Chasing a Flower Blossom – Chapter 8

TL Note: So this manga is similar to this novel, but in my opinion much better cause I like visuals more than reading for…a hot harem of men…HAHAHA <<Empress’s Harem>>

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Yserieh 

Walk at the Lake 

  ”Xiao Ji!”  

  Say Cao Cao and Cao Cao will arrive.1This is a Chinese saying that is similar as ‘speaking of the devil’ when you mention someone and they appear Huang2So, I wasn’t sure if this was a surname or a title meaning ‘her highness’, I am just going use it as Huang from now on Shenruo walked in from the gate and waved afar in greeting towards her.  


  She didn’t bother to call out her name or bicker with her on her timely appearance at this moment.  

  “Ai yo yo, why do the two cute little ones have red eyes? Xiao Ji be honest. Did you bully them? Tsk Tsk, they are still young. If you want to eat, wait for them to grow up. Don’t be so anxious.”  

  Ji Qiannan looked at her clearly unhappy. She glanced at her again and unreservedly said: “Don’t spout so much nonsense or you’ll be thrown out of the door. I’ll let you have a taste of being pointed at.”  

  “I was just kidding, just kidding…” Huang Shenruo scratched her head and laughed.  

  ”Why are you here?” 

  ”Oh!” As soon as she reminded her, Huang Shenruo suddenly beat her open palm with her fist. “If you didn’t mention it, I would have forgotten. I was looking for you to invite you to walk with me at the lake.”  

  Go for a walk in the spring… “Okay.” It’s better to go out and relax than to stare at home and be stared at by two little children.  

  “It’s such a beautiful day and the weather is nice. You will become dusty if you stay in the house all day long. So even if you don’t agree, I will drag you…Yi- what did you said?” Did she hear wrong? Xiao Ji said yes!  

  ”Okay.” Ji Qiannian stood up and looked at the dumbstruck Huang Shenruo. “Still not going?” She took the lead to leave the room.  

  ”Oh… wait for me!” The someone, who was slow, quickly caught up.   

  ”Master!” The twins shouted. 

  ”Don’t follow me.”  

  The twins froze at the door. 

  They, they seemed to have been abandoned by their master! 

  “Xiao Ji wait for me. Don’t walk so fast! We’re going on a walk, not rushing to put out a fire. Slow down!”  

  Ji Qiannian kindly stopped and waited for Huang Shenruo to catch up and walk by her side.  

  They were both practical people. They prefer to walk rather than sit on the sedan chairs. They don’t like a large group of people to follow them around.3So usually, nobles and royalty sits in a sedan where servants carry that to wherever they want to go. Thus they usually don’t bring little servants and bodyguards when they go out, which leads to numerous unknown pairs of admiring eyes to be gazed on them along the way.  

  Ji Qiannian was always calm. She was also the focus of attention in modern times. No matter what country she was in, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all when people were unable to take their eyes off her. On the contrary, the men around her were full of enthusiasm and continued to discharge their excitement the entire way. Making those little gongzis red in the face and secretly mask their lips.  

  …… The landscape is easy to change, but its essential nature is difficult to change!4It’s difficult to change human nature 

  ”Xiao Ji, the people from the palace are all from the same mold, which isn’t worth looking at. It’s better to be outside. Every person has their own unique characteristics and charms. You’ll never get tired looking.” You can also openly admire.  

  ”…” Giving a sidelong glance at Huang Shenruo, who had endless lecherous excitement, Ji Qiannian really wanted to be three feet away from her and pretend not to know her- ah! “Huang Shenruo control yourself for me!”  

  ”Oh, they’re so beautiful, they’re simply the best in the world.” Huang Shenruo was utterly immersed in the happiness of seeing beauties and didn’t pay attention to Ji Qiannian’s stifling admonishment.    

  ”Huang Shenruo!” 

  ”Quick look, that one is better!” 

  ”Huang, Shen, Ruo—” Don’t blame her for being rude if you don’t shut up

  “Hic, Xiao Ji your expression is so scary…” Huang Shenruo finally stopped exclaiming in admiration and looked at Ji Qiannian’s bad complexion. She raised her eyebrows and said, “I’ll honestly say but don’t be angry. Oh, it really damages your beauty. It’s better to hurry and put it away.”5Put away her scowling face.  

