Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 26

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Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 07

She’s the Overbearing President that Attacks!

    Ke Li casually brought the cooking wine to Shi Lin Luo as if nothing happened. In order not to appear so violent, she took the lettuce and cleaned it, trying to not disturb Shi Lin Luo’s cooking.

    In her mind, she tried to wake up the dead Doudou.

    Since she experienced two worlds, she discovered a very strange fact—she quite easily set her heart on the female leads of her novels.

    It wasn’t because she was the author nor was familiar with all aspects of the female lead. As the system mentioned previously, the characters she created at the time were relatively 2D and some of the hidden character traits of the female lead was slowly revealed later, so she wasn’t particularly familiar with the female lead at all.

    What was strange about her was the way she got along with the female host, it always gave her a sense of déjà vu, as if she written some of her experiences in the novel, such as the thought of hugging just now.

    But she clearly was a single female dog. Apart from her previous experience with Shen Qing, she never lived with anyone else. Besides, there was no such perfect person in her life such as a significant other.

    Ke Li had all kinds of conjectures for a while. For example, she thought at one point she had amnesia. How could this kind of dog blood drama happen to her? Besides, she clearly remembered everything.

    “Doudou your achievements are great and you’re highly knowledgeable in astronomy and geography. Do you know the cause?” Ke Li praised Doudou unwillingly.

    [Host, what stimulated you? I’m only a small system of love and romance. I’m only responsible for urging you to fall in love with the female lead. If you want me to watch the whole driving journey and supplement base knowledge, I will begrudgingly accept.]

    Ke Li: “…”

    Want to watch the whole journey? In your dreams!1whole journey including the steamy sex

    She knows the system was deliberately avoiding the topic. It was necessary to ask her mother about this. Otherwise why would her mother tell her to do this laborious task for a marriage certificate. There wasn’t a lack of singles in society, so why couldn’t she be one?

    The more Ke Li thought about it, the more she thought her mother had a conspiracy. After completing the task, she must ask Shen Qing for answers.

    “What are you doing?” Shi Lin Luo’s confused voice suddenly sounded in her ear. Ke Li subconsciously replied, “Washing the vegetables, you can continue to cook. Don’t worry about me.”

    Ke Li didn’t hear her reply. She lowered her head and found the vegetable in her hand was torn to pieces.


    As if nothing happened, she turned on the tap and washed her hands. She felt her ears were a little hot. Her heart said it was good that Ke Zhe’s face was cold and wouldn’t blush, it would warm up at most.

    “…” Shi Lin Luo took the destroyed lettuce and handed something over: “You still have to wash this and tear it up.”

    “…” Ke Li looked at the mushroom in front of her eyes and nodded stiffly. Shi Lin Luo just said, “tear it up”. She unexpectedly even heard her overbearing tone as “do it however you want”.  

    [Host, you really can have sex anytime, anywhere, ah.]

    “…Get lost!” Ke Li politely recounted the events that occurred during Doudou’s dormancy and tore the mushroom into small pieces, it was the perfect size for soup.

    However, Shi Lin Luo didn’t mean to use the mushrooms. It seemed it was only used to distract Ke Li to tear vegetables.  

    Ke Li felt the fruits of her labors didn’t receive the attention it deserves. She let Shi Lin Luo stew it, which made her much more comfortable.  

    Shi Lin Luo was hardworking and didn’t speak much. She just thought Ke Li was sometimes naïve, but as long as Ke Li didn’t suddenly attack and rashly touched her, she didn’t care.  

    Ke Li didn’t do anything except for tearing vegetables. Most of the time, she was secretly in a daze. While she was eating, she happily ate, she especially liked Shi Lin Luo’s dishes.

    Although Shi Lin Luo didn’t say anything, there was a sense of satisfaction in her heart.  

    After dinner, she watched the financial news in the living room. Ke Li went back to her study to continue her unfinished work. While Shi Lin Luo relaxed on the sofa, she listened to the vulgar dog blood drama on TV and looked at recruitment information for various companies.

    Anyway, as long as Ke Li was absent, she could have unprecedented pleasure and her tense self could finally relax.  

    At ten o’clock sharp, Ke Li who was OCD, left the study, completely disregarding the tedious work. Anyway, the workload of a president will never be finished. She went to the bathroom to take a bath, while Shi Lin Luo laid in bed for a long time.

    After washing, then laying in bed, the two people were still far away. The two quilts covered them individually, there was room in the middle for more than two people.  

    Ke Li moved to the middle and sharply saw Shi Lin Luo’s brows wrinkled. She wisely stopped.

