Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 21

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Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 02

Infatuated with Her1 Google translated this as Sexual hair (受性大发), and I had never seen this word before, so I asked my Chinese friend. This is one of those phrases that doesn’t translate well so I used the best substitution of it. Basically, if a guy happens to see a hot attractive woman walk by, they really really want her. So, it’s basically an infatuation or an obsession to possess said woman.

Ke Li took a deep breath and repeatedly reminded herself that she was a tyrant, she finally pushed the bedroom door open.

    Her first impression of the bedroom was that it was spacious and bright. There were not many things inside. The most eye-catching object was the pure-white bed that was big enough for five or six people to sleep on. It’s more than enough for exercise.  

    There was a little bump on the bed, the person on the bed seemed to have no sense of security, the whole person was curled up to herself and only occupied a small area. It seemed that the bed that was surprisingly large, gave a sense of loneliness.

    Ke Li knew that it was Shi Lin Luo, the female host. She took slow steps towards the bed and held her breath.

    Shi Lin Luo laid on her side on the bed. She had long curly maroon hair, long eyelashes, an exquisite straight nose and a small red mouth that slightly twitched. Her appearance was refined as if God personally sculpted her. 

    Her skin looked delicate as if the wind could break it, but her eyebrows were slightly frowning, as if she was not peaceful in her sleep.

    Shi Lin Luo’s face value was higher than expected, which made Ke Li a little surprised. She subconsciously compared Shi Lin Luo with Shi Jian and found that each of them had their own merits.

    Compared with Shi Jian, Shi Lin Luo was more like a wild cat imprisoned in a cage. She was wild but forced by life to be imprisoned by Ke Zhe. She can only temporarily put away her sharp claws.

    Ke Li wasn’t clear what the time was. She saw that Shi Lin Luo wore a pure white silk nightgown and she almost believed that it was time to go to bed, but she turned to see that the sky had brightened and suddenly loosened and breathe a sigh of relief.

    At this moment, Ke Li looked down at her clothes, and the black asceticism suit was exactly the same as the overbearing president in her fantasy. Unfortunately, Ke Li wasn’t an asceticism at all.

    Suddenly, Ke Li wanted to see what kind of face she was wearing and went to the full-length mirror. The person in the mirror was dressed in a black suit. Her face looked knife-cut. She was delicate and cold. Her five facial features weren’t soft as a woman’s and her whole body exclude a fierce fighting spirit.

    Ke Li pulled the corners of her mouth and the facial expression in the mirror also pulled, but this seemed to be inconsistent to her character. This was her first time as a tyrant and her heart wasn’t suitable at all.  

    In order to be safe, Ke Li asked, “Doudou, is it still the same old rules?”  

    [Well, try not to destroy the original overbearing president image of the original owner. It’s best to let the female owner discover that your slag self is good, then you can brew sauce casually.] Doudou replied easily and looked like it was about to watch a good show.

    Ke Li: “…”

    She’s not a scum! It’s not her who had mistreated the female host. She simply inherited this injustice.

    Doudou reported the latest information: [The current affection value is negative and in a continuous decline, the intimacy value is okay, host refuel.]

    Ke Li: “…”

    For fear of her own collapse, Ke Li silently remembered that she was the tyrant president and didn’t care about anything, as long as she had a straight face and then began to recall the plot.

    According to the plot, last night Ke Zhe tossed around the female host all night. Then went to get ready for work today, she went to the closet to change her clothes. Now, she comes here to give her a good morning kiss.

    In fact, this character was very contradictory. She loves Shi Lin Luo very much, but she doesn’t know how to love. She only knows how to possess and be blindly violent.  

    If she had relinquished herself, softened her mind and communicated well with the woman, maybe later there wouldn’t have been a male lord.

    Ke Li was very clear about her mission. The female lord’s fear of Ke Zhe has become a foregone conclusion, so she can only start by changing herself, but she couldn’t change too much, otherwise the female lord will be in doubt and then that would be a different story.

    Ke Li stood at the edge near Shi Lin Luo and leaned down slowly. Of course, she won’t ask for a good morning kiss. The female host is only afraid of her now and it would only make it worse.

    She just saw Shi Lin Luo’s scattered hair covering her eyebrows and eyes, and it somewhat affected her breathing. If she wanted her to open up, it would because she was the author mother who pitied her daughter the heroine. Afterall, this daughter was really miserable.

    However, at the moment that Ke Li reached out her hand, Shi Lin Luo suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Ke Li warily.

