Chasing a Flower Blossom – Chapter 9

TL Note: So, I decided to make my fan translations more ‘Westernized’ instead of using like the actual chinese name for cousin and stuff I’ll just spell it out in english as ‘cousin’. Or the nicknames of ‘Xiao’ to Little and stuff. I found from reading other translations, that it’s easier to read in English and the meaning is actually better convey to the English reading audience.

Also…I’m sure you guys know, but China has a pretty strict censorship law. I’m probably going be missing some chapters later on in this novel if I can’t find those censored chapters elsewhere. I had this same problem for a different novel I had to drop cause 1/5th of the novel was gone from censorship! That’s crazy, everyone but the author doesn’t know what 1/5th of the story is about!

9/28/2020 Update: Sorry readers, I decided to drop this novel. Compared to my other novels, this one has less readership than my yuri novels haha and definitely the worst out of all my BG novels. I decided to just drop it and leave it open for someone else to pick up. I honestly don’t like the story setting and all those missing chapters made me decided this. I rather spend my time working on the novels I ENJOY reading.

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by KinGiGe

Music at the Lake

 “The rivers and mountains are laughing happily, the misty rain is far away, how many temporal affairs in human society are in the arrogant waves, it’s really exciting!” 

 After she finished singing, Huang Shenruo was surprised and praised her over and over. 

 “Unexpectedly ah, unexpectedly Little Ji is broad minded. You usually look like you don’t care, even if the sky falls, you’ll still be calm. I’m trying to think what in the world you have in your heart, but now it seems…I can’t think of it…” 

 “You, if you can’t directly praise me, then don’t stab me with such words or you’ll die ah!” 

 “Hehe, you don’t understand, this is fun!” 

 “I dare you, your fun is built on my head ah!” It was her bad luck she met such a dirty person who didn’t see their own coffin or shed tears. “If you walk too much at night, sooner or later you’ll encounter ghosts. Be careful Shenruo, that someone will make you one later oh.” 

 “Step forward. I’m not afraid of devious shadows!” Huang Shenruo naturally knew what Ji Qiannian meant. Humph, what should she be afraid of, although her behavior was a little out of line, it was still proper. Those slanderous rumors can’t beat her, and Sister Emperor won’t believe other people sowing dissension over her younger sister’s words. 

 “There are inevitable hundreds of things you can’t guard against.” Always prepare for the worst. 

 “I’ll adopt flexible countermeasures according to the situation. Let those bad people look at me. Huang Shenruo isn’t someone who should be easily provoked, they want me to swallow them, then I’ll swallow them whole!” 

 She didn’t inquire her. People thought she, Huang Shenruo, was a soft fruit that can be casually squeezed and pinched to their desire, but they were gravely mistaken. She was very fierce and will even ruthlessly kill without blinking her own relatives. 

 “It’s not strange at all, I blame you for being too unscrupulous normally. It gives people the impression that you rely on your royal title to pick the flowers and trample the grass. You have no major contribution to the country but have military power. It’s normal for them to want to drag you down.” Ji Qiannian pursed her thin lips and sneered, “Huang Shenruo, you’re being underestimated.” 

“What military power? I only have a third, the rest is in your hands and Sister Emperor’s hands.” 

 Speaking of this matter, Huang Shenruo wasn’t convinced. Why was Little Ji, who hasn’t contributed to the country, being attacked? The Emperor is a different matter. The authority and merits of a nation’s emperor are well-known in the world. Little Ji, who was no better than her was at ease. Why don’t those people say that she’s aloof and remote? This is unfair! 

 “Why can you rest easy and I always have to worry about being framed by scoundrels?” 

 “I’m more successful than you. Which of these ministers doesn’t want to marry their sons to me? Just look at this and know how disgraceful your character is.”

 “…Your mouth is really poisonous.” In fact, this was certainly the case. Huang Shenruo couldn’t refute and was dejected. She kissed her little beauty and deeply sigh on his shoulder in frustration. “I finally understand why the ministers avoided me like I’m poisonous after I became an adult. It’s because they didn’t want to marry their sons to me. Ah, alas I’m really miserable. Fortunately, my Little Wangyin is kindhearted and willing to give me the chance to prove my innocence.” 

 “Ruo, you have me, you can depend on me.” Little Beauty Wangyin gently soothed his lover.

