Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 18

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Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 18

She Wants to Kill the System!

Ke Li left when the sky was dark. She carefully avoided the Ke’fu patrol guards. She felt like a thief the entire time, but the joy of seeing Shi Jian soon washed away her anxiety.

  When Ke Li rushed to the willow trees near the Meixi River, the sun just appeared.

  This place was well-chosen, it was not only remote, but also beautiful.

  Ke Li didn’t care to enjoy the beautiful scenery, she twisted her neck and looked around. When she found no traces of anyone, she sat under the tree and waited for Shi Jian. She was afraid that she would be found by the people from Ke’fu and was always vigilant.

  Thinking of seeing the woman who she hadn’t seen for more than three months, Ke Li’s mouth grinned, her eyes were bent, and the rising sun shined softly and plated her delicate silhouette with a layer of gold.

  After waiting for a quarter of an hour or so, when she didn’t see Shi Jian, Ke Li took out the warm jade from her arms, looked at the sun, then kissed it. Finally, a sad color shown on her face, then asked, “Doudou, why do you think the female owner hasn’t arrived yet?”

  [The road to happiness is paved with hardships, yours is always yours, don’t worry! Take your time.] Doudou said like an old Buddhist monk and seemed to shake its head.

  Of course, Ke Li knows the truth. She was worried that Shi Jian had an accident. Afterall, Shi Jian is a native to the novel, it must be hard for her to do something like running away from home.

  At this moment, Ke Li’s ears suddenly heard a sword being drawn. The sword came not too far or close, obviously from behind her. Ke Li left to escape and instinctively took out her sword to defend herself.

  When someone arrived, Ke Li didn’t care to talk and didn’t have a choice but to fight, so she fought against the person. The sound of the blade wasn’t small, and it had a beautiful movement.

  Ke Li’s sword was almost overpowered and gradually was taken by the wind. She was simply defeated.

  The man was dressed in a dark gray men clothing, with a jade-like face, red lips and white teeth, smiled and slowly said, “The beauty’s martial arts are not bad at all, but she pretends to be a weak woman many times. It really calls for a punishment.”

  Ke Li blushed and threw away her long sword. She didn’t care about her clothes. She trotted forward to hold the man tightly. She unconsciously complained, “Why didn’t you say a word when you arrived, harmed me…”

  Thinking about the embarrassment she had just suffered, Ke Li’s face turned redder and even hotter.

  At this time, Shi Jian grabbed Ke Li’s waist, then deeply inhaled her sweet scent and smiled, “I just wanted to see what you thought of me? I’m afraid you’ll get excited when you see me, so I wanted you to take a break and have a big scare.”

  ”…” Ke Li buried her head on her shoulder, rubbed her nose against the jade-like neck and responded, “You see that I miss you, do you miss me?”

  Shi Jian’s neck itched a bit, she bit her lips slightly and said, “Miss.”

  Ke Li resembled a brain damaged fan who watched an idol drama star, the silly sweet innocent female lord. She gaped then said as if lacking nourishment, “Where did you think about me?”

  “All over.” Shi Jian’s face was serious, but her mouth was very enraptured, “Especially your mouth and hands, I think of you so much that I can’t sleep at night.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  How did the female owner become so colorful?

  Shi Jian looked at the crimson color on Ke Li’s face, then pressed the shyness in her heart, she pretended to be relaxed and said, “Let’s leave here soon, if they catch up to us, it will be miserable.”

  Ke Li knew that leaving home would impact Shi Jian’s mood. She obediently withdrew from her arms and asked, “Where are we going?”

  “Jianghu.” Shi Jian picked up Ke Li’s bundle and hung it on her body, she shook her sword and smiled, “Wife, accompany me to Jianghu.”

  Ke Li’s heart beat a little faster than taking liberties with her. She mumbled to herself in a low voice, “The people in Jianghu are dangerous.”

  Shi Jian took her hand with her ten fingers clasped, “There will only be me and you in Jianghu.”


  Ke Li didn’t linger any longer. They left here quickly. Afterall, they would be in trouble if they were caught. Then they found several sets of clothing worn by farmers in the village. When Shi Jian helped Ke Li changed from a girl’s bun into a woman’s, they dressed up as ordinary couples.

  After that, they borrowed a ragged carriage and took the path all the way to the south.

  Shi Jian told Ke Li about all the recent events, including being forced to marry, so the joy of their reunion was diluted. Despite the uneasiness in her heart, she asked, “Si Qu, for us to be together, is it worth it?”

  ”It’s worth it.” Ke Li leaned on Shi Jian’s shoulder and thought to herself this woman had given up her good life for herself. This wasn’t something that most women would do before same-sex marriage was common in the real world.  

  “Sister Shi Jian, call me Ke Li from now on.” When she saw her face, she was puzzled. Ke Li explained, “This is my nickname and I like it.”

  Then Shi Jian nodded, turned to smile and said, “Then would you still call me sister Shi Jian? Could it be that you want to call me sister? Meimei and jiejie together really…”1Meimei – younger sister; jiejie – older sister; really (the characters used for this sets the tone to express disapproval).

  “Shi Jian, don’t you win an inch and want a foot.” Ke Li angrily interrupted her words and picked up her chin, she mysteriously said, “Beauty, is it exciting to escape marriage for me?”