    She was like a cub who had no attack power. She could only express her hatred for Ke Li through her fierce eyes.

    “Lin Luo, are you awake?” Ke Li retracted her hand quietly and deliberately softened her voice.

    It was a pity that Ke Zhe’s voice was originally cold and clear. It sounded very contradictory to Ke Li’s words.

    “En.” Shi Lin Luo’s voice sounded like a mosquito fly. Then she sat up and covered herself with the quilt, as if Ke Li would come over at any time.

    Ke Li won’t, but Ke Zhe would.   

    Ke Zhe liked to be challenged. She hoped that Shi Lin Luo would become submissive to her, but on the other hand, desired Shi Lin Luo to resist. The more she resisted, the more victorious she felt.

    In order to prevent leaving a shadow on Shi Lin Luo, Ke Li didn’t force Shi Lin Luo to kiss her good morning as she did in the original plot but told her: “Then you have a good rest, I’ll go to work first.”

    After leaving the room, Ke Li looked at Shi Lin Luo and hoped that she would give her a small reaction, even if she realized that she was a little bit gentler, but only saw Shi Lin Luo’s body obviously relaxed.

    Ke Li could only leave the room angrily.

    It’s difficult to be a tyrant. It was even more difficult to be gentle and be considered a tyrant.

    Ten minutes later, after it was determined that Ke Zhe had left completely, Shi Lin Luo moved the quilt from in front of her. There was still an odor on the quilt from what was left from the previous night.

    Although this was what a wife should do, she still had a burst of nausea. At the thought of Ke Zhe leaving countless red marks on her body, Shi Lin Luo only felt humiliated all over.

    She moved her sore body and slowly got out of bed.

    Ke Zhe ordered her to stay obediently at home and wait for her to return to tyrannize her. 

    Shi Lin Luo pulled the corners of her mouth into a sneer. The silky nightgown was cold and slippery, it revealed round shoulders with big and small red marks along her shoulders and neck.  

    Shi Lin Luo wasn’t indifferent but already numb.

    The next moment, she rushed into the bathroom, like washing something particularly dirty. She scrubbed herself with the bath ball until her skin was red and almost bleeding, then she sat defeated in the bathtub that was large enough for two people.


    When she came out again, Shi Lin Luo was already dressed. Her dress was completely fitting as the young Ke furen’s identity. But when she walked, she was like a puppet with strings. Anyways, she was just a decoration without freedom.

    Seeing Shi Lin Luo’s figure coming downstairs, Aunt Li hurriedly greeted her and kindly said, “Furen2 Furen – lady; madam; Mrs , xiaojie3 Xiaojie – young lady; miss instructed that after you woke up, be sure to drink this porridge.”

    Aunt Li was the third person in the house. Ordinarily, her existence was extremely low, and she just does housework and cooked in silence. In addition, she handled Shi Lin Luo’s diet. This was the custom Ke Zhe left behind, even though this was only the fourth day that Shi Lin Luo had arrived.

    Shi Lin Luo turned her head and looked at the piping hot porridge for nourishing blood and vitality on the dining table and the other food. Different porridges flashed in her mind before she married into the Ke family. Her face was completely bloodless, and she nodded her head stiffly. Then she sat in the dining room and ate the porridge according to the practice.

    As an experienced old aunt, Aunt Li was anxious for them to get along. She couldn’t help but long-windedly said besides her, “Xiaojie is actually a very good person, but she’s not willing to speak her mind since she was young. After she started working, she suddenly became like this.”

    No matter how good she was described by others, Shi Lin Luo only believed what she had seen with her own eyes. What’s more, Aunt Li’s thoughts weren’t unknown to her.

    “Right, she doesn’t want to say it. She just likes to do it.” Shi Lin Luo’s voice was cold, and her tone was full of sarcasm.

    Old Aunt Li was a little confused then saw the red kiss marks on Shi Lin Luo’s neck, she closed her mouth wisely.

    Shi Lin Luo was like a house pet and finished the meal. She returned to the bedroom and replaced the sheets and cover. Without the scent of ecstasy, she finally got a good night’s sleep.

    She was confined in Ke Zhe’s arms since late last night. With the physical pain from her body, she couldn’t sleep well at all.

    Shi Lin Luo fell asleep for about an hour and answered a phone call.

    “Luo Luo, have you miss me these days?”

    The phone call was from her best friend Liu Meng. Shi Lin Luo’s face had a tired smile. She looked like a frightened rabbit these days. Now she could finally feel at ease and answered, “Yes.” 

