Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 22

Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 03

It Seems that the Female Host Still Owes Getting on Top

Doudou escaped. Ke Li was so angry that she wanted to fight Doudou.

    She stared at her hands again and saw that there were no wounds and the pain was slowly weakening. It seemed that as long as she didn’t touch Shi Lin Luo, there would be no pain.

    After arriving to this conclusion, Ke Li’s attentive gaze fell on Shi Lin Luo’s body.

    However, Shi Lin Luo was prepared for the upcoming pain, but she didn’t expect that Ke Li would suddenly retreat. She turned her back towards Ke Li, held her arms in front of her chest, froze, and breathed faster unconsciously. Obviously, her body was still on high alert.

    Ke Li noticed Shi Lin Luo’s reaction and retreated a bit. Although the pain in her heart lasted a moment, it left a big shadow on her.

    It was as if a high-voltage current hit her heart directly. Although she tried not to be shocked, fortunately it didn’t hinder her brain.

    Ke Li didn’t want to try again.

    “Doudou, if you don’t come out soon, I will tell them that you abused your authority and treated me harshly. Do you think my mother would believe you or me?” Ke Li threatened with great seriousness.

    As soon as her voice fell, she heard Doudou’s voice in the next second: [Don’t, don’t, don’t, host, I’m doing this for you.]

    Doudou was also very helpless. It just obeyed orders. It wanted to hide for a while, but who told the host to have a mother that was its immediate superior.

    “…” Ke Li rolled her eyes, “Why is it good for me?”

    This pain she had just suffered was the first in her life.

    [Of course, it is good. Now the female owner has a great fear towards your physical contact, so the system buff bonus was arranged. Host, you only need to use your heart to influence the female host, then the task will be complete.]

    Ke Li: “…” It’s easier said than done.

    She finally understood that this was to increase the difficulty of the task in disguise, but Doudou was right. If they got along like this, it was likely that the same mistakes would be repeated.

    Ke Li took a look at Shi Lin Luo’s thin body and then changed her position and pondered more. Imagine that there was a well-dressed beast near you who did animal business day and night. Ke Li had the impulse to embrace Shi Lin Luo.

    But it was just an impulse. Now she was more concerned about the “system bonus buff” and how to remove it, or how she could avoid getting hurt.

    She thought and asked.

    [As long as there is skin contact with the female host, the host will have pain in the heart and the point of contact will feel pain. The longer the contact duration is, the stronger the pain will become. However, the distance is beautiful, after you two have a heart to heart connection, this prohibition will automatically be lifted.] The more Doudou said, the more guilty it felt.

    “…” Pain in the heart? No wonder it was so painful just now. Ke Li thought for a second and said in disbelief, “This wasn’t arranged by my mother, was it?”

    This is too… too hentai.

    [Host, you should do the task quickly.] Doudou selectively ignored the problem and reminded her before hiding: [By the way, the imprisonment is the same as the affection value. It depends on the subjective consciousness of the female host, that is to say, the decision to lift it or not is up to the female host. Only when she really falls in love with the host, will the imprisonment be automatically lifted.]

    Ke Li: “…” This is more hentai!

    She didn’t know why every time she offended the female host, she felt sullen?

    She was clearly also a victim, but the completion of the task depended on the subjective feelings of the female host.

    Ke Li wished that time could go back to the day when she wrote this novel, then she wouldn’t have written this novel.

    However, it was pointless to think about it.

    Now, she had to maintain her image as the overbearing president, but also not have physical contact with the female host. What’s more, its important for the female host to confess to her.  

    When she thought of it, it gave her a headache. The troublesome task had more and more difficulty layers than climbing to the sky.

    Ke Li only felt that her head was smoking. She didn’t want to learn to fall in love like this, this was simply sinful.

    She glanced at the back of Shi Lin Luo’s head and then retreated a little. To be honest, now she was afraid of the female host.

    A few days ago, Ke Zhe did it as soon as she went to the bed, but today she just wanted to hug her when she came back, it was strange now that she thought of it.

