Chasing a Flower Blossom – Chapter 6

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Beauty Yu 

    “Ai ya, it’s so lively here.” The door was pushed open by a cultured and refined woman with an amorous mien, holding an adolescent. 

    “Xiao Qi, you’re late oh.” Her Highness Shenruo beckoned and was very accustomed to adding a ‘Xiao’ before the name. 

    Ai ya ya, did she catch a glimpse of the corner of Shang Shu da ren’s mouth twitch downwards?1Shang Shu means high official – government official  

    “What wind blew you here Ji?” 

    Shang Shu da ren decided to ignore the woman who chose to call her childhood name casually and sat directly next to Ji Qiannian. The adolescent with her obediently poured wine for them.  

    Ji Qiannian raised her eyebrows and exerted effort to keep her lips stiff, “It’s no deep reason, I was dragged here.”  

    “Just say, how could Ji, who has always been clean and self-sufficient, be willing to set foot in such a place.” 

    “Do you praise or satirize me?” 


    “Hey, you two don’t ignore this girl’s existence!” Her Highness Shenruo, who stood on the side and wasn’t willing to show weakness, protested. 

    “You are so noisy.” Shang Shu da ren rubbed her forehead, looked forward, and her eyes brightened. “Qin Yu?” 

    “Hehe, you have a good eye today.” Her Highness Shenruo patted her shoulder and laughed. “Why, I’m quite capable. Moved Xuefeng Lou’s number one card.” 

    Lan Zhiqi looked at her contemptuously. “I don’t know you then. If you have the ability, pigs will climb trees. If you can make a good poem, you wouldn’t let Taifu2It’s a rank – #1 tutor which usually tutors the emperor and high-ranking royals to turn and leave abruptly. Later a verse was carved on rotten wood.”  Without waiting for Her Highness Shenruo to get angry, Lan Zhiqi looked at Ji Qiannian who was sitting and drinking in silence. “Ji, this is your credit, right.”  

    Ji Qiannian didn’t admit nor deny it, instead she shrugged. 

    “Humph, Taifu is old and stubborn. I didn’t show interest and only asked what it meant to eat to satisfaction and to think of lust and she angrily complained to mother emperor. Damn, it reminded me of when I had to copy the ancestral tablet for three days and copy hundreds of Buddhist scriptures! We two cannot coexist together!”    

    “Yeah ah, yeah ah, it has become the biggest joke of the imperial capital.” 

    At a young age, she had already understood ‘to eat to satisfaction and to think of lust’, which caused her to deeply reflect on her conscience. She remembered her parent’s expression at that time like she had committed a heinous crime. When she went out, they would send people to follow her – for fear that she would shame her family.  

    Looking back on the past ah… 

    “Oh, it’s precocious.” Ji Qiannian said with a smile.  

    “Cough, look at the beauty…no, listen to the music…” Alas, there was no joy when a good friend knew you too well.  

    Lan Zhiqi rolled her eyes at Her Highness Shenruo and didn’t open her mouth again to tease her, instead she concentrated on listening to Qin Yu’s music. After all, Qin Yu’s music was famous all over the country. It was too wasteful not to listen.  

    “Da ren, don’t drink too much alcohol and hurt yourself.” Hua Yin held Lan Zhiqi’s hand, frowned and shook his head. 

    “Ohh, my little dear is worried. Xiao Qi’s luck with men isn’t shallow oh.” Her Highness Shenruo looked evil as she snickered and pushed Ji Qiannian, “Jealous? You have to find a close confidant to enjoy the beauty’s gentle care.”   

    “No ivory comes from the mouth of a dog.”3Means no good words are to be expected from a scoundrel Ji Qiannian didn’t bother to care about Her Highness Shenruo’s madness. 

    Lan Zhiqi smiled, held Hua Yin and wasn’t worried about being too affectionate.  


    “Tsk tsk tsk!” Her Highness Shenruo touched her chin. This woman treated her and Xiao Ji like dead people ah. I really want old Taifu, who praised her for her brilliance, purity, quickness and magnanimity to have a look. Full of warmth and lust is also reflected incisively and vividly in Shang Shu.   

    Ji Qiannian didn’t make a sound but smiled occasionally at Qin Yu’s gaze.  

    Time passed quickly, and in the middle of the night, Lan Zhiqi stood up while hugging Hua Yin with a smile. 

    “I’ll go first.” 

