Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 13

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Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 13

It Turns Out, You Like to be Passive

Ke Li is more or less square. She once thought it was easy to have a relationship, that is, to fall in love at first sight.  But this time she had used all her methods bitterly, but they didn’t have any effect, thus she was more determined to use a colorful and seductive method.

  Although the idea wasn’t mature, the foundation of seduction is emotions, and it doesn’t sound like a decent thing to do.

  Ke Li’s sleepless nights were filled with ways to complete the task, however she hasn’t grasp how to complete the task.

  After a long time together, Ke Li deeply realized that Shi Jian was not only the heroine in the novel, and she wasn’t just a robot that completes tasks, this was all sentimental, and some things were imperceptibly changing, but she didn’t know.

  The next day, a group of women went to the temple to offer incense. Dong Ge heard that they were going out and went along. She had to seek a good marriage for herself.

  At this time, Shi mother knew they were young and had some things to say and didn’t ride in the carriage with them.  

  With Dong Ge’s presence, Ke Li didn’t even have a chance to speak to Shi Jian. However, she had a thick face and sat down with Shi Jian in a friendly manner and was well-behaved. Shi Jian felt less angry and saw the clear blue and black eyes. At a glance, she can tell that she hadn’t had a good night’s rest.

  At the time, Shi Jian seamlessly looked at Ke Li and felt a bit soft-hearted. But in Dong Ge’s presence she didn’t show it and just quietly read a book, then got upset because she once again thought about the book that Ke Li had burned.

  One night was enough to calm down Shi Jian. She thought about it and decided to give Ke Li a chance to explain herself. But now was far from the best time. She remains stern as punishment for Ke Li.

  Dong Ge sat bored and saw the situation between them had changed. “Are you fighting?”

  ”No.” Shi Jian didn’t want to continue discussing this issue with Dong Ge in front of Ke Li, she shifted the topic and said, “I was brought by my mother. How about you? Do you really believe in the marriage blessings from the shrine?”

  ”I prefer to believe in it. You see I’m so big, but my heart has yet to be moved. So, I’ll try it.” Dong Ge completely lied and didn’t play to the script. She looked at Ke Li who was still sitting quietly and said, “Sometimes I wonder, if I’m not suitable to like people?”

  Shi Jian didn’t expose that she liked Lin Wentian and replied, “Not suitable to like people? Are you trying to become a nun?”

  ”……” Dong Ge clearly saw Shi Jian glance at Ke Li. She intentionally brought up the topic to Ke Li because she was really curious about the relationship between the two people and may have guessed wrongly. Ke Li and Shi Jian may not be together. But the atmosphere of the two were clearly abnormal, there was definitely something fishy.

  She thought about something and suddenly came to Shi Jian’s ear and whispered, “A’Shi Jian, actually I suspect that I’m not interested in men.”

  Shi Jian said that she didn’t dislike the matter and Dong Ge licked Shi Jian’s earlobe. In fact, it would be great if she could be with Shi Jian, now that she thought about it.

  They both knew their roots and background, moreover they didn’t have the freedom to act independently to get married. She was merely curious, simply thoroughly bored of people and curious to experience new things. She didn’t eat the grass besides her nest.1 Didn’t eat nest grass – the rabbit doesn’t eat the grass next to its next to protect itself from being discovered by predators. Meaning, she doesn’t want to fall in love with people who are already close to her.

  At this time, Shi Jian was stunned by Dong Ge’s sudden actions and her pupils shrank fiercely and her body shook involuntarily. There was an inexplicable panic in her heart.

  She subconsciously looked at Ke Li and saw that she didn’t witness it. She secretly breathed a sigh of relief, frowned and coldly said, “What are you doing? Don’t mess around.”

  The more Shi Jian was like this, the prouder Dong Ge was. She intentionally or otherwise looked at Ke Li and whispered, “Are you afraid that she would be jealous? Unfortunately, she didn’t see.”

  Ke Li certainly had no idea. This carriage was so big. She just didn’t expect that Dong Ge, a female companion would also have the tendency to develop towards a lily. She was a romance novel writer!

  And while watching Shi Jian and Dong Ge’s closeness, Ke Li didn’t know why but her heart suddenly gave birth to a few twisted emotions. Her heart said that should have been her position.

  Shi Jian sure enough heard and looked at Ke Li. She didn’t expect her to witness the scene. Suddenly, she felt lost. People were always selfish. She regarded Ke Li as her close sister within her heart. Naturally, she hoped that Ke Li cared about her very much. She was angry when she saw that Ke Li was expressionless.