    Fortunately, the overbearing president’s style was always unpredictable, and it was normal that her mind couldn’t understand.

    Therefore, Ke Li didn’t intend to explain what had just happened to Shi Lin Luo. She found a comfortable position and went to sleep. The big bed was very comfortable to sleep on and there was a sweet fragrance from Shi Lin Luo besides her. Ke Li soon fell asleep.  

   She didn’t know how long it took. She heard the sound of steady breathing from behind. Shi Lin Luo’s body which had been stiffed, finally moved.  

    Then she moved away again to make herself further away from Ke Li before she started to fall asleep.

    Shi Lin Luo really didn’t think much about why Ke Li suddenly retracted her hand. After all, that wasn’t what she was worried about. Until she fell asleep, Shi Lin Luo was still worried that Ke Li would make her move in the night, so she had nightmares the entire time.

    On the other hand, Ke Li’s whole person slept soundly. She dreamt of the scene where she lived in the single apartment, typing on the keyboard and typing words. Her mouth grinned subconsciously as if to say that if she didn’t have to do the damn task, she would have been fine.

    When she fell asleep, she felt that there was a heat source near her with a refreshing fragrance, she approached it instinctively…

    But there was a price for the intimacy.

    “Hiss!” Ke Li was awakened from her dream and sat upright on the bed. She unconsciously covered her heart and didn’t know when she laid right next to her

    Her hands and heart hurt, but the contact duration wasn’t long and there weren’t any aftereffects.

    However, it took a long time for Ke Li to settle down. She dreamt of eating chicken. As a result, the chicken suddenly opened its mouth and ate itself, this would have normally scared people.

    Ke Li was still a little frightened. When she went to sleep, she was scared again. Shi Lin Luo held the quilt and shrank at the head of the bed. She looked at her cautiously.

    Ke Li wasn’t sleepy: “Why don’t you go to sleep?”

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t answer. Just now, Ke Li’s hand touched her chest directly. How could she sleep so easily? She thought Ke Li was a beastly scum, as a result she always thinks that Ke Li was a beast.

    Ke Li also remembered that she had just touched Shi Lin Luo. Although, she didn’t know where she had touched, she felt it. She pretended to yawn and went to bed under the quilt, but she could no longer sleep.

    She was afraid that after she fell asleep, she would touch Shi Lin Luo again, which would not only hurt again, but also make Shi Lin Luo’s impression of herself much worse.  

    Ke Li couldn’t sleep, and Shi Lin Luo couldn’t sleep. She sat for half the night holding the quilt.

    She also despised herself. She said that she would bear it well. Then one day that person would be fed up and she would become free. But at the critical moment, she still felt cornered and resisted. After all, she only struggled with this matter.

    The next day, they both were in bad spirits. Shi Lin Luo sat at the head of the bed and watched Ke Li get out of bed, get dressed and washed. Everything was normal and abnormal. Ke Li didn’t “retaliate” as she would have expected.  

    Although they only lived together for a few days, they don’t know much about the other, but in bed, she felt that she knew more or less. Ke Zhe was the kind of person who didn’t miss a single opportunity to go to bed.

    She inwardly heaved a sigh of relief and at the same time couldn’t help but suspect that Ke Li wanted to change her methods and wanted to cook frogs in lukewarm water?1Cooking frogs in lukewarm water – slowly change the environment and before Shi Lin Luo realizes it, she fell in love with Ke Li Perhaps she wanted to arouse gentle feelings with honey intentions? Have her surrender herself for a lifetime?   

    Anyway, as long as it was done by Ke Li, Shi Lin Luo only thought of the worst-case scenario as much as possible.  

    After Ke Li washed and rinsed, Shi Lin Luo was still vigilant. She wanted to say that she really didn’t eat people, but who was afraid of who, she wasn’t too sure.

    Then she thought of her personal settings, imitated the standard tyrant’s persona and frowned: “Either go to bed, or get up, or do you want to come here in the morning…”

    As she spoke, she approached Shi Lin Luo.

    How could she gain the opportunity to redeem herself to the female host without her getting out of bed?

