Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 19

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Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 19

Look! Fairy Fight!

Ke Li’s face paled and stared at Shi Jian who was “working”.

  “What’s wrong? Does it hurt?” When Shi Jian noticed Ke Li’s strange absentmindedness, she raised her head and comforted her carefully, fearing that her skills would not pass the standard and give her what she wanted.

  Ke Li returned from her mind and replied, “No, you continue.”

  Shi Jian continued to sulk, but her actions were gentler.

  It’s a pity that Ke Li’s mind wasn’t there, while she lets Shi Jian thrust in and out, she didn’t have the feeling of wanting to release herself and rush into the clouds.

  Yes, the task is complete, it’s time to leave.

  Ke Li’s heart was extremely reluctant, staring at the bed’s canopy, and asked in her mind: “Doudou, can I stay for a while?”

  She didn’t want to leave as soon as she finished the task, what’s the difference between that and lifting her pants and not recognizing people? They agreed to face the future together. She wasn’t in a hurry to go back now. She just wants to stay with Shi Jian until she gets old.

  [Host, you can apply for a waiver, that is, to delay the completion date of the task, so that you can stay in this world and leave when you want.] Doudou said this as it tried to open its eyes, but it could only see a bunch of mosaics.  

  After applying for a waiver, its performance was still there, but … its host’s sex life was almost gone.

  Doudou kindly reminded: [Host, you better be happy. Don’t think of me at this moment, and slowly consider the application tomorrow. Goodbye.]

  ”…” Ke Li returned to her senses and once again wanted to kill Doudou.

  When Shi Jian’s movement unknowingly stopped, she sat on the bedside next to the clothes that she recently obscenely took off. Her face was black, and she watched attentively at Ke Li who was not wearing a single thread.

  Ke Li felt uneasy and pinched her leg. As expected, it was sticky, and her face burned red instantly. She pretended to be relaxed and said, “A’Shi Jian, why don’t you continue?”

  “So, I can keep watching you zone out while I’m doing it?” Shi Jian’s face was cold, and her tone was very depressed.

  Obviously, just a moment ago there was firewood that burned like a raging inferno and it seemed at any time, things might have gotten out of hand. However, as she was doing it, Ke Li suddenly quiet down, there was no interaction as she no longer moaned and gasped.

  The entire time, she was working hard on her own and Ke Li didn’t provide any feedback. What’s the point of doing this?

  She started to doubt her skills.

  ”……” Ke Li knew that a moment ago she was badly distracted, and this would be difficult to deal with. She was incessantly annoyed in her heart and wanted to grab Doudou and beat it up. She paused and took the initiative to curry favor, “I was wrong.”

  Shi Jian continued with a serious face and her cold voice said: “Anyways, let’s not continue.”

  Ke Li took the initiative to place her hand on her body and with a soft voice, explained, “I was just homesick and didn’t deliberately ignored you.”  

  Shi Jian glanced at Ke Li and saw that she didn’t look like she was lying, she laid down and hugged her gently. She was nervous and said, “Do you regret it?”  

  ”No regrets, I missed you more than being homesick.” Ke Li responded and began to feel restless. She wasn’t dressed, she rubbed around and felt the fire reigniting.

  Shi Jian’s eyebrows raised, she turned over1 Turn over (fig) to free oneself to continue the matter from a moment ago. Two people played an intense bout on top of the bed and the alluring women fought from time to time to disseminate bursts and urgently gasped for breath.

  Doudou recited the Amitabha. Fortunately, it didn’t affect its host’s sex life, otherwise it would be a big sin.

  The crazy nightlife doomed Ke Li’s legs and back to be weak the next day. Fortunately, her body was fortified with kung fu, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to climb out of bed.

  Ke Li murmured: I’m guilty of eating meat and still want to eat it.

  When she woke up, she kissed Ke Li’s lips tenderly. Then she clasped her fingers and stayed under the quilt all morning.

