Chasing a Flower Blossom – Chapter 2

Translated by Novice Translations

Emperor Country1Dude, this country is literally called Emperor country…alright…


    Opening her eyes, there were some white clouds floating in the blue sky instead of the expected gloomy and horrible hell. But the scenery she saw was more like an ordinary mountain and forest…

    En, her thoughts were very clear, that idiot fell too…

    Isn’t he dead … here—where is this?

    There were dense trees all around, ah…

    Her head turned around and her body was a little sore, but it didn’t hurt. Her hands and feet were normal, and she wasn’t missing any limbs. According to her initial observation, she was still alive.

    Suddenly, the person who woke up from the darkness found a questionable problem worthy of doubts—if she fell off such a high cliff, she would have died even if she wasn’t killed by the gun. But every bone in her body was intact, except for some pain, it was the same as before.

    Is there really a so-called miracle in this world?

    If you don’t die, you will be blessed. Let’s believe she was a blessed person. It seems that the King of Hell doesn’t want her little life right now.


    Thinking of the crazy hatred in the eyes of the young man in red, she felt pain in her heart.  

    Wei, just as Ji Qiannian disappeared forever in the world, the chase between them should have ended there…at present, she has to find a way to go down the mountain.

    A few minutes later, a bigger problem appeared.

    What is this place?

    She climbed up from the ground, her beautiful face surveyed the environment and a row of black lines slid down.2Usually in manga, you see a row of black lines on the character’s face…could be confusion, despair…depends on the situation..


    Further conjectures, it seems, it seems this wasn’t Japan, ah…

    In that case, where am I?


    As soon as Ji Qiannian opened her eyes, she discovered she was lying in a strange place and was distressed. She wasn’t sure if she really died—because she was shot, but there were no wounds on her body or pain. On the way down the mountain, she encountered a group of robbers, dressed in ancient clothing, each holding a dagger. At that time, she thought they were filming, but didn’t see the camera or other props. Under the threat of the old-fashioned robbers (women)…hic, they were tall and strong and she wasn’t sure if they were women or men, but seeing their obviously feminine characteristics…she couldn’t help but look at the gorgeous sedan chair and the gorgeous looking woman as well as the group of young people who were delicate as a flower and refined as a precious jade, they were feminine looking and she somehow felt it was other people’s salvation…3She refers to herself as other people…

    En, it was said that the owner of the sedan chair is the Emperor (also a woman) of the country. In order to observe people’s situation, she has made a private visit.  

    At first, she thought she heard wrong. Wasn’t this plot only in novels and movies? But the more she listened, the more surprised she was. She wasn’t dreaming. She really did cross time and space to a strange country that never existed in history.

    Emperor country, Year 237, and the era name is “Jing”.


    The aftermath of escaping a catastrophic death, ah …

    Then, it seemed she wasn’t sure the noble emperor, her “savior” was either a man or woman. After looking at her for a long time, she could see the emperor was very interested in her beauty…ai, she could only blame herself for being too beautiful (not to boast). In order to not embarrass others, she took the initiative to clarify her gender, female.

    Hearing that she was a woman, the noble emperor was very happy, and her eyes brightened. She took her back to the imperial palace and recognized her as her younger sister.

    Later, she learned that if she didn’t confess her gender in time, she would have become the emperor’s shi jun since she fancied her.  

    The so-called shi jun, was an “imperial concubine” of the harem.

    It was really dangerous, it wasn’t good to be loved.

    The Emperor country was a feminist country, where the men’s status was very low—as if the status of men and women were reversed. Women were emperors, officials, soldiers and masters. All things were dominated by women.

    Not only that, but the heights of both sides were also reversed, women were generally tall, slender and handsome. While the men were petite, delicate and as beautiful as immortals.

    Polygamy was practiced here, where women married men. The strangest thing was that it was the man’s responsibility to have a baby during pregnancy while the woman was only responsible for providing eggs.

    Men were like ancient women who were restricted. They attach great importance to virginity. Unmarried men usually have a cinnabar on their arms after birth that will fall off after sexual intercourse; if there were any improper sexual behavior, it will be regarded as infidelity and will be discarded.

    Divorce was the same. The divorce papers were written by women and the man has no right to protest.

    There were four kingdoms around Emperor country, they were Yunbing, Yinyue, Guanghua and Baiming. The Emperor country was located in the middle, which occupied the best weather and favorable location, it was accessible from all sides which was beneficial for trade relations.

    Regardless of economic development, urban construction, or even military affairs, it was the most powerful country out of the five.  

    Conveniently, those four countries were also women countries.

    The beauties of the five countries also had their own distinctive feature, with many different styles…of course, men.

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