    “Luo Luo, since you’ve gotten married, we haven’t hung out. Can you come to Shangxi western restaurant tomorrow, let’s go shopping together?” Liu Meng asked carefully.

    She was very clear about Shi Lin Luo’s marriage like a mountain that has a connecting pulse throughout like a dragon.4 Mountain has a connecting pulse throughout like a dragon (idiom); cause and effects; they whys and wherefores; ins and outs. Marrying into a rich and powerful family implied she had no freedom to act independently.

    Shi Lin Luo also knew what she meant, so she pretended to be relaxed and answered: “Well, then I will ask her first, wait for me to call you back.”


    Shi Lin Luo hung up the phone and dialed Ke Li’s number. Her brow wrinkled involuntarily, for fear that she would be deprived of this right to go out, until a cold voice came from the opposite line: “Lin Luo?”

    “I want to go out today.” Shi Lin Luo explained emotionlessly. “My friend asked me out.”

    “En, I will send A’Kun to send you.”

    Unexpectedly, she didn’t expect to be unobstructed. Shi Lin Luo didn’t appreciate it. She had learned enough about Ke Zhe’s temper these days. She mechanically answered, “Good” and then hung up the phone.

    “…” Ke Li still didn’t get the opportunity to increase her affections. She sat in a fairly luxurious office with a cold face and felt her skin cramp, but she couldn’t collapse this person’s image.

    Ke Zhe was a typical workaholic. When she got married, she only gave herself three days off. However, these three days were used by her to crush the female host and to unlock various positions.

    Even now, Ke Li not only had to clean up the mess, but accept the female host’s rejection and also finish the remaining work. But she was a dead house with purely only computer skills, as she had never dealt with such work before.

    Doudou said in a timely manner: [The former host is the host, this is the benefit of binding to the system.]

    There was a bit of pride while it said that.

    “…” Ke Li didn’t feel like praising it and asked the most important question: “Would I have suddenly wanted to be the excessively brutal Ke Zhe?”

    [Still that sentence means that the former host is the host. You ought to take responsibility and should suffer greatly.] Doudou was in Ke Li’s mind, so Ke Li naturally knew which “shou”5 Shou – inborn/defect it was talking about.


    Ke Li regretted that she had shaped Ke Zhe into a workaholic. If she had known earlier that she would have ultimately tormented herself, she might as well have made a rich second-generation wastrel who only knew how to eat and drink.

    Now she’s here to do the task, but she obviously must not use strong methods to Shi Lin Luo. She busily thought about the work, Ke Li’s face was cold and charming. Suddenly, her eyebrows moved, and she called the driver, A’Kun.


    Shi Lin Luo didn’t pay any attention to Ke Zhe’s face or that she was particularly good to speak with today and her tone wasn’t so cold. For her, as long as that person was Ke Zhe, it was the same.

    She has only been in the Ke home for four days and has only one impression of Ke Zhe – a brutal person.

    The love marks on her body and the first pain her body has ever endured. She once thought that her first time would be beautiful, but it became a nightmare. Once she was on the bed, the woman who was usually ascetic was like a crazy hungry wolf that was fierce and ruthless.

    Shi Lin Luo couldn’t help but tremble at the thought of Ke Zhe in bed. After taking a few deep breaths, she resisted the pain, casually dressed in a long black dress, tied a silk scarf on her beautiful long neck, went out and sat in the driver’s car with A’Kun and went to the western restaurant to meet Liu Meng.

    “Luo Luo, here.” She saw Liu Meng waved to her from afar, Shi Lin Luo took a deep breath and made herself look more relaxed.

    As soon as she arrived at the western restaurant, she became the center of attention.

    An impeccable face, the beautiful and hot body, the smooth jade-like skin, and the extravagant long skirt were definitely the best traits to attract the attention of young boys and girls.

    The people in the restaurant began to whisper, most of them knew Shi Lin Luo. After all, it was the newlywed wife of president Ke Zhe. She was a hot figure in the city newspaper and entertainment newspaper these days.

    Cinderella and the overbearing president were always the topic people discussed enthusiastically and will never become out of date.

    Upon hearing these words, Shi Lin Luo’s brows were slightly wrinkled, and then began to relax. Since they all chose to speculate, she shouldn’t act as an ornament and stand up to pretend to be noble!

    She came to Liu Meng’s side to sit down and said with a smile: “Older sister Cocoa.”

    Liu Meng supported her glasses and carefully looked Shi Lin Luo up and down. Finally, she felt rest assured: “Luo Luo, she…how is she to you?”

