Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 11

Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 11

She Wants to Kill That Unreliable Brothel Owner!

When Shi Jian finished talking, she went out. When she returned, she had a quilt in her hand. For a while, the room was quiet and only the sound from the quilt could be heard.

  While Ke Li watched dazedly, Shi Jian straightened the quilt, then went to the bed and covered it. She didn’t even have a chance to explain.

  Two quilts on one bed, each sleeping in their own quilt, it was a normal thing, but Ke Li felt that Shi Jian drew a clear line between them.

  She didn’t sleep well last night. She stared at the bump on the bed and suddenly missed the days when they were sleeping together. As for why she missed it, it wasn’t because of dependency. Just that the woman’s body was fragrant and warm, and sometimes she couldn’t let go.

  ”Sleep in separate rooms, sleep in separate rooms.” Ke Li lowered her head and whispered. In fact, she didn’t say it in a low voice, deliberately let Shi Jian hear.

  As a result, there was no movement at all, as if she was really asleep.

  Ke Li was scornful. Anyway, she has slept alone for so many years. She didn’t care about such a little thing. If she didn’t come to this world suddenly, would she be like this?

  After thinking about it, Ke Li went to bed with her, but she hadn’t done anything yet, and saw Shi Jian shrank.

  Ke Li: “…”

  She’s not a beast, is she?

  Doudou quietly comforted her in silence: It’s a hassle to have two proud lovers in love, you have to give the minister a break.

  Ke Li’s breath was stifled in the pit of her stomach. She strangely came here to do missions and couldn’t make head or tail from it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have to guard against this or that. The most important point was that she couldn’t be straight. As a result, she had to bend.

  She was a little aggrieved and shrank in the quilt, only to feel that the warm quilt didn’t play its role to protect her from the cold.

  In fact, it wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t warm, there was no sense of security as in the past. This huge psychological gap made Ke Li feel more wronged.

  She looked at the motionless Shi Jian again, turned her head angrily and finally counted dumplings before she fell asleep. She woke up twice within the night.

  This perfectly explains the phrase, “from thrift to extravagance, from extravagance to thrift, from good life to comfortable and suddenly being left behind and felt abused.”

  The next day, Ke Li wakes up naturally, regardless of how well she slept. But there was no figure besides her and she jumped into Shi Jian’s quilt.

  ”…” Ke Li eagerly huddled within the warm quilt and felt that even the lingering scent was so comfortable. She asked the system, “Doudou, how can I get into the female owner’s bed? It won’t…”

  It won’t be when Shi Jian is cold in the middle of the night, that she will secretly hold her?

  Doudou ruthlessly interrupted Ke Li’s conjecture and said: [It’s you who plodded into the female owner’s bed in the middle of the night. The female owner couldn’t bear it…Her big heart is kind and gave you this quilt for the time being.]

  Ke Li who was quietly nestled was speechless, “How much do you think she dislikes me?”

  She thought she did nothing wrong for Shi Jian to be angry except for deceiving her. If anything, it was foolish to rush off yesterday.

  Does she have to remember such big hatred?

  Doudou was unrestrained: [Of course, you’re disliked to this extent. While you sleep, you climb the female owner’s body and can’t wait to treat the person as a warm heater. As a result, the affection only rises a little.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  This system is only concerned with the task.

  Because of Doudou’s exaggeration, Ke Li thought that Shi Jian was very angry with her, but she wasn’t. The relationship between the two people were still the same in other’s eyes.

  As a matter of fact, they get along with each other. Shi Jian was still considerate to Ke Li in front of others but doesn’t take the initiative to talk to her.

  Ke Li felt squeezed, but the more she doesn’t want to apologize, she puts great effort to hypnotize herself that it was nothing in regard to her task, merely to be suddenly overcome that her life was meaningless.

  At this time, Shi Jian was deliberately cold towards Ke Li, and she didn’t know why. Anyway, when a woman is angry, she doesn’t need a reason. She always investigates Lin Wentian and never mentioned the thing Ke Li had.

  But in the evening, they were still in the same bed but with different quilts. Shi Jian seriously drew the unofficial “river that divides Chu and Han.” 1 The river that divides Chu and Han; (fig.) a line that divides rival territories.

  Ke Li shrank in the cold quilt and comforted herself and said, “In fact, the female host isn’t so fierce, at least we aren’t sleeping in separate rooms.”

  Doudou: […]

  However, Shi Jian didn’t move out because this was originally her room. As the host, she couldn’t get rid of Ke Li. Besides, Ke Li’s attitude for the past two days was good and felt it was good for the time being.  

  Except when Ke Li talked about socialist sisters, as if she would eat Ke Li at any time, she only treats Ke Li as a sister, but only a close sister.

  The more she thinks about it, the more her conscience clears. She gets up at night to cover Ke Li with the quilt.

  Ten days later, Ke Li couldn’t stand it. She clearly had a small stove beside her, but she couldn’t hold it and feel warm. For her, it was the same as watching it and was uncomfortable to sleep.

  ”This damn task!”

  Ke Li still wants to complete the task and honestly do the task. At least, she will have a good night’s rest, she felt embarrassed. Before, she said that they would sleep in separate rooms.

  Doudou also thought about the task, and once again acted as an inept advisor and proposed: [Host, beg the female lord to forgive you, the intimacy and affection values are frozen.]

  Ke Li secretly despised Doudou for a while, then struggled for half a day, she didn’t look happy and asked: “Where is she now?”

  Doudou was overjoyed: [She should be in the pavilion discussing with Shi Yao about the male lord.]

  Ke Li busily got out of bed and was spirited while getting dressed, she didn’t look like someone who slept badly at night. She wrapped herself into a large bundle and went to the pavilion.

