Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 10

Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 10

Socialist Sisterhood

Ke Li thought that her daughter1 Ke Li talks about her gender in the third person… was seen through, and quickly fled when she took something, for fear of provoking more jokes. Unexpectedly, she was caught by Shi Jian, she busily entered the room and closed the door.

  After entering the room, Shi Jian still stared at Ke Li’s chest. Although her chest was tied, she could see the uneven texture. When Shi Jian recalled the scenery that she saw last time, she silently took her gaze away.

  Ke Li was uncomfortable when she was looked at and weakly said, “It’s nothing.”

  Shi Jian’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, she glanced at Dong Ge who was lying down, and as if nothing happened, said, “Since it’s nothing, let’s go back.”

  Ke Li secretly breathed a sigh of relief and patted her chest seamlessly and seriously said, “You…have you made it clear with him?”

  ”I have nothing to say to him.” There was a dangerous glint in Shi Jian’s eyes, “Or do you want to talk to him?”  

  Ke Li: “…”

  What does this have to do with her?

  Where did the gentle and considerate woman go before?

  Doudou that have been quiet like chicken:2 Quiet like a chicken – online buzzword – a fan telling other fans to shut up and talk less when they shouldn’t speak. The purpose is that Doudou should shut up and stop spouting insults. Also, a chicken isn’t quiet. [She’s been made by you.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  When Ke Li and Shi Jian sent the drunken Dong Ge back, it was already late at night, and the cold wind blew on their faces from time to time. She didn’t expect to experience the extraordinary cold of the ancient winter without the greenhouse effect.

  Ke Li couldn’t help but stay close to Shi Jian but didn’t dare stick as usual.

  After all, she had something in her arms.

  Ke Li was nervous the entire way back. In order to divert her attention, she has been wandering. She doesn’t know what kinds of things the female brothel owner gave her, but it’s really not practical.

  Shi Jian thought about what Ke Li carried in her arms, she looked at her from time to time and naturally saw her frozen.

  Seeing that she looked guilty, Ke Li abruptly opened with a topic and asked, “Do you want to investigate him again?”

  Currently, the male lord in the original plot encounters the female lord. Only the ghost knows why he wants to borrow money when encountered, it’s better to be careful.

  Shi Jian looked at Ke Li inexplicably, in fact, she also felt that Lin Wentian had changed his whole person, or that she had never known him.

  In any case, there are demons to be found, she replies cautiously, “I will let my brother check carefully.”

  ”That’s good.” After Ke Li finished this sentence, the air around her was heavy again. She didn’t know why it was like this. Before, she was able to talk with Shi Jian when she was just a stranger, but now she felt somewhat timid.

  It seemed something has changed slowly.

  The road back to the Marshal Estate wasn’t long, but they walked very slowly and their paced slowed further and further.  

  Ke Li was still thinking about how to change the mood, but her hand was wrapped within a warm palm, and Shi Jian’s voice came to her ears, “If it’s cold, hurry up. You’re a martial artist and you’ve been dawdling.”

  Ke Li: “…” Is this being dissed?

  She kept up with Shi Jian’s pace and felt warmth in her heart. As expected, the female host is intimate like a small cotton-padded jacket and as the author mother, she was moved.

  Doudou: [……]

  Ke Li ignored Doudou and felt spirited again and said, “Sister Shi Jian, it’s best to give Dong Ge a copy of the investigation.”

  Shi Jian turned to look at Ke Li and didn’t understand: “Why do you want to give it to Dong Ge?”

  Ke Li didn’t beat around the bush and replied, “To let her give up.”

  ”She asked about Lin Wentian the other day…” Shi Jian didn’t finished her sentence, but her heart gradually cleared, this finally explained why Dong Ge would suddenly drink.

  However, she was still surprised that Dong Ge also liked Lin Wentian. If Lin Wentian was a gentleman, she would have certainly wished Dong Ge happiness. But today, Lin Wentian’s character was obviously not good.

  But how did Ke Li know?