    Shi Lin Luo’s face still had a smile, but it looked as if she pretended to be happy. She took a sip of iced coffee on the table and enjoyed the cool feeling. She unenthusiastically replied, “Very good.”

    Liu Meng is older and has a wide range of interests. She looked at Shi Lin Luo’s silk scarf and immediately understood all the problems. She solemnly said: “Luo Luo, you don’t have to lie to me.”

    Shi Lin Luo lowered her eyes and the knuckles holding the coffee cup turned white and whispered, “Then you should understand.”

    Liu Meng’s face changed slightly and said, “Have you ever thought about divorce?”

    “She tried her best to force me to marry her. Do you think it’s possible?” Shi Lin Luo was very clear about all this, but she doesn’t know how long she could endure, for a while, for a lifetime, but it doesn’t matter. Her lifetime may not be very long.

    Liu Meng also knew it wasn’t feasible. She thought of her best friend sudden situation. She was angry and vomited without any scruples as she roasted, “Your good-for-nothing father is really something. For that one small company, he permitted you to get married with face paralysis. Besides he said you weren’t his only daughter.” 

    Shi Lin Luo lowered her head and drank coffee. She doesn’t deny Liu Meng’s accusations that her father wasn’t good or anything else.

    As soon as Liu Meng opens her mouth, she becomes a chatterbox and couldn’t stop. The more she said, the more vigorous she becomes and almost directly turned over the table: “Ke Zhe’s face is so cold like a glass sculpture. It’s never changed for ten thousand years. When you’re wronged, remember to tell me….”

    “Who is a glass sculpture?”

    Hearing someone asking, Liu Meng, who was angry, didn’t blame her for interrupting her speech but said bluntly, “Who else can it be besides Ke Zhe’s facial paralysis?”  

    She didn’t hear movement after she finished speaking. But it was so quiet around her that she could hear a needle falling. Then, she saw Shi Lin Luo gesturing to herself. Liu Meng recalled the cold voice just now. She raised her head incredulously and stared with her eyes wide and asked incredulously, “Ke Zhe?”

    Liu Meng is a typical thief with no guts. She can scold people behind their backs. If she really bumped into evil forces, she can only bow to them. Who told her to be a nobody?  

    She bowed her head and didn’t speak. Her face was remorseful, and she turned her eyes and thought about how to get her words back. Otherwise, Ke Zhe would be angry with Shi Lin Luo and her sin would be great.

    “…” Ke Li glanced at Liu Meng who played a small miscalculation and then turned her attention to Shi Lin Luo.

    She managed to leave her job to her assistant and was prepared to meet Shi Lin Luo. However, she didn’t expect to hear Liu Meng scold Ke Zhe. Fortunately, she wasn’t the fussy boss Ke Zhe, or the female host wouldn’t be able to sleep well tonight.

    She sighed in her heart and sat down on her own. Just as she was about to start the conversation, she heard Doudou’s voice that reminded her to pay attention to her image. She immediately collapsed and said in an almost commanding tone, “Let’s have the meal together.”

    Liu Meng, who was looking for words, nodded and hurriedly called the waiter to order food. She only hopes that the president Ke Zhe would forget many things and was afraid she would be angry at Shi Lin Luo.

    During this period, Shi Lin Luo didn’t even lift her eyelids, let alone gave Ke Zhe a reaction. She was afraid of the ultimate result regardless of her reaction was in bed. Now she was just worried that Ke Zhe would make things difficult for Liu Meng.

    The sudden addition of Ke Li obviously made the relatively relaxed atmosphere become awkward. When the steak was served, Ke Li carefully cut it with a knife and there was no smoke and fire during the meal.

    Shi Lin Luo already kept her calm in the face of the unexpected and immediately mechanically cut her steak.  

    Liu Meng secretly scolded Ke Li in her gloomy heart and sympathizes with Shi Lin Luo. She finally looked up and stealthily snuck a glance. Suddenly, she felt that the two eating had common facial traits that showed that they were predestined to be married together, but similarity there were no feelings.

    Pah, Pah, Pah,6 Pah – spit in contempt Liu Meng scolded herself in her heart a hundred times. No matter how much she bowed down to the evil force, she couldn’t bring down her best friend with her.

    However, Ke Li also felt it was very painful and constantly talked to Doudou and roasted herself. Originally, why did she write such a face paralysis person? She had to eat the meal normally, she was really exhausted to the extreme.