  After the new debt and the old debt2 Debt/account refers to (fig) old scores to settle/old quarrels/old grudges were added up, the two people were once again farther from sharing the same bed.3 Share the bed (同床共枕) – (fig) to be married

  Dong Ge boldly ventured, “Actually, I found that I like her a little…”

  This time, before she could finish, Shi Jian’s reaction was very big. She directly warned her, “You’re not allowed to like her!”

  Fortunately, although there was a rank difference between them, they have been good friends for many years, otherwise this would be higher than an ordinary crime.

  Shi Jian’s reaction caused Ke Li to suddenly look around, but Dong Ge snickered, and continued without hesitation, “What I like is her temperament, A’Shi Jian, what are you nervous about?”

  Shi Jian knew that she was tricked, and she glared at Dong Ge fiercely. Her cold face didn’t speak, as if they didn’t say such words just now.

  Up until she went to inscribe the bamboo stick, Shi Jian’s face was still cold, and her mother said, “Jian’Er, don’t lose face, try to hang your bamboo stick and then ask the temple for a good marriage.”

  Shi Jian absentmindedly answered, obediently shook the bamboo stick, then asked the temple to look at her marriage fortune.  

  Shi Jian didn’t believe in such things and Ke Li who was from the 21st century also didn’t. If marriage was predestined, why can predestined love be broken? She was only convinced that the matter depends on the individual.4 Idiom – it’s a matter from your own effort, with effort you can achieve anything

  After that, Ke Li went with them to get her marriage fortune looked at, the temple wished them all good fortunes, saying that they could find a single person. At last, with all the children together, the Shi mother smiled. Later, they spent a lot of money for incense and then stayed to eat vegetarian cuisine.

  Ke Li wasn’t used to vegetarian food. After she said that, she went to the nearby Meilin to sightsee. She remembered a scene from the original plot from coming to the temple. It purely created opportunities for the female and male lords to get along.

  She then guessed if the male lord would be present and met Lin Wentian in the next moment.

  Lin Wentian wasn’t alone. He was now despised by everyone and being chased all over the place. The mountain stronghold that he was intimate with began to be besiege by the imperial court. They attacked for a long time without success. Shi Jian and her family had animosity towards him.

  He came to the temple this time because he wanted to accompany his new girl. Under his halo of scum male master, there were many women who liked him, and they were not eager to be jealous. Lin Wentian vainly enjoys people happily.

  He has many confidants and great ambitions, but he lacks power, so he’s trying to expand his power.  

  Ke Li is alone and doesn’t dare face Lin Wentian. In any case, they only had one face. Ke Li wanted to leave this troublesome place quickly but didn’t expect to be stopped.

  Lin Wentian didn’t expect to see such a beauty the moment he was waiting for someone else. He remembered that he once met Ke Li. He immediately looked like a handsome young man and said with a smile, “Ke girl, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

  Ke Li didn’t met Lin Wentian, but Ke Si Qu had.

  She didn’t know martial arts from its host, and she hasn’t actually fought. She just smiled and prepared to leave. But Lin Wentian’s male lead aura permitted him to never fail to hit on someone and he desired to get close to Ke Li again quite unkindly.  

  Ke Li was still a little flustered, but out of the corner of her eye she saw Dong Ge’s figure, within a moment her heart found a solution. She turned away and said in a cold voice, “Go away!”

  Shi Jian and Dong Ge stood there and didn’t go forward or moved, deliberately not showing up. She admitted that she had selfish intentions.

  First, it was to test Ke Li’s martial arts and the other was to test the truthfulness of Ke Li’s words. At the end of the day, Shi Jian once trusted Ke Li, but now she doesn’t trust as much. She needs a scene that proves Ke Li was still the former simple small heater.5 Calls her a simple small heater because she associates sleeping together that Ke Li’s body is like a small heater. Hahaha

  Ke Li didn’t let Shi Jian down. She tried to use her inner strength and attempted martial arts. According to Ke Si Qu’s memories, she fought with Lin Wentian directly.

  Lin Wentian has yet to make a breakthrough in his martial arts. They fought with each other. Ke Li is a person from the modern times, she was used to being lazy before she came here. If she can’t do it, she’s ready to play rough. Anyway, Dong Ge was present, so was Shi Jian. She had no worries.

  Lin Wentian restrained Ke Li’s hand, he believed he was especially outstanding and casually smiled, then said, “You let me win Ke girl.”

  Ke Li took a step back and cursed him, her face was full of dislike and said, “Get lost, don’t smile to my face, I don’t eat this!”

  Lin Wentian’s face suddenly turned black.  

  How come his techniques don’t work in front of Ke Li and Shi Jian?

