Chasing a Flower Blossom – Chapter 7

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Meiwu, Qingsi 

    “Master, please change clothes…” 

    “Master, please wash your face…” 



    How many days has it been? Since she didn’t return that night, the two little servants on the home began to lose their temper.  

    “On that night…” 

    “The Land of Fireworks!”1The nicer or prettier word for Place of prostitutes aka the red light district lol 

    “Enjoy the beautiful spring scenery!”2Fig – to frequent brothels; to sow one’s wild oats 

    They stood side by side in front of the bed, like two overbearing black-faced guardian gods. 


    Ji Qiannian rubbed her forehead helplessly, “People aren’t romantic and waste their youth…” 

    According to Her Highness, Shenruo, enjoy life as much as possible. Otherwise, when you’re old you’ll reflect on the things that weren’t done and be miserable.  

    But— what am I looking at, being served by a child housekeeper or a mother-in-law ah? At first, they were lovable, clever, cute, lively twins, so I agreed to accept them as personal servants from the Emperor. Now that I think about it, was my decision wrong? This master was nagged to death by these two little guys… 

    “Master, you were led astray by Seventh Wangye!”3Seventh wangye (prince) is Shenruo 

    “That Seventh Wangye is a romantic. Master, if you get involved with her, you will develop her bad habits!” 

    “Yes ah, Master, you need to have less contact with Seventh Wangye, you’re not married yet.” 

    “Qingsi is right. If you are so reckless and play crazy like this someday in the future, which family’s gongzi would be willing to marry you in the future? Wouldn’t you be choosing to follow a solitary path?”4indirect way to refer to an unmarried person – choosing to be a bachelor by acting all wild 

    “…It’s that serious.” 

    These little guys worry too much. They think that she, Ji Qiannian, had a noble personality and elegant demeanor with a handsome appearance? Even if there were one or two gigolos, it wouldn’t damage her brilliant image. As for marriage, they didn’t need to worry. According to her outstanding personality as a lord with the Emperor’s connections, which gongzi wouldn’t be willing to become her husband?   

    Moreover, the emperor was still on the side and “glared like a tiger watching his prey”. She never has to worry about marrying a husband. She is afraid that if she marries, it will harm her and be too much of an inconvenience.  

    When she came to this place, she should accept the circumstances with good will. She can’t go back, so she could only resign herself to her fate. She, Ji Qiannian, has never done anything that made difficult for herself.   

    Ai ai aiJi Qiannian ahJi Qiannian, you also learned when in Rome, do as the Romans do ah 

    The red shadow has always existed in the bottom of her heart. To this day, Wei wasn’t forgotten, but the two’s lives or death were boundless ah. She, Ji Qiannian, was her identity is a dead person in the modern times. Perhaps she and Wei will never meet again in this life. In this case, why not open her mind in this country and accept this? After all, don’t people need to keep on living?   

    But, Father Meiren5Meiren means beauty and darling Wannian will be brokenhearted and unwilling to live because of my death… Alas, my adorable younger sister, Wannian, I can no longer hold your soft and fragrant body, or pinch your tender and lovely cheeks. Or hear you call me “big sister” in that childish sweet voice, never again… Alas, it’s very depressing to think about.  


    “Master, did you hear what I said?” 

    “Master, hurry up, don’t lie in bed, it will damage your image!” 


    These little guys are an eyesore! Ji Qiannian quickly got out of bed. The two little servants helped changed clothes, then she sat on the chair while they served her, one helped wash her face and hands, while the other combed and tied up her hair.   

    Her hair has grown so long in three years ah… Looking at the long black hair, Ji Qiannian sighed. I still remember those days when my hair was short and had a disorderly charm, it was refreshing and enchanting. I don’t know how many girls were crazy about it. Father Meiren also said that if she was born as a man, she would make all living things become crazy and cause countless beauties to submit. She was also working hard towards this great goal… It’s a pity ah, if it weren’t for Wei’s appearance and his relentless pursuit of her and unwillingness to let her go, she wouldn’t be swept by guns from time to time nor hide from that person which caused her to pass through to this place in the end.  


    “Master, do you want to drink tea? Qingsi will give you.” 

    “Master, do you want breakfast? Meiwu will give you.” 

    No response? It seems that the master has lost her spirits. Qingsi and Meiwu looked at each other in dismay. 

    “What can be done?” Meiwu looked at his hands and feet. 

    Qingsi blinked his big beautiful watery eyes, reached out and shook the Master before his eyes, “I won’t make it back in time.” 

    “Humph, indulge in debauchery and injure yourself!” Meiwu exclaimed angrily, “Master was certainly hooked by that fox-spirit from outside!” 

    “Cough…” I, this Master, heard your slander. 

    “Oh, decided, starting from today, we must put an end to that evil fox spirit from approaching master!” 

    “Cough cough…” 

    “We want to save Master’s innocence!” 

    “…I say, you…” 

    “Master, you’re awake?” The twins stared at her, wild with joy. 

    If I don’t wake up, I, this master will be under your strict care. “The more you say, the more outrageous it is.” 

    “Master, we are here for you—” 

    “Master, why can’t you continue to avoid immorality—” 



    “Stop!” Ji Qiannian felt that her blue veins jumped and had a headache, she bowed her head, “Don’t say that to me, I am the master, what did I do wrong, didn’t I just spend the night at a brothel? Don’t cry, you’re still young, don’t know… …Don’t know… Cough, I need it too!”  

    Oh, kill me, say such embarrassing words. 

    “What do you need?” The twins sniffled and looked at their master with big red eyes, puzzled. “Master, if you need help, we can help you ah. Why do you want to go out and find unclean people.” 

    “……” Black line.6In manga a black line shows on the character face, its an expression. 

    What does a 13-year-old little demon know?! 

    “Master, we are also very capable!” 

    “Yes, we can help with Master’s worries and difficulties!” 

    “Shut up!” 

    “Wu, Master, you yelled at me …” 

    “Wu, Master, you have become fierce, you’ve really been led astray…” 


    Two stinky little demons who haven’t even grown a beard! 

    At this time, I really hope to see that bastard Shenruo to come and save me from the abyss of suffering 

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