Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 23

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Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 04

The Female Lord Shakes M

    Although Doudou was straightforward and rude, its words weren’t rough.

    Shi Lin Luo has not yet recovered from the previous days. It seemed that she needs to be given a chance to heal, so that the relationship between the two will change qualitatively, at least a little less than hate.  

    Ke Li thought for a moment, her mouth was slightly upturned and there was a trace of humanity on her cold face.

    As soon as Shi Lin Luo thought about it, she saw Ke Li’s expression of ill-conceived intentions. Her heart suddenly tightened, and she carefully handled the dishes on the counter. Her spine was taunt from fear for what will happen next.

    Ke Li noticed her expression, she held her arm close to herself as if she was guarded.

    Shi Lin Luo unconsciously moved but there was no expression on her face.

    Ke Li was careful and didn’t get too close. Instead, she stopped half a meter away. Her voice was cold and clear, but it had an indescribable tone: “Lin Luo, I really like watching you cook.”

    The content was very dull, like an ordinary phrase between a husband and wife.  

    Shi Lin Luo “En”, only to feel that the hairs on her back was standing up, as if in the next moment Ke Li would suddenly come over and embrace her.

    Ke Li pretended that she didn’t know that Shi Lin Luo was guarded. Then said, “I’m very lucky to be with you.”

    Ke Zhe’s temperament was inherently contradictory, sometimes affectionate and sometimes cruel. It’s only natural that through Shi Lin Luo’s experience that this was a straight to bed technique.

    Maybe it was because in the last world, she bent, that Ke Li said she appreciated Shi Lin Luo’s fingers.

    Her skin was like jade, just like a scallion, with distinct knuckles, which was shorter than her own.

    It’s no wonder that when Ke Zhe faced the female lord, she often turned into a beast. Ke Li also had guilty thoughts that it would be such a waste to not use such good tools to commit a crime.

    Shi Lin Luo noticed Ke Li’s gaze and her heart suddenly jumped to her throat. She hid her hand under the water and reminded her, “This is the kitchen.”

    Ke Li lazily said, “This is the kitchen?”

    Despite the fact that Ke Li said so many words today with this tone, the hint was very strong. Shi Lin Luo straightened her legs and began to lower her head to cook vegetables. From time to time, she was distracted and had to pay attention to Ke Li’s movements. Sometimes, she doubted whether this person had split personalities.

    “It is.” Ke Li learned to look like a bully, smiled contemptuously, but her heart was worried.

    Shi Lin Luo was very defensive.

    It was too difficult to be a good slag that attacks.

    Ke Li had a cold face and left the kitchen, this action showed that she wasn’t just a sexually oriented person.

    Shi Lin Luo had the heart to cook. The food was just ordinary home cooking. For Ke Li, who was busy with the task in her novel, she hasn’t eaten home cooking before, everything felt so familiar and delicious.

    She ate with relish, saw the woman’s expressionless face that was taunt and joked with the system: “This woman is thinking about going to bed every day, while I think about love anytime, anywhere, ah, why did I have to be such a beast?”  

    Ke Li angrily ate her food, her face was still taunt.

    [Blame the shadow over the bed and the beast.] Doudou analyzed rationally.

    Ke Li: “…” Actually, she thought that it was reasonable, and only the present Ke Zhe can be used, but this kind of thing can change in a small way, that is, the interest between the couple.

    In the evening, the two still slept on the same bed.

    Ke Li was so worried that she couldn’t sleep. Even if the female host thought about her various behaviors, she really can’t. Not to mention the problem of the restrictions, there was almost no feelings between them. Yes, the most important thing was feelings.

    Going to bed between lovers was called making love. Even if it wasn’t between lovers, couples that goes to bed together was to solve their physiological needs.

    The key question was still emotion. How easy was it to let hatred change into affection for herself?

    In the previous world, Ke Li’s worries would have been the tail wind in the current.

    [The host also needs to be in love.] Doudou reminded in a timely manner.

    “…” Ke Li only wanted to go with the flow, could it be as good as the previous world. However, it was inevitable that the feelings would have to be pushed artificially. Otherwise, how many assists would she need?

    Ke Li was sick of it. Anyway, it was the system that made her go on. It was the system that made her unable to touch her. Suddenly, she thought of something and said, “Doudou, I remember you said that you could shield my pain?”

    In this way, it could cancel the physical contact pain and reduce the difficulty factor.

    [That can only shield part of the pain, host. You can’t give up in the end, otherwise it will be cheating. The minister will record it as a demerit.] Doudou was serious.