    [Host, you won’t do, ah, merely eating western food. Ke Zhe was busy working during the day and can fight 300 rounds in bed after returning at night.] Doudou sneered coldly.

    Ke Li: “…” Workaholics are devils!

    [Moreover, Ke Zhe is still attacking.] Doudou continued to “praise” Ke Zhe.

    Ke Li endured again: “…” Attack is the devil!

    (TL: Attacking as in engaging/forcing sex)

    [However, after replacing the host, it should be acceptable.] Doudou still remembered that in the last world, most of the time its host was lying down enjoying herself. This time, it should be the same. After all, the female host wasn’t easy to provoke and there is one thing that hasn’t been said.

    Ke Li couldn’t bear it: “Still don’t let people properly have the meal!”

    When they finished eating in near silence, the two people except Ke Li held their breath.

    Now Ke Li only wants to get along with Shi Lin Luo, at least improve the relationship, so she tried to be gentle and asked, “Lin Luo, shall we go back?”

    Originally, she came to accompany Shi Lin Luo to relax. Hearing Ke Zhe’s words, Liu Meng said boldly and bravely, “I want to go shopping with Luo Luo, you…”

    The president Ke Zhe was famous for being a workaholic. She doesn’t believe that Ke Zhe would spend a lot of time with them to go shopping.

    Shopping? Most women love to go shopping. Ke Li has no idea how long it’s been since she went shopping, and this was a good opportunity to improve her affections.  

    She didn’t care about Liu Meng directly, but instead said to Shi Lin Luo, “Lin Luo, I’ll go shopping with you.”  

    Liu Meng: “…”

    President da ren7 Da ren – adult; title of respect towards superior hurry back to your work.

    She saw that Liu Meng’s eyes were asking for help, but Shi Lin Luo didn’t say anything, but her eyes were filled with incomprehension for only a moment. She nodded slightly and said, “En.”

    Decisions made by Ke Zhe has always been difficult to change. She only resigned herself to adversity in her life. Shi Lin Luo has seen it very well. She doesn’t care. She was only afraid Ke Zhe would bring disaster and make things difficult for the innocent Liu Meng and her family.

    Shopping, which was originally used to cheer up the body and mind has become an awkward scene from not saying a word. Liu Meng has been giving meaningful glances at Shi Lin Luo since she got into Ke Li’s exclusive car: Luo Luo, she wasn’t sick, was she?

    Shi Lin Luo frowned and shook her head: I don’t know.

    She also felt that Ke Zhe was a bit strange today, but perhaps it was the silence before the storm.

    In fact, Shi Lin Luo doesn’t know anything about Ke Zhe. She only knew that Ke Zhe was an outstanding alumnus of S University, she was her senior schoolmate, and was the youngest president of Ke corporation, this year she will be 28 years old.

    After these nights, she would hear Ke Zhe say how much she loves her, but she didn’t know when Ke Zhe fell in love with her at all.

    If she could go back in time, she would destroy the event or character that may have caused this encounter, as Shi Lin Luo stared at the back of Ke Li’s head.

    She perceived Shi Lin Luo’s sight, Ke Li who was a burdened pot, heroically turned around to faintly smile, but received a stranger look from Shi Lin Luo. She had no choice but to have a taunt face and to drop her meaningful glance.

    The three people arrived at a high-end shopping mall. Although Ke Li lived in the house, she always liked to take care of her appearance. When she saw all kinds of clothes, she was a little moved and could only suppress her desire to buy. She said expressionlessly, “You can look at it, I will pay for it.”

    What she said definitely felt like an overbearing president, Doudou couldn’t help but applaud.

    Liu Meng saw the opportunity to grasp a small advantage and didn’t want to think about the mood. In addition, she didn’t want to continue to suffocate in this unexpected atmosphere. She held Shi Lin Luo’s hand and said, “Luo Luo, let’s go and see the clothes.”

    “Good.” Shi Lin Luo was satisfied with her best friend’s intentions.

    Shi Lin Luo and Liu Meng could choose some clothes nearby while Ke Li sat on the side with a cold face. She complained until she suddenly saw a newly designed white tube top dress.

    In her mind, she automatically thought of the way Shi Lin Luo would look with the long dress on her body. She felt a little moved. She took the dress to Shi Lin Luo herself and said, “Lin Luo, try it.”

    Shi Lin Luo wasn’t surprised by this, but after seeing the style of the long dress, she hesitated. Finally, she bit her teeth and went to the fitting room to change clothes.

