Chasing a Flower Blossom – Chapter 1

TL Note: This is what I decided to pick up from the poll…probably first and last poll I’ll ever do, didn’t go well. Anyways this series has so much smut that half the chapters are locked on JJWXC. Female protagonist and reverse harem in ancient times.

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Translated by Novice Translations

Broken Wings

    “I will do whatever it takes…to destroy you.”

    The flying red clothes, the world’s charming face, the cold beautiful green eyes and the beautiful black silk-like hair that fluttered with the wind. The white flawless long fingers held the black gun, the bright red lips were raised into a wicked smile, the words were gently said as if it were a whisper between lovers, but with the deepest hatred.

    “It was my honor to have your best efforts handled by me.”

    The youngster in white stood at the edge of the cliff, the breathtaking beauty was like an angel, which was sharply contrasted to the evil beauty of the opposing youngster in red. At the moment, the voice relaxed as if casually chatting with an ordinary friend in a coffee shop with an elegant leisure. As if her own dangerous situation wasn’t felt at all—It was only one step away from the cliff and the black gun’s muzzle was aimed at her head. If she wasn’t careful, she may not see the sun tomorrow.

    However, all of this was inferior to the youngster in red who oppressed the person.

    The youngster in white’s idleness made the surrounding air suddenly cool. The youngster in red’s hand which held the gun didn’t tremble at all, but the cold green eyes narrowed.

    “You have nothing else to say.”

    “Well, what are you talking about? You want to kill me, shall I thank you for being unsuccessful.”

    The tone was still careless, as if the gun’s muzzle wasn’t aimed at her or that she was still standing on the cliff. A pair of black lacquered eyes deeply gazed at the youngster in red, flashing with an unknown light.

    “…” The slender fingers tightened suddenly.

    “Remorse?” She smiled brightly like a flower.

    “… Do you really want to die?” The pupils became colder and there was a complex luster within its depths.

    “No one wants to die, but it seems that I have to die today. You won’t let me go.”

    I will do whatever it takes to destroy you …

    She will not forget this sentence that still echoed in her ears. The man, after using all his strength to drive her to the brink of despair, will never show mercy and let her go.

    She knew him too well, as he was synonymous with ruthlessness, how could he easily let go of his prey.

    “You know me.”

    Not enough, not enough …He will never forgive her even if he cut her into pieces!

    His pain must be avenged by her blood!  

    His hatred will be repaid with her life!

    “It’s disgusting to want me to be an intestinal worm in your stomach!” An elegant smile that seemed real and false, encircled them like a layer of invisible mist. No one could touch the deeply hidden heart of the other.

    Suspicion and speculation, chasing and hurting exhausted them. The opposite position was their predestined meeting to be a tragedy. If they continued, it was inevitable that both sides will be hurt…she really didn’t want to see such a result. It was best to have a timely withdrawal.

    Knowing that he couldn’t accept her abandonment, he was such a proud man …

    Therefore hate, you’re my most important person, rather than watch you collapse, I’ll let you destroy me…don’t be soft. I don’t regret knowing you at all. As long as you’re happier than anyone else…come on, raise your gun and shoot my heart, and soon, everything will be over…


    The price of betraying you is my death, I’m willing…

    “You …” The youngster in red stepped forward with a cold and abnormal look, “Why?”

    She knew exactly what he wanted to ask, but couldn’t give him the correct answer, because even she didn’t know why and how to tell him.

    She looked at this young man who was her opponent, she has always admired his strength. However, some aspects were too extreme.

    “Many questions have no answers, so why bother to ask? Maybe you’ll be happier without knowing.”

    “Happy?” The smile was fleeting, and the young man in red’s frosty eyes darkened as it was filled with deep despair, filled with snow and ice, his tone was condensed. “Is this your answer? Ji, Qian, Nian!”


    “Don’t call my name.” Her voice was sweet and gentle, he knew the wry smile the youngster in white wore. The gentler it was, the more crueler the person was ah—“You, are, no, longer, qualified.”


    “I will personally send you to hell.”

    “……Thank you.”

    I will never show mercy again, and I will never let you appear in front of me again. This time, you will completely disappear from my sight, and be uprooted from my heart …As I said people who abandon me won’t have a good end.

    Ji …

    It was you who let go of my hand first, and left me struggling alone in the dark …

    It was you who took away my light and deprived me of my warmth …

    It was you who put the shackles on my chest and tightly locked me as your final human consciousness fade…

    It was you……

    Who closed the door of my soul, causing my remaining sanity to fade…

    Don’t blame me, it was you who forced me to come here and destroy you at all costs…

    Ji …


    “Bang!” The gun rang.

    The snow-white figure slowly fell off the cliff, and the open white clothes were like the wings of an angel, holy and glorious.

    At last, finally free …

    It doesn’t matter if she went to hell ah …

    Closing her eyes, the juvenile’s soft lips hung with a reassuring smile.

    “I have one last question to ask you.”

    The slender palm quickly caught her before she fell to the bottom of the cliff. She opened her eyes and the beautiful black eyes faced the cold green eyes.

    “Regret it?” Regret meeting him?

    “No.” So, please let go.


    In that moment, the youth’s sanity was lost, he swung his wrist hard, leaving a shallow scar on her beautiful hand, it wasn’t deep, but the pain choked her.

    “See you in the afterlife.” She safely closed her eyes and the snow-white figure continued to fall.

    She didn’t see the young man in red clenching his fist tightly. With despair, pain, darkness, emptiness and madness which entered his eyes, gradually entering the kingdom of death.

TL Note: Well, the first chapter was really good and promising, seems like the male is a yandere who restricted the MC. MC decided to break it off for the him mainly since all they have is pain together…well this new novel is exciting. Pretty sure the guy killed himself to reincarnate with her and follow her in the next life.

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