  She waited for Shi Jian to get out of bed. Afterwards, Ke Li who had the quilt wrapped around her body like a tube submitted the application to delay her task’s completion and asked, “I want to postpone until I spend my last years together with the female host. Doudou, will this affect your performance?”

  [It doesn’t matter. The actual task was completed yesterday. The rest depends on the host’s endurance. The system only records the completion time.]


  Ke Li who had tasted sweetness wanted to be devious and slyly thought, what’s endurance capability? She wasn’t running to the train every day, she flew!

  The following days were regarded upon as the tail wind with the current.2 Tail wind upon the current (analogy) her days henceforth was smooth and filled with happiness

  Shi Jian wanted to find a place to settle down, Ke Li knew what kind of world she created. Some forces that originally belonged to the male lord could be seized now. Anyway, Lin Wentian no longer had protection.

  Shi Jian and Ke Li disguised themselves on the road and “accidentally” found the forces prepared for the male lord, then befriended them. They were running businesses of all sizes and they traveled from time to time but lived happily.

  Five years later, Ke Li and Shi Jian lived a very interesting life and were already the behind the scenes owners of a well-known business, and there were branches all over the country.

  While they were playing in Jiangnan, they encountered Dong Ge.

  At this time, there was already a good person besides Dong Ge. It’s said that she was a female assassin who wanted to assassinate the emperor. She was seriously injured at that time. After being rescued by Dong Ge, she found that all the previous traps were set up by others. In order to repay her kindness for saving her life, she stayed with Dong Ge this entire time. Finally, they developed into a couple.

  Shi Jian and Ke Li didn’t asked too many questions about it. They just congratulated their friend on finding a good person.  

  They were no longer the impulsive teenagers, now they were like ripe fruits and were intelligent and attractive. They no longer deliberately pretended to be husband and wife, because they were not afraid of being discovered by their families, but they had no face to go back.

  Dong Ge complained: “You two have no conscience. You’ve been away for so many years and didn’t even send a single message.”

  They both were embarrassed and smiled.

  Dong Ge didn’t stir up feelings with them either. She tells them all about what happened after they left.

  Lin Wentian was killed by his group of close female friends. In fact, it was caused by Jiang Chi’s breakthrough who made a pit for him to die by creating multiple sowed dissension. It’s not surprising, as long as there were more women, there were more places where people died. Lin Wentian finally died within a cluster of flowers, valued as a slag.

  At that time, Shi Yao married a good wife and changed his bad habits from back then and became a famous young general.

  As for Jiang Guo’s business, Dong Ge wasn’t clear, but the two countries were still on good terms and there was no trouble.

  In fact, Ke Li and Shi Jian both already knew, while they were doing business all around, they also paid attention to their families.

  Dong Ge leaned against her family’s wife assassin and lazily persuaded, “A’Shi Jian, at the end of the month is your father’s fiftieth birthday. Do you want to go back and have a look?”

  Shi Jian pondered in silence and finally clenched Ke Li’s hand and replied, “Go, it’s just happens that we are going the same way.”

  She wasn’t nervous, now they had their own businesses and wasn’t afraid of going out and starving to death. She just felt guilty and had no face to see her parents.  

  Shi Jian wrote to Shi Yao and knew that the two old people were in good health, but her mother had some minor illnesses recently, which made her feel relieved.

  When Shi Yao told the news to the family, Marshal Shi didn’t want to see Shi Jian. He thought that she wanted to come and leave, was Shi’fu a restaurant?

  The Shi mother was soft-hearted and her most worried fear was that her daughter was suffering outside these years. As long as she can come back, she will recognize her even if she was with a woman.

  Shi Yao was the inside mediator between them. Fortunately, he knew his parents’ temper and even if they said they would not meet her no matter what. In fact, in their hearts, they missed their daughter very much.

