Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 28

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Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 09

She Wants to Sleep in Separate Rooms!

    Shi Lin Luo’s lips fell as promised, right on Ke Li’s lips. The two people’s noses touched, and their skin were close to each other.

    Ke Li’s distorted face was stupefied, and her heart hurt so much that it became terribly tender. As she mentioned before, she would rather not kiss her like this.

    To be precise, that kiss wasn’t a kiss at all, but at best, an intimate collision between two bodies.

    With a tentative mind, Shi Lin Luo almost directly bumped Ke Li’s mouth. Her present posture completely overturned Ke Zhe’s previous appearance.

    Now she was sitting on top, while Ke Li was underneath in shock. She stared at her while her expression gradually distorted.

    The most terrible thing was that Shi Lin Luo deliberately stayed for four or five seconds. These four or five seconds weren’t long, but for Ke Li, with her “sensitive and special” body, it was like a century.  

    As long as there was contact, there would be pain, this sentence was undoubtedly correct. With this sudden large-scale contact, despite the thin quilt, Ke Li could clearly feel the pain all over her body, but the pain wasn’t as severe as the pain from her lips.  

    Ke Li seriously doubt that it wouldn’t leave a scar. The angry person complained that she would have a sausage mouth now.  

    Her lips were her own but weren’t. Shi Lin Luo’s lips were like a rose with thorns. Although they looked beautiful, they caused the same amount of harm as biting.

    For a while, Ke Li couldn’t describe the pain. For the first time, cold sweat came out from her forehead, and her heart and mouth suddenly hurt. She almost couldn’t breathe because of the pain. All her strength was drawn to endure the pain.

    No matter how fast Doudou was, it didn’t expect the female lead who hid from Ke Li a few days ago would suddenly use strong force. In fact, the female lead operated as fast as a tiger.

    Doudou promptly turned on the pain-shielding mode for Ke Li, then prepared to escape from the scene of the accident. It said that it wouldn’t bully the host in the next task.  

    Because of Doudou’s action, the extreme pain turned into a dull pain, and the pressed waist became soft. With the quilt as a barrier, the insidious pain became a kind of tingling and itchy feeling.

    Hic, a little…a little bit crooked.

    Ke Li wanted to die. With strength, she reached out and pushed Shi Lin Luo unconsciously. Just when Shi Lin Luo saw the situation wasn’t good, she was about to retreat.

    Originally, it was a sudden action while she was sleeping. With the action now, her nightgown was slightly open and Ke Li’s hand accidentally pushed a place that shouldn’t be pushed.1For women who wears tank tops or nightgowns with spaghetti straps should know…but when you move suddenly with those types of clothing on, the clothing will slide and expose one’s breast(s)…there’s a fetish for those types of pictures on the internet…

    It was the most direct contact without clothing possible and was very painful. It was like grasping a bag filled with silver needles.2grasping her boobie aka a baggie filled with needles that poked her

    Ke Li’s hands trembled with inertia, it somewhat seemed to be intentional but as if she was a terminally ill patient.

    Ke Li: “…”

    At this moment, she suddenly forgot the pain from her body and hands, because in the dark, she could feel that she was being watched by Shi Lin Luo’s murderous eyes and even felt that it was painful to breathe.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t expect this. She left Ke Li’s body with a black face and readjusted her nightgown. She also wanted to wear pajamas. However, this pervert Ke Zhe didn’t only likes suits, but also nightgowns which lined the closet.

    After Shi Lin Luo verified her thoughts, she couldn’t wait to find out what kind of disease Ke Li has.

    But it was all based on the fact that Ke Li didn’t suddenly touch her chest before.

    Shi Lin Luo acted as if there was nobody else present and laid down. The action she had just performed was entirely due to impulse. She wasn’t psychologically prepared, so her touches were ordinary.

    During the pause, she not only paid attention to Ke Li’s reaction, but also tasted Ke Li’s lips for the first time. It was very soft, which was probably the softest part of Ke Li.

    There has never been a good kiss between her and Ke Zhe. Even if she kissed her, she was very repulsed. Basically, there was no reaction and Ke Zhe was always busy alone.

    Thinking of Ke Li’s reaction just now, Shi Lin Luo was worried that her sudden touch caused her illness to resurface. She quickly reached out and turned on the light, then was stunned motionless.

    Ke Li laid on the bed in a daze, her face was unexpectedly crimson as if the winter plums melted the ice and snow, slowly revealing the original bright red flowers and bones, and her eyes were wet.


    Shi Lin Luo was directly shocked in bed.

    Ke Li didn’t expect that Shi Lin Luo would suddenly turn on the light. The sudden light made her uncomfortable and she narrowed her eyes on reflex. The physiological tears caused by the pain slipped from the corner of her eyes and disappeared in her hair beside her ear.

    Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught sight of Shi Lin Luo’s expression. Ke Li suddenly reflected and thought how she looked like right now. She stretched out her hand and pulled the quilt over her head. She was the overbearing president who was forcibly kissed by her mistress and was so ashamed!

