Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 17

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Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 17

She Also Ran Away from Marriage

“Don’t talk nonsense, can you tell me whether it can be shielded?” Ke Li recalled all the previous kisses with Shi Jian that had been witnessed by Doudou and felt uncomfortable.

  Doudou who was addicted to fabricating yellow1 As mentioned last chapter, yellow (黄) = pornographic too; so Doudou is addicted to producing porno…I’ll be seeing Shi Jian x Ke Li on the net now. looked up and said: [Host, you can turn on the smart privacy mode and I won’t see anything clearly.]

  ”Really?” Ke Li didn’t believe Doudou.

  Doudou really retained a skill, to fancy its little yellow mind, it frequently watches the bed, in this way it can contribute to its inputs and outputs.

  When it thought of its own host’s self-defense, it hung its head and was downcast: [In order to create a socialist harmonious world, after opening the smart privacy mode, all I see are mosaics. Host, you can rest assure.]

  ”…” Ke Li opened the so-called privacy mode with a dubious suspicion. Sure enough, she didn’t hear Doudou’s voice again. Then she settled down, used the tip of her finger to lightly open the envelope, drew out the letter and then complained it was time to cut her nails.

  Doudou squeezed its eyes to attempt to read the contents of the letter, which turned out to be all fuzzy mosaics and could only be resigned to be dormant.  

  There wasn’t much in the letter, there were no sweet or sour words. It was simply some daily recent developments. She thought Shi Jian was worried about their relationship being exposed. At the end of the letter, there was a sentence left: ten days later, wait for me under the willow trees at the Meixi river outside the city.

  Ten days?

  Ke Li stared at the meaningful handwriting and read it again. Her heart was joyous and held more and more expectations for the future. Holding the letter, she went to her bed and under her quilt, sniffed the ink from time to time. It seemed that after Shi Jian wrote, the ink became different.

  Doudou who has been sleeping, rolled its eyes.

  It only took three days for Jiang Chi to find out that there were seeds left from Yue Wang. Some of them even lived in the kingdom of Dong, but there were so many people. It was very difficult to find someone with royal blood.  

  Jiang Chi’s heart was bottomless, but he had always been a well-informed person. This made him want to plan in advance and he could only seek Ke Li.  

  ”Who is the person you know?”

  If they are not as good as him, he doesn’t mind raising another one or two wastes in the fu.2 Fu – household But if they are capable or pleasing, he must not let the person appear in Yue Wangfu.

  Ke Li lazily responded: “Lin Wentian.”

  Then, Jiang Chi went to investigate and dealt with the matter himself while Ke Li laid in bed enjoying the pain of lovesickness.  

  Five days later, three days before the ten-day period, as expected Jiang Chi found out Lin Wentian’s history and confirmed that he was his brother that was left behind. He immediately wanted to kill him, but Lin Wentian wasn’t easy to kill. What’s more, he didn’t have too many troops in his hand. It’s easy for the old man at home to find out when he mustered large forces.   

  So, Jiang Chi came to find Ke Li again.

  Ke Li knew that she was trying to scheme a tiger, but she didn’t worry about it for now. She knew Jiang Chi’s capabilities, so she took the initiative to cancel the engagement as the requirement before she agreed to help.

  Jiang Chi refused: “No, anything but this.”

  “Shizi, we’re doing business. You get what you want, and I get what I want. The result is irrelevant, why bother? Are you obsessed with me?”  This time, Ke Li was patient and kindly advised.

  Jiang Chi’s face was wooden and didn’t speak. Ke Li knew at a glance that the temptation that she gave wasn’t big enough. She drank tea and slowly said, “I heard that Shizi has no practical duties in court, but there is one vacancy. I have a way so that His Majesty will like you.”

  Jiang Chi’s face was moved since this was the fundamental cause that indeed made Shizi anxious and necessary to seize the throne. He said with a sullen face, “Tell me your method.”  

  “First, you promise me to break the engagement and leave a sealed note, then I will say.” Ke Li didn’t have to worry about Jiang Chi doubting herself at all. Anyway, she will leave in a few days. As for the things in the palace, he can do whatever he wants.

  Jiang Chi couldn’t wait to destroy Lin Wentian. Lin Wentian and his father were very alike, even their romantic temperament. If he goes on like this, sooner or later, he will become his opponent. If he can get rid of him earlier, he will be able to sleep safely. After all, there were so many brothers he secretly killed over the years.