    Ke Li also knows that it was easy to get bad feelings, but the female host’s impression of herself has always been very bad. Besides, the establishment of the overbearing president couldn’t be broken. It really needs to gradually collapse little by little.

    Shi Lin Luo got up and her eyes looked cold as always. She had no other ability but to use cold treatment against Ke Li.

    Ke Zhe’s attitude towards cold treatment was always to use violence to curb violence, that is, to solve it by going to bed. They were both stubborn. At the critical moment, neither of them admitted defeat and will always have the matter hang on their backs. But, Ke Li was obviously different from Ke Zhe.

    She didn’t dare to have physical contact with Shi Lin Luo now, let alone go to bed. Wasn’t this asking her to die in bed?

    Since she couldn’t get close to the female host with her body, she permitted everything to take shape into a habit, she could only use words and actions to show that she was better.

    Ke Li seemed to chat casually and asked, “Lin Luo is your body better?”

    Her voice softened a lot, and a person with a discerning eye could hear the clear meaning of care.

    Except for Shi Lin Luo, she couldn’t imagine that Ke Li would care about her. In her opinion, all of Ke Li’s actions were related to bed. Whether she cared about her or whether she was concerned about sating her lust with a tool. She didn’t want to find out and it was beyond her. She was aware and had disdain, she didn’t speak with her cold face.  

    “You relax, I won’t do anything to you all of a sudden.” Ke Li was helpless.

    Her words weren’t convincing, but instead made Shi Lin Luo’s nerves tense. Because every time Ke Zhe wanted to come, she didn’t take into consideration the situation or its outcome.

    “Well, I’ll go out first. You be good and go down to eat.” Ke Li said after a long time, only to feel her hot face stick on her cold butt.2Hot face on cold butt – show warm feelings but met with cold rebuke; to be snubbed despite showing good intentions.

    Now it was wrong, she simply just didn’t dare to stick, but also the position was too hentai.3Ke Li thought of the literal meaning of the idiom she just said now…basically the hentai position of her hot face stuck on Shi Lin Luo’s cold butt.

    Ke Li thought while going downstairs. The female lead she wrote has one thing in common, that is, gentleness. But this kind of gentleness was only reserved for those she loves.  At other times, the female lead was mostly stubborn and arrogant.

    Shi Lin Luo obviously belonged to the stubborn type more than the proud lovable type. Her heart was greatly guarded, in short, as long as she faced Ke Li, she would suffer from paranoia.  

    Ke Li sighed more and complained about the task’s difficulty.  

    When Shi Lin Luo went downstairs for breakfast, she chose the farthest seat from Ke Li.  

    Aunt Li has always found that these two people were very strange when they eat. She saw that their spirits weren’t good. Aunt Li suddenly realized that they didn’t sleep well, and she planned to make more dishes to replenish the blood and supplement their strength.

    After dinner, she finally waited for Ke Li to leave for work, this was Shi Lin Luo’s only free time. Although she had only been here for four days, she felt like it was four years.

    No, the first three days were a lifetime.

    Ke Li naturally knew what Shi Lin Luo hoped for and went to work early. God knows how long she hasn’t been to work since she was a dead house. Before leaving, she specifically ordered Shi Lin Luo to find her if she needed anything.  

    Of course, her tone was almost the same as a command, and she had to be consistent with the tyrant settings at all time.

    Shi Lin Luo gave a perfunctory “En” sound. When Ke Li left, she looked at her incomprehensible face in the mirror. She only felt that today Ke Li talked a lot. The most suspicious thing was that Ke Li didn’t force herself to be intimate with her.  

    Unlike Liu Meng, Shi Lin Luo didn’t comfort herself. She only thought of the worst, that is, Ke Li was brewing, brewing big things, as for what big things, it was definitely related to bed.

    After all, it’s easy for the landscape to change, it’s hard to change one’s essential nature.

    [Host, the female host’s good value for you has dropped again.]

    “…” Ke Li looked like a guarded wolf that wanted to protect herself from the female host. Entirely, there was nothing that could be done, and she had no other choice but to depend on hope to curve to save the nation.