    Her hands hung on her sides, her eyes looked at the ceiling, to show she wouldn’t do anything bad. Then she seemed to inadvertently ask: “Lin Luo, which company do you want to go to?”

    This was the first time they chat in bed, rather than the terrifying one-sided fire from the heavens.

    “Xinyang Advertisement.” Shi Lin Luo also opened her eyes and her voice was soft.

    Ke Li frowned slightly. This was a company under the name of the male lead. He worked in this company right now. As expected, the novel followed the novel, all the plots were centered around the male and female leads.

    Ke Li didn’t want Shi Lin Luo to have any connection with the male lead. She gently said, “Can you not go there? There are many well-known advertising companies in the city.”

    Her tone wasn’t strong at all, as if she was saying what she wanted.

    Although Shi Lin Luo didn’t know why she couldn’t go to this company, she immediately replied, “It’s not where I want to go, it’s where I can go.”

    Ke Li promised not to force her into a company under Ke Li’s name, but she didn’t say she wouldn’t intervene.

    Ke Li’s desire to survive was very strong. She turned over and looked at Shi Lin Luo’s side profile. “You can send your resume first. Don’t worry, I won’t intervene. I always keep my word.”

    “En.” Shi Lin Luo closed her eyes when she finished, as if she was going to sleep.

    The light in the bedroom wasn’t turned off yet. Ke Li could see the nearly perfect side profile of Shi Lin Luo’s face. Her eyelashes were curved, the straight nose upright. Even her lips were very beautiful, which was especially suitable for kissing.  

    Ke Li hurriedly looked away, then turned her body again, she looked at the crystal chandelier in the center of the room for a few seconds and said, “You can find a closer one. It’s best if we go the same way.”

    Of course, Shi Lin Luo didn’t fall asleep. She wasn’t surprised at all of Ke Li’s conditions. If she didn’t mention it, she would have suspected she had ulterior motives. She only whispered, “En” and then there was no movement.  

    In order to completely reassure Shi Lin Luo, Ke Li didn’t turn off the light, so she went to sleep first. Anyway, the female lead won’t do anything while she was asleep. However, after reading the financial statement all night, she was really exhausted. She had a date with the God of Dreams.

    The light really affected Shi Lin Luo’s sleep. She sat up to turn off the light. Somehow, she turned around and looked at Ke Li’s sleeping face. For the first time, she felt her face wasn’t so cold and frigid. After sleeping, Ke Li’s lips were slightly open, and she could see the tip of her tongue in the gap.

    Shi Lin Luo always thought Ke Li was the kind of person who was meticulous even in her sleep. She was secretly surprised, turned off the light with a cold face and slept.

    The next day, a person went to work while the other went to look for a job.

    Shi Lin Luo’s resume was filled. She originally graduated from a prestigious school like Ke Li and also attended the same university. But what she studied was art and design. Anyway, her small company couldn’t be managed by her.

    These days, after the news came out, there was no difference between the two people’s way of getting along with each other. They were so indifferent as if they were water. Fortunately, they both enjoy this kind of “indifference”.

    During this time, Ke Li and Shi Lin Luo went to the supermarket again. Most of the remaining time, Ke Li left for the company to work while Shi Lin Luo stayed at home with other news. When she was bored, she would draw.

    A week later, an advertising company called Shi Lin Luo to request an interview the next day, on Tuesday.

    It was best to wear formal clothes for the interview. Shi Lin Luo didn’t have a suit here. She didn’t want to go home to get it. She wanted to ask Liu Meng to buy clothes together, but unfortunately Liu Meng had something to do that day.

    “You can wear mine.” Ke Li didn’t expect Shi Lin Luo to go shopping with her. She wanted to be closer to her in this aspect. Anyway, she had a lot of clothes.

    Shi Lin Luo thought of Ke Li’s formal clothing in her closet and nodded in agreement.  

    On the morning of the interview, Ke Li got up early to choose clothes for Shi Lin Luo. Shi Lin Luo was very obedient and changed.

    She wore a well-tailored white shirt, paired with a dark-colored seven-point sleeve suit, and black high heels, the outfit was full of youthful vitality and didn’t give off the feeling of being overwhelming. She finished off her look with light makeup on her face.

    Ke Li, slightly OCD with dress code, looked at Shi Lin Luo for a while. She felt satisfied and felt if she continued to nick-pick, she would have serious OCD with dress code.  

    In order to match Shi Lin Luo, Ke Li didn’t wear a suit today. Instead, she chose a white sleeveless top with a black skirt and a light blue coat. The skirt was advantageous as it revealed her long legs.