    Ke Li was unwilling to give up and asked, “How much?”  

    [Probably from unbearable pain to bearable pain, which would be inevitable.]

    “…” This was also a big bug. Although it would still hurt, Ke Li was reassured. Otherwise, as long as she touched her, she would feel heartache and physical pain all day long. It’s really hard to bear the pain.  

    After she thought of her worries, Ke Li was revived again.

    “Lin Luo, sleep a little closer to me.”

    Since the female host thought that she would have a go with her at any time, she will let her continue to think so. Then she would unexpectedly not do so. It was perfect. No matter how thick her heart’s defense was, it would be defeated.

    Shi Lin Luo frowned. “I’m hot. I’ll sleep over here.”  

    Ke Li also frowned: “Sleep a little closer, do you want me to do it?”

    Ke Li’s words were full of threats, but also tinted with a little impatience, just like Ke Zhe.

    Shi Lin Luo knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape this time. She moved her stiff body a little closer and closed her eyes.

    The distance between the two people was not far nor close. Ke Li suddenly had an urge to call people. She stopped this abnormal thought in time and straightened up.  

    She looked at Shi Lin Luo’s delicate eyebrows and eyes, and then smelled the seductive woman’s fragrance, she was moved.

    Was this a beast?

    [Host, you now reside in Ke Zhe’s body, which is her normal reaction.]

    Ke Li’s heart relaxed, it seems that she wasn’t easily bent, she just looked at the beauty and felt bent. She still had some self-control and wasn’t sexual.

    Then she felt wronged again: “Didn’t you say that she was infatuated with her?”

    [Ke Zhe was also a woman no matter how cruel or domineering she was. She always had her own desires. Hope, if she couldn’t have the female lord, she could only vent on her.] Doudou sounded like an old driver.

    Wasn’t this the same as indirectly saying that she should pull down her face and let the female lord go?

    Ke Li only wanted to fight Doudou.

    She was a little lazy, but she wasn’t always subjected to it. Ke Li rubbed her stomach and saw Shi Lin Luo’s eyebrows that were in a frown, the tension was obvious, and she was unwilling to be teased.

    “Since you’re so reluctant to sleep,”

    After successfully leaving the pot to the female lord, Ke Li, who had a general idea, went to bed early again.

    This time, in order to avoid holding the wrong person in the middle of the night, she secretly held a corner of the quilt. The real Ke Zhe wouldn’t have held the quilt, giving a feeling that Shi Lin Luo had wronged her.

    Shi Lin Luo was on guard and lost again.  

    However, it was still not lightly taken. Instead, she became more and more uneasy. As if there was an abnormality, then there must be a demon. Now Ke Li gave her a feeling that she doesn’t need to get excited in bed, but she would get excited at any other time in other places.

    She couldn’t understand more and more.

    However, this was the effect Ke Li wanted, that is, to be unexpected.

    She still went to work normally during the day. By the way, she also paid attention to the male owner’s situation. It’s impossible to kill him in the cradle, so she could only watch him first.

    After she returned in the evening, there were all kinds of signs of going to bed early, but in the end, she didn’t dare go.

    Shi Lin Luo who guarded herself, entirely thought she was a one-man show. She almost thought that Ke Li became a good person. At last, she reminded herself not to be blinded by this temporary illusion.  

    Ke Li intended to slowly improve the relationship between the two, to be less guarded. She thought it would go well, but she ignored the fact that she was now a president of a corporation. She was usually busy and had no time to develop feelings with Shi Lin Luo.

    For example, today, she counted her chickens before they hatched. Assistant Zhang said that she had an important reception she had to attend. 

    Ke Li asked: “Can’t you push it?”

    “President Ke, there are many merchants gathered at this wine reception, we can push it, but it’s obviously better not to push it.” Assistant Zhang was a tall short-haired woman.

    She was not submissive towards Ke Li like the others. She wasn’t afraid of Ke Li and was willing to tell her the truth.

    The merchants were all profit-oriented, and if Ke Li pushed it, it would be abnormal. She said, “Let’s go.”

    Before she left, she had an idea. It’s better to take the female lord with her. Otherwise the female lord would always conspire against her. She hasn’t had the opportunity to prove that she was better.

    When Ke Li informed Shi Lin Luo, she was lying idly on the bed, about to chat with Liu Meng. When she heard about the reception, she frowned.  

    Her previous company was small, and her father didn’t value her at all, so she never had the chance to attend a cocktail party.