    Shi Lin Luo was lying in bed today as well. She was used to lying down, but now it was much better after applying the medicine. But she had nothing to do, so she could only continue to lie down, but she didn’t expect Ke Li to come back so early today.

    Ke Li already grasped her position as a good accused slag, so she did what a good accused slag would have done. She specially left work early in order to go home and observe Shi Lin Luo.

    Since she couldn’t get close to her, she would change the small things, it will always be subtle.

    Ke Li said: “Lin Luo, I want to eat your cooking.”

    Her tone was unquestionable, fully in line with the overbearing president.

    As long as it wasn’t about going to bed, Shi Lin Luo won’t be so repulsed and naturally she wasn’t very happy. She couldn’t wait for them to become strangers.

    When Shi Lin Luo went to the kitchen and said that she wanted to cook, Aunt Li was so scared and thought that she was about to lose her job. Fortunately, Ke Li, who came next to her simply stated the reason.

    After Shi Lin Luo cut the vegetables, she found that Ke Li was still there and watched herself with those kinds of eyes. Shi Lin Luo’s nerves were tense for a moment. These days, they have done a lot of things, but not in the kitchen.   

    Shi Lin Luo’s eyes were cold almost instantaneously.

    Ke Li watched Shi Lin Luo cook on the sidelines. In order to meet the needs of people, she has to pretend she was serious. She didn’t know what Shi Lin Luo was thinking about at all.

    Until she heard Doudou said in her mind: [Host, the affection value and intimacy value has fallen again.]

    Ke Li: “…” Why did it fall again?

    Ke Li wanted to go. She could only say that she was responsible for all of this. She shouldn’t have written this kind of novel in the beginning.

    Ke Li wasn’t close to Shi Lin Luo and Shi Lin Luo was happy. But her mind was always flying, her heart was always dangling, always worried that Ke Li would want to do it anytime and anywhere. As a result, her favorable impression was brushed, and it fell to the ground.  

    What’s more, Ke Zhe was an abnormal pervert. Shi Lin Luo remembered that the next day after her wedding, Ke Zhe was gentle to her, but the price of gentleness was her whole body in pain the next moment.

    As the author mother, Ke Li naturally speculated Shi Lin Luo’s thoughts. Probably from the beginning she was a bad person, but suddenly became good in her conduct, it caused her heart to be guarded. As the female host who was extremely guarded, she would naturally think of the worst.

    However, Ke Li later discovered and understood that there was nothing that could be done to accomplish the task. After all, the female host thought like this and she was Ke Zhe the president and couldn’t persuade.

    Ke Li held her chin: “It seems…”

    [It seems that the female host still owes getting on top?] Doudou said while it covered its eyes and acted pure.

    Ke Li: “…”

    The system is a soybean!4This is a brilliant joke – soybean spelled in Chinese but broken into single characters – yellow & beans. AKA the word Doudou means “bean bean” in Chinese and yellow in Chinese is equivalent to porno/hentai. This system is a yellow bean! This system is a perverted bean! Same words but different meanings…kinda like a pun.

Author’s Notes:

Have no choice or option but to persuade Doudou with certain justification.

My liver didn’t burst, but I stayed up all night (If I get a little closer, I’ll have a bald head)5Implying, she will be shocked until all her hair singes off and shes bald

  1. Cooking frogs in lukewarm water – slowly change the environment and before Shi Lin Luo realizes it, she fell in love with Ke Li
  2. Hot face on cold butt – show warm feelings but met with cold rebuke; to be snubbed despite showing good intentions.
  3. Ke Li thought of the literal meaning of the idiom she just said now…basically the hentai position of her hot face stuck on Shi Lin Luo’s cold butt.
  4. This is a brilliant joke – soybean spelled in Chinese but broken into single characters – yellow & beans. AKA the word Doudou means “bean bean” in Chinese and yellow in Chinese is equivalent to porno/hentai. This system is a yellow bean! This system is a perverted bean! Same words but different meanings…kinda like a pun.

The next chapter is actually longer than this one and will take me a while longer.

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