  “Exciting,” Shi Jian replied and lowered her head to cover Ke Li’s fingertips, she nibbled gently and couldn’t help but stick out her tongue to lick.

  The tip of her finger was wrapped in warm heat and Ke Li seemed as if she was suddenly stung by a bee. She quickly retracted her hand, her face was red and mumbled, “Don’t be bashful.”

  [Gee, the air is full of the rotten sour taste of love.] Doudou roasted her, then consciously went to sleep and didn’t want to bicker with the woman in love.

  Ke Li was too lazy to pay attention to Doudou. Shi Jian and Ke Li talked about what had happened these days and made a deal.

  When the sky was getting dark, the two finally dawdled to town and found an inn in good condition.

  When you’re in love, as long as the two were together, there were sweet bubbles everywhere even while they ate. For the first time, Ke Li felt this feeling which was both unique and exciting.  

  Shi Jian also felt sweet but didn’t say it in her heart. Instead, she paid more attention to the layout here. Although it was remote, she couldn’t take it lightly. After that, she went to find a village. In their capacity, only by being in the poorest place it wouldn’t be easy to find them, and it was the most peaceful location.

  However, she didn’t want Ke Li to suffer. She had to go home to visit her parents, so she needed to start a basic business instead of idling on a mountain.  

  At a time, Shi Jian was caught in a dilemma.

  ”What are you thinking about? It’s time to eat.” Ke Li knew that Shi Jian was worried, and she stabbed her shoulder with her chopsticks.

  ”Nothing, feed me.” Shi Jian directly put down her chopsticks and slightly opened her mouth waiting for Ke Li to feed her.

  Ke Li looked at Shi Jian’s red lips and soft tongue. Suddenly, she felt devious and impatient and her face was hot. She lowered her head and casually held the vegetables and almost touched Shi Jian’s nose.

  At that time, Shi Jian glanced at Ke Li’s blushed face and let go of her worries and ate wholeheartedly.

  After eating, bathing, and sleeping, they laid in bed with their hearts finally settled down from missing each other.

  Ke Li couldn’t help but kiss Shi Jian and used the tip of her tongue and breath.

  Now, there was no task on Ke Li’s mind, only the most basic emotion, desire. Her body’s manic movements made her urgently think that in the next second she will stick onto Shi Jian’s skin which will become harmonious.  

  Just as she was about to move, the relationship between the top and bottom changed dramatically.

  Ke Li stared at Shi Jian lying on her body, knowing what will happen next, but she was still not confident, “You…do you understand?”

  “I’ve missed you for more than three months, how could I not understand, isn’t it just the matter of making children?” She went to the brothel once when she was bored and found the so-called female book. Of course, she could think of what Ke Li had thought.

  ”…” Ke Li always thought that she would be the one who had understood the most. Unexpectedly, Shi Jian understood too. Suddenly, she was sad. She regretted her fingers and touched them, then gently pushed Shi Jian away.

  Shi Jian thought that something urgent had occurred and didn’t understand, “What’s the matter?”

  Ke Li secretly glanced at Shi Jian’s smooth and round fingers and said in a muffled voice, “I want to cut my nails.”

  Shi Jian looked at her slender white fingers, then took the initiative to look for scissors and said, “I’ll cut them for you.”

  “…” Ke Li could only reach out with a red face and let Shi Jian do it.

  While Shi Jian was cutting carefully, she was very serious as if she was cutting something of great value. After cutting the ten nails, she didn’t forget to polish the outline once more. The more Ke Li looked at her face, the hotter her face became, and she didn’t want to look directly at her.

  Shi Jian cleaned up the activity and put away the tools, “Let’s go to bed.”

  The meaning of going to bed was self-evident. Ke Li was single and had no “domineering spirit” and was so nervous that she laid upright on the bed, waiting under the quilt.

  Shi Jian was also nervous, but always easily diverts her own mood, so that she didn’t show it and finally dominated everything.

  She gently broke away from Ke Li’s body and kissed her, then kissed her face. Finally, she took off her clothes. The two were sincere, soft, close and tight. Their bodies were inseparable.

  Afterwards, the excessive foreplay was like a battlefield as if a town was besieged as the five fingers reached the lavish fragrant grassy spot.

  At this time, Shi Jian smelled the delightful fragrance of flowers while Ke Li was lying dead the entire time.

  Doudou also wants to see the bloody picture, but unfortunately it was all mosaic. Its eyes can only mistakenly stare at the task’s completion and couldn’t stop watching the affection and intimacy value rise.  

  Just as Ke Li was about to say something, Doudou was ecstatic and said, [Host, the task is complete.]

  Mission completion means leaving at any time.

  Ke Li: “…”

  Now her situation seems to be like a flood that was about to burst the dike and she was stopped by someone in the middle of the way. She couldn’t vent at all and could only swallow her mouthful of blood.

  She only wants to kill now!

  No, she wants to kill the system!

  1. Meimei – younger sister; jiejie – older sister; really (the characters used for this sets the tone to express disapproval).

I can’t believe JJWXC took this down from their site, there is no explicit smut…jeez tough policies. Hahaha Ke Li thought she wouldn’t be “finished” if she suddenly was extracted when Doudou said that.

The mirror raw site that all the chapters are accessible, unfortunately don’t have author’s note and only available at the VIP paid site. 🙁 We will be missing some content from the creator.

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