    Doudou praised: [Host, I feel you’re the receiver.]2 receiver – slang for the bottom of a homosexual relationship

    “Nonsense, I’m at least four centimeters taller than the heroine.” Her setting was 1.72m while the heroine was 1.68m.  

    [Height can’t hide the fact that you’re suffering.]3 I used suffering, but the other meaning is receiving.

The heroine is six years younger than the host and the attack is just right.] Doudou finished and began to mend the vehicle in its mind.  

    Ke Li: “…” She was the overbearing president!4She’s saying how can she be the receiver if she’s playing the part of overbearing president

    After Ke Li changed her clothes, she subconsciously looked at Shi Lin Luo’s reaction. Naturally, she didn’t see the surprise in the eyes of the other party. She was a little disappointed and said, “Lin Luo, I’ll take you there.”

    “Okay.” In Shi Lin Luo’s mind, Ke Li’s graceful figure was engraved but she didn’t admire it.  

    The two sat in the back of the car with the driver in front driving.

    This was the first time Shi Lin Luo saw Ke Li work and was still busy in the car. Ke Li’s long and white fingers crackled on her laptop, some numbers, curves or tables would appear on the screen from time to time.

    Working women were the most beautiful, but also too cold.

    Shi Lin Luo glanced down at her cellphone.

    She was very clear that Ke Li wore a skirt to match her. Otherwise, Ke Li’s addiction to suits wouldn’t change so easily. These days, she mostly saw her wear suits, besides pajamas.

    Ke Li was also a bit of a workaholic due to Ke Zhe’s influence, but she still felt Shi Lin Luo’s gaze and immediately ask Doudou the affection value.

    [Host refuel, progress has been made and now the favorability value is zero.]

    Ke Li: “…” She better work hard.

    The interview location wasn’t far from Ke Li’s company. It was in the downtown business district and took more than half an hour to get there by car.

    Afterwards, the car dropped off Shi Lin Luo.

    Ke Li pressed the button to roll down the window, but she was still expressionless. She lightly said, “Refuel.”5remember refuel means to cheer someone on, or to refuel your gas so your max gas~ performance.

    “…” Such words have never been uttered from Ke Li’s mouth. There was a sense of contradiction. Shi Lin Luo answered expressively and stepped on her high heels to enter the building.  

    Before arriving, Shi Lin Luo made a lot of preparations. When she arrived at the interview, it took less than ten minutes.

    The interviewer did know her, but her attitude was completely normal. She didn’t deliberately let water out nor was harsh. It seems that Ke Li didn’t move her hands and feet which put Shi Lin Luo’s heart at ease.

    The final result was her being hired as an ordinary staff member of the design department. Afterall, she was just a rookie entering the workplace. The company required her to start work tomorrow.  

    After Shi Lin Luo settled everything, she wanted to share her good news with Liu Meng. Liu Meng was very busy today and the two met in a café.

    “Luo Luo, you’re well-dressed today.” This was Liu Meng’s first thought.

    “…” Shi Lin Luo suddenly thought of Ke Li’s long legs. Although they had done many things previously, Ke Li had never been naked in front of her. It was the first time she saw Ke Li’s thighs and straight legs.

    She smiled: “It’s just normal business attire.”

    “Even if it’s business attire, I can’t wear it with the same results.” Liu Meng was cute, but her whole person wouldn’t be able to achieve the same results.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t continue this topic. After sharing these recent days with her girlfriend, her heart was relieved.

    Liu Meng was surprised: “She didn’t force you to go to her company. I thought she would arrange for you to be her assistant or secretary.”

    This was how the president got Cinderella to fall in love in the office.

    Shi Lin Luo rolled her eyes: “I’m just a rookie.”

    Being a president’s secretary and assistant can’t be done by just anyone.

    Liu Meng disagreed: “You’re still the president’s wife.”

    Shi Lin Luo’s eyes darkened, she pretended to be unwilling: “Sister Cocoa, are you making fun of me?”

    “How can I?” Liu Meng waved her hand, “Luo Luo, let me tell you, I don’t want you to pursue divorce or reconcile. I just want you to have a good life.”

    “I know.” Shi Lin Luo never wanted to separate from Ke Li. She just wanted to live a simple life. Compared with those days when she was newly married, her life now was ideal.

    The two talked about recent topics. Shi Lin Luo wasn’t worried about her work. She had worked for more than two months before and had some experience.

    She was just worried that people in the company would treat her differently or point her out due to her identity, but it didn’t matter.

    When Ke Li returned home from work, Shi Lin Luo told her the interview result.

    “I’ll start work tomorrow.”