    In order to please the female host, Ke Li had the idea to please her best friend and with the wave of her hand, said, “Miss Liu, you can buy anything. Don’t be polite with me.”

    Liu Meng couldn’t wait to buy with Ke Zhe’s money without hesitation and wasn’t polite at all.

    Ke Li once again sat aside and waited. When Shi Lin Luo came out, her eyes flashed with a trace of amazement.

    Shi Lin Luo’s body was very good, so good that it can be compared with Shi Jin, her body was beautiful and graceful, and her skin was icy and snowy.

    In turn, Ke Li’s eyes were stabbed by the different kiss marks. She saw Shi Lin Luo’s cold eyes, she said to herself in her heart that Ke Zhe really didn’t understand how to have tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex.  

    In order to maintain the character design, Ke Li just raised her eyebrows to indicate to the shopping guide to pay attention to themselves. The shopping guide regained his consciousness and was frightened, he opened his big mouth and bowed to quickly apologized.

    Shi Lin Luo went to change clothes expressionlessly, like a model in a clothing store, as if the person wasn’t her and those hickeys weren’t printed on her.

    Ke Li was somewhat distressed that the female host would feign to be a strong woman. After all, this was her responsibility. She asked people to pack all the selected clothes. No one dared to resist, because she was the president.

    After what just happened, it was undoubtedly a humiliation for Shi Lin Luo. She didn’t speak during the entire process, but her face was getting colder and colder.

    And Liu Meng wasn’t in a good mood.

    It seemed that the effect from this shopping excursion wasn’t good and the female owner’s physical “condition” was worse than she had imagined. Ke Li didn’t want to “brush negative affection” for herself anymore and made an excuse to go back to work and left wisely.

    This time, Liu Meng finally had the opportunity to talk to Shi Lin Luo about what’s on her mind. She took Shi Lin Luo to a private room in a Chinese restaurant and asked before ordering, “Luo Luo, is Ke Zhe normally like this?”

    Everyday this kind of thing with the overbearing president?

    However, she also felt that Ke Zhe wasn’t as callous and hard to get close to as what was said in the magazines and newspapers.

    Finally, when there was only two people in the space, Shi Lin Luo relaxed her entire body and sighed, “Sister Cocoa, I only been married to her for four days, from the start I have no idea how she is normally.”

    In fact, she actually discovered her slight change. But only regarded Ke Zhe as fickle and interpreted it as not being difficult.

    Shi Lin Luo still remembers the first day, that is, the night of her marriage. Although she was always afraid of Ke Zhe and hated her unscrupulous ways, she comforted herself that she was lucky enough to encounter a ruthless tyrant like in the novels that were originally cold-hearted but were exquisite lovers.

    Just as soon as she went to bed, she knew that she was wrong. She would brandish her weakness of her family’s company as a threat, how could a person who forcibly marry her be good.

    At that time, she only remembered that it was very painful, and tears flowed down involuntarily. But the culprit, Ke Zhe suddenly coaxed her with soft words. Her heart defense relaxed a little, then Ke Zhe began downwards to work.

    That person could have two or three faces in the night. In any case, Shi Lin Luo doesn’t dare to believe her anymore. It’s better to let nature run its course than to believe that a demon who eats her would give her warmth.

    She would probably inevitably be fed up soon with this one day.  

    Liu Meng could only immediately sigh in one breath. It has only been four days. She hesitated repeatedly and still cautiously asked, “Luo Luo, your body…”

    Should she ask about the pain? Does she need to go to the hospital for an examination?

    “Sister Cocoa, I’m fine. This is my duty as her wife. I can’t escape.” However, Shi Lin Luo felt afraid of such obligations. Just like now, she could feel slight pain from her body and tonight was doomed to be a sleepless night.

    She saw that Shi Lin Luo was very depressed and Liu Meng couldn’t do anything about it. At last, she could only comfort: “Luo Luo, cheer up, I think she is still very good to you, maybe…maybe it will be better later.”

    What she said a moment ago, she felt that it was very false. Those red marks were the best evidence that showed her best friend’s life was not good. She didn’t expect that Ke Zhe whose face was so serious and ascetic, would be a beast!

    However, Liu Meng is an optimist. Since she can’t escape, she could enjoy it. She was very similar to Ke Li. Unfortunately, life didn’t pick her to be raped but rather picked Ke Li and Shi Lin Luo.

    “Sister Cocoa, you know, there will be no results between us.” Shi Lin Luo complained, “You can see from me that she is a beast and I’m just a tool.”

