Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 29

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Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 10

Completely New Gift Finger Condom

    Embarrassment, the whole room was filled with embarrassment.

    If there was a hole in the ground, Ke Li will definitely hide in it without hesitation. However, she could only stand in the same place and continue to be embarrassed.

    In fact, this kind of embarrassment was only Ke Li’s illusion. Shi Lin Luo wasn’t embarrassed at all. She just didn’t expect to see Ke Li like this in the middle of the night.

    She woke up the moment she heard movement from the ground, then a slight groping sound. She thought Ke Li was injured, so she didn’t care too much at the moment and turned on the light.

    At this moment, Ke Li was half hunched, about to climb onto the bed but because Shi Lin Luo turned on the light, she stopped halfway which was ten thousand miles away from the meticulous and overbearing president of the past.

    Shi Lin Luo’s tone was faint, as if she didn’t see anything and asked, “Are you okay?”

    Ke Li’s biggest issue now was that she accidentally fell out of bed and was seen. She said in almost a command: “You, turn off the lights!”

    Her expression was very cold, but the voice was underwhelming.

    She wanted to sleep on the side, but now she rolled out of bed. Ke Li felt she came to this world to find her own sin.

    “…” Shi Lin Luo glanced at Ke Li’s messy nightgown and hair. She knew that she lost face, then turned off the light as she wished.

    With a “pa” sound, the room darkened, and only two dark shadows could be vaguely seen.

    It was easy to panic in the dark but was easy to relax. Ke Li was more comfortable now. She climbed onto the bed crisply with astonishing speed, for fear that Shi Lin Luo would suddenly turn on the light and see her embarrassment again.

    After going to bed, Ke Li assumed nothing happened, and intended to sleep. It was as if this was a dream, she didn’t fall off the bed and Shi Lin Luo saw nothing.

    After some self-hypnosis, Ke Li began to sleep with her head covered.

    The floor was covered with thick carpet, so she wasn’t hurt when she fell. If she wasn’t seen by Shi Lin Luo, Ke Li would surely be able to sleep peacefully, but now…she was a little upset.

    No, it’s irritating!

    The heart and brain thought while sleeping, thus the body couldn’t rest and became more awake and alert.

    Shi Lin Luo felt her impression of Ke Li was refreshed over again. She never knew Ke Li would have such a proud and cute side.

    She looked at the ball on the bed from afar, Shi Lin Luo felt there was the milky way between the two. She was afraid that Ke Li would fall down again and softly promised, “You come over to sleep. I won’t touch you.”

    This sentence meant something else in a different context.

    Ke Li: “…”

    Reversed, female lead defies heaven!1It’s a joke, since she’s suppose to be the attacking overbearing president but the female lead is like I won’t touch you…as if she would be attacking. Defying the heavens AKA the novel

    Although her heart roared, Ke Li was still in bed and pretended to sleep by being motionless. She resolutely can’t give up, she won’t give up! This wasn’t a characteristic of the overbearing president.

    [Host, when did you had a boss?]

    “The starved camel is larger than the horse.2People who have special skills on one hand, even if they suddenly reach the point of poverty, are better than some people who have just come out of this area. Basically it means that Shi Lin Luo who has special skills is better than Ke Li in terms of overbearing president attacker (since she just came out of that field). Even if it’s not a tyrant, don’t tell me that I can’t have a bottom line?”

    Ke Li seriously asked and urgently needed to divert her attention. If someone helped her divert her attention, she would be happier, but unfortunately it wasn’t the case.

    Doudou: […]

    Forget about it, don’t care about this Aojiao.3This is the Chinese equivalent to tsundere…refers to a person who is very shy, but doesn’t want to show their characters to others, so in order to disguise their own character, they intentionally exposed a proud side in front of outsiders, it is often said these characters aren’t good with their words  

    Ke Li didn’t move to Shi Lin Luo’s expectation. She didn’t know when the corners of her mouth bent. “Or you don’t dare to sleep with me?”