  After the Marshal snuck some peeks and met his daughter, he was depressed for a few days and didn’t say anything else. When her mother saw that everything was fine, she didn’t blame Ke Li for taking away her daughter.

  The human heart was constant and strong. If they come out of the closet desperately, they will be reunited with their parents as long as their hearts were with each other.

  When they went to Ke’fu, it was the same. The old people on both sides acquiesced their relationship.

  Ke Li has always been with Shi Jian, accompanied her over the years until her hair turned white and she started to droop from age and eventually accompanied her to become a piece of loess between the heavens and earth, the two were buried when they were 70 years old.3 Loess – type of sandy deposit; basically Ke Li accompanied Shi Jian even after death and their remains became pieces of grits.

  Ke Li felt that she had lived a really long life, there were joys and sorrows with relatives, friends and spouse.

  When she returned to the real world, she was awakened by Doudou. She was lying in a nutrition bin like the living dead, recalling the life she had spent with Shi Jian. At last, a line of clear tears flowed from the corner of her eyes and she finally became silent.

  Knowing that all this was a big dream, how could her heart return to how it was in the beginning?

  Ke Li was a little bewildered and couldn’t distinguish reality from illusion. She couldn’t settle down until she felt someone was gently rubbing her temple and that person’s fingertips were cool, then a comfortable feeling penetrated her body and she was calm.  

  She was like a child who had a long dream. Sleepiness came from all directions and she fell asleep slowly under the comfort of that person.

  When she woke up, Ke Li’s brain was much more relaxed, and the sadness related to Shi Jian also weakened. When she opened her eyes, she saw Shen Qing’s delicate face.

  ”Li’er, how are you feeling now?” Shen Qing’s heart was full of guilt and worries.

  Ke Li carefully looked around and confirmed that she really returned to the real world. She was excited and lost. She tried to sit up but found that she was a little disappointed. She laid down and said, “Mom, was it just you that rubbed my temple? What technique did you used?”

  She was prepared to adopt an appeasing policy, hoping that her mother won’t make her do anymore tasks with her obedience.

  She was too tired to do the task. Her body and mind were tired.

  However, Shen Qing didn’t understand Ke Li’s feelings at all. She patted Ke Li’s hand and said with disgust, “Mom thinks a lot, everyday I’m looking for a girlfriend, so I don’t have time to take care of you. You can find a girlfriend and let her take care of you.”  

  ”…” Ke Li didn’t know how the topic turned into finding a girlfriend but felt a headache.

  Ke Li’s family is divorced, and her parents divorced a long time ago. She grew up with Shen Qing. However, Shen Qing isn’t a reliable mother. In addition to asking Ke Li to go to blind dates to find a girlfriend, she spends the rest of her life finding a girlfriend for herself.  

  In fact, Ke Li was almost used to it. She looked up at the ceiling in a daze.

  ”Little Li woke up?”

  Suddenly a soft, watery sound sounded from the ear, like the clear spring in the mountain, crisp and sweet. Ke Li returned from her subconsciousness and saw the face of the person. Her eyes narrowed slightly, and her face was confused.

  That person is too familiar, and she didn’t know how exactly she was familiar, but it felt complicated.

  “How do you not know her? She’s your sister Shi Jin.” Qing Shen explained, “She took care of you all night so your mental strength can be calmed.  I didn’t expect that you would be a small brat and unexpectedly not even appreciate it.”

  Shen Qing reminded Ke Li at last, starting from the beginning and Ke Li finally remembered something and put her head on straight, “Know.”

  That’s the girl her mother been chasing.

  Her future stepmother?

Author’s Notes:

“Stepmother” is going to cry!

This article can also be called: The journey of the mother-daughter both pursuing the wife.

  1. Turn over (fig) to free oneself
  2. Tail wind upon the current (analogy) her days henceforth was smooth and filled with happiness
  3. Loess – type of sandy deposit; basically Ke Li accompanied Shi Jian even after death and their remains became pieces of grits.

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