Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 16

TL Note: Jiang Chi is his given name but his title is Shizi. He’s a son of a royal prince.

Previously, I have misunderstood this side character’s backstory since I don’t have much experience with the ancient ranking system. I’m practicing with Lovable Beauty *cough*, I don’t think my misunderstanding of a minor character should affect this story much >~<; Sorry.

Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 16

I’ll Marry You

It was expected that Shi Jian would pull her back halfway, but Ke Li’s small heart was still beating fast.

  A kind of joy that she has never experienced was poured into her heart, because the excitement from her expected fantasy turned into reality.  

  Ke Li leaned against the door and gasped slightly, “Sister Shi Jian, you…”  

  ”Don’t speak.” When Shi Jian finished, she couldn’t wait and lowered her head to kiss Ke Li’s lips. Her eyes were very gentle and only saw Ke Li. Her movement were extremely gentle, as if she was kissing a snowflake that would melt.

  She said it as if she was attracted and no longer seemed to be neither close nor distant.1 Seeming neither close nor distant (idiom) – to keep’s one’s distance in a relationship Ke Li finally realized her feelings, she felt her heart was tickled. She actively approached Shi Jian and held her neck while embracing her. The two touched each other with their lips and teeth and the tip of their tongues were touching.

  The room was quiet and they both were immersed in such an atmosphere. They wished they could embrace each other forever, for a while, you can only hear their small moans.

  When Shi Jian kissed and embraced her enough, her heart felt ripples.

  She was very clear that Ke Li would definitely leave at this time. What she wanted was nothing more than a promise, a promise that they had a future, but at this moment, she hesitated.

  Fortunately, the hesitation only lasted in a matter of moments.

  Ke Li’s forehead was balanced against Shi Jian. Her eyes were wet, as if they were filled with spring water, she softly said, “Sister Shi Jian, what’s wrong with you?”

  ”I like you.” Although her voice was low, she said it in a loud voice. Her eyes were filled with a spring full of star light, which reflected the spring water from Ke Li’s eyes.

  Ke Li also guessed that there would be a scene of confession, but her little heart was still racing and beating, as if her little chest couldn’t contain it.

  At this time, Shi Jian saw that Ke Li was momentarily sluggish and her eyes flashed with a trace of gloominess, her hand on her shoulder unconsciously tightened, her knuckles turned white and she solemnly said again, “I said that I like you, don’t you understand?”

  How could Ke Li not understand? This was the first time she received a confession and didn’t know how to react. Her face was slightly hot, and she lowered her head quickly and buried it in Shi Jian’s chest.

  Then, Shi Jian frowned slightly and said, “You…”

  Don’t like me?

  All of a sudden, she didn’t dare to say anything.

  Everyone was a woman and wanted to be reserve. Now that Shi Jian has the courage to confess. Of course, Ke Li must respond. She hurriedly replied, “I understand.”

  ”You really like me too.” At this time, Shi Jian’s eyes suddenly sparkled and brightened, as if the gloominess in her eyes was flash in the pan.2 The night blooming cactus shows once / flash in the pan (idiom) – short-lived She felt her inside’s foundations were as boundless as the stars, now that Ke Li was hers alone. 

  Ke Li: “…”

  Is the female lord so narcissistic?

  She nodded slightly, thinking that her first kiss and first confession ceased to exist. But suddenly something flashed in her mind, as if this scene had happened before, but she didn’t process it.

  Since she didn’t process it in time, she didn’t want to think about it and stared at Shi Jian and answered, “I like you very much too.”

  Shi Jian’s heart finally settled down, in the next moment, her joyous success was diluted by reality, then overbearingly said, “Then you have to promise me that you can’t marry without my permission.”

  Ke Li lowered her head like a mimosa3 Mimosa – no this ISN’T that alcoholic beverage…it’s a sensitive plant that closes its leaves when touched…. and said, “En.”

  Her heart ran wildly: She likes the tyrant general.

  Shi Jian contently lifted Ke Li’s head, then the two people looked at each other, she kissed her lips and said, “Don’t marry others, wait for me to marry you.”