    Psychological method of getting me to do what she wants?

    It’s clearly a psychological method!

    Ke Li shouldn’t, didn’t dare, to be ready to give and take. She was a straight woman, it didn’t matter that she always bend, but she must keep her last bit of tyrant pride and won’t compromise.

    Shi Lin Luo continued to increase the pressure: “Don’t worry. I really won’t touch you. I won’t touch you even if you should pay me but you’re actually taking my money.”

    This sentence was more lethal.


    Ke Li knew Shi Lin Luo was intentional, but her heart was still stuffy. It was rare that the female lead would want to get close to her, but Ke Li was reluctant to be pasted to her. She hasn’t forgotten about the task nor that sudden intimate touches caused her pain, so their distance could fit one person or more.

    After she called her over, Ke Li thought Shi Lin Luo was concerned about her, for example if she had sprained her lower back and so on. But she waited for half a day and didn’t hear anything. Finally, her mood was complicated as she had no other choice but to sleep.

    Doudou’s voice suddenly sounded: [Congratulations to the host, the favorability value has increased, and now the favorability value is almost passing.]

    Ke Li: “…” The favorability increased in exchange for her pride.

    Haven’t passed yet? Ke Li was a bit aggrieved.

    Shi Lin Luo felt as if she re-acquainted herself with Ke Li. Such a Ke Li was undoubtedly pleasing, not at all like a 28-year-old person.

    This was the first time Ke Li gave her the feeling of reliability, suddenly she was more lovely, without any sense of contradiction.

    After that, the two naturally didn’t sleep in separate rooms. After the embarrassment from that day, Ke Li was close to Shi Lin Luo. Shi Lin Luo also paid attention to her behavior and tried to not touch Ke Li.

    But when she knew that she couldn’t touch Ke Li, Shi Lin Luo suddenly had an indescribable mood. She didn’t know how long Ke Li’s disease would last. Was it a period of time? Or a lifetime?  

    They were married, no matter how passive they were previously, even an ordinary person can see that their relationship was getting better, that is to say, sooner or later, they will be intimate. Even if they don’t, did it mean they couldn’t help each other when they were old?4She’s talking about helping each other sexually….

    Shi Lin Luo began to check the disease on the Internet, yet while in high spirits, she was then disappointed.

    She didn’t doubt Ke Li’s statement, because she has seen her reactions with her own eyes. Because of this, she became anxious. However, Ke Li wasn’t half concerned, she considered herself as an emperor and not an eunuch, so she wasn’t in a hurry.5The emperor like untouchable and not an eunuch…cause eunuchs can’t have sex…haha

    These days, the favorability value increased a little which made Ke Li very happy. She also knew that Shi Lin Luo was investigating this illness, this meant the female lead cared about her, so she didn’t try to interfere. Anyway, the emotional matters needed to be understood by the person herself.

    That night, Shi Lin Luo suddenly received a different type of stare. She turned her head and saw Ke Li was facing her, then she asked, “What’s wrong?”

    “I’m going to Paris on a business trip in a few days.”

    This time it was a strategic cooperation which requires the person in charge to go in person. Ke Li didn’t want to be an irresponsible tyrant, so she will meet the representative of the other party.

    Shi Lin Luo was a little surprised. She didn’t expect the CEO would also need to travel. Her expression was calm. It looked as if she was asking about what to eat for lunch, “How long will you be gone for?”

    Ke Li also casually answered, “About a week.”

    In fact, she was paying attention to Shi Lin Luo’s expression, but unfortunately there was no reaction, she just nodded, “Oh.”

    It was light communication without much emotion.

    Ke Li knew there was still a long way before the task was complete.

    On the day of Ke Li’s departure, Shi Lin Luo was at work. She was in the middle of her duties when she thought of Ke Li’s business trip and was absent-minded. At eleven o’clock, Ke Li sent a message that she was about to board the plane.