 “Sob sob, Little Wangyin is really good at understanding others…”

 “Wangyin, I advise you to remarry. I’m afraid you’re putting your trust in the wrong person.” A basin of cold water down her head. 

 “Breaking up other people’s marriage, you’ll be kicked to death by horses, bitten by snakes, killed by thunder, crushed by stones, and…”

 “Eat your bar,1Bar meaning a place to consume alcohol, hinting that Shenruo is a shitty person who frequents bars a whole lot of crap.”

 “Okay, you two stop making a scene, quiet down and listen to the Wangyin play a song?”

 Destiny will make enemies meet. As long as the two got together, they will verbally fight each other making other people laugh. They were so old but still act like children. 


 The zither’s melodious tune sounded like nature. It can be seen that Wangyin was worthy of the title of the most famous talent of the Imperial Capital.

 On the most prosperous autumn lake in the Imperial Capital, the decorated pleasure boat drifted along the breeze. The silk bamboo sounded scattered by the breeze on the lake. A great fragrant wind passed and intoxicated visitors. 


 “Young Master?!”

 “Save people ah, someone has fallen into the water!”

 “Young Master! Young Master has fallen into the water, save my family’s young master quickly—”

 Wangyin let go of the strings, and the music suddenly stopped. 

 “What happened outside?” He picked up his brow and frowned at the noise.

 “Don’t move dammit. I’ll check it out.” Huang Shenruo moved, lifted the curtain, and went out.

 Standing on the bow of the ship, she looked and saw a faraway slender figure floating in the lake, incessantly struggling. 

 “What’s going on?” Ji Qiannian stood beside her.

 “Look, someone’s drowning.” She held her chin and moved forward.

 The two medium boats in front were close together. On the smaller boat, there were five or six tall women, two of whom were holding onto two little beautiful children, restraining them. The rest stood beside a magnificently dressed woman, who laughed wildly. Her face couldn’t be seen, but it was enough to see that her behavior was arrogant. 

 “A group of perverts! Most likely fell for that family’s gongzi and tried to molest him. Forcing him to fall into the water.” Huang Shenruo sneered contemptuously, and humph indignantly, “A disgrace to all women!” 

 Ji Qiannian squinted her eyes and looked. He wasn’t far from the shore. She wanted to save people, but there was a big problem— she can’t swim! Yes, Ji Qiannian is very clever and learns everything fast, but the one thing she couldn’t learn was to swim. Not only wasn’t she able to swim, but she sinks into the water and can’t float at all. Father Meiren once said to her earnestly: ‘Qiannian ah, I don’t think you can become a master swimmer in your life. Let alone be a hero and save others. Maybe you won’t save people and sink with them. It’s not worth it.’

 In other words, it was best she didn’t take the chance, what if she dies…what to do, should I watch people drown? The people on the shore are completely indifferent. They see he’s drowning and won’t save him. Huang Shenruo, this woman, only knows how to express her indignation but doesn’t want to save people! Humph, humph, you want to watch on the sidelines without lifting a finger. Don’t forget that I’ll remind you to be heroic for a just cause oh. 

 “Shenruo, can you swim, right.” Ji Qiannian gazed at Huang Shenruo with her most gentle smile. 

“Yes ah.” Huang Shenruo, who was still filled with righteous indignation, answered honestly.

 As expected. Ji Qiannian cleared her throat and smiled even more softly. “Saving people is like putting out fires…”

 “Yes ah.” Huang Shenruo nodded and greatly agreed with her friend, “I think so too.”

 “So— don’t blame me, Shenruo.” She lifted her foot


 Huang Shenruo blinked, and didn’t figure out the hidden meaning of her friend’s words yet before she was suddenly kicked off the boat and fell into the lake. 

 “Ai ya!”



 A series of bubbles appeared on the lake’s surface. 

 “Ruo!” Wangyin shouted in horror as he witnessed the ‘tragic accident’ through the screen. 

 “She won’t die.” Ji Qiannian faintly smiled. She covered the half-open curtain. “Turn your head, go back. Don’t let the wind come in. Wenyan, Wenqi, put more clothes on your master.” 

 “Oh.” Wangyin obediently sat in the cabin and the two little servants put on a cloak for him. He was deeply worried and sick at heart and asked, “Will she be okay?” 

