Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 20

Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her

The Whole Plot is Very Meaty, Very Red, Excessively Locked Up

  After leaving her novel, she thought, how could this person be so familiar?

  This kind of familiarity from not knowing but caused her to have a hazy feeling of familiarity. In this life, Shi Jin and herself have never encountered each other. Afterall, this was her mother’s future girlfriend, not her girlfriend.

  Seeing Ke Li’s stupefied expression again, Shen Qing knocked her head politely and said, “What’s with that foolish expression? Quickly, greet her?”

  Ke Li rubbed her hair and said, “Sister Shi Jin.”  

  In the novel world, she used to call out Shi Jian smoothly, unexpectedly it was truly like this, she beat herself while saying hello.

  Ke Li felt incredulous and then turned to wink, her face was annoyed and wronged. She should have called her auntie, but then she remembered that Shi Jin was only seven years older than her.

  Shi Jin from head to toe was a kind of sweet-tempered beauty. Her face reflected this more and more, her skin was white and rosy, the color and luster were alluring as if it would be a crime to casually talk.

  Ke Li only saw the bright red lips open and close, and made a pleasant voice: “En, how do you feel? Do you remember what happened before?”

  Ke Li was nearly dazzled blind and her eyes were somewhat embarrassed. She thought about it for a moment. All the things she had experienced were diluted, as if she was just a spectator. She quietly watched a person named Ke Si Qu fall in love with the novel’s female lead, they knowingly courted each other and finally became dust together.

  The feeling of lost love was gone. Ke Li asked, “What did you do to me?”

  Before Shi Jin could answer, Shen Qing said, “Ordinary emotions are separated out that’s all, otherwise you would still be in Shi Jin’s bosom weeping, hey, my old face has been thrown away by you.”

  ”…” Ke Li secretly looked at Shi Jin’s chest, Although, she was wearing a uniform, Shi Jin’s chest undulation was very obvious. Her figure was also first-class, straight long legs, waist that wasn’t full of one’s grip…

  Ke Li couldn’t help but look up, until she saw the pair of eyes full of tenderness but were deep as obsidian.

  ”…” Ke Li was even more embarrassed. Her heart said that it was a result from the mission. Otherwise, how could an airport like her, pay attention to other people’s breasts?

  She turned away from her face and bluntly shifted the topic, “Mom, I’m all like this. Do I have to continue the task?”

  As she said that, she coughed weakly to show her weak physique. In fact, she was lively and well, and could fight with the computer 300x at any time.

  “Yes, continue. If you don’t learn how to fall in love, you won’t stop, or you’ll get your marriage certificate immediately.” Shen Qing’s face was kind, but what she said wasn’t discussed at all.

  ”…” Ke Li was helpless, Shen Qing wasn’t young. However, the longer she lived, the younger she was. Like a playful child, she can only say, “I have learned.”

  Shen Qing decisively shook her head: “No, you didn’t.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Shen Qing wanted to say something but was interrupted. “Sister Qing, don’t force her.”

  Shen Qing stared at Ke Li and sighed. As she pulled away and walked off, “I didn’t force her. Anyway, she’s also idle. Little Jin, you and I will go to the other departments to have a look. Don’t worry about this little ungrateful one. Let her emerge and perish on her own.


  ” ……” Ke Li looked at her mother and future stepmother who discussed passion and talk of love, in addition to roasting her. She felt even more bored, she tried the test system but found she was still here.  

  Since she couldn’t escape the task, then she could only continue to mix with the system.

  Ke Li happened to be idle and asked, “Doudou, how was your performance?”

  [Thanks to the host’s blessing, I got an S on this task, and the minister also praised me.] Doudou was overwhelmed by favor from its superior and almost danced in the same spot, unfortunately it was just a ball.

  Ke Li rolled her eyes and didn’t care about Doudou anymore. She tried to recall all kinds of things with Shi Jian, but there was only one whole timeline. Those feelings from her own experience had weakened and even the feelings of missing her was weakened.

  She completely turned into a participant who was an outsider.

  What was the meaning of the task? Apart from experiencing love, nothing else has been gained.

  But who told her to be free? Who told her to have such a mother? Who said she had such a stepmother?

  Ke Li thought of Shi Jin’s appearance again and frowned slightly. Although Shen Qing has always been the one to raise her, when she was a child, she only gave her money, provided her food and clothing and lived with her. When she grew up, Shen Qing treated her like a sister, but she still had an Oedipus complex.

  When she thought that her mother would live with Shi Jin, Ke Li felt a faint sadness.

  Just when Ke Li was still sad, Doudou’s voice sounded in her ear: [Host, see you in the next mission world.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  She still hasn’t asked her mother if she really wanted to bend her!

  In fact, the answer was self-evident, Ke Li just wanted to know the reason, even if she dies, she must understand.

  By the way, there was another big problem.

  Ke Li asked: “Doudou, if I do tasks all the time, does that mean I will fall in love with many female lords?”

  Although she no longer had feelings from when she was with Shi Jian, she only had one heart.

  [Don’t worry about that at all. After the emotions are released, the host is guaranteed to meet a love one.]

  Doudou felt that this statement wasn’t correct and promptly saved itself: [The previous emotions has been weakened. Now the host only remembers the various ways of getting along with the previous female host, but has no feelings from the heart, so only the flirting skill is obtained, the host isn’t a slag at all.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  She comforted herself silently: life is like a strong rebel, since she couldn’t resist, lie down and enjoy it.

