Chasing a Flower Blossom – Chapter 5

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Qinyu Gongzi

    “Is this Xuefeng Lou?”

    It was the early evening when the lanterns were first lit when Her Highness Shenruo and Ji Qiannian first entered the restaurant to fill their stomachs. Then under the guidance of Her Highness, Shenruo, they came to the exquisite and magnificent building beside the Qinghe River. The deep dark red plaque on top was lacquered with the three gold characters “Xuefeng Lou”. These characters quietly laid on it, silently watching people come and go.

    The front gate of Xuefeng Lou was decorated with small red lanterns. There was fragrance everywhere and the atmosphere was noisy and lively.

    “Well, that’s great.”

    “Very tasteful.” After looking for a long time, Ji Qiannian finally came to a conclusion.

    The structure of the building was good, and it was the type she admires. . . . . . .

    “Hehe, I knew you’ll like it.”

    “Da Ren, here you go.”1Da Ren means title of respect towards superior

    As they were speaking, an attractive 40-year-old man dressed in yellow clothes appeared. The lao bao2directly translated to female brothel keeper (male) approached them, his face was beautiful without a single wrinkle. He overflowed with enthusiasm and faintly smile, at a glance, it can be concluded that he was once a young magnificent beauty unmatched in his generation.

    “Oh, Da Ren brought friends.”

    The lao bao tilted his head to look. He thought that the Da Ren’s friend wouldn’t be an ordinary person, but it was instead a person of prestige. He must not neglect nor offend this big person, else his Xuefeng Lou would lose its foothold in the Imperial Capital.


    The appearance doesn’t matter, then his eyes were fixed on the person for a moment, and he couldn’t move his sight away.

    The person slightly smiled at him and her charming beauty was visible before the light.

    He drew in a cold breath and froze.

    The soft light on the edge of the Qinghe River shined on the girl in white. She looked similar to a fairy with an exquisite and beautiful face. It was dark and bright, like a layer of spiritual aura. She emitted a very alluring atmosphere as if she was a deity that had descended.

    What a beautiful person! More beautiful and alluring than any of the gongzi in his Xuefeng Lou.

    Who is she?

    The noise at the edge of Qinghe River suddenly stopped. . . . . . .

    It wasn’t only him, but also everyone the moment they saw her, they stopped breathing involuntarily and stared at her stupidly.

    “I say, Xiao Ji, ah, your face is a source of calamity and really gives me trouble.” Her Highness Shenruo leaned slightly to her face, biting Ji Qiannian’s ear and sighed helplessly.

    “It was you who dragged me in.” Ji Qiannian’s thin lips curled into an innocent smile.

    As a result, she moved a stone and stubbed one’s toe! Her Highness Shenruo sighed in dismay.

    “The two Da Rens, please come inside.”

    Returning to his senses, the lao bao hurriedly invited the two Da Rens into the building— especially the one in white. If she stood at the door any longer, he wouldn’t want to do anymore business tonight, she was too eye-catching.

    They entered the building. At first glance, Ji Qiannian saw there was something different in the building.

    “Where is Zhiqi?”

    Ji Qiannian was very interested in the layout of the building here.

    “Lan Da Ren is in the Huayin room.” The lao bao answered respectfully.

    “Mei Jian.”


    “En, you know why we’re here today.”

    “The wine and dishes have been long prepared for Da Ren. The best gongzi in the building are also ready. Please ask Da Ren to go upstairs.”

    “Those ordinary rouges don’t want to be vulgar, call Qinyu over.”

    The lao bao hesitated. “Qinyu’s temper …

    “I understand. Tell a little servant to deliver my poem to him.”

    “Understood, Da Ren.”


    With the assurance of lao bao, Her Highness dragged Ji Qiannian who was still admiring the carved beams to the second floor. As soon as they entered, she placed pen, ink and inkstone on the table.

    “What are you doing?” Ji Qiannian asked inexplicably.

    “For you.”

    “………” Staring at the writing brush in her hand, Ji Qiannian frowned. “What do you mean?”

    “If you don’t write a poem well, you won’t be able to see Qinyu gongzi.” Shenruo smiled and explained, sitting down comfortably in a chair, holding a cup of tea and leisurely enjoying the taste.

    “I write poems, then what will you do?” Ji Qiannian shot a cold glance. This woman, she’s so relaxed ah.

    “Even the Emperor’s sister shakes her head when she reads my poetry. If you count on me, ah, then you will never see Qinyu in your lifetime. It’s better for me to drink tea obediently.”


    “Now write.”

    Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, Ji Qiannian, it’s just a poem, just plagiarize text from ancient times. If I quarrel with this woman, it will only anger me. 

    “The proud steed stepped on the fallen flower blossoms, the whips dangled straight to the five-cloud chariot. The beauty lifted the curtain of pearls and smiled, pointing a finger at the distant Hong Lou family’s concubine.”

    Signed: ‘A gift to a beauty on the street.’

    “Good poem!”

    After writing eloquently, she set aside the pen. She didn’t know when Shenruo stood in front of her, full of amazement.

    “Xiao Ji, I didn’t think your talent was as much as your beauty ah.”

    What talent? This was Li Bai’s poem, the immortal poet. She just plagiarized it. It’s really hard, ah, for her to write poems. 

    “All right.”

    “Come, take this poem to Qinyu gongzi.”

    As soon as Her Highness beckoned, a beautiful young man from outside the door immediately ran inside, then carefully and hurriedly left with the rice paper.

    After half an incense, the lao bao led a young man with a white veil and light green clothes in.

    The young man’s eyes were as calm as water, and his face was indifferent. He followed the lao bao silently with a half-moon shaped zither in his arms.

    They walked in as if giving a big gift, but the lao bao looked a little flustered.

    “I’m sorry, Da Rens. Just a moment ago, the matter was delayed…”

    Shenruo waved her hand indifferently, “You don’t have to be polite, just have people come here.” The lao bao breathed a sigh of relief. Just as she was about to retreat, her Highness spoke again. “Wait a moment, call Zhiqi to come over from Huayin, people are bustling with noise and excitement.” 

    “Okay.” The lao bao motioned to the youth in green to sit on the low couch, then turned and walked away with light steps. He didn’t forget to close the door to prevent the scenes of springtime from flowing out. 

    The two Da Ren in the room had to be careful to not hurt Xuefeng Lou’s best as to not close down a business for good and they put their best faces on.

    “I see that the beauty has many talents and is lively. I’m afraid one isn’t enough.”

    Waiting for people to leave, Ji Qiannian couldn’t help but taunt them.

    Her long-time friend— although she was the first person she depended on despite her fears of pestering others. At present, her pestering skills were superior. She has thick skin that is comparable to a city wall. She had no choice but to reluctantly agree.

    If I had known it would hurt my friends so much, I would have been firmer in my willpower and wouldn’t be reduce to the point where I would ‘wallow in the mire with someone’.3To follow the bad examples of others

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