Chasing a Flower Blossom – Chapter 4

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   “Xiao Ji!” The woman’s slightly magnetic voice was loud enough to hear from afar, for fear that others wouldn’t hear her.

    Xiao Ji?

    Chick?1It’s said the same but spelled differently, Xiao ji – chick

    Pa ji! A crack appeared in Ji Qiannian’s usual graceful smile.

    “Xiao Ji!” Someone boldly patted her on the shoulder. She didn’t know if they paid attention to someone’s cracked expression or deliberately ignored it. In short, the sounds of “Xiao Ji” filled the garden.


    Very good!

    “Xiao Ji, your face is cramping! Why, where is it uncomfortable? Or I’ll ask the imperial doctor to look at you. If you don’t deal with the illness in time, it will become serious! Xiao Ji?” The tall and handsome woman was shouting nervously and looked “surprised” at Ji Qiannian’s beautiful pale face.

    “Shut up!” She was definitely intentional!

    “Xiao Ji, you need to see the doctor if you’re sick, huh? Are you hiding anything? Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you, we’re good friends.” She patted her stomach to reassure her.

    “Don’t call me Xiao Ji!” This woman … Ji Qiannian’s eyebrows fluttered faintly and there was a dark cloud that floated on her head as if lightning and thunder may occur at any time.

    “Oh, Xiao Qian ah …”

    Xiao Qian? I’m a swindler!2Qian also means cheater/swindler

    “Don’t call me Xiao Qian!”

    “Then, Xiao Nian?” She playfully said.

    Little year?

    Little sticky?

    “Huang Shenruo, do you want to have a flower blossom on your face?”

    Ji Qiannian just realized that no matter which word was used from her name, it wasn’t suitable with the character “Xiao” and sounded harsh to the ears.  

    This woman, Huang Shenruo, the emperor’s younger sister, the outstanding wangye in the eyes of the world, knows her taboos, but constantly test her bottom line.

    Even Wei didn’t do this …

    “I prefer Xiao Ji.” She didn’t mind if an extra flower appeared on her face. A woman doesn’t need to rely on her face to decide her value. Beauty and ugliness weren’t relevant at all, but there will be raindrops on a pear blossom at home.3Her husband will be tear-stricken if they saw her slapped face

    Men ah… they cry when it hurts and cries when it doesn’t hurt, ai.

    “Ji Qiannian.” She corrected her again.

    “It’s so boring in the palace ah. Come, come, come, Xiao Ji. I’ll take you to a good place. I promise you’ll have a memorable experience.” Ji Qiannian protested, but Huang Shenruo turned a deaf ear, took her arm and left with her.

    “… Where’s your so-called good place?” Forget it, let her call her whatever she wants. She gave up arguing with her. Now, she was worried that the good place she mentioned wasn’t a “good place”, at least not for her.  

    “Hehe, have you heard of Xuefeng Lou?”

    “No.” It didn’t sound like a proper place.

    “So, that’s why you’re ignorant. It’s a good place for people to go. It’s a pity you haven’t been there.”

    Ji Qiannian narrowed her eyes. “Have you been there?”

    “Zhiqi has a good relationship at Xuefeng Lou.” Huang Shenruo avoided answering Ji Qiannian’s questions as if it would reveal her guilty conscience. She held her chin and pondered about the painting of that gongzi who was one of Xuefeng Lou’s red cards. “Xiao Ji, you haven’t been there.”

    If the emperor was well-known for chasing flower blossoms, then Lan Zhiqi, the Minister of Rites, and Huang Shenruo were well-known for their romantic record that was as equally famous as their titles.

    “I’m clean, unlike someone who lacks a sense of morality.” She hasn’t eaten pork but seen the pig walk. Even if she hasn’t been there, she knew what it was.

    It’s nothing to write about, it’s just a brothel, it wasn’t rare.

    “Eating is also sexual, what woman isn’t lustful. You just lack interest!” She was romantic, not indecent.

    “Oh, what will your family’s Wangyin do if he knew you were going to flirt again? What will you say to him?” It was better to keep a tight rein on this lecherous woman who was ready to have sex at any time, nothing good will come out of it besides harming a good husband.

    “If you dare complain to Wangyin’s face, I will ask my Emperor sister to marry all the remaining princes to you so you will be troubled to death!” Hehe, with a smile, Huang Shenruo patted Ji Qiannian’s shoulder and looked at her distorted face. She was very proud ah. “Look, the one to emerge victor!” She wasn’t easy to deal with because when she jokes it seems that her jokes will cause trouble. If someone hurts her little Qin Qin, she won’t let that person go.

    “… I’m afraid of you.” This woman was ruthless and could do anything. She couldn’t do anything against her.

    “That’s right, let’s go.”


    “Xuefeng Lou ah, didn’t I just say that I will take you to a good place? To forget it so soon ah.”

    “Won’t go.”

    What was so fun about being drunk at that terrible place, even in modern times, she rarely set foot in nightclubs—she was so tired of being chased by Wei, how could she have time to enjoy it ah.  

    Even if she went occasionally, she will be chased by Wei. With his terrible temper, he will point a gun to her without a word which ended up in a fierce battle every time. As a result, any nightclub that encounter her will close their doors and deny her entry.  

    Some even hung a clearly written sign at the door that said do not welcome dogs and someone surname Ji.

    She was even deprived of the opportunity to protest, which made her friends laugh at the sight of her.

    “Let’s go, I’ll take you to see the beauty.” Ji Qiannian was dragged away by her highness and couldn’t break free. This woman’s strength was outrageous.

    “Huang Shenruo, let go!”

    “Have you ever seen the four beauties of the Imperial Capital?” Hehe, she dared to vouch that Ji didn’t know who the four beauties were.

    “The four beauties?” Shaking her head, Ji Qiannian’s struggles were obviously weakened a thousand-folds. “What are the four beauties?”

    “Haha, they are the four most beautiful men in the Imperial Capital ah!”

    “………” That’s what she said, this woman’s words were inseparable from her lustful intentions.

    “Are you interested?”

    “En-huh!” Not bad. Ji Qiannian flicked her sleeves elegantly to disapprove Huang Shenruo obliquely and cast a sidelong glance, then asked, “Who are the four?”

    “The fifth gongzi of the Right Minister, the younger brother of the Left Minister, the 13th prince, my obedient nephew, and one more…can you guess?”

    “Don’t leave me in suspense.” Ji Qiannian smiled.

    “It’s Qinyu, the gongzi of Xuefeng Lou.”


    “Now I am taking you to see this person. Qinyu gongzi is outstanding and his appearance is unparallel.”

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