    Shi Lin Luo deliberately stopped her work, tapped her fingers on the screen and typed a long string of words. She finally felt that Ke Li who has been president for so long, definitely didn’t need her reminder, so instead, she replied, “I know.”

    Ke Li held her cellphone in the waiting area and waited for her reply. When she saw those four words, she was really disappointed this time. She almost suspected the affection value was false. She angrily shoved the cellphone back in her pocket out of sight and was upset.

    Assistant Zhang was also going on the business trip. It was rare to see her boss look disappointed and frustrated. She secretly glanced at the newly hired cute little sister and talked to her about it.

    Finally, the plane took off and Ke Li left the city.

    At the end of the afternoon, Shi Lin Luo habitually waited for Ke Li in front of the company. It was well-known that she was President Ke’s wife. This was because Ke Li greeted their boss, so it wasn’t strange for Ke Li to come meet Shi Lin Luo.

    However, this time it was driver A’kun. Shi Lin Luo responded that Ke Li was on a business trip today. She should be on the plane now, and she felt empty in her heart.

    Then she gave her a day off.6The president of her company I guess was waiting for Ke Li with her but she said she’s out of town so her boss gave her a day off

    Shi Lin Luo wanted to go back and do nothing, so she went to talk with Liu Meng. Their relationship lasted so long because they got together from time to time to talk instead of going out.

    Of course, Shi Lin Luo didn’t talk about the fact that Ke Li can’t touch others. She just talked about some recent things with Liu Meng, such as Ke Li’s business trip.

    However, Liu Meng still remember Shi Lin Luo’s suspicion of Ke Li’s illness. She originally wanted to gossip, but her best friend today was on good terms with Ke Li. Obviously, the relationship between the two people was developing rapidly. She politely said, “Is Ke Zhe cured?”

    Shi Lin Luo frowned and said, “She’s not sick.”

    Liu Meng was confused and hesitant: “Before…” They did an experiment together.

    Shi Lin Luo was expressionless and said: “That was an accident, she really has change.”


    What else did Liu Meng wanted to say? She saw Shi Lin Luo look at her cellphone from time to time, as if she was waiting for a text. How long until she arrives at Paris? Liu Meng felt her girlfriend’s good days were beginning.

    It was rare for them to get together. They didn’t go back until the evening. Apart from drinking some red wine, they had a heart-to-heart talk. Liu Meng talked about meeting an intellectual big sister on the Internet while Shi Lin Luo talked about her company and occasionally mentioned Ke Li. Most of the time, Liu Meng talked.

    When she returned home, it was already 11 o’clock when Shi Lin Luo took a bath and laid in bed. She was a little sleepy. Her recent life was very routine, as if she was waiting for something. However, with the passage of time, she didn’t have to wait for anything. She comforted herself that she didn’t have to go to work tomorrow.7She was waiting for Ke Li’s text but as time passes, she won’t have to wait anymore…author words it really weird

    Ke Li arrived in Paris at about 11 o’clock Beijing time which was 4pm in Paris. When she got off the plane, she wanted to call Shi Lin Luo to report her safety, but remembered that Shi Lin Luo should be sleeping right now.

    She took down her cellphone and turned it, then finally put it away.

    After nearly twelve hours of flying on the aircraft, Ke Li felt tired and paralyzed. She and Assistant Zhang went to the hotel. The first thing they did was sleep to adjust to the time difference. The next day, she talked with Assistant Zhang about work, then at night she went out.

    Unlike other women, Ke Zhe has many close friends. Apart from her business partners, there was a close childhood friend, Jing Han, that didn’t return from Paris.

    Jing Han and Ke Zhe’s temperament complemented each other. One was too cold to speak while the other was happy and outgoing.

    After Ke Li arrived at Jing Han’s house, she first called Shi Lin Luo because it was now daytime over there. She didn’t have to worry about disturbing Shi Lin Luo’s sleep, they exchanged a simple conversation.  

    When Ke Li hung up the phone, Jing Han quickly rushed over and wanted to gossip, she asked, “A’Zhe, who was on the phone?”