    “I’ll go back to my home too. I need to return to Wangyin, he’s waiting for me to warm his bed.” Her Highness Shenruo stopped Ji Qiannian who was about to leave and laughed mysteriously in her ear. “Xiao Ji don’t leave. I’ve already wrapped up the jade for you.”  

    “What?” Ji Qiannian was startled. 

    “It’s a rare opportunity, so please enjoy it. Qin Yu is still a virgin.” A woman will be full of energy only when she’s nourished by a man. She was a prime example.  


    “Hurry on, go on, **one quarter of an hour is worth a thousand jin.” Her Highness Shenruo pushed Lan Zhiqi who couldn’t wait to leave, then closed the door tightly. There was a sign from Shang Shu from outside the door.  

    “Poor Ji.” 


    Without the noisy people, the room became quiet immediately. The sound of the zither reverberated in the air, and the fragrance of the wine was particularly fascinating.  

    Now, it was too late to leave. She wouldn’t reject people, but they must be willing. Although Qin Yu was the gongzi of a brothel, he looked like a pure man who wasn’t stained by mud. Most people didnt’t sell themselves. Shenruo’s influence was unclear and the lao bao may have forced him to do so. Perhaps blood will splatter five feet….  

    Come on, she wasn’t used to this kind of environment … 

    Just when she wanted to leave silently, Qin Yu stopped touching the zither and walked towards her. 

    “How about letting Qin Yu serve da ren tonight?” 

    It could be seen that he was very nervous and his fingers clenched his sleeves… 

    “You don’t have to force yourself.” Ji Qiannian comforted him. 

    “Does da ren dislike Qin Yu?” 

    Ji Qiannian shook her head. In fact, she didn’t know what to say to resolve this issue.  

    “Or is Qin Yu not beautiful enough?” 

    “… Qin Yu is beautiful.” Truthfully, his appearance could be described as one of the most beautiful in the country. If it was modern times, she didn’t know how many people would adore him.  

    “Why doesn’t da ren want to stay?” 

    “How old are you?” Ji Qiannian asked an irrelevant question. 

    There was silence for a while before Qin Yu spoke. “I will be fifteen next month.” 

    Fifteen … Ji Qiannian had the feeling of ruining seedlings.  

    When she was fifteen years old … yi, it seems like she was forced down a cliff through time and space? 

    Forget it! 

    “You’re too young.” 

    “I’ve reached the age to have children …” No matter what, he was a half-grown child. When it came to giving birth to children, he was a little shy and his face was red. “Da ren doesn’t need to worry. If you’re worried about Qin Yu’s first time and worried that I won’t be thoughtful to serve da ren… don’t worry, there’s a master in the building who specializes in teaching this. Qin Yu has already been…already…” Talking on, the person across from him looked at him in amazement and caused him to become confused.  

    “It’s my first time, too.” Ji Qiannian spat out this sentence after brewing for a long time. 


    “So, don’t be embarrassed.” 

    She gently smiled at the wide-eyed teenager, Ji Qianlian stood up and looked at his charming and beautiful face, his seductive slim figure and helpless expression. He lightly bit his delicate red lips which became transparent with a strange red….   

    “I don’t want to force people into difficulties. You can still go back before you regret it …” 

    “I’m willing.” Qin Yu grasped Ji Qiannian’s sleeves impulsively, and suddenly felt that his behavior seemed inappropriate, and quickly let go, “Da ren, I …” 

    “I see.” Ji Qiannian gently held Qin Yu’s hand. It was cold and delicate, soft and boneless, with a tremor, “Don’t worry, take your time.” 

    “Da ren …” She held his hands, and Qin Yu’s white jade-like cheeks became two red clouds, his slender neck hung, and he cried, “Let Qin Yu undress da ren …” 


    An ambiguous aura pervaded the two. 

    Qin Yu’s face turned more red. 

    After taking off Ji Qiannian’s robes, Qin Yu’s ears were not only red, but there was also a layer of sweat on his body. The most important thing was that his body was as hot as fire.   


    Ji Qiannian took his hand and led him to the bedside, gently taking him to the bed. She kissed his eyes and lips, acting as if he was a peerless treasure…her tenderness made Qin Yu burst into tears. No one had ever been so good to him.   

    “Don’t cry …” Kissing his crystal-clear pearl tears, Ji Qiannian reached out and pulled. 

    The curtains fell and everything was silent … 

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