  Dong Ge couldn’t help standing out, clapped her hands and said, “I couldn’t imagine that Sister Qu’s true nature was like this?”

  Ke Li: “…” She forgot that she was Ke Si Qu.

  Lin Wentian didn’t say anything else. He saw the situation at best and knew that he was weak for the time being. He took advantage of their unpreparedness to run away. He doesn’t even want the new girl he just hooked up with.

  Ke Li was speechless and congealed when she looked at Lin Wentian’s figure fleeing. The glory of the male aura was not gone. It doesn’t matter if Lin Wentian departs. It’s mainly because he has some forces in his hands. Later, she will slowly set up a trap to catch everything in one net.

  Ke Li smoothed out her clothes, she was embarrassed and walked to stand in front of Shi Jian. She directly broached the subject and said, “Sister Shi Jian, I have something to say to you.”

  This was the first time she talked to Shi Jian today, she inexplicably was nervous.

  Of course, Shi Jian knew what Ke Li was going to say. Seeing that she was cold up until now, she said in a rare soft voice, “It’s cold here, let’s go back and talk about it.”

  Ke Li wanted to explain the contents of the book to her in public but forgave her from preventing her.

  On the way back, Dong Ge obviously felt that the atmosphere between Shi Jian and Ke Li was different again and her watching heart was bustling even stronger.

  Doudou finally sees the light: [Host, it seems that the female host doesn’t dislike your true nature. You don’t have to pretend to be Ke Si Qu all the time. Being yourself is best.]

  It’s easy to learn to fall in love.

  Ke Li: “…” She merely said a rude sentence and nothing more. How did her nature become true?  

  In fact, she also felt very tired. Every day, she was trying to live like her host. Fortunately, she was born weak. Today, it wasn’t easy to release her true nature. When she heard what Doudou said, she was happy. She certainly wants to be simple and the most authentic version of her even if this was just a mission.  

  The time spent on the road was quite long, coupled with their stay in the matchmaking temple. When they returned to Shi’fu, the moon was already beginning to rise.

  After eating, Shi Jian led Ke Li to the room where she used to sleep and closed the door. She looked particularly serious and said, “What did you wanted to say before? Let’s talk now.”

  With that, she pricked up her ears and couldn’t wait to hear Ke Li’s explanation.

  Ke Li finally had the opportunity and said, “I didn’t mean to read that book.”

  She explained the misunderstandings one by one, she wasn’t afraid of finding a book from the brothel owner. Now she finally understood that the female owner had a strong desire for possession and control. As long as she tried to follow her heart, things will be successful.

  Shi Jian’s face was much better. In fact, when she was ready to give Ke Li a chance to explain, she already began to believe in Ke Li.

  Her voice softened and asked: “Then, why were you looking for female erotic books?”

  Ke Li said her long-prepared answer with a red face, “Sister Shi Jian, you know I like women since I was a child, but I’m just curious… I just want to see.”

  She’s really curious. Although she doesn’t look and know about it, she just wants to know how to do it. It’s not about love, it’s just curiosity. Of course, it’s also preparation to complete the task later.  

  Just curious?

  Shi Jian didn’t know why she was a little disappointed. Looking at Ke Li’s gorgeous bright peach blossom face, she felt that her mouth moving was especially attractive.  

  Suddenly she was also curious. She was curious about the things in the book and curious about what it felt like to kiss the person in front of her. Anyway, it was merely curiosity and nothing else.

  At that time, Shi Jian felt that she was fascinated, and she kissed Ke Li with her face in her hand.

  Ke Li didn’t expect this at all, her eyes were flabbergasted.

  Doudou looked excitedly at the intimacy value: [Host, your heart rate is so fast, it turns out, you like to be passive.]

  Ke Li: “…” She didn’t have the opportunity to take the initiative.  

Author’s Notes: I wish you all the best _(:з」∠)_

  1. Didn’t eat nest grass – the rabbit doesn’t eat the grass next to its next to protect itself from being discovered by predators. Meaning, she doesn’t want to fall in love with people who are already close to her.
  2. Debt/account refers to (fig) old scores to settle/old quarrels/old grudges
  3. Share the bed (同床共枕) – (fig) to be married
  4. Idiom – it’s a matter from your own effort, with effort you can achieve anything
  5. Calls her a simple small heater because she associates sleeping together that Ke Li’s body is like a small heater. Hahaha

So, to clarify, Ke Li didn’t witness Dong Ge licking Shi Jian’s earlobe, she just said aloud that should have been her spot (next to Shi Jian) but Shi Jian misunderstood and thought she saw it.

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