    Ke Li said, “Get ready and I will pick you up later.”


    Ke Li took Shi Lin Luo to a salon that specializes in designing all kinds of dresses. Two people, one in a long black dress and the other in a long white dress. How did it seem? The two people who were close together but weren’t close.  

    Assistant Zhang looked puzzled. In the beginning, she was the most clear about the process to coerce and induce the Shi family. Ke Zhe really liked Shi Lin Luo. Otherwise, it wasn’t necessary to consider Shi Lin Luo’s feelings. 

    Ke Zhe was also very considerate to Shi Lin Luo in front of others, so the two people were basically close to each other, cuddling or the other, anyhow, intimate.

    For example, on the day of their wedding, Ke Zhe gave full face. Everyone thought that Ke Zhe wouldn’t be able to love Shi Lin Luo. Some people for a long time wanted to take the opportunity to mock or covet Ke Zhe but could only quietly quit.

    Today, however, it was obviously different.

    She perceived assistant Zhang’s gaze, Ke Li glanced at Shi Lin Luo’s thin waist and asked Doudou, “Doudou, would I feel pain through my clothes?”

    [Yes, but I can block some of your pain.]

    Ke Li inhaled a deep breath. When she was ready, she suddenly held Shi Lin Luo’s waist.  

    There was pain, but with difficulty she endured it, Ke Li tightly held on, plus with the clothing, the pain was less, but she gritted her teeth.

    This was their first physical contact these days and she touched the sensitive part of her waist. Shi Lin Luo froze directly in place and was very uncomfortable. But she could only pretend as if nothing had happened from being caught.

    Until she noticed that the hand on her waist was gone, she looked at Ke Li inexplicably and continued to feel uneasy.

    The reception was located in a prosperous banquet hall. This was the world of the rich, all kinds of entertainment facilities were available. There were a variety of handsome men and beautiful women as well.

    Ke Li left the salon. She no longer held Shi Li Luo anymore to avoid pain and her discomfort.

    Shi Lin Luo was happy. She had never experience attending a cocktail party and she only wanted to be a transparent person behind Ke Li.

    However, there are always people who had no eyes and wanted to step forward and ridicule them, such as the male lead’s older brother, Cui Xu, who was also a corporate president. Although his methods weren’t difficult to deal with like the male lead, his eyes didn’t express goodwill.  

    Cui Xu who had chased Ke Zhe for years has failed every time. He even asked emotional experts for help, but he didn’t expect that Ke Zhe would only like women. He sarcastically sneered: “How can president Ke, a newly-wed, be willing to snub a beautiful woman? Is it possible that there’s no interest?”

    As he said that, he looked at Shi Lin Luo, who was left behind, as if to say that Shi Lin Luo who climbed high, was useless once she left the big tree.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t speak. She had seen a lot of coldness in recent years. The people above always like to laugh at the weak for their ego.  

    Ke Li thought that once the male lead appeared, she was prepared to take a long look, but the next moment she thought that the two brothers were different.

    She once again hugged Shi Lin Luo’s bare-naked shoulder, endured the pain and said in a cold voice, “President Cui is too broad, naturally this beautiful woman will return home and be dearly well-loved. Unlike president Cui who has many women around him and can’t distinguished the occasion to pamper. No wonder, its better kept under the table.”

    The two unceremoniously ridiculed.

    Shi Lin Luo shrank in Ke Li’s arms again. She obviously felt that Ke Li’s hand was shaking, she fixed her eyes but saw nothing. She becomes part of the background completely, but let others know that she wasn’t easy to mess with.

    The reception’s function was naturally for communication. When Ke Li was surrounded by other businesspeople, Shi Lin Luo was left alone.

    Her family took the opportunity to participate. After all, Ke Zhe was the president and the Shi family’s identity improved by more than one grade. Naturally, they would be able to attend this kind of reception.

    The people who came to participate was Shi Lin Luo’s younger brother Shi Sheng and the Shi father. 

    The father and son pair couldn’t wait to cling onto Ke Li’s body, and the daughter they hadn’t seen on ordinary days, unexpectedly got close to them.

    Shi Lin Luo still remembered that her father’s parenting words these years that had forced her to marry Ke Zhe, she didn’t want to give them face. She didn’t have dignity in front of Ke Li, but it didn’t mean that it was the same for other people.

    “Shi Lin Luo, developed airs and even doesn’t recognize father?” Shi father’s chubby body was dressed in a high-end suit. Even if he was mixed with the upper class, he still stuck out like a sore thumb.