    Ke Li faintly replied: “I’ll send you tomorrow.”


    Both were going to work. Aunt Li finally didn’t have to worry about her job, but hurriedly started working for them again.

    On the first day of work, the situation was better than Shi Lin Luo imagined, if she didn’t meet the male lead Cui Lin.

    Cui Lin was the department manager of the company’s design department. He had just returned from studying abroad less than two months ago. Recently, he has been playing around. Because not many people in the country knew him, he came to play in a friend’s company to play with some of the new employees.  

    Cui Lin did appear in Qing bar last time, only when Ke Li and them were about to leave. He also saw Shi Lin Luo and Ke Li. At that time, he thought Shi Lin Luo was very attractive. He didn’t expect to meet her again today.

    Cui Lin was a veteran in love and knew Shi Lin Luo’s identity, but it didn’t affect his flirting.

    This was where Shi Lin Luo was bothered. Cui Lin has come to talk to her again and again. He also said he was her senior. She initially talked to Cui Lin, but after she understood Cui Lin’s intentions, she didn’t talk to him.

    She doesn’t like Ke Li, but she was married. She always treated herself as a married person and didn’t want to be ambiguous.

    The first day of work, a newcomer’s workload wasn’t much, but it was unavoidable for her to be called by various “old people”. Shi Lin Luo didn’t stop and didn’t dare to stop. Once stopped, Cui Lin will find an opportunity to talk to her.

    Finally, after work, Shi Lin Luo walked out of the company and was stopped by Cui Lin.

    “Lin Luo,6calling her by a nickname casual like they are close, same nickname that Ke Li uses do you have time to have dinner together?” Cui Lin was playing with his car keys and looked like a dandy. He believed no one here knows him or his identity. Anyways, he just wanted a one-night stand with Shi Lin Luo.  

    The name was directly called by Cui Lin and Shi Lin Luo felt it was very uncomfortable. Obviously, these were the same two words that Ke Li called but she felt Ke Li’s cold voice sounded more comfortable than this.  

    “Sorry, I don’t have time.” Shi Lin Luo smiled politely and turned to leave.

    Cui Lin, however, stood in front of her like a dogskin plaster:7like quack medicine or sham goods “How can you have no time? It’s still early. We can go to the western restaurant across the street.”  

    Shi Lin Luo coldly refused: “Manager Cui, I’m married. I don’t have time for you. I’m going home to have dinner with my wife.”

    Of course, Cui Lin knew she was married, but he was flirting for the moment. Anyway, it didn’t matter. He immediately smiled and gently said: “You think about it more. I just want to talk about the past with you.”8implying there is a past between them

    Only God knows what he blindly made up.

    “…” When faced with such a cheeky dandy, Shi Lin Luo could only keep her face cold. On the first day, the idea of resignation was born. In her heart, she secretly compared Ke Li and Cui Lin.

    He was also a rich man, but Ke Li was much better than him.

    She didn’t know Cui Lin’s true identity. She only thought the other party was a rich man dandy. She felt for her cellphone and planned to send a message to the bodyguard Ke Li prepared.

    When the bodyguard came to stop people, she could withdraw.

    “Are you going home? I’ll give you a ride.” Cui Lin saw that she took out her cellphone and shook the key to his luxury car. Since he knew that Shi Lin Luo was married, he naturally knew Shi Lin Luo’s identity was just an ordinary person.  

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t pay attention to him. As soon as her message was sent, her waist was suddenly held. Then she heard Ke Li’s cold voice: “My person, I will send myself. So, don’t trouble yourself second young Cui.”

    “…” Cui Lin was a little embarrassed, but this scumbag was always able to easily adjust in situations. He charmingly smiled at Shi Lin Luo and said, “Junior, let’s make an appointment next time.”

    Ke Li almost wanted to use her eyes to freeze Cui Lin to death. This story after the slag system, was totally different from her original plot.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t hear Cui Lin’s words. She didn’t know why Ke Li always liked to hold her waist. Ke Li’s face was cold, and her eyes were unprecedently sharp. She thought, was she jealous?

    But why didn’t she tremble?

    Of course, Ke Li would tremble, but she restrained herself. Behind the overbearing president, she wrote: Pain!

    But …

    Pain was also the overbearing president’s attack!

Author’s Notes:

Slag: Overbearing President Attack, hello ah.

Ke Li: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Female Lead: Contrast to the end, nevertheless I still found my wife is the best.

TL Note: Also, I finished 3 projects this month, <<Who Moved My Ashes>>, <<This Princess Punishes Your 9 Generations>> and <<The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers>>.

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