    Shi Lin Luo’s mother passed away early. Now the current madam of the Shi family is her stepmother. As the saying goes, if there is a stepmother, there will be stepchildren. After her stepmother added a pair of children with her father, she became the most redundant one.

    Over the years, Shi Lin Luo has Liu Meng as her only good friend, so she always felt like a sister or even a mother to her. Some words can only be discussed with Liu Meng.

    Liu Meng, who didn’t know she was playing the role of a mother said comfortingly, “Luo Luo, later if you have something on your mind, don’t hesitate to look for me so we can discuss it together.”


    No matter how the two people dillydallied, they finally had to return home. After all, the driver has been following them all this time, under the name of protection, but was actually a surveillance. After Shi Lin Luo and Liu Meng said goodbye, she returned to that huge prison.

    When Shi Lin Luo returned, Ke Li didn’t come back yet. She was idly reading the magazine on the table, which said how young adults could realize their dreams.  

    Dreams? Shi Lin Luo put down the magazine.

    She was only 22 years old this year. She was a college student who just entered society. Before graduation, she found a job she liked. She thought her life would have gone on like that, but she didn’t think….

    She didn’t expect to be tied to this luxurious villa. Maybe in this lifetime, it will always be like this. This kind of thing, from the beginning was a fall from grace. Shi Lin Luo’s body suddenly had some pain. She went to take a bath, laid in bed in pain and slowly fell asleep.


    She was half asleep and half-awake when Shi Lin Luo heard the subtle movements. Someone was near her and she woke up again.

    Since Ke Li was a tyrant president, she had to work as one. When she finally finished her work, her mind was crammed with too many things to remember and handle, she couldn’t relax.

    After returning home, it was already around 8 o’clock in the evening. She saw Shi Lin Luo lying on the big bed and the quilt that slipped down. Although it’s still summer now, the air conditioner was on. Ke Li went to help her cover herself with the quilt but didn’t expect to wake up the person.

    “First cover yourself and go back to sleep.” Ke Li wanted to speak softly but when it came out, it sounded cold and was like a reprimand.

    Fortunately, she had a heart of ice towards the female host, otherwise this task was really not easy to do.

    When Ke Li said that, she reached out and tried to cover Shi Lin Luo with the quilt. Shi Lin Luo acted like she was being eaten by a snake, shrank back and wrapped the quilt around her body.  

    Although she reminded her heart repeatedly not to care too much, but her body was still afraid of Ke Li.

    Ke Li sighed and said, “I don’t want to eat you.”  

    She saw Shi Lin Luo’s deer-like eyes and knew that she really did eat the female host. Ke Li finally choked the sentence back. In the past three days, she did have a lot to eat. 

    After Shi Lin Luo completely recovered from her sleep, Ke Li took out a long, small box and handed it to her, and said. “This is for you.”  

    Shi Lin Luo was immediately vigilant and asked: “What is it?”

    In fact, Ke Li was actually very embarrassed. Fortunately, she was the president and had a lot of people she could instruct, as well as a private doctor. She frowned and said, “Just take it and wipe it there.”

    After she left, she remembered that Shi Lin Luo had done a lot of things in these two days. In addition, she saw that it was not convenient for her to walk, maybe she had inflammation or a slight tear, so she went to find this kind of special treatment medicine somewhere.

    After two seconds of inactivity, Shi Lin Luo reacted to what “wipe there” meant. She was busy picking up things, for fear that if she was a little slower, Ke Li would find an excuse to do it herself.

    “…” She knew that she was misunderstood again, and Ke Li angrily said, “I will go take a bath first.”

    Ke Li merely thought she could worm her way into being friends with her, nothing more. To say that it was granted that strangers would tell her their whereabouts, but they weren’t strangers. However, Shi Lin Luo interpreted it into a different meaning. She knew that Ke Li gave her medicine specially to make her more comfortable in bed for a while.

    Shi Lin Luo’s eyes were almost frozen with coldness. She took the medicine and went to another bathroom to take a bath. After drying her body, she quickly applied the medicine to the places where there was swelling.

    Then she laid in bed. Shi Lin Luo was very clear about her identity. On the surface, she was Ke furen and was well-regarded boundlessly, but in reality, she was just a tool to vent out one’s lust.

    This was her duty as a wife, she recognized this, but when Ke Li appeared again, her body was still stretched taunt.

    Ke Li pretended to not see Shi Lin Luo’s tension. After her comfortable bath, she finally was relieved of today’s facial paralysis. But when she saw the deep tooth mark on her shoulder, she was startled.