  This sort of empty promise wasn’t specific on the timing, it was like nothingness, a cloud that could float away at any time, but Ke Li knew that all of this was true.

  She held Shi Jian tightly and replied, “Shi Jian, I will wait for you.”

  ”I know.” When Shi Jian replied, she took out a beautiful warm jade from her bosom and said, “This is the warm jade from childhood for my future husband. My mother said to gift this to my husband later. You can temporarily help me hold onto it for a while and I will pick it up later. As for a down payment for your heart.”

  Ke Li carefully accepts the warm jade, her heart was guarded but was stricken again and again to defeat.  She held Shi Jian’s face again and kissed her hard. Her glistening crystal tears from the corners of her eyes were sweet.

  Doudou’s voice sounded in her mind: [Host, stop kissing, the female host’s elder brother is coming.]

  Ke Li resolutely pulled away from Shi Jian who was reluctant to withdraw. Then looked at her deeply and turned to leave.  

  Doudou hurriedly reminded: [Host, your tears haven’t been wiped yet, it’s emotional.] You happen to easily cry.

  Ke Li refused, “Nonsense, Ke Si Qu’s tears are extremely inclined to drop!”

  They knew that they will reunite in the future again. There will always be a different opportunity, so Shi Jian didn’t leave Ke Li, she just broke away from her body at that moment when she turned around.

  Shi Jian carefully dried Ke Li’s tears from her eyes, then kissed the long eyelashes and tasted the salty tears. She smiled and said, “Go.”

  “Good.” Ke Li didn’t know what kind of feelings she had from the bottom of her heart, it felt swollen with bitterness, like someone stole a piece of it. Her tears broke like a dyke. Her tears wanted to flow down all the time, and she doesn’t dare look back again. 

  When Ke Yuan and Jiang Chi saw Ke Li coming out with her eyes red, their hearts suddenly tightened.

  Ke Yuan hurriedly asked: “Sister, what happened to you?”

  ”Nothing, let’s go.” Ke Li left without looking back.

  Shi Jian stood in the Shi’fu looking at her back, her eyes grew hot and her heart grew wings and flew away.

  Shi Yao stepped forward to comfort her, “Since she left, don’t think about it.”

  He’s very clear on Shi Jian’s temperament – it’s true, but this kind of thing can’t have a result. He naturally thinks these two people should part, this must be their final goodbye.  

  When Shi Jian wiped her eyes, she clearly glanced at Shi Yao and knew he misunderstood her and didn’t want to explain. She must prepare for the future.


  Three months later, General Ke’s military mansion, Ke Si Qu’s room.

  ”Doudou, is Jiang colder than the other country?” Ke Li’s whole body was huddled in the quilt, exposing only a swarthy head, which at a glance looked like a big cicada pupa.  

  [It’s spring, how could it be colder than the other country? What’s more, they are neighbors and they don’t cross the northern and southern hemispheres.]

  Ke Li pretended not to understand Doudou’s meaning and said to herself, “Yes, it’s spring, but there is still no movement from the female host.”

  She has forgotten how long it’s been since she asked Doudou about the intimacy and affection values. The task she had been thinking about before has gradually faded from her mind. She’s just waiting for Shi Jian’s actions.  

  Ke Li’s palm held the warm jade under the quilt. The warm jade felt like she was touching Shi Jian’s skin. No, it was far from it.

  ”Ah.” Ke Li sighed. She missed Shi Jian very much but said in her heart that habit was terrible.  

  She hasn’t done anything these days, but it was because she had no time.

  Doudou was almost out of business recently, its adult host doesn’t care about the task. It was speechless and said: [Host, do you admit your relationship with the female owner given birth to feelings that are difficult?]

  The heart roared: Host have this kind of proud lovable daughter-in-law! So eager to refuse, ai.

  ”If I say no, it’s not.” Ke Li will be damned to not admit it, how easily can feelings grow so much? She thought it was a habit.

  She ignored the fact that this habit was also a form of love.

  After a few days of idleness, the servant girl, Lu Zhu, took some beautiful clothes and said, “Miss, laoye and furen asked you to change clothes then go to the front hall.”


