Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 14

Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 14

She Seems Addicted

Shi Jian’s heart was pounding and felt that Ke Li’s lips were soft.

  Ke Li’s chest undulated and felt that her breath was heavy.  

  At this time, curiosity drove the two people closer until their lips and teeth fit together and their bodies were snuggled close.

  Currently, Shi Jian sucked instinctively on Ke Li’s petal lips. She only felt that it tasted sweet, like the sweetness of honey and the fragrance of flowers which fascinated her.

  Shi Jian wants to get closer, but doesn’t know what to do next, so she repeatedly nibbles and licks. The tip of her tongue scrapes against Ke Li’s teeth from time to time.  

  Ke Li held her breath for a long time. In this impetuous society, the first kiss already had long been unimportant, she was open-minded, but this was her first kiss and her body was guarded.

  Thinking about what Doudou said, Ke Li was not convinced to be the guest that acts as host,1 The guest acts as host (idiom) – to turn from passive to active behavior. on the contrary, she was cautious and solemn. She didn’t take the initiative to use her lips and tongue but opened her mouth slightly.

  Shi Jian’s eyes brightened, under Ke Li’s deliberate guidance, her self-taught soft tongue entered and finally intertwined.

  There was an instant numbness in her heart and her mind was chaotic. The eagerness between her lips and teeth caused Ke Li to suddenly desire to complete this task in the best way possible. She didn’t deliberately fool around, moreover she inadvertently seduced and hit the target.  

  Because the female owner gave her all the signs, regardless of the affection or intimacy value. Without the female owner’s initiative, everything was meaningless. So, she has to let the female owner take the initiative to be interested herself, so the affection and intimacy value will naturally rise.

  After thinking about it, Ke Li only felt that her heart was suddenly open. Before, she was taking a detour. Now, she cooperated with her and moaned.

  When Shi Jian heard that wonderful moan. It returned her to the present and she reluctantly withdrew her tongue and lips from Ke Li. The corners of Ke Li’s lips had crystal clear water stains and her face was blush.

  Also, Ke Li’s eyes were foggy, her face shy and bewildered, and she was unable to take her eyes off of Shi Jian. Right now, she wants to seduce her and let her figure it out and accomplish the task.

  In a nutshell, in order to capture, one must let loose.

  So, she stared, Shi Jian’s face turned red and calmed herself, then said with conviction, “I was just curious, don’t think about it too much.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  “I didn’t think much.” Ke Li finally had the feeling that she was the master of the world. She hugged her tightly. “Sister Shi Jian, you’re now willing to deal with me. It’s really good.”

  Ke Li said it so easily, without questioning herself at all. At this moment, Shi Jian’s heart was a little disappointed. She gently held Ke Li, at last her backbone returned and complained, “I don’t blame you for doing bad things. If you confessed earlier about how you know that Dong Ge likes Lin Wentian or how you went to request those erotic pictures. Then right after if you didn’t hide it, this wouldn’t have happened.”

  Although she was also responsible, her pride made her unwilling to admit it.  

  Misunderstandings were always caused by two people. Ke Li specifically didn’t pick at Shi Jian’s faults, but confessed, “I should have told you earlier, in fact, I saw it from her reaction that day…”

  Ke Li deduced one by one why Dong Ge liked Lin Wentian, she added oil and vinegar.2 To add oil and vinegar (fig) – adding details while telling a story. The original matter was already in the past, Shi Jian merely wanted to know the bottom of her heart. She looked up at Ke Li’s eyes and said, “I should have known you were so smart.”

  Ke Li’s nose was slightly wrinkled, and suddenly she replied stuffily. “Sister Shi Jian, do you think I’m stupid normally?”

  The coquettish meaning was obvious and Shi Jian’s heart trembled. She held her delicate body like a treasure and smiled, “No, you’ve always been very smart, I was blind.”

  The two people talked without a hitch as if the previous grievances became smoke. Sometimes, the human heart was easy to satisfy, and a small fire can warm the whole heart.

  After talking about things, the relationship between the two was closer than before. Even when they were in bed, they were still attached to each other.

  Ke Li couldn’t sleep for a while, so she raised her hand and scratched Shi Jian. She was the only child in her family and had no childhood friends. Now, her childlike heart which had been dried up since long ago was suddenly alive.

  Although Shi Jian was able to dance with guns3 Dance with guns (fig) – the ability to use weapons. Basically, saying although she been a tomboy since childhood, she had strict manners. since childhood, her etiquette was strict. For the first time, she played with Ke Li in bed without a thought to her image. She had a bit of fun until they both started to sweat and stopped.

  Ke Li was in Shi Jian’s arms, her eyes turned and said, “Sister Shi Jian, I’m curious again.”

  She pretended to be an ignorant little white rabbit by regarding kissing as a product of curiosity. At this time, Shi Jian was reluctant to play the big bad wolf.

  Shi Jian obsessively held Ke Li’s face, and her lips were blocked again. Both of them were pure and just kissed without doing anything else. But with the thin sweat they produced, it was easy to provoke a daydream.

  Ke Li was suddenly enlightened and knew when to stop. When she felt that Shi Jian’s heart was agitated, she pushed her away at the right moment. She was naïve and rambled, “It’s as soft as I thought it was.”