  Not angry, not angry usually, just angry at this willful vulgar person. She is the casual and leisurely Ji Qiannian, not a street vixen! 

  Ji Qiannian took a breath, took another breath, then slowly exhaled it. A beautiful smile appeared on her face and her thin lips gently opened, “Shenruo, didn’t you say we were taking a walk at the lake, where’s the lake?”  

  ”We’re almost there.” 

  It’s more interesting to see Xiao Ji’s face change than to see beauties. Originally, Xiao Ji is a rare beauty. Not to mention that she was very good-looking when she was angry. Of course, she deliberately provokes Xiao Ji’s anger out of enjoyment and never tires from it.  

  The autumn lake was shrouded from the evening sun. The sun shined softly on the lake and reflected a bright golden light. The lake water vaguely reflected the two afar mountains on both sides. Many boats were docked by the lake. The flowers floated everywhere on the bank. The weeping willows were rustling, and the birds were singing.  

  Ji Qiannian couldn’t help but exclaim at the beautiful scenery: “What a beautiful make and mountain scenery. It’s a beautiful place with flowers floating everywhere. It’s true that you can unconsciously fall asleep from the birds singing in spring.”  

  “That’s where my boat is docked at.” Huang Shenruo pointed with a finger and said with faint pride.  

  Ji Qiannian was dumbfounded when she looked at the direction of the finger.  


  There was a big boat docked on the shore nearby. It stood out among the many boats and was particularly eye-catching… The reason why Ji Qiannian was stupefied wasn’t because of the size of the ship. No matter how big the ship is, it will not be the size of an aircraft carrier. What she couldn’t accept was the ship’s appearance. The ship itself was gorgeous and unique but its decoration was glittering and dazzling.6cough gaudy! 

  Pedestrians on the shore stopped one after another, pointing at and commenting about the large eye-catching ship.  

  Such a gorgeous and ostentatious boat, even if she went in and sat in it. She wouldn’t feel comfortable as she didn’t have the courage… 

  Ji Qiannian sighed again. She really wanted to keep her distance from this woman, the farther the better.  

  “Xiao Ji, my boat is very wonderful, right?”  

  “…I’m very grateful for your kind invitation, but Shenruo ah…” She considered how to speak so she wouldn’t hurt Huang Shenruo’s high self-esteem. Not to mention this woman was usually carefree, thoughtless, stubborn, and indomitable. “Don’t you think this ship is too flamboyant? It’s easy to be coveted by others. How about changing it to a different one?”   

  ”Do you? I think it’s good.” 

  This woman’s dictionary absolutely doesn’t have the word ‘moderation’! Ji Qiannian took in a deep breath and was patient. She couldn’t make a scene here. There were too many eyes on them.  

  “Firmly not changing?” Ji Xiannian ignored other people’s starstruck eyes and said that with the most beautiful and attractive smile in order to wholeheartedly deal with Huang Shenruo who has lofty tastes. She must change her mind, “It’s just the two of us, we don’t need such a big boat…”  

  As expected, Huang Shenruo’s face fixedly stared at Ji Qiannian’s face without blinking and felt regret in her heart. It’s a pity ah, if Xiao Ji was a man, she must marry her and treat her wholeheartedly. What a pity…  

  ”Change it, okay.” 

  What a joke. If she wants her to take that flamboyant boat, might as well ask her to directly jump into the lake!  

  ”No.” Huang Shenruo was persistent and firmly unwilling to change it.  

  “A small boat will be able to turn at ease.” 

  “A big boat is very comfortable.”  

  ”A big boat is more difficult to steer.” 

  ”A small boat capsizes easily.” 


  Very good, the road is boundless. Everyone walks their own path, so she won’t go.7Meaning there’s so many people in the world, there’s no reason to be forced to take one path in life… 

  “I’ll go back to bed!” She turned around to leave.  

  “Hold on, wait a minute—” Huang Shenruo agilely grabbed Ji Qiannian’s arm and dragged her forward. “Don’t go. You promised me that you’ll walk with me at the lake. Don’t go back on your words.”  

