at home but at the Zhao head office. Every day, I ate snacks, watch TV, surf the Internet and lazily slept. Also accompanied the lustful President and Vice-President to do bed exercises. I never been exposed to the business at all!   

After enduring for three months, she finally left the Zhao company angrily. And for this reason, she didn’t say a word to them for a whole month, so that their faces remained a wonderous green for a whole month. 

“They hurt you so much, how could they be willing to direct you at work?” Yan Shui Lin patted her angry face with a smile. 

“Shui Lin, you’re almost 40 years old, don’t you plan to find a man? Do you want to be an old virgin the entire time ah?” Shi Qing Xia asked, a little worried. More than 20 years had passed! Did Shui Lin’s affection for her not disperse? She felt so guilty, so sorry for her ah. 

“Hehe~~ Rest assured. I won’t become a psychopathic old virgin. I’m not an old virgin anymore, I also have companionship.” Yan Shui Lin glanced at the other corner of the coffee house. 

Shi Qing Xia followed her gaze. Sitting not far from them was a young man in a white shirt and black suit pants, or rather a boy, because he only looked about 20 years old. He looks very delicate, it is a kind of beauty between a man and woman, very androgynous. At this moment he was staring at her with a murderous look. 

Hehe~~ He likes Shui Lin very much. Looking at his jealous eyes, she snickered in her heart. 

“How do you know such a beauty ah?” She asked curiously. 

“Picked up on the street.”3Not sure if it’s an orphan…or previous sex worker… sketch Yan Shui Lin replied casually. 

“Where did you pick him up? I’m going to pick up one too.” Such a beautiful person can be picked up? It’s a happy day to come home and see! Although the three men in the family are all handsome, their pure masculine handsomeness couldn’t be compared with the delicate and slightly feminine beauty of the child in front of these two women. 

“If you dare take a man home, you won’t step out of your house for the rest of your life.” Yan Shui Lin mercilessly attacked her coveting friend.  

Really honest! Shi Qing Xia angrily rolled her eyes at her.  

“Did you know that the female President of Yoshino Trading Company in Japan once publicly expressed her love to Zhao Yi Bo at a business banquet?” Yan Shui Lin suddenly thought of the interesting thing she encountered at a party last month and said with a smile.  

“When did it happen? Why didn’t I know?” Shi Qing Xia asked, surprised and upset. This is too much. They didn’t tell her such an interesting thing. 

“Last month ah. I went to Japan on a business trip and attended a business party and saw it with my own eyes.” I didn’t want to go, but because the host of the banquet had some friendship with my dad, I had to attend. I didn’t expect to see such a good show.  

Last month, Zhao Yi Bo was indeed on a business trip to Japan, but he came back after a day. Unexpectedly, such an interesting thing to have happened. 

“What’s going on ah?” Shi Qing Xia asked curiously, holding Yan Shui Lin’s sleeve. 

“Ryoko Yoshino, the female President of Yoshino Trading Company, took a fancy to Zhao Yi Bo! She thought Zhao Yi Bo is rich, single, and handsome. She thought he was a good target, so she publicly expressed her love and desire to marry Zhao Yi Bo with the Yoshino business as a dowry.” Yan Shui Lin said with disgust, adding oil and vinegar. 

“And she rushed to kiss Zhao Yi Bo.” 

Thinking of the funny scene at that time, Yan Shui Lin couldn’t help laughing. 

“Really? What expression did he have then?” Shi Qing Xia was thought it was funny and was curious, so she showed no sense of crisis that her husband was confessed to and kissed by another woman.  

“His expression was like he was being kissed by a pig, haha​​~~~” Yan Shui Lin couldn’t restrain her laughter. 

“It’s a pity that I didn’t get to see.” Shi Qing Xia grumbled regretfully. 

“Hey~~ It’s your husband who was forcibly kissed.” Seeing that her friend had no consciousness of being a wife, Yan Shui Lin really sympathized with the twins. 

Shi Qing Xia rolled her eyes angrily, not paying attention. 

“It seems that they have reassured you ah.” Yan Shui Lin concluded. “But they really love you very much. They have been clean for so many years, not a single scandal appeared. It’s not easy for a rich and handsome man.” 

“They are like wolves. They are only loyal to the people they identify with and there is no one else in their eyes otherwise. This loyalty keeps them from having relationships with any other woman. I’m not worried about other women appearing.” Shi Qin Xia lightly explained. Those 25 years of living together not only made them fully master her temperament, but also made her thoroughly understand them.  

They are very paranoid, single-minded, and loyal in their feelings. They believed that they only need one woman in their lifetime, that other people are just creatures in the world. That those creatures made no difference to them and they didn’t have the ability to even occupy a space in their lives.   

“That is the only thing I admire about them and also the reason why I was willing to give up.” Although she also loves Qing Xia very much, it wasn’t as deep and persistent as their feelings. So, in loneliness, she had physical relationship with other people. 

“Shui Lin, your future is not with me …” Looking at her friend’s lonely expression, Shi Qing Xia’s soft hands gently touched her face. She is very grateful for her deep feelings towards her and the many years of care and companionship, but she hoped her friend can find her own happiness. 

“Qing Xia…” Yan Shui Lin held the warm little hand on her face, her expression very complicated. 

“Yan Yan, it’s almost time. We should go.” At last, the boy sitting in the corner finally couldn’t bear the intimacy of the two women. He strode over and smacked away the two women’s hands. He pulled up Yan Shui Lin, half-pushing and half-hugging her away from the coffee house. 