    “…” She looked at the little arc moving, and Shi Lin Luo suddenly felt agitated. She knew that she acted impulsively and even violently, but she didn’t think much about it at the time because she wanted to test it. However, she didn’t expect Ke Li’s reaction to be more serious than expected.

    She sat at the head of the bed and looked at the ball in bed, she had a helpless expression.

    In the past month, Ke Li has been strong. Suddenly seeing such a Ke Li, Shi Lin Luo couldn’t accept it.

    [Host quickly come out. You can’t do as you please and collapse your person’s image. Even if you want to collapse, do it little by little, so that the female lead is psychologically prepared and will be more accepting.] Doudou reminded in a timely manner.  

    Ke Li: “…”

    When the female lead rode and kissed her, why didn’t she give her time to prepare?3its like an ironic question since Ke Li is like how can she give her time to prepare when she suddenly jumped me towards Doudou’s sagely advice

    Ke Li also didn’t want to collapse, but it was really too low, to be a turtle with its head bowed and a strong ascetic face. She had to wear it to fall in love. The best way to collapse was to let the female lead understand the real her step by step, which would be for the best.

    Ke Li stayed in the quilt for a while, until the pain from her body subsided. She sat up with a stiff face, leaned on the pillow and waited for Shi Lin Luo to speak. Her eyes were suddenly alert as if she was most afraid of now was sudden physical contact.

    However, she didn’t hear anything for a long time.

    Shi Lin Luo has experienced too many firsts recently, and Ke Li’s current appearance was also another first.

    Usually, Ke Li was always meticulous from head to toe, from inside to outside. Even while she slept, her nightgown was strict.

    However, now Ke Li’s black and straight hair was a bit messy with some dead hairs on her head.4I think she means hairs that are bent so its sticks up and split ends The blush on her face hasn’t faded and she obviously had a pretty face that was cold…but the appearance looked as if she was wronged and was also stubborn.

    Shi Lin Luo took a panoramic view on this and noticed what Ke Li was waiting for, then lightly said: “Are you sick?”

    That was what she cared about most than anything else.

    Ke Li: “…”

    Unexpectedly, how could her perfect wife say this?

    The female lead was really straight, right?5Ke Li felt insulted that was what FL mentioned instead of the kiss they just shared of the free boob feel…as if FL isn’t actually bent but is straight and doesn’t care about the intimacy they shared

    There’s not even a little interest!

    Ke Li’s heart was choked with sullen air and her face was even more taunt. She was totally indifferent as if she was having a small temper. She said in a cold voice, “I’m sick.”

    Skin contact incompetent disease.

    Ke Li never told jokes and Shi Lin Luo believed it. However, when she was confident that Ke Li was ill, she didn’t feel any liberation in her heart.

    What disease?

    Just can’t touch people, or are there other symptoms?

    Shi Lin Luo’s thoughts turned a few times in her head. She saw that Ke Li had no desire to talk at this moment and almost turned to sleep.

    As everyone knows, this was Ke Li’s prideful attribute. When wasn’t she a filial girlfriend these days? As a result, she wasn’t the least comfortable when she was personally hurt by her. If it was physically allowed, she was the overbearing president so she will become a real overbearing president in heat so that Shi Lin Luo couldn’t get out of bed.

    Ke Li thought gloomily, her face was colder.

    Shi Lin Luo was sure that it wasn’t the kind of illness she speculated before. Seeing these symptoms, she felt relieved. She saw Ke Li’s face was still cold and politely asked, “You can’t touch people?”

    She wasn’t sure if it only occurred when she touched her, so she deliberately made the scope larger.

    Ke Li wanted to say that she couldn’t touch her, but she couldn’t say. If she did, Shi Lin Luo would either suspect that she was sick or think her brain was ill. So, she responded, “En.”

    In this way, Ke Li suddenly understood why Shi Lin Luo had suddenly touched her. She was a little upset and couldn’t do anything but add: “Excessive intimate contact will be painful.”

    If it wasn’t intimate, she could accept and endure it.

    All the doubts in Shi Lin Luo’s heart were explained, but the illness was unheard of. She frowned and asked, “Have you gone to the hospital?”

    After discovering that Ke Li couldn’t casually touch people, her exchange with Ke Li became smoother.

    Ke Li’s face was still taunt, and she cursed the wicked Doudou who fled and didn’t even looked at her. She said, “No, I won’t die anyway.”  

    “…” Shi Lin’s hot face was pasted to a cold butt,6idiom means you treat others with enthusiasm but others treat you coldly! her heart was upset, and she no longer asked Ke Li anymore questions.

    Ke Li felt the female host misunderstood her even more and went to sleep sullenly.  

    Shi Lin Luo turned off the lights and laid back to sleep but was restless.

    She thought about Ke Li’s illness. She wanted to learn more, but obviously Ke Li didn’t want her to know. At last, she could only comfort herself that she wouldn’t have to be on guard against Ke Li every day.

    However, she had a dream related to Ke Li tonight. It was the first day of their marriage. Everyone in her family except her was very happy as if they had raised goods for many years and finally could sell them at a good price.