  “If it’s a different boat then I’ll go.” The glittering ship looked like a gold ingot that was completely lacking in aesthetics.  

  “I forgot to tell you that Wangyin is also coming. There are also two little servants. The boat will be too small to be comfortable in.”  

  Upon hearing this, Ji Qiannian laughed instead. “You’re willing to let him go out?” 

  “I forbid him from going out because I was afraid that he would be frivolous. It’s for his sake.” Huang Shenruo curled her lips. “You don’t know Wangyin’s temperament. If he’s angry, he won’t talk to people. If he’s stuffy from being indoors all day, sooner or later there will be a problem.”  

  “You actually love him.” She admits that it wasn’t bad to be in love with other men and not just obscenely. She only appreciates other men and doesn’t have her own. This little point is pretty good.  

  “Wangyin is my beloved husband. If I don’t love him, who would I love?”  

  ”Look at you, your tail is to the sky…” Ji Qiannian scoffed.8Usually when a dog is happy, they wag their tails towards the sky. 

  ”Let’s go.” 

  On the boat, two little servants hurriedly rushed forward to serve tea to the two newly arrived seated people.  

  On the cushion sat a beautiful young man with a flower-like appearance, snow-like skin, big watery eyes and soft tender lips like dewdrops. The golden hairpin swayed on his hair and he smiled at Huang Shenruo and Ji Qiannian.  

  ”Ji, you’re here.” 

  “Long time no see. Wangyin in the time I hadn’t seen you, you’ve become more beautiful.” Ji Qiannian smiled and was in a good mood when she saw the familiar person.  

  ”My little beauty, I really missed you.” Before her seat could be warmed up by her butt, Huang Shenruo walked over to embrace the little beauty and whispered in his ear.  

  “No, Ji is watching.” Wangyin shyly half-pushed and half-welcome the embrace. He felt embarrassed but reluctant to leave his lover’s arms.  

  “What are you afraid of? She’s not an outsider.” Huang Shenruo was affectionate as if Ji Qiannian didn’t exist.  

  Ji Qiannian didn’t care about the young couple being intimate in front of her. This kind of thing was very common in Huang Shenruo’s estate. Huang Shenruo is a woman whose morals were extremely weak. She doesn’t even know how to write the words ‘etiquette’ and ‘shame’. She only does what she likes to do and doesn’t care that the world thinks she’s immoral and vulgar… Even the emperor couldn’t do anything about her. But after marriage, she started to restrained herself much more.  

  Wangyin is the sole son of a big government official and was the only person who really wanted to marry Huang Shenruo. So, naturally she really cherishes him.  

  Ji Qiannian was also involved in their marriage. She didn’t forget that the emperor wanted to betroth Wangyin to her initially. Fortunately, Shenruo saw Wangyin and proposed marriage to the emperor, otherwise she would have been forced to take desperate action.  

  Ji Qiannian was in a daze when she looked at the scenery slowly sliding by outside the ship.  

  ”Xiao Ji, Qinyu’s taste is pretty good, right?”9Talking about the #1 courtesan she slept with 

  This sentence caused Ji Qiannian to fly back from her daze as she turned her head towards her with widened eyes stunned.  

  “En, Zhiqi said that Qinyu will never forget about you, oh.” Huang Shenruo continued to talk as if she couldn’t see other’s embarrassment. “Aren’t you going to go see him?”  


  ”To have such relations and to abandon afterwards isn’t acceptable.”  

  ”As if!” Wangyin blushed and wanted to cover his lover’s big unbridled mouth, couldn’t she see that Ji’s complexion became very ugly? Please, he doesn’t want to be widowed at such a young age!  

  ”Huang, Shen, Ruo—” She gnashed her teeth. This woman probably doesn’t have the word ‘shame’ in her dictionary! Ji Qiannian put on a fake smile and narrowed her eyes, “This lake looks very clear and cool. Do you want to go and cool down? I can give you a free ride…”  

  ”No need, I’m not hot!” Huang Shenruo shrank towards Wangyin and said with a forced smile. Finally, she realized that her nonsense annoyed Xiao Ji.  