  For Ke Li, it’s really strange here. Although she has lived here for more than 3 months, she doesn’t have any feelings. After all, on account of fleeing her arranged marriage affair, Ke’s father confined her for 3 months already.

  Lu Zhu tried her best to changed Ke Li’s clothes. At last, she said, “Miss, how can you lose weight again? This dress size was measured a few days ago.”

  She’s a good girl and said with red eyes, “Miss, even if laoye punishes you to confinement, you shouldn’t make your life difficult for yourself, this is your body…”  

  Ke Li’s Lu Zhu supported her properly, but once she starts talking, she can’t stop. Moreover, for the most part it concerned herself, but she wasn’t easy to handle.

  When Lu Zhu finished, her clothes were changed.

  Ke Li began to dress up and adorn herself. She was thin from losing weight, she didn’t know why she abruptly lost weight. Anyway, she did drink and eat, and didn’t miss a meal, but she had a bad appetite. She ate less now that she thought about it.

  Today is Ke Si Qu’s 18th birthday. Ke Si Qu’s father hosted a big feast. Ke Si Qu patted her face to cheer herself up. She lived to 25 years and is celebrating her 18th birthday once again, she didn’t even ask for this.

  She has been here for half a year, and murmured if the two world’s time was synchronized, her 26th birthday should be coming soon.

  Ke Li entered the front hall and said a few words to her father and mother, then sat quietly the entire time. Today, there were many people, including many princes and aristocrats, and of course, Jiang Chi unavoidably was present since he is her fiancé.

  Because the marriage contract hasn’t been resolved yet, Ke Li’s father found another auspicious day to let Ke Li and Jiang Chi to choose a day to get married. Now it’s only a few days away from that auspicious day.

  After sitting for a while, Ke Li tried to talk to Jiang Chi alone. Everyone in the mansion knew that they were about to get married and were very willing to let them develop their feelings together.

  The two met in a small house. Jiang Chi thought Ke Li had something important to say. His heart felt ominous, but he didn’t show it on his face. He politely said, “Si Qu.”

  Ke Li smiled and replied: ” Shizi.”

  He saw Ke Li was polite to him and Jiang Chi felt even more excited and he said with a smile, “Si Qu, you and I will be married soon. We are all family, just call me by name.”

  Ke Li said with no trace of politeness, “Jiang Chi, I have something to say to you.”

  ”…” Jiang Chi tried to be magnanimous. She will become his wife, nodding to express he was listening.

  Ke Li bowed her head and brewed. These days, she thinks about Shi Jian, but she didn’t forget about the slag male owner.  

  Lin Wentian was suppressed in Yeguo. He feels resentful and doesn’t have the strength to fight. He started to burn, kill and loot at the border between Yeguo and Jiang, he caused trouble for both countries. This cause both countries to think that the other side was responsible for the chaos and increased the bad impression of the other.  

  Ke Li slowly said, “You also know that there must be some reasons behind our marriage and it’s not just a marriage contract.”

  Although Jiang Chi didn’t know what she wanted to say, he took this opportunity to express his mind and said, “Of course, it’s because I love you, Si Qu I love you, so I must marry you.”  

  Ke Li wasn’t moved from his confession and felt that it brought her trouble and was nauseous. She continued from the previous topic and said, “Since you’re the son of Yue Wangfu, Shizi certainly you think about your position, have you ever thought that you actually have a brother?

  Here the position doesn’t include only the hereditary Yue kingship, but also the title of Emperor.  Yue Wang is the younger brother of the current emperor. Jiang Chi is Yue Wang’s son and is considered to be part of the royal family bloodline. It’s normal in his heart to want to seize that position. As for whether or not he can win, it depends on how they fight.

  Jiang Chi became alert and squinted: “What do you mean by this?”

  Ke Li was indifferent and calmly said: “The literal meaning.”

  Jiang Chi didn’t eat for nothing. After living for so many years, he had some thoughts and said, “What do you know?”

  ”I don’t know, but I heard that Yue Wang was romantic when he was young, he relented everywhere. Fortunately, Wang Fei was strong enough to cure him. It’s inevitable that there are illegitimate children wandering outside. Now that Wang Fei is seriously ill, I don’t know if Yue Wang has the heart to find them.” Ke Li step by step induced him.