  Doudou thought about it and said: [By the way, it’s said that people with Oedipus complex like older age groups. Do you want to change to a suitable world?]

  ”… Shut up!” Ke Li made her think of the person who was seven years older than herself.

  She shook her head violently, but her stepmother, even if there were signs of bending, she couldn’t rob her mother’s girlfriend.

  Yes, Ke Li still doesn’t admit that she’s bent. She only thought that it was forced by the system, but it wasn’t important anymore. Let’s do the task honestly.  

  Next time, she must make it clear with her mother. She couldn’t do such a dubious task.

  [Host, then you’re ready to receive the general storyline of this world.]


  This is a typical dog blood1 Dog blood – cliché love story in which the overbearing president fell in love with her. Of course, pay attention to the words “fell in love with her”. The position of this in the phrase determined the difference between love and desire.  

  The female lead Shi Lin Luo and male lead Cui Lin were the standard match for Cinderella and the tyrant. But the Cinderella here was not nothing, just her family background was “grey” compared with the male lead.

  Moreover, Cinderella didn’t belong to the tyrant in the beginning. She had a possessive pursuer, the vicious female supporting lead from the story and another tyrant – Ke Zhe.2 Ke Zhe – her character name means to bend again…(zhe)

  Ke Zhe took great pains to bully and take advantage of Shi Lin Luo’s parents and finally married her.

  By the way, this society had same-sex marriage.

  However, Ke Zhe’s way of love was too domineering. Her desire for control and possession was too strong. In the small house there was everything that should be there was there such as whips. In addition, the male lord, Cui Lin sometimes shook in front of the female lord from time to time. So, Shi Lin Luo has no love for her, but hates her deeply to the bone. Finally, with the help of the male lord, she finally escapes from her clenching claws and with the male lord, sparked love with him.

  To put it simply, the female lord Shi Lin Luo saw Ke Li as the dark tyrant while the male lord Cui Lin was the warm tyrant.

  Ke Li was now wearing the vicious female supporting lead.

  ”…” Ke Li regretted that she had written such a rigid relationship between the mistress and her spouse. Now even if they were married, they can’t fall in love.

  [Host, next is the plot after the slag.]

  After the invasion of the scum male system, the warm Cui Lin became a scum male. He not only forced sex with his female host, but also induced infidelity with his marriage with the female host. He also took fancy to the vicious female supporting lead, Ke Zhe and various other female counterparts.  

  He wanted to enjoy without lifting a finger the happy fate of a man from Qi.3 The happy fate of a man from Qi (idiom) the joy of having several partners So, he designed to frame the commercial crime of Ke Zhe and wanted to control Ke Zhe and her industries.  

  The arrogant and paranoid Ke Zhe, of course, didn’t yield to the male lord. She chose to kidnap the female lord and commit suicide together, but she didn’t succeed. Instead, she was killed on the spot.

  After the female lord and male lord were together, the male host became another Ke Zhe. He loved on the female host every day and played the overbearing president… on top and love to no end. He also had three small white moonlights of all kinds in this slag plot. In short, the life of the female lead was very miserable.

  This was the dog blood novel written by Ke Li in her early days. She didn’t know whether she wanted to retaliate against society back then. In short, the whole plot was very meaty, very red, excessively locked up.  

  The plot after the male master changed into a slag was even more fleshy, and she couldn’t bear to look at it directly.

  [Host, do you think the task would be easier since you are already married?]  

  Ke Li: “…”

  “Would you make the task so easy?”

  She already nearly felt that she understood the piss quality task.

  Besides, this task was merely not simple. In the last world, there was slow growing romance, but this world obviously must let the female lead change her feelings from hate to love. If she doesn’t have the golden finger, she suspects that she will fail.

  Doudou cruelly said: [No.]

  ”…” When Ke Li transmigrated into the book, she wasn’t lying on a luxurious big bed or going to bed, but walking on the way, er, on the way to the bed.

  As for what was on the bed, naturally it was self-evident.

  To be honest, Ke Li was a little nervous at the moment. Originally the oppressive body was chasing her wife to the point of crematorium.  

  Doudou clenched its fist and comforted: [Host, don’t be nervous, you are now the overbearing president.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  But she didn’t want to live the life of a tyrant!

  [At present, it is the fourth day after you and the female host were married. The current plot is based on what you wrote in your novel. What did you do to the female host? Please slowly recall.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  At the beginning, in order to mold the female partner, Ke Zhe was paranoid and domineering and it was natural that the female lord suffered.

  It seemed that she had written on the fourth day after marriage, the female host has already experienced the miserable wedding night, the bathroom play…

  Before pushing the door open, Ke Li had cold sweat.

Author’s Notes:

This world is also called: The good record of slag attack.

Of course, the system also the following operations ● v ●

This is a battle of an overbearing president who turned over (x) to lie flat.

I hope that the collection of pre-collected articles “Marriage in Prison (GL)”

Shi Jian likes to talk softly but dislikes her.

In this case, it’s better to imprison her since then.

An engagement, playing with her.

Kiss her eyebrows, kiss her lips, abuse her heart.

In the end, Shi Jian found that she was reluctant.

To love and kill each other is also an imprisonment of love.

To know each other is the sound of love.

Loyal dog paranoid x indifferent royal sister

P.S. little angels who don’t want a one-night stand can read collected columns.


  1. Dog blood – cliché
  2. Ke Zhe – her character name means to bend again…(zhe)
  3. The happy fate of a man from Qi (idiom) the joy of having several partners

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