  In addition, Ke Li left such an attractive condition behind and Jiang Chi had no choice but to leave the contract.

  Ke Li received the contract and slowly informed him Lin Wentian’s weakness.

  After becoming a slag, Lin Wentian has a remarkable feature which is amorous. However, passionate people were merciless. He always believed himself capable to share rain and dew3 Rain and dew – not to favor a few people, but not to leave a few people, to treat things and people equally. This means that he believes himself capable to show equal favoritism for those in his harem… while embracing a beauty on the seat under the heavens. In reality, his heart never belonged to anyone but himself.

  At this time, those lovers are Lin Wentian’s most deadly weakness. Of course, Ke Li didn’t directly say this to Jiang Chi, but took him step by step to the arranged ditch.

  After Jiang Chi listened, he felt that it was reasonable. In view of Ke Li’s beauty, he didn’t give up and said: “Si Qu, won’t you reconsider?”

  Ke Li lazily rolled her eyes and replied: “If you’re not afraid to wear a green hat, then I can consider it. Think about your head on top of the Hulunbuir Prairie while an alpaca steed galloped across on it. If you are high and mighty and remain motionless, this way I may reconsider.”

  Jiang Chi: “…”

  Although he had never heard of the Hulunbuir Prairie, he still felt it was too green. He shivered and said, “Would you marry someone else?”

  Men are always prone to be stupid for their self-esteem. For example, now Jiang Chi asked this stupid question.

  Ke Li replied: “I won’t marry.”

  I will marry.

  After Jiang Chi was settled, Ke Li was so busy that she had to go with Ke Si Qu’s mother to burn incense and worship Buddha. She was really a girl from a wealthy family, but in fact, she was about to leave and run into Shi Jian’s arms. So, she wanted to do her last filial duty for Ke Si Qu. After all, her mother was really good to her.

  Ke Li has never been a wading in mud and water person. She was very clear about what was most important. Sooner or later, she can’t stay in this home without any feelings. It’s better to leave as soon as possible.

  Two days later, Jiang Chi did come to Ke’fu to propose the dissolution of the marriage contract. He was the one who had proposed but wanted to terminate. Ke Li picked herself up completely. Ke father was furious while the Ke mother secretly breathed a sigh of relief for her daughter.

  On the evening of the ninth day, Ke Li held Ke mother in her arms and said, “Mother, daughter wants to go out and take a trip.”  

  Ke mother didn’t agree: “My family’s daughter should stay at home. What’s it like to fool around all day? Let alone be disappointed in love. Mother will find you a good husband later, so that you can regain hope.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  She didn’t ask them to agree to her plan. This was a hierarchical society. What people care about the most was the secular view, but she didn’t care.

  Like the last time she escaped from marriage, Ke Li went back to her room and prepared money. She wanted to leave, but at last, she was reluctant and left a letter to Ke mother, saying that she had found her lifelong love and vowed to pursue it. She will meet her again later.

  The next day, Ke Li was determined to leave, she wrote this novel and created all the characters from within it. What’s more, after the blackening of Ke Si Qu in the original novel, it didn’t bring any good luck to the Ke family. So, she not only took away the bad luck, but also completed the task. The more she thought about it, the more at ease she felt.

  On the other hand, Shi Jian’s situation was completely different. In the past three months, she has been thinking about a perfect strategy. However, she couldn’t do what she pleased, the fact was that she likes women and deviated from her family status wasn’t something that can be solved by making a terrible scene that might settle a dispute.

  At this time, Shi Jian only thought of one way, that is, to leave home temporarily. When she has a foundation of her own, it’s no longer useless when she leaves home. When she comes back, it won’t be too late. She just can’t be filial in front of her parents, which made her feel very guilty. Instead, she thinks that she won’t be able to leave. She will be married later, and she can’t always have filial piety, her heart was more practical.

  However, the house leaked from the night rain. After Shi Jian persuaded herself why she liked Ke Li with various excuses, she was unintentionally discovered by Marshal Shi.

  Shi Jian thought that she was well-hidden. Previously, she was cautious with her intimacy with Ke Li. Only Shi Yao vaguely knew and of course, Dong Ge. However, they were both trustworthy people. She Jian didn’t care. She always thought that she would be safe, but she didn’t expect to be found the next day when she sent the letter to Ke Li.

  But Marshal Shi found out early, when Shi Jian sent a letter to Ke Li and didn’t stop at that. Later, her mother found many letters in her room that she didn’t want, which expressed her yearning for Ke Li as best as she could.