    Naturally, last night Shi Lin Luo was in pain when Ke Zhe bit her. Ke Zhe was so sick to pamper the other. Unexpectedly, this wasn’t even handled at all, and she allowed the wound to develop on its own.

    [Don’t be angry with the host. The female lord is your daughter, and you are with her now. Besides, you will not have a chance to bite in the future.]

    Ke Li rolled her eyes, then grasped the key words and asked: “What do you mean by that?”  

    [Literally.] Doudou said that and ran away.

    Ke Li was forced to let the former get away. Her hair was very long and straight. The light from her hair made her looked very ascetic. She felt that if she blew dried her hair, she could style it in thousands of ways to be more flirtatious.  

    Of course, with Ke Li as the core, the thousands of ways instantly become ten thousand, but no one appreciates it.

    Shi Lin Luo laid upright in bed, she wasn’t in the mood to appreciate Ke Li’s amorous feelings at all, but her heart was building up tension for the next thing.

    Ke Li finished blow drying her hair and thought about Shi Lin Luo’s body. Before going to bed, she asked, “Did you applied it?”

    “Applied.” Shi Lin Luo’s voice sounded flat and faint, but there was a trace of tremor. Anyone who encountered this kind of situation would be afraid. What’s more, she was about to confront Ke Li who could become a demon in bed.

    Ke Li didn’t know that she had become the devil again, but she knew that Shi Lin Luo was just a college student who just came out of the ivory tower. She could bear the current situation with her physiological capacity, which was very good. Ke Li laid down directly to go to bed.

    Shi Lin Luo thought the entire time that Ke Li would make her move. She waited for a long time frightened, but nothing happened. Of course, she didn’t feel that Ke Li had changed her mind.

    How can a ruthless person easily change their mind? Maybe she was waiting for her to go to sleep and then act. Although this was what she thought, Shi Lin Luo still relaxed a lot.

    But Ke Li also felt that it was not good to do nothing. On one hand, she didn’t want Shi Lin Luo to be nervous. On the other hand, she must act accordingly as the overbearing president. So, she chose to compromise, that is, don’t do anything, but just stay and sleep together.

    There are many benefits from embracing others while sleeping, this was a habit that she had, involuntarily clinging to others while sleeping. Ke Li regrettably obtained this habit from the previous world.

    When she felt that Ke Li moved her body, the psychological defense that was removed in Shi Li Luo’s heart was rebuilt. She sneered, sure enough, nothing had changed. She was so nervous that her fingernails pressed against the palm of her hand. She only felt that the place where she had just applied the medicine was faintly aching.

    Ke Li was an activist. After she made her decision, she started to act. At first, she approached Shi Lin Luo bit by bit. Later, she felt that she wasn’t the overbearing president at all. She simply extended her hand and held Shi Lin Luo’s waist directly in the quilt.

    However, just as her hand touched Shi Lin Luo, her heart suddenly felt a sting.

    Ke Li abruptly retracted her hand, and the stabbing pain from her heart disappeared immediately. No wound could be seen on her hand, but the pain was severe, like being pierced by tens of thousands of needles simultaneously.

    Of course, Ke Li certainly didn’t think the problem was with Shi Lin Luo. She asked, “Doudou, what are you doing?”

    However, Doudou only sent her an expression: (*/ω\*)

    And then with a guilty heart…. slipped away.

    Ke Li was very angry: “…”

    “Come out quickly, I promise not to kill you!”

Author’s Notes:

AKA: The tyrant president will bring about a change in one’s fortune.

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  1. Google translated this as Sexual hair (受性大发), and I had never seen this word before, so I asked my Chinese friend. This is one of those phrases that doesn’t translate well so I used the best substitution of it. Basically, if a guy happens to see a hot attractive woman walk by, they really really want her. So, it’s basically an infatuation or an obsession to possess said woman.
  2. Furen – lady; madam; Mrs
  3. Xiaojie – young lady; miss
  4. Mountain has a connecting pulse throughout like a dragon (idiom); cause and effects; they whys and wherefores; ins and outs.
  5. Shou – inborn/defect
  6. Pah – spit in contempt
  7. Da ren – adult; title of respect towards superior

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Haha, funny thing I only posted a chapter 1 teaser for someone on NUF who was asking about the dead link and I went ahead and volunteered for shits and giggles. But the first chapter really did pulled my interest so that’s why I’m announcing chapter 2 will be up this weekend. I’m very grateful for that user asking about this novel, I actually would have never bothered or noticed this gem. <3

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