  At this moment, she really felt that she could accomplish the task, but she didn’t regard it as a task because it felt good to kiss the female host. It was more refreshing than eating tender pudding and she liked it within her heart.

  ”Well, it’s soft and very sweet.” Shi Jian replied honestly but her heart felt empty. She couldn’t wait to hold Ke Li within her arms. As she thought of it, the two bodies under the quilt hugged each other tightly. Finally, Ke Li had a good night’s rest.

  The relationship between the two became better, and the entire Shi’fu knew that their young miss recovered her gentle appearance.

  And some things were slowly taking root.

  By curiosity, Shi Jian and Ke Li make out with each other from time to time in the evening. They were always ambiguous, and both knew it was wrong but didn’t stop.

  At the time, Shi Jian felt that as soon as she saw Ke Li, her heart would be ignited and as soon as she left Ke Li, her heart felt like it was missing a piece.

  [Host, you are wonderful. The affection and intimacy are growing steadily. You’re a big step closer to completing the task. You must keep being ambiguous. I believe you will start the last step soon.]

  After Doudou finished, Ke Li wasn’t as excited as she thought. She suddenly felt that she would miss her life here and replied with a light smile, “No hurry, let’s take it step by step.”

  In this way, several days passed and New Year’s Day will arrive in more than ten days. Every family was preparing for New Year’s Day, but Shi Jian’s face wasn’t very happy.

  Finally, her mother remembered one thing. Since she went to the matchmaking temple last time, she had a very good impression of Ke Li. Once again, she thought that Ke Li had a good relationship with her son and calculated in her heart.

  Shi Yao’s love affairs were more or less related to his mother. Although she is the Marshal’s wife, she wasn’t a general’s daughter but the daughter of a civil servant. She inevitably dotes on her children and her thoughts were conservative. No matter how many love affairs her son has, no matter how bad it spread outside, he was always the best in his mother’s eyes.

  Now that the Shi mother had this idea, she thought about telling Shi Jian her thoughts and ask if the two had any feelings.

  Shi Jian has been upset recently. Before the New Year, Ke Li will definitely leave. She doesn’t know the next time she will see her, and if she does see her again, she doesn’t know if Ke Li would be the same as the present Ke Li. Would she be left behind?

  All these uncertainties upset her, but some unknown places within her heart slowly became determined. Even if she didn’t know what to do.

  When her mother suddenly wanted to talk to her, she thought she was going to ask about her favorite person again and used a rare spoiled tone, “Mother, Lin Wentian’s escape from marriage has caused our family to lose face and this daughter doesn’t want to get married in this lifetime.”

  Her mother thought she was just joking and clasped her hand, “You’re young and speak nonsense, sooner or later, you’ll get married.”

  Shi Jian wasn’t convinced, “My eldest brother has yet to be married and mother should urge him.”

  Then her mother sighed: “There are many love debts4 Love debt (fig) – moral obligation in consequences of a love affair piled up outside, I am precisely worried about these matters at present.”

  Shi Jian secretly breathed a sigh of relief, her brother was accustomed to mingling outside, and for the time being had no plans to settle down and get married. So long as her parents force it, they were mostly obedient and, in this way, they temporarily won’t show interest in this matter again.

  However, her mother said, “I see that Miss Ke and Yao’Er have a good relationship. Have you ever asked her about Yao’Er since you’ve been close to her?”

  ”…” Shi Jian’s heart dropped. She didn’t know why her mother felt that Ke Li looked at Shi Yao and she felt confusion in her heart, then calmly replied, “She has no feelings for brother, besides, she still has her engagement. Mother, your red string is mistaken.”

  Then her mother suddenly recalled the marriage contract between Ke Li and Jiang Chi. Now that Ke Li was reluctant to leave and additionally wanted to play here, she was afraid of returning and being forced to marry.

  She was upset: “I didn’t think about it.”

  While Shi Jian spoke to her mother about other things, however they didn’t mention the matter, since Ke Li has a marriage contract, soon or later she will leave.  

  But in the privacy of her heart, she didn’t want Ke Li to leave. She wanted Ke Li to always be with her, but she couldn’t decide these things.

  Shi Jian was in a bad mood, the sweetness she had tasted before sharply contrasted the gloom she felt now.

  In the middle of the night, while Ke Li was asleep, Shi Jian sat up quietly. She reached out her hand to feel Ke Li’s beautiful lips and remembered the tastes she experienced before. After a while, she couldn’t help herself and kissed her.

  She seems to be addicted.

Author’s Notes:

There are more curious things. (* / ω\ *)

You slowly discover.

  1. The guest acts as host (idiom) – to turn from passive to active behavior.
  2. To add oil and vinegar (fig) – adding details while telling a story.
  3. Dance with guns (fig) – the ability to use weapons. Basically, saying although she been a tomboy since childhood, she had strict manners.
  4. Love debt (fig) – moral obligation in consequences of a love affair

This chapter was very very very good in terms of their relationship development!

So guys, I’m going to have to do Chapter 20 as well, I just flipped through it because I was feeling burnt out and was wondering if I should really do it. It’s a pretty important transitional chapter from one arc to the other AND it gives ~500 word background of the 2nd arc backstory.

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