  Then Marshal Shi and his wife began to guess the reasons for their daughter’s abnormality these days, they called Shi Jian and Shi Yao to confront them face to face.

  These days Shi Jian was worried about the matter and immediately recognized it and directly said, “Mother, Father, I like women.”

  The conjecture was confirmed and admitted to their face by Shi Jian. The Marshal’s face turned black and her mother almost fainted. Unfortunately, her body had always been very good, her eyelids turned over twice, but she didn’t faint.

  Shi Jian was frightened and reached out to help her. But her mother slapped her hand away and said, “Unfilial daughter!”

  Shi Jian embarrassingly withdrew her hand, in this way, she really was unfilial. But if you like someone and you must bear the crime of being unfilial, then she would rather be unfilial.

  At this time, the marshal was actually a man in the army, and he knew a lot. In the military camp, he heard there were many things like Longyang, male to male dating, but that was all because the situation didn’t warrant the conditions to foster male and female love.

  He believed that it was his daughter who had accompanied her all day long and birthed this crooked mind, so he forced her to marry and thought that she would naturally return to the right track in the future.

  When Shi Jian heard that the Marshal wanted to marry her to someone casually, her heart was cold. She couldn’t believe it. “Father, didn’t you love this daughter the most?”

  “No matter how much father hurts you, I can’t let you like women.” At this time, the Marshal’s face didn’t change. “Before the engagement between Ke Si Qu and Jiang Chi, you will be married. Don’t think about anything else.”

  At this moment, he regretted that he allowed Ke Si Qu into his home, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.

  When Shi Jian returned to her room, she was disappointed that they didn’t understand her and also disappointed in herself, but she didn’t want to let Ke Li down.

  Shi Yao advised: “Shi Jian, listen to father.”

  Shi Jian’s brain became paste and asked confusedly, “Brother, do you think I should obey?”

  “It’s not the time to be a child, not just in love, but also in duty for this country.” Shi Yao rarely talked big in front of Shi Jian and almost flashed his tongue.

  Shi Jian looked at Shi Yao dazedly, then immediately laughed to herself, “Brother, you are wrong. I am a woman. If I follow father and mother’s wishes, sooner or later, I will become a married woman, and then I will be busy with my husband and son, running the household, dealing with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relations, where is the responsibility, where is the country? Maybe they’ll be bullied by others. They’ll be buried in the deep courtyard all their lives. They can’t stretch their ambition, can’t say their pain and can’t even pursue their love.”  

  Shi Jian’s face was disappointed, “Brother, you’re the pillar to our family. Yet you were all over the place picking the flowers and trampling the grass,4 To pick the flowers and trample the grass (idiom) to womanize/frequent brothels; to sow one’s wild oats to work and not know what’s important and worry our parents. Why should I be held responsible?”

  Shi Yao had no face, he blushed and replied seriously, “Jian’er, is it really her?”

  Shi Jian said firmly, “Yes, this life must be her.”

  “Good, brother will help you and take good care of our parents and their ideological thoughts. But remember to come home and see us later. Our parents can’t be angry all their lives.” Shi Yao said like an old mother.

  Shi Jian held Shi Yao with her tears flowing. Her loved ones are always the best, she believes her parents can understand her.

  The appointed date with Ke Li didn’t arrive. In addition, Marshal Shi was worried that she would escape and kept a close watch on her. At this time, Shi Jian had no chance to leave.

  The marriage date was carelessly decided once the two families reached an agreement. As for the gongzi from the other family, Shi Jian didn’t care at all. She makes it so she doesn’t care to try to let Marshal Shi relax from his vigilance.

  After that, she said her farewells to Dong Ge and wished Dong Ge to find a happy husband as soon as possible.

  Then on the night before the wedding, with the help of Shi Yao, with enough silver and a sword, Shi Jian finally became a fugitive woman.

Author’s Notes:

Warning: The world will be over in a few chapters.

PS: It’s difficult to come out of the closet in any era. In the next world, won’t need to come out.  

  1. As mentioned last chapter, yellow (黄) = pornographic too; so Doudou is addicted to producing porno…I’ll be seeing Shi Jian x Ke Li on the net now.
  2. Fu – household
  3. Rain and dew – not to favor a few people, but not to leave a few people, to treat things and people equally. This means that he believes himself capable to show equal favoritism for those in his harem…
  4. To pick the flowers and trample the grass (idiom) to womanize/frequent brothels; to sow one’s wild oats

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