Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 27

Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 08

Riding Her Body

  Her nose was filled with Ke Li’s cold fragrance. For the first time, Shi Lin Luo didn’t reject Ke Li’s intimacy. She felt that she was indeed in a safe harbor.

    However, she didn’t want to be soft in front of Ke Li, so she wanted to withdraw, but because she was suddenly held, her hands were forced to rest behind Ke Li. Their posture was unprecedentedly intimate and was held for a while.

    Cui Lin swaggered away. Although Ke Li was in severe pain, she didn’t want to let go of Shi Lin Luo at all. She saw that Shi Lin Luo wanted to retreat, so she intentionally held onto her so she couldn’t leave.  

    The slim waist was pressed against the fabric across her skin. Ke Li felt she was holding the entire world. If it didn’t hurt, it would be her first joy in life.

    Doudou covered its eyes and said, [Host, don’t try to be brave. If you do, I will feel guilty.]

    Ke Li: “…”

    If it felt guilty, it wouldn’t make her task more difficult.

    She held Shi Lin Luo and went to the car.

    Compared with the previous brief contact, this time it was longer. Fortunately, Doudou helped shield the pain, but Ke Li’s eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. When she released Shi Lin Luo, her hands couldn’t help but shake.

    She didn’t want to shake, but the pain was always so sudden. The pain from her nerves was too harsh. Her heart was uncomfortable while her hands unconsciously covered her heart.  

    Shi Lin Luo noticed Ke Li’s hands were shaking and saw her subconsciously covered her heart. Her heart had more doubts. She opened her mouth to say something but was frightened by Ke Li’s cold face and didn’t ask anymore.

    For a while, the atmosphere between the two people was a little delicate. Ke Li was worried that the overbearing president image would collapse because of her lingering pain. Shi Lin Luo was held by Ke Li for such a long time, which made her a little uneasy.  

    “President Ke, are you ready to go?”

    Shi Lin Luo then noticed Assistant Zhang in the front row. Assistant Zhang smiled at her and said hello.

    “Let’s go.” After Ke Li slowly relaxed, she turned to Shi Lin Luo and said, “In the future, if you encounter this kind of thing, let Lin Wu come directly. You don’t need to talk to that scumbag.”

    Lin Wu was the bodyguard arranged by Ke Li. Shi Lin Luo heard the coldness in her voice and saw that she wasn’t feeling well right now. She nodded and said, “Do you know him?”  

    Ke Li replied: “He’s the second youngest of the Cui family. You should be careful in the future. He isn’t a good person.”

    She habitually remembered the original plot. She almost forgot the adjusted plot after the slag system. Fortunately, she remembered in time, but she regrets seeing Shi Lin Luo talk to the male lead.

    “I understand.” Shi Lin Luo looked at Ke Li’s seething appearance and was curious. She wondered if there were any conflicts between them.

    Ke Li still didn’t ask if she wanted to resign. After all, this was only the first day of work and she didn’t have Shi Lin Luo under her eyelids which made her uneasy.

    Shi Lin Luo seemed to read her mind: “Don’t worry, he won’t do anything to me.”

    “Not necessarily.” Ke Li was still a little upset. The scene she just witnessed made her very uncomfortable and she wanted to catch people and beat them.

    She asked Assistant Zhang to check the business dealings of the company and asked Assistant Zhang to warn Cui Lin’s friends that everyone tasked in this city have face. As long as the male lead wasn’t scum, she wouldn’t worry about it.

    Unfortunately, the male lead was scum, but Ke Li still wasn’t reassured. She warned: “Anyway, you should be careful. If you need to find me for something, the company will welcome you at any time.”

    She wanted to have an office romance with Shi Lin Luo. Anyway, the two were proper and justified. She feared that Shi Lin Luo would willingly change topics bluntly.

    Shi Lin Luo changed the topic and said, “Is your hand better?”

    Ke Li shrank and uncomfortably said, “En, much better.”