 “Don’t worry. That woman’s life is too big. You don’t have to worry about being widowed.” 

 Wangyin blushed and didn’t dare ask anymore. 

 As soon as the words fell, Huang Shenruo sorry figure appeared out of the lake. She wiped her face and roared at Ji Qiannian.

 “People surnamed Ji, what is this!”

 “Oh, don’t you usually call me Little Ji?”

 “You…” Mad at her! She kicked the water, is she crazy? 

 “Didn’t went to save people yet? Still drowning.” Ji Qiannian raised her eyebrows.

 Save people?

 Huang Shenruo was taken aback for a while, and finally came back to her senses. 

“You crafty guy!” She hurriedly swam to the black spot that kept sinking and floating. 

 Tsk! If you want to save people, why don’t you save them yourself. Why kick her into the water, why. Huang Shenruo swore while swimming and the more she thought about it, the more wronged she felt. 

 Push a strenuous and unrewarding task on me. Very good Ji Qiannian, you wait for me. I’ll settle the debt once I’m on shore! 

 “Move forward.” Ji Qiannian didn’t care about Huang Shenruo’s thoughts and commanded the boatman.


 Standing on the bow of the ship, against the wind, the decorated pleasure boat in the lake rapidly advance across the lake. Both ships on the sides dodged and Ji Qiannian understood the benefits of a big boat that was like a hot knife through butter.   


 The ship immediately stopped two meters from the scene of the accident.

 Ji Qiannian jumped forward and onto the entangled ship.

 “Let go!”

 She appeared on the ship, her white clothes and long hair fluttered in the wind. The whole person was silent, and her posture was outstanding, her bearing confident and at ease as if an immortal fell from the sky into the secular world making people dumbfounded. The magnificently dressed woman’s and her companion’s eyes almost fell out. 

 Ji Qiannian was relaxed and wasn’t bothered about their unmoved eyes, she turned and looked at the two little servants who were restrained and gently smiled… 

 “You don’t need to worry…”

 That smile eclipsed heaven and earth. …

 “In broad daylight actually molest innocent people, there’s no law in your eyes!” Her cold eyes swept pass them. 

 “Who are you, you dare lecture this young lady! Do you have any idea what happens when you offend this young lady?” 

 A group of hedonistic children of rich parents that only knows how to spend one’s time in drinking and pleasure! 

 Ji Qiannian sneered. “Then do you know what happens when you offend me?”

“Wh, what?”

 “This is what happens.”

 Ji Qiannian was too lazy to talk nonsense, she quickly moved forward skillfully, throwing the women who held onto other family’s little children, into the lake to wash their brains, one by one.2Remember, there’s 2 women holding these two servants while the other 2 or 3 are standing on the side…so she only threw 2 down. 

 “Put me down!” 

 The rest simply stomped their feet. No one saw how she did it, but she kicked them off the boat in the blink of an eye. 

 “You, you, you, you—” The people she brought were ‘heroically’ sacrificed one by one. The magnificently dressed woman was frightened to death. She fell back and was ashen faced. She pointed at Ji Qiannian like she was a monster, she had cold sweat and stammered, “No, no, no Ma’am don’t come here. I’m from the Zhi family—”

 “I don’t care who you are, you go down too.” 


 The last one was also ‘gloriously’ killed in battle. 

 “Useless things.” Ji Qiannian slowly took out her handkerchief from her bosom, wiped her hands and threw it into the lake. Her movements were elegant as if she wasn’t the one who did those previous things. “Are you all right?” She turned around and asked. 

 The two little children shook their heads together, and finally panicked.

 “Young Master, Young Master, he…”

 “My friend has already rescued your Young Master.” Ji Qiannian glanced at the lake, she didn’t see any figures, so she already probably saved the person a long time ago. 

 “Thank you for your help young lady, or else the Young Master, he…” The two little children wept gratefully.

 “…” The credit for saving people should be given to Shenruo, not the unrelated her. Ji Qiannian quietly jumped back on her big ship. “We are going ashore.” 


 The ship’s hull very slowly rotated. Ji Qiannian’s lips pursed, smaller ships really are better at turning. 

 The two little children’s boat followed the large ship and rowed toward the shore.

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