  Jiang Chi is part of the royal blood and the legitimate son of Yue Wangfu. Unfortunately, Lin Wentian was the seed left behind by Yue Wang’s days of romance. Although there were many descendants from Wangfu, it has already been determined that Shizi is Jiang Chi, as long as there are more people, the Shizi title may be transferred, let alone this person who is Jiang Chi’s brother.

  Jiang Chi asked with a gloomy face, “Do you know who he is?”

  His father has never liked his mother. Now, if he finds the seed that he left, it will inevitably shake his position.

  Ke Li’s eyes flashed with cunning then said, “I not only know who he is, but I can also help you destroy him.”

  Jiang Chi wasn’t born yesterday, but also was a smart person and replied, “What do you want?”

  “Shizi believed me so much? After you fully believe me, I will tell you no later than 10 days.”

  Ke Li smiled from the bottom of her eyes. She thought the task was almost finished with the scum. If Shi Jian didn’t come, she will make her move.  

  Jiang Chi’s eyes sank, and he sent people to investigate.

  In the evening, Ke Yuan came to Ke Li’s room and brought a simple letter from Shi Jian. He took out the letter and said, “Younger sister, it’s hard to imagine that you have such a good relationship with Shi Jian. Older brother believed you took a fancy to the gongzi but didn’t expect you to be fascinated by the beauty.”

  He said it unintentionally and Ke Li listened with interest, saying that he was too gossipy. After he left the letter, he hurried away.  

  Ke Li sat on the bed excitedly and looked over the letter but didn’t open it.

  At the end of the bed, her face was a little twisted. After thinking about it, she asked, “Doudou, do I have a function that can shield you from seeing things?”

  Doudou who has been waiting to read the letter was shocked. At the next moment, it said like raindrops on a pear blossom:4 Like raindrops on a pear blossom (idiom) tear-stained face of a beauty [Host, how can you prevent me? Could it be that it’s a love letter inside? Or perhaps a letter of longing?]

  Originally, she was afraid that the contents of this letter would be seen. When Doudou said that, she had no courage to open the letter. This was her first love and she was guarding it.

  Otherwise, when she drives with the female owner later in the future, would Doudou also watch?

  Absolutely not!

  Ke Li deliberately raised her face and said coldly, “It’s hard to imagine that you are such a colorful system and have no way to shield. Hurry up and say it.”

  Doudou rolled its eyes: [Host, you think too much.]

  As a romance system, of course, it has a little ink in its belly. It’s not only colorful, but it also combines these colors into one color – yellow!5 So this word (黄色) means yellow but also means pornographic

Author’s Notes: For the sake of those two’s futures, I secretly changed my age (Big slag on JJWXC)6JJWXC is the platform the author uploads her works on and gains income from.

  1. Seeming neither close nor distant (idiom) – to keep’s one’s distance in a relationship
  2. The night blooming cactus shows once / flash in the pan (idiom) – short-lived
  3. Mimosa – no this ISN’T that alcoholic beverage…it’s a sensitive plant that closes its leaves when touched….
  4. Like raindrops on a pear blossom (idiom) tear-stained face of a beauty
  5. So this word (黄色) means yellow but also means pornographic

Guys, I forgot to mention the host body she’s in Ke Si Qu; Si (思) – to think/consider & Qu (曲) bent/crooked. Ahahaha, she already set herself to be bent since she wrote this novel. Back in Ch.1 Doudou made a joke saying her name is already catchy and bent and this was what it meant. Qu also means song/tune. I added the new notes on there, I didn’t make the connection until now. ; A ;

This chapter is so good~~ Finally Shi Jian and Ke Li reveals their feelings to each other!! Now to move onto the angst on them officially publicly being together and abusing the male slag!! I’m actually surprised there’s people who think this novel is mediocre or just doesn’t like it! It’s soo good!!

Also @yanderedevil, gave me mirror links to the raws. So I will completely translate the series. I have a policy where I don’t translate VIP chapters. As long as the raws are free and available I will work on it. So, this means I am no longer going bulldoze and be relax and happy and reduce my release frequency.

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