  ”Xiao Ji—” Huang Shenruo went to fawn over Ji Qiannian by pulling her sleeve, “My stinky mouth was spouting nonsense. Don’t be angry, okay?”  

  ”… I’m not angry.” Ji Qiannian has long been used to her outspokenness and never taken it to heart.  



  “Wahoo.” Huang Shenruo breathed a sigh of relief then continued, “Xiao Ji, the scenery is so beautiful. Sing a song.”  

  ”Tell your family’s Wangyin to sing.” 

  “My singing isn’t as good as Ji. That song <<Butterfly>> sang by Ji at Phoenix Empress’s birthday party was so beautiful and amazing. It shook the four pillars and the song was remembered three days afterwards.” Wangyin smiled and sighed, “Even I can’t forget it until now. I want to hear Ji sing again.”  

  “… Since it’s Wangyin’s request, it’s better to respectfully and sincerely fulfill your request.”  

  “To forget one’s friends when smitten with a new love!” Huang Shenruo grumbled lowly. Wuwu, this beauty is mine… 

  ”What are you talking about?” Ji Qiannian smiled brighter than the sun. 

  ”I didn’t say anything!” Huang Shenruo touched her nose and her beloved husband rolled his eyes. “You sing, you sing, I’ll listen attentively.” Alas, becoming more and more oppressed.  

  What song should I sing? In fact, she doesn’t know many songs but it’s more than enough to deal with these people who haven’t heard any modern songs… just that one is good.  

  Ji Qiannian considered for a moment, then opened her mouth to sing— 

  The blue sea is laughing, 

  the tidal waves are surging up on both shores 

  Drifting along with the waves, only to remember today 

  The blue sky is laughing, 

  the tidal waves of human society are numerous and complicated  

  Who will win, who will lose, only Heaven knows 

  The rivers and mountains are laughing, 

  the misty rain is far away 

  How many temporal affairs in human society have the arrogant waves erased? 

  The pure wind is laughing, 

  unexpectedly provoking feelings of loneliness 

  The magnanimous feelings that still remain 

  dissipated into the night10So, she forgot the last paragraph of the song and repeats the song again w/ minor changes here and there if you compare the before this footnote and after 

  A laugh on the blue sea 

  the tidal waves are surging up on both shores 

  Drifting along with the waves, only to remember today 

  The blue sky is laughing, 

  the tidal waves of human society are numerous and complicated  

  Who will win, who will lose, only Heaven knows 

  The rivers and mountains are laughing, 

  the misty rain is far away 

  How many temporal affairs in human society have the arrogant waves erased? 

  The common people are laughing,11This is the last paragraph of the song that she forgot when she sang it the first time 

  no more loneliness 

  Yet the magnanimous feelings in me are still laughing crazily 

  la……12She’s doing another chorus of repeating the song, but I guess forget the correct lyrics and out of order…also her singing pace is faster since each verse isn’t its own verse but sang into one line now instead of 2-3. 

  A laugh on the blue sea the tidal waves are surging up on both shores 

  Drifting along with the waves, only to remember today 

  The blue sky is laughing, the tidal waves of human society are numerous and complicated  

  Who will win, who will lose, only Heaven knows 

  The rivers and mountains are laughing, 

  the misty rain is far away 

  How many temporal affairs in human society are in the arrogant waves?13The word erased is from 淘 táo that she said correctly in the last repetition of the verses but this time she mispronounced and said 涛 tāo  

  The pure wind is laughing, 

  unexpectedly provoking feelings of loneliness 

  The magnanimous feelings are gone,14Changed 1 CN character from gone to remain…since her feelings for Wei are gone or smth dissipated into the night 

  The common people are laughing, 

  no more loneliness 

  Yet the magnanimous feelings in me are still laughing crazily 

  This was her favorite song but Wei most hated song…. 

TL Note: This is the song she’s singing. Very few of the chinese characters differ from the original/remix of the song but similar meaning:

Apparently this is the original that was the theme song of some martial art film:

Here are different English translations of the lyrics since Chinese pinyin has way too many different meanings:

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