  ”Is that why you asked me to bring her along?”

  ”En.” Ke Li knew that Shi Jian would ask that but had to hold in her pee, for now she could hide it and replied, “Sister Shi Jian let’s go quickly. It’s too cold.”

  [Don’t you want to pee? How did it become cold?] Doudou couldn’t help but tucao3 Tucao – was in previous chapter; slang for to roast, to ridicule her.

  Ke Li was flustered and said, “Am I shameless?”  

   […] Doudou really wanted to say shameless, but for the sake of its host, dropped it.

  As expected, Shi Jian was afraid that Ke Li would freeze. She didn’t ask about it. As soon as they returned, Ke Li said that she wants to take a bath. Once again, she successfully evaded her question.

  Shi Jian wasn’t in a hurry for now, but when she finished bathing and drying her hair, Ke Li laid in bed and closed her eyes as if she were already asleep.

  Even a fool could see that Ke Li didn’t want to answer the question and Shi Jian isn’t stupid, but her heart felt strange. In fact, she was more curious about what Ke Li was carrying.

  She looked around Ke Li and found nothing. Instead, she saw that Ke Li’s hair was still moist. It was winter again and she sleeps with wet hair, she will have a headache later.

  Shi Jian sighed and fold a towel to wipe Ke Li’s hair, regardless whether she was asleep or not.

  Ke Li naturally pretends to sleep. She just took a shower in a hurry, hid the things she got from the female brothel owner, wiped her hair casually and climbed into bed, forgetting the matter.  

  When Shi Jian wiped her hair gently, Ke Li enjoyed it very much. While wiping her hair, she actually fell asleep unconsciously, but there were some wet marks left on her pillow.

  Shi Jian gently moved Ke Li away from the side she usually slept and changed the pillow, then she laid down slowly.

  However, after lying down, she didn’t know how to get along with Ke Li again. There was always a doubt in her heart. Since Ke Li didn’t seduce her, why did she always flirt with her?  

  She wanted to reach out and touch Ke Li’s cheek, but at the moment, she suddenly remembered that Ke Li likes women. Ke Li was equivalent to a man’s existence, and to her, Ke Li might be such an existence.

  Shi Jian respected Ke Li and decided to turn her back to go to sleep.

  At last, Ke Li realized that Shi Jian wasn’t at ease, because when she woke up, she was moved.

  She looked at the system to check the affection. It was only over 70 points. It was really easy to descend and difficult to ascend, and she didn’t know where to go.

  In order to stay by the woman’s side, Ke Li felt that it was necessary to explain it. Otherwise, the female host will be like a wolf, guarding herself. How to complete the task?

  The next night, Ke Li said directly: “Sister Shi Jian, I’m only a socialist sister to you. You don’t have to be on guard against me all the time.”

  Shi Jian looked at her blankly and couldn’t understand the meaning of “socialist sister”. At last, she sneered, “Since it’s only socialist sister, what’s on your guilty conscious, is it difficult for you to tell me?”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Doudou didn’t want to see the scene and covered its face. He wanted to say something, but the minister had repeatedly said that no matter how emotional things developed, let Ke Li realize it slowly, otherwise it’s cheating.

  Ke Li hesitated whether to wave her hand or to admit it, then Shi Jian said, “Today you will sleep with me first. As for tomorrow…we will sleep in separate rooms.”  

  Ke Li: “…”

  No, this won’t do at all.

Author’s Notes:

Tomorrow, take what the female brothel owner gave you, to admit your mistake.

Let our straight steel pipe (love idiot) try to sleep alone, otherwise she will always think about her mistress as her intimate little padded jacket.

To closely set up a mother and daughter.

  1. Ke Li talks about her gender in the third person…
  2. Quiet like a chicken – online buzzword – a fan telling other fans to shut up and talk less when they shouldn’t speak. The purpose is that Doudou should shut up and stop spouting insults. Also, a chicken isn’t quiet.
  3. Tucao – was in previous chapter; slang for to roast, to ridicule

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