    She thought about what Ke Zhe would say and frankly admitted, “My wife.”

    “……” Jing Han was surprised that Ke Li would say such things, but everyone was small and grew up with bare butts.8Everyone refers to them since they were childhood friend, they grew up together since bare butts aka since they were both born around same time ~~ in diapers She was still very clear in her heart. She changed her expression and said, “A’Zhe, how do you feel about doing it with a woman?”

    “…” Ke Li immediately was alert: “Why, are you curious? Why don’t you get a girlfriend to find out?”

    Since in the previous world, Dong Ge suddenly became a lily, she suspected the female supporting leads in her novels will have lily tendencies, although this hairy girl had a boyfriend.  

    “I’m going, do you want my boyfriend to wear a green hat?” Jing Han rushed over and kissed Ke Li.

    Ke Li fled almost instantaneously: “What are you trying to do?”

    Jing Han spread her hands helplessly: “I don’t like women and I don’t like women like you. Let’s go, I’ll take you around so you can buy gifts for your wife.”

    Ke Li felt it was reasonable. In reality, she never been abroad. Now that she has after much difficulty, she needed to bring back a gift to the female lead.

    This week was tough as she bought gifts and had negotiations.

    Although people arranged for the tyrant image to collapse, her mother still didn’t know, so Ke Li still subconsciously maintained the tyrant image, so there was nearly no communication with Shi Lin Luo.9Tyrant image of working overtime all the time! Also Ke Li has previously been working to be less and less of a tyrant but Ke Zhe’s mother wasn’t present to see those changes so she doesn’t want to shock her On the other hand, she also wanted to surprise Shi Lin Luo.

    Jing Han mainly said that she will be satisfied with the gift and to not open it in advance. Although Ke Li was curious, Jing Han has always been reliable. She couldn’t wait to hand the gift to Shi Lin Luo.

    When she arrived home, Ke Li didn’t want to go on anymore business trips, because the intimacy and favorability value reduced a lot, after all, she left people in the cold for so many days.  

    “Back?” This was the first sentence Shi Lin Luo said to Ke Li. Except for the first call, she didn’t contact Ke Li and Ke Li didn’t contact her. It seems that they were strangers and were never intimate.

    Shi Lin Luo understood they had never been familiar with each other. At most, she was familiar with her on the pillow. So, when she learned that Ke Li bought her a gift, Shi Lin Luo was somewhat surprised.

    “Here, for you.” Ke Li said concisely. She wanted to escape after giving the gift to Shi Lin Luo, but she wanted to see what the gift was and Shi Lin Luo’s expression.

    Shi Lin Luo took the bag, and only looked at its appearance, she could see it was a luxury product. In fact, she could guess what it was, but she carefully opened the gift under Ke Li’s earnest eyes.

    There was a box with a bow in the gift bag. The packaging was more exquisite. What’s with this packaging? Shi Lin Luo thought Ke Li was playing a trick with her to make the gift more mysterious.

    She still cautiously opened it, and as expected, the gift was a world-class perfume.

    However, within the packaging, there was something else…

    Ke Li felt Shi Lin Luo’s eyes suddenly became meaningful, as if she was going to kill her, or it was an incredulous look, wasn’t it? Was there another gift?

    Ke Li stretched her neck to see and saw there was still a box in the gift box…a box of brand-new finger condoms that was a considerate Chinese version, with the words “oral fingering” on it.

    Ke Li: “…”

    Shi Lin Luo raised her head to leisurely looked at Ke Li. Even if Ke Li didn’t raised her head, her face was hot, and she wanted to handle the “reliable” close childhood friend of hers and beat her up!

Author’s Notes:

Restrained Meng really wanted to help attack ●v●

Today, there’s no car to see, rubbing my eyes from tireness T_T

TL Note: I just translated some Seeking Good Temptation this week and finally, the yuri chapter has arrived with a very intimate moment between MC and female capture target!! Yuri Chapter password is SGT41

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