  Shi Jian was indeed talking about Lin Wentian, Dong Ge and Shi Yao were present.

  Ke Li’s sudden arrival caused the three to temporarily stop talking and look at her.

  Ke Li walked to Shi Jian’s side and sweetly called out, “Sister Shi Jian.”

  It seems that the relationship between the two is still intimate.

  As usual, Shi Jian was considerate to Ke Li and gave her the seat closest to the brazier and it provoked Dong Ge to wink at them.

  When Shi Yao saw Ke Li, he coldly snorted and continued with the investigation results.

  ”After my investigation, Lin Wentian not only provoked the Bai family in Jiangnan by interfering with their goods sent under the protection of armed escorts, but also seemed to have colluded with the thieves and its female leader.” Shi Yao said frankly and rudely, Lin Wentian already was spurned to be no good, he wishes to capture him and swallow him whole.  

  Nowadays, people who have some means now know that their son-in-law who has not passed the door2 Figurative speech – he hasn’t officially married into the family yet because he hasn’t even passed through the door to say his rites. and fled marriage, also collaborated with chaotic thieves, his character was bleak, Shi Jian’s perspective of him was not good, it’s uncertain how much this would affect Shi Jian’s reputation.

  Ke Li remembered the original plot that the male lord has some influence, but he was righteous, but now became criminal.

  She was accustomed to the plot’s reversal and just listened quietly and paid attention to Shi Jian’s movements from time to time.  

  At the same time, Lin Wentian’s various wrongdoings were clear, and Dong Ge’s face was very bad. It wasn’t because she was uncleared, but he was still her friend’s fiancée, she had many words in her heart, but unfortunately couldn’t say them.

  She decided to go back and wash her eyes so she could clearly see people again.

  After Dong Ge left, Shi Yao asked Shi Jian with his brows scrunched: Are you guys fighting?  

  When Shi Jian saw what he meant, she looked at the attentive Ke Li and shook her head.

  Shi Yao glanced at Ke Li, and said what was in his mind, what bedroom quarrels? Nothing could be settled by sleeping.

  Ke Li naturally understands the meaning conveyed by Shi Yao. In addition, Shi Jian stared at her. She blushed in cooperation, as if something had really happened between the two.

  This scene happened to be witnessed by the passing mother and she had a moment’s thought within her heart.  

  After returning to the room, Ke Li who wasn’t knowledgeable, pushed out her thick face and pulled on Shi Jian’s cuff and whispered, “Sister Shi Jian, I’m wrong. Don’t be angry, okay?”

  The apologetic attitude was very good.

  Shi Jian feigned ignorance and replied, “Why should I be angry with you?”

  Weren’t they just socialist sisters?

  Ke Li: “…”

  ”Sister Shi Jian, I’m really wrong.”

  Shi simply turned her head and said: “You’re right.”

  Ke Li had heartache: “No, I’m wrong.”

  ”…” When Shi Jian didn’t want to argue with Ke Li, she picked up her eyebrows and said, “Since you’re wrong, show me that thing.”

        Ke Li was stunned and pretended to be stupid, “What?”

  ”What do you say?” It’s simple and concise, but full of threats.

  Ke Li had to take things out. It was a book, a book that had been well-read countless times. Just by looking at it, it was not ordinary.    

  Ke Li hasn’t have time to read this book. She really doesn’t know the content’s scale. She never wanted to show it to Shi Jian, but only borrowed it to improve her experience.

  After all, she’s been a single dog for 25 years. It’s one thing to make up things with your brain, but it’s another thing to see it. She admits that she’s a coward.  

  Doudou couldn’t wait to see the task’s progress and fanned the fire: [Maybe the female lord will be enlightened after looking at it.]

  That’s right.

  Ke Li brings the book to Shi Jian.

  When Shi Jian saw the book’s cover, her face was a little red. She thought about Ke Li’s love for women and this book was from the brothel. She mentally prepared herself.

  At this time, Shi Jian tried to open the book as if nothing had happened. Anyway, this was Ke Li’s belonging, it was none of her business to see anything that couldn’t be seen.

  While Ke Li looked at her nervously, Shi Jian opened the book with a frigid expression. Just as she was about to bow her head and accept punishment, she saw that Shi Jian had suddenly closed the book. Her face was blue and white, but not red.

  ”Why…what’s the matter?” Ke Li vowed that she was more nervous than waiting for her college entrance exam.

  Shi Jian was so angry that she didn’t speak, she threw the book at Ke Li and left right away. When she threw it, the book almost fell into the brazier.  

  Ke Li hurriedly picked up the book and thought about the super-mosaic images that made Shi Jian so angry. But, when she opened her eyes and looked, her face turned black.

  Doudou was eating melons:3 Eating melons – gossiping/watching a drama (American – eating popcorn) [Host, what’s wrong with you? Are you going to have a nosebleed?]

  Ke Li: “…”

  She wants to kill that unreliable brothel owner!

Author’s Notes:

The small book remembers the female owner’s cold expression.

  1. The river that divides Chu and Han; (fig.) a line that divides rival territories.
  2. Figurative speech – he hasn’t officially married into the family yet because he hasn’t even passed through the door to say his rites.
  3. Eating melons – gossiping/watching a drama (American – eating popcorn)

TL Notes: Feel like my yuri readership is quite low compared to my other novels…and that you guys are the quietest. Hahaha there was some pretty funny things that happened last chapter and there wasn’t much of a reaction. Feels like I’m sharing this work with ghosts excluding a few readers.

My prediction was wrong about the toys, was actually a pornographic book.

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