    She was suddenly tired. The tyrants on TV was always ill. For example, they had stomach disease and were very headstrong. They were often busy with work and didn’t eat, so they had stomach disease. Fortunately, it wasn’t serious. But the pain made her felt that her consumption was too big. She closed her eyes to rest.1she means her energy consumption not calorie intake. So she’s refueling now with a nap!

    Suddenly, the car quieted down.

    Shi Lin Luo remembered seeing Ke Li cover her heart and carefully typed a memo on her cellphone and handed it to the assistant in the front row that said, [Has she been sick recently?]

    She still wanted to ask if Ke Li was sick, but this time there were obviously many imperceptible concerns.  

    Assistant Zhang appeared puzzled, she quickly typed on the cellphone and returned it to Shi Lin Luo’s hands. Shi Lin Luo looked at the word, [No] and her eyes were even more puzzled.  

    “…” Ke Li secretly lifted her eyelids. The two actually secretly sang a tune in front of her. Ke Li felt it was time for Assistant Zhang’s salary to be reduced. She was her boss and was still here, but she still hooks up with her people.

    Even if it was unrelated to contact information, how can you ask directly, ah, wasn’t this intentionally vexing her?

    She saw that Shi Lin Luo had passed her cellphone again, then Ke Li coughed and opened her eyes to sit upright. Assistant Zhang straightened her face wisely and didn’t receive the cellphone Shi Lin Luo handed over.

    “…” Shi Lin Luo was even more curious of Ke Li’s “illness”. She pretended that she didn’t do anything and thought it was pure curiosity.

    Ke Li also took out her cell phone and ask Assistant Zhang directly on WeChat: [What are you hiding from me?]

    Assistant Zhang was a qualified assistant and immediately told her.

    [She asked if you were sick?]

    “…” Ke Li suppressed the joy in her heart.

    It seemed that the female lead was still proud and charming, but she has begun to secretly care about her. She has to make up a lie about an illness because when the female lead asks, she would be able to answer conveniently.

[Host, it’s too early to be happy. The favorability value is the same and hasn’t increase and you hugged people’s waist.]

    “I’ll let her return the hug.” She didn’t want the commotion. Ke Li really wants to be close to Shi Lin Luo, but she really didn’t have the willpower to bear it again, so she desperately wants to complete the task.2she’s saying she won’t be attacking this time and wait for Lin Luo to attack her aka return the hug  

    The overbearing president always resembled a prisoner in a cage which affected her performance.  

    Ke Li suddenly missed the previous world. At least she could pretend to be pitiful and be well-liked. Here, she could only try her best to be nice to the female lead and become the tyrant president who favors the female lead.  

    [Host, come on, you’re the overbearing president that attacks.]

    Ke Li: “…”

    An overbearing president who can’t even have physical contact.

    Ke Li’s eyes darkened.

    Today’s incident was a small episode for Shi Lin Luo. But for Ke Li, it was undoubtedly the beginning of dealing with the male lead.

    Assistant Zhang left on her own along the way. She didn’t need to work as a light bulb here. Although Ke Li didn’t hear Shi Lin Luo’s and Cui Lin’s whole conversation clearly, she could almost guess what happened.

    She said, “Shall we dine out today?”

    Candlelight dinner.

    Shi Lin Luo thought of the phrase “Have dinner with my wife” that she had said before. Suddenly, she felt uncomfortable. At that time, she directly said it and didn’t know whether Ke Li had heard or not. She slightly stealthily nodded and completely obeyed Ke Li’s words.

    “You don’t like western food very much. Let’s directly go to this Hunan restaurant. I remember you like Hunan food a lot.” Ke Li initially labeled Shi Lin Luo to have a similar taste to Shen Qing for the sake of convenience, therefore she naturally knew what Shi Lin Luo liked.  

    Shi Lin Luo was taken aback. She hasn’t eaten Hunan food for a long time. She always ate home cooking or western food with Ke Li. She really didn’t know how Ke Li knew she like Hunan food.

    Ke Li seemed to know her well, but she didn’t know Ke Li at all.

    She instantly thought it was really easy for Ke Li to investigate what a person likes to eat. Then, the little fire in Shi Lin Luo’s heart went out again. She felt she was being monitored.