“Stop it, Yang Che, why are you so rude? Don’t you see I’m talking to my friend?” Yan Shui Lin struggled with anger and astonishment, but was still unable to resist his strength. 

“There will be time in the future. It’s almost time for you and your father to meet. As the child, don’t let your parents wait.” He had no sincerity to appease the angry Yan Shui Lin. 

“My dad is very used to waiting. Also, I don’t need you to intervene in my affairs.” Yan Shui Lin raised her foot and kicked him hard. 

Wow~ This is the first time I see Shui Lin so excited and so rude. Shi Qing Xia rubbed the back of her battered hand and watched the lively scene of the entangled pair. 

“It’s just a classmate you don’t meet very often. Is it necessary to have such a big fire?4a big temper or a big deal Isn’t she idle all day long anyhow? Wait until you have time to ask her out again.” Yang Che’s face became very ugly after hearing Yan Shui Lin’s words.  His eyes stared murderously at Shi Qing Xia, who followed them, but his tone was still very gentle. 

Damn boy! I feel ridiculed for being idle all day long! Shi Qing Xia scolded fiercely in her heart. At first, I thought this kid was very good and was concerned about Shui Lin’s appearance, so I decided to help him, but now I change my mind.  

This youngsters lacks repairs!5His attitude needs to be repaired by being beaten up. 

“Shui Lin, since you have an appointment with Uncle Yan, you should go back first. I will go to your house to find you another day, and then we will talk again. Maybe I can work with you in the future, then wouldn’t it be possible to meet every day?” Shi Qing Xia said intentionally. Sure enough, these words made Yang Che’s face even uglier! 

“Bye.” She seemed to think it wasn’t enough. She leaned up and printed a sweet kiss on Yan Shui Lin’s face. 

Without any more words Yang Che, who was stunned with a pale face, immediately thrusted the dumbfounded Yan Shui Lin into the car and drove away from the Green Island Coffee House quickly. 

He is also a very possessive little guy. In the future, he will interfere with us. I’m afraid it will not be so easy to see Shui Lin again. I hope he can get into my good friend’s heart and accompany her for the rest of her life though.  

But it was so funny to recall how angry he was that he wanted to rush up to bite her! 

In front of the Green Island Coffee House, a crazy woman busted into laughter, frightening the passersby to detour one after another, as they didn’t dare pass too closely to this mentally disturbed woman. 

“Having fun?” A deep voice came from behind and immediately stopped her crazy laughter. 

She turned her head in a slow, imperceptible motion, and incredulously looked at the twins standing behind her. 

“When did you come? How did you know that I was here?” The only people who knew she was here were Yan Shui Lin and her little lover, Yang Che, but they wouldn’t spread the news. 

“Vice Manager Yan had a business meeting outside of the company. On the way back, he saw you driving my new sports car while playing a racing game on the road. He called to ask when did the Zhao President’s wife joined the racing team.” Zhao Yi Bo looked at her with an iron-blue face.6Iron-blue means extremely angry 

Vice Manager Yan? Is that the Assistant Manager of the Business Department whose head is bald and shaped like the Mediterranean? In Shi Qing Xia’s head emerged the wretched villain. How dare you tell on me, you’re dead! She thought bitterly in her heart.  

“I just wanted to test the performance of the new car.” She pitifully quibbled, as long as she could get past this present stage, she would never drive again. 

“And to see how strong your life is? To see if you can you survive in a car accident?” Zhao Yi Bo refused to let her go. 

“You… do you wish for me to be involved in a car accident?” She hollered and rushed into Zhao Yi Xuan’s arms, who also had an iron-blue face, accusing Zhao Yi Bo. “You think I’m in the way, right? Because there is a strong woman who showed her love to you? So, you hope I died in a car accident, right?” 

“Bo, what’s going on?” Zhao Yi Xuan asked. He held his beloved wife, who rushed into his arms, as he asked his brother suspiciously. 

“It’s just an irrelevant woman.” Zhao Yi Bo explained lightly, unwilling to recall that farce. 

“It’s not an irrelevant woman! She kissed him.” She continued to accuse him while pretending to cry. 

“Bo, you’d better explain well, it sounds like your behavior exceeds the limit.” Sure enough, Zhao Yi Xuan’s voice became stiff and severe, and he looked at his brother angrily. 

“Let’s go home first and ignore this heartless man.” She pulled on Zhao Yi Xuan’s clothes and wasn’t interested in performing on the street for free. 

“Good.” Zhao Yi Xuan gently embraced her and walked towards his car. She didn’t ask the guilty man to get in the car together with them. She just pulled the car key from her pocket and threw it to Zhao Yi Bo, who stood there with an ugly face.  

“Drive your new car back.” 

Seeing Zhao Yi Bo driving behind his car with his new sports car, Shi Qing Xia laughed secretly. Who makes you always catch my mistakes, you deserve it! 

She felt very happy when she thought that she would arouse everyone to criticize Zhao Yi Bo after returning home.  

Over the years, she has mastered a way to deal with them. She would take advantage of their unfair treatment she had received in the past and take the opportunity to get back at them bit by bit.  

Who asked them to offend a woman? Confucius once said, “Only women and villains are difficult to raise.” 

It’s a woman’s nature to love revenge and to hold grudges. It’s not too late to take revenge on a gentleman years later.  


<<Broken-Winged Angel>> is finished 

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