Chasing a Flower Blossom – Chapter 3

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First Encounter

    Ji Qiannian thought about this more than once. Why did God send her to this strange country, and wasn’t the gun aimed at her? He was intentional, didn’t he want her life?

    Wei …

    I hope you can forget me …

    But—I still want to see you … I want to know if you’re doing well …

    “You look, look wangye Ji is so beautiful, oh.”1Uhh since she became the emperor’s close sister, I guess the emperor promoted her into a prince…wtf? That was so OP after she transmigrated but alright.

    “Not only that, wangye Ji is favored by the emperor. Just by her looks, she’s also a rare beautiful woman in the emperor’s eyes. Very pleasing to look at, ah.”  

    “Wangye Ji is the best person in the eyes of thousands of unmarried men in the imperial capital. I don’t know how many princes, dukes and ministers want to marry their son to wangye. Unfortunately, wangye isn’t moved.”

    “We have no luck, ai.”

    Even the thin fragments of whispers reached Ji Qiannian’s ears, and she suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    For three years, every time she went to the palace, she was stared at with adoration. She looked at those red faces and shy expressions of those beautiful little palace servants who were reluctant to part as they took three steps back and turned around. Although it was a kind of enjoyment, Ji Qiannian was glad she made the right decision to move out of the palace.

    She didn’t mind being admired or being stared at as if she was a delicious snack, but she couldn’t stand the emperor’s ambiguous eyes and her surging heart to sell her. In her opinion, the emperor simply wanted to see her embarrassment.

    Recently, the emperor often talked about the advantages of her son in her ear. She was afraid that the emperor even wanted to sell her son to her, which made her want to run away every time she sees the emperor.

    Alas, the eldest unmarried prince was only fifteen and she was eighteen. She didn’t want to do anything to ruin the country’s seedling. She wasn’t thirsty to that extent.

    The women of Emperor Country can marry her husband and have children when they become fifteen years old. The men’s marriageable age is at fourteen when the body is mature, but the body will be relatively weak during the menstrual period of each month, which was similar to the menstrual period of modern women. It was necessary to pay attention to rest, otherwise it would be difficult for them to conceive if they consume too much energy.

    It was the modern version of yin and yang reversed.  

    Then again, it was great that women didn’t have the responsibility of bearing children!

    Recalling the first few months of her arrival, she was shocked by the physical changes of her body. She couldn’t imagine that all the physiological conditions of a woman had disappeared here. She thought something was wrong.

    In fact, it wasn’t bad. At least she didn’t have to suffer that crime.2So basically her period disappeared, and she thought something was wrong, now she realized it wasn’t too bad since she doesn’t have to deal with it anymore

    In the loop at the Imperial Garden, she waited for people who didn’t show up. Most likely they were lecherous and muddle-headed as they pleased themselves with the tender beauty at home.

    She has seen those people. They were indeed beautiful as an immortal and as gentle as water. No wonder they were late.

    This habit was really no good …

    “Ai ya!”

    Unexpectedly the footsteps stopped as the beautiful eyes slightly slanted.

    Among the flowers, a small purple figure squirmed on the ground.


    Where did the child come from?

    Ji Qiannian stepped forward and looked down at the little figure lying on the ground.

    The straight purple clothing that he wore was similar to what aristocrats wore in the Heian period in Japan. It could be seen it was top-notched fabric. On the small head that laid on the ground was long black soft hair tied into a lovely bun and a white jade hairpin inserted obliquely. The exposed feet were small and exquisite.

    “En.” The little figure used both hands to supported himself from the ground and made great effort to get up.  

    “Hehe.” Looking at the little figure moving on the ground was really cute, he resembled a silkworm arching that ah and cupped his hand in greeting. Ji Qinnian couldn’t help but laugh.

    With this laugh, the small figure stared blankly, then jumped up quickly which was lightning fast compared to his previous snail-like movement. A pair of dark green slender phoenix eyes opened widely, but there was no hostility, just confusion and surprise as he stared at her.

    What a beautiful porcelain doll carved from jade!

    She whistled in her heart. The little man in front of her was male and wasn’t taller than her waist. Although young, he was born with icy flesh and jade bones, black ink-like hair, eyes like stars, delicate pink lips, thin waist like a willow, natural noble temperament and capable of causing the downfall of a city. Both coquettish and charming…when he grows up, he will damage the country and cause suffering to the people because his face was a source of calamity.

    “Who are you?” He stepped back cautiously, the little boy’s red lips were slightly opened, and his phoenix eyes shined with a bright light. He dazedly stared at the beautiful woman in white clothes who stood before him.

    “And who are you?”

    Suddenly Ji Qiannian’s mood was very pleasant. This little thing didn’t blush like other people when they saw her—it wasn’t her narcissism. Few people said three words to her before blushing and running away. Even the emperor who often look at her face will become foolish.

    The little thing was young but calm. He will have great prospects for the future.  

    “I asked you first, you answer first.” Although it was said with reproach, the tender voice was soft and sweet as if it dripped with honey, but also coquettish.

    The little figure was tender and soft which pleased Ji Qiannian, and she became interested in teasing him.

    “Your clothes are dirty.” She pointed to the dust left on the little thing’s purple coat.

    “Ah!” He bowed his head, cried out in fear, and quickly patted the dust from his clothes with his little hand, then smoothed out the wrinkles.

    But he couldn’t let mother emperor see, otherwise she will say he was naughty and playful again, then punish him to copy verse.

    He meticulously and attentively inspected anything inappropriate on his body, then calmly raised his head after tidying himself.

    “Ah!” His face was flushed with a pair of playful eyes. “What are you looking at!”

    “He.”3She stopped her laughter, this is the sound of laughter, which is usually hehe, can be interpret as heh too

    “Why are you laughing!” The little man pouted as he raised his delicate pink flowery petal lips and glared at her discontentedly.

    “So cute.”


    An unknown light flashed through the big eyes so fast that it was difficult for people to detect. However, Ji Qinnian’s alertness was a hundred times better than others. So, she saw it but said nothing and smiled with interest.

    She thought it was a delicate little doll, it turned out to be a sly little fox, ah.

    Interesting, so interesting!

    “Well, if you don’t say it, don’t say it.”

    The little man raised his head proudly, shook his sleeves, and walked past her elegantly. First, it was at a slow, temperamental pace, which showed good education. Then, it became faster and faster. Finally, he ran like a ghost was chasing after him, running wildly with his clothes on.  

    “…” Staring at his petite back, Ji Qiannian was speechless.

    When the little man ran halfway, he suddenly turned back and made a face at her, then shook his little head proudly and the little red face ran away with a smile.

    “… Cute little fox, don’t you know that you’ve lost something.” Picking up the white jade hairpin from the ground, Ji Qiannian turned it between her fingers, and put it in her sleeves.

    Give it back to him next time.

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