    “…” Ke Li was aggrieved, but as the overbearing president, she couldn’t say.

    A good date lost its original taste due to Shi Lin Luo’s suspicion and tastes as if one was chewing wax.3idiom – tasteless;insipid

    When Ke Li and Shi Lin Luo returned home, they found there was a guest in the house. It wasn’t just anyone, but Ke Zhe’s mother.  

    Mother Ke was a person with an excellent personality. Her gentleness was in sharp contrast to Ke Zhe’s toughness. However, this time, mother Ke, who has always been gentle, came to force Ke Li.

    The moment she saw mother Ke, Ke Li was a little confused. After reacting, she said: “Mom, why did you suddenly come?”  

    As the author mother, Ke Li knew mother Ke’s background. At first, she urged Ke Zhe to marry, then directly urged her to have children, which was just like Shen Qing.

    In this same-sex marriage society, all aspects of science and technology are well-developed. Homosexuals were able to have children.

    Normally, a sperm cell will need to combine with an egg cell for an offspring to be conceived. But for lesbians, an egg cell will combine with an egg cell, therefore the offspring will be a girl which Ke Li never thought of.

    “You, this child, what are you talking about, I came to see you.” Mother Ke said and turned her eyes to Shi Lin Luo.

    “Auntie.” Shi Lin Luo wasn’t familiar with mother Ke at all. She only met her on the day of her marriage and couldn’t call her intimately because it reminded her of her deceased mother.

    The more mother Ke looked at Shi Lin Luo, the more she likes it. She knew her daughter’s bad temper and who only remember to work all day long. She asked with concern: “Lin Luo, did Ke Zhe bully you?”

    Shi Lin Luo suddenly thought of her first few days of marriage. Ke Li who was sitting on the sofa silently heard her unwillingly said: “No.”

    Ke Li secretly rolled her eyes. Do all mothers like to turn their children’s elbows out? Her eye roll didn’t recover yet when mother Ke brought up the topic to her again.

    “Ke Zhe, you’re 28 years old this year. Even if you’re not in a hurry to have my granddaughter, you should extract the eggs first and keep them frozen, then do it when you have time.”

    “……” Ke Li couldn’t understand this old lady’s thoughts to hold a granddaughter. Fortunately, her people were unmoved by force or persuasion. She was unwilling and sure that no one could force her. She didn’t speak at all.

    Mother Ke had no idea. She only looked at Shi Lin Luo again and wanted to say something, but Shi Lin Luo didn’t think about it. She still looked at Ke Li and said that Ke Li’s body wasn’t suitable.

    Ke Li said, “Mom, you don’t have to worry about this.”

    “I don’t have to worry about this. What? You don’t care what I worry about, whether you take care of your own body. You learned from your father and only remember to work every day and finally became ill.” Mother Ke said a lot of things. It wasn’t just about work and family, of course, the most important thing was her granddaughter.

    It was inevitable for her to have physical contact with Ke Li while she spoke.

    Shi Lin Luo clearly saw the two had physical contact, but there wasn’t a special reaction. Ke Li’s hand neither shook nor did she cover her chest like before.  

    Her eyes sank, and she felt things weren’t easy.

    At night, Shi Lin Luo struggled to sleep. The entire time she thought about Ke Li, how she was fine after contact with others, maybe she was already well?

    But it wasn’t as good as before.

    Shi Lin Luo thought about the time when she was newly married, when Ke Li did intimate things to her and that she had no problem at all. Suddenly, she wanted to verify whether Ke Li’s hand trembling was true or not…

    Ke Li didn’t fall asleep either. She heard Shi Lin Luo’s movements and thought she was worried about the matter of wanting children. She comforted her in the dark, “Lin Luo, the matter of children, you don’t have to worry about it…”  

    Before she finished speaking, Shi Lin Luo suddenly came over. Before Ke Li could react, Shi Lin Luo immediately sat on her and her lips fell down…


    Ke Li felt her face gradually distort.

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