    Shi Lin Luo coldly said: “I don’t have a father like you.”

    “You…” Shi father was very angry, but he couldn’t be angry. Now, his daughter was the Ke president’s wife.

    If it wasn’t for Ke Zhe who insisted on taking Shi Lin Luo as her wife, contrarily to what people would expect, he was eager to marry his small daughter to the Ke family. Although Ke Zhe at that time made threats and promises, in fact, his small company that was long despised by others was used as a lure for gain. Presently, the Shi father became a very wealthy person and became confused and disoriented.

    Their family’s status was soaring, there were many people who flattered them and even their company had signed many new contracts.

    Shi father, like a commodity owner, talked a lot about Shi Lin Luo, and even once raised the topic of raising children, to be able to always have a relationship with the Ke family.

    This straight male cancer’s1Straight male cancer – people that are more self-righteous, accompanied by indifference to women’s values and materialized women’s words and deeds. thoughts were so exotic, Shi Lin Luo didn’t say a word and listened to her father’s incessant words, her eyes getting colder and colder.

    [Host, the female owner’s affection for you continues to decline.]

    “I don’t care anymore, it hasn’t risen anyway.” Ke Li just wanted to follow the plan. “But it’s good to be able to rescue her.”

    Ke Li comes to Shi Lin Luo’s side with red wine and her father’s voice stops at once. If he wanted to curry favor, he can’t make it too obvious. He could only talk about the two people’s feelings.

    He said that he didn’t see that the two people were intimate with each other at all. For fear that Ke Zhe would propose a divorce, and this big tree would be gone, he gave Shi Lin Luo a malicious look.

    Ke Li saw it, her brows wrinkled, and she endured the pain and hugged Shi Lin Luo. She directly left and didn’t give any face to the Shi father.

    She placed her hand on her waist again and her hand was restless. Shi Lin Luo bit her lips and endured it, thinking that Ke Li wanted to be a beast again.

    However, Ke Li could only feel the pain due to the intimacy between the two, so Ke Li’s hand could only be restless, she didn’t have the wrong idea at all.  

    They returned from the reception at ten o’clock.

    Shi Lin Luo looked at Ke Li from time to time, because she just felt that Ke Li’s hand was a bit shaky. She thought in her heart whether Ke Li was suffering from any strange disease, or she couldn’t think of the reason for her sudden change.

    The diseases associated with exercises on the bed were only those.  

    Shi Lin Luo felt that it was impossible but felt that anything was possible. Maybe Ke Li’s private life was very chaotic, just like how she didn’t expect Ke Li to be such a beast in the first place, even though she hadn’t been a wild beast in these past few days.

    Deep within her heart, she didn’t wish for any misfortune to befall on Ke Li.

    Ke Li still didn’t know that she had been forced to suffer from STD’s and illness. Today, she came into contact three times and gradually discovered the prohibition’s rules.

    As long as there was clothing, the pain was tolerable. But if there was direct contact, even if Doudou helped shield part of the pain, she couldn’t help but trembled from the pain. Fortunately, her body’s constitution was good, she could endure and there was no cold sweat.  

    [Therefore, the host should cherish every contact with the female host.] Doudou, like a sage, talked about life’s revelation.

    “…” Ke Li was very fortunate that she wasn’t thirsty and didn’t crave meat, otherwise she would have really died in bed.

    When Ke Li returned to her bedroom after taking a bath, she saw Shi Lin Luo sitting at the head of the bed after bathing, she was wearing a nightgown. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She had a strange feeling in her heart.

    Shi Lin Luo has always been beautiful, but after she met her, Shi Lin Luo had always been vigilant and has never done anything like this.

    This kind of Shi Lin Luo was undoubtedly more beautiful, with her curly hair hooked behind her ears, head bowed, eyes focused on her cellphone. Her long slender fingers glided over the cellphone, eyebrows slightly frowned, the beauty was irresistible.

    Ke Li stood quietly by the door, even unconsciously her breathing slowed down. She didn’t want to disturb the peace, because as soon as she does, Shi Lin Luo would be cold again.

    For the first time, Ke Li had the impulse to catch the writer and beat them up.

    She didn’t know how she was influenced at that time. She thought that the life of the heroine of the novel should be colorful, miserable and abused. Which created the present female lead.

    Ke Li almost didn’t make any movements, but she kept staring with her line of sight, this caused Shi Lin Luo to return to her senses from her cellphone.  

    She was vigilant as Ke Li had thought.