    At that time, there was a faint smile on Ke Zhe’s cold face because there were many unrealistic fantasies in her heart. The next moment, the picture suddenly switched to the bed, where all kinds of fantasies were enacted. She laid on the bed like a dead fish, trying her best to cooperate with Ke Zhe. She listened to Ke Zhe saying, “I love you” in her ear, but she remained indifferent.  

    Sometimes she had to agree with Liu Meng’s words that Ke Zhe had facial paralysis, even in bed she was so expressionless.

    Shi Lin Luo frowned in her sleep. Suddenly, the violent movements became gentle. The strong kiss turned into a delicate caress. It was like a feather had swept across her skin, her lips were covered with soft lips, it was warm and gentle. Shi Lin Luo’s eyebrows gradually relaxed.7She’s having a wet dream…  

    Immediately afterwards, in her dream, her gaze shifted upwards and saw Ke Li’s misty eyes.

    “…” Shi Lin Luo woke up from her dream and turned to look at Ke Li who was asleep beside her. She was still uneasy, and her heart was full of doubts.

    Did Ke Zhe really suddenly changed? Or did she really not know her at all?

    The meaning in Shi Lin Luo’s eyes were unclear and finally she went back to sleep.

    The next morning, it seemed as if yesterday’s events were deliberately forgotten. In fact, the event was deeply branded in their hearts.

    Ke Li had an unprecedented sense of awe towards Shi Lin Luo, for fear that she would suddenly approach her, while Shi Lin Luo held some curiosity towards Ke Li.  

    “Good morning.” Ke Li’s host was a person who held a grudge, but after digesting last night’s events, she felt there was no need to hold a grudge.  

    “Good morning.” Shi Lin Luo also felt that she bowed her head so she wouldn’t see her. Even if she saw her in bed last night, but she could understand Ke Li’s mood after yesterday.  

    After breakfast, Ke Li told Shi Lin Luo to pay attention to her own safety. At this time, she became the overbearing president.

    However, Shi Lin Luo knew Ke Li also had a weak side. She wasn’t afraid of her as before, because now she knew her little secret.

    Their lives were like flowing water, there would always be waves first, then it would become calm, and the waves would rise again…

    After such a month, Shi Lin Luo’s work at the company went well, she never encountered Cui Lin again and she didn’t have to be on guard against Ke Li’s burning passion every day. It was the most comfortable month she had since marriage.

    However, one thing kept lingering in her heart.

    Although Ke Li was hiding it very well, Shi Lin Luo discovered a fact. Since that time, Ke Li has been afraid of running into her.

    Although there was no intimacy between them, every time she approached, she would become taunt and her eyes became alert, as if she turned into a wary rabbit like she once was.

    She didn’t know if this was irony or retribution.

    At night, Shi Lin Luo thought about it for a long time and finally proposed: “Shall we sleep in separate rooms?”

    Ke Li who was at a loss on her task progress heard this and almost jumped up. After her efforts this month, her intimacy value was still poor because she didn’t dare make contact at all, but her affection value increased a little.

    Ke Li deduced Shi Lin Luo was no longer afraid of her but didn’t expect her words.

    “You’re my wife. What do you mean by sleeping in separate rooms?” Ke Li’s voice wasn’t cold, but it was totally different from usual. These days, she carefully allowed the female lead to see her “true face”, so the tyrant’s momentum would become weaker.

    But when she had such a momentum, she still had to pretend. She had to live in this world and rely on her acting skills, but she was too tired and wanted to relax.  

    Besides, she had her own pride, and was also angry. She can’t move to sleep in separate rooms, but why does the female host have this bad habit?8She misunderstood FL and thought she didn’t want to have ANY possible physical contact thus suggests this. AKA her bad habit of being scared of intimacy.

    Ke Li was aggrieved. She wasn’t afraid of pain, but did Shi Lin Luo had to be on guard against her?  

    Shi Lin Luo knew that she was misunderstood. She just didn’t want to see Ke Li act as if she was near the enemy every time and said, “Then let’s sleep like this.”  

    She didn’t mean anything special, but the aggrieved Ke Li was even more reluctant.

    Ke Li was so aggrieved that she was hurt. So, she went straight to the edge of the bed, far away from Shi Lin Luo to fall asleep.  

    Who wants to be close?

    Doesn’t it just smell good?

    Anyway, she can’t touch it!

    At night, Ke Li successfully fell off the bed, but this wasn’t the most humiliating thing. The most humiliating thing was that when she fumbled to get back on the bed, Shi Lin Luo suddenly turned on the light.

    Ke Li: “…”

    She wants to sleep in separate rooms!

Author’s Notes:

Spicy chicken jj9jj is slang for penis

Tsundere Ke Li, doesn’t have a wife (* ̄0 ̄)

Today is a little longer than Xiao Jun ●v●

The heart twists too much,10Probably the emotional fluctuations are too much and the romance isn’t straightforward I have written it a little bit arrogant, and the next world will be more direct (●—●)

It seems that this world is straightforward enough

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