    But after thinking about something, she relaxed a little, directly placed her cellphone at the head of the bed and went to sleep.

    “…” Ke Li who has never been ignored, was shocked and asked the system: “Doudou, what’s the matter with the female host? She’s not afraid that I will get on the bed?”

    She felt that her status as a tyrant was questioned. No, it was Ke Zhe’s position as an attacking tyrant that was questioned, and the female lord directly ignored her.

    Does she already know that she couldn’t touch her casually, so she acted so unscrupulous?

    But that’s absolutely impossible.

    [Rather than guessing, why don’t you ask the female lord directly?]

    “Never mind, she won’t say it anyways.”

    Since it was discovered, Ke Li goes over and blow dried her hair as usual.

    Until she went to bed, Shi Lin Luo was still asleep, although it seemed normal, Ke Li still felt strange. Before, the female host was clearly guarded against her.

    She slowly approached and made a gesture to kiss Shi Lin Luo to watch her reaction. Shi Lin Luo turned her face, but didn’t hide, just stared, but the hand under the quilt was clenched.

    The two looked at each other and Ke Li’s hands were propped on the side of Shi Lin Luo’s body, skillfully without any physical contact.

    She was still approaching, but this time it wasn’t because of temptation, but because there was a special magical power from Shi Lin Luo, which made her temporarily forget about the restriction’s consequences. She couldn’t help but approach and wanted to have a kiss.

    [Host, aren’t you going to die?]

    If she kissed her for a while, she would die in bed.

    If she kissed her, Ke Li would definitely fall directly on top of the woman’s body. They were only wearing thin nightgowns, which would only cause her more pain.

    Doudou was a system that enjoyed watching the excitement and couldn’t help but feel merciful.

    When Ke Li suddenly regained her mind, the two people’s breaths were overlapped and the distance between their lips were only about one centimeter apart. However, Shi Lin Luo’s eyes had become cold, obviously unwilling, but seemed as if she was verifying something and was actionless.

    Ke Li didn’t know why she had felt guilty when she looked at her eyes, and her body was also weak. She knew what would happen if she kissed her and withdrew directly.

    In order to meet the character’s parameters, she also slanted her eyes and sternly explained with a straight face: “If you don’t want to. I never force people.”

    [Host, have you been strong before?]

    Ke Li: “…” That’s not her.

    The president tyrant’s image didn’t break down, but Ke Li still felt that she had lost face this time, she almost couldn’t resist the temptation and almost kissed her.

    God knows that she was a person who advocated love first before sex. Ke Li thought about it. She thought it must be because she was too beastly, which made her soul learn bad habits.  

    After she stretched her face for a while, Ke Li was also tired. She turned her back and went to sleep directly. She didn’t want to face the temptation again.

    [Host, the good value is stable.]

    Ke Li looked at the sea of knowledge, she found that the affection value didn’t increase nor decrease. It was almost stabilized, although it was still negative, it was still a great improvement.

    “…” Ke Li was a little confused.

    This woman didn’t shake m, did she?

    She doesn’t want a good person, but chose a bad person instead, also she didn’t even retaliate or struggle just now.  

    Was it really true?

    But she didn’t dare to think.

    Ke Li was unhappy and went back to sleep.

    In the middle of the night, Shi Lin Luo turned and looked at the back of Ke Li’s head and was puzzled.  

    She did have such a thought before that it’s better to deal with Ke Li who was only in bed than to guard against Ke Li who may be flirting around.

    But now there was some hesitation.

    She didn’t know what was going on with Ke Li.

    She just searched the Internet, there were many reasons for her trembling hands, but not many people were in contact with Ke Li. Apart from Parkinson’s disease, that could be ruled out immediately, and kidney deficiency which was very unlikely.

    But there was still another possibility that Ke Li was really sick.

    She had just tried. At first, Ke Li’s eyes were obviously hungry, but she suddenly stopped midway.

    Was she afraid of infecting her?

    As soon as she thought that Ke Li was more closer to her since she talked more, Shi Lin Luo felt that this was a more likely possibility.

Author’s Notes:

Ke Li’s heart: The female lead is shaking m

Female Lead’s heart: The hand tremor, she’s sick, there are many words that wants to be said

System’s heart: A moment of happiness with a kiss leads to being dead in bed from the pain. It’s time to take a look at the suffering again (*/ω\*) Her attack is weak and fighting power was crushed (●—●)

  1. Straight male cancer – people that are more self-righteous, accompanied by indifference to women’s values and materialized women’s words and deeds.

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