Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 30

Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 11

Naturally, it Felt Awfully Sensational when I Think About It.

Ke Li wanted to snatch the gift back and destroy it, but Shi Lin Luo quickly avoided her.

    Normally, Shi Lin Luo was very resistant to these sorts of things. When she first saw it, her heart was very cold, but when she saw Ke Li’s cramped appearance, the unhappiness in her heart disappeared.

    Now Ke Li openly gave her a special gift, which was a red fruit1means naked that suggested sexuality.

    Shi Lin Luo could guess this wasn’t Ke Li’s idea, but it didn’t matter. She didn’t believe Ke Li gave gifts and didn’t even know what her gift was.  

    Shi Lin Luo picked up the beautifully packaged finger condom. The box was carefully examined and at last she coldly said, “Gift, I like it very much.”

    Ke Li: “…”

    No, you don’t like it!

    Ke Li’s face was hot, probably red. She was afraid again, because Shi Lin Luo had a narrow smile on her face, but her tone clearly wasn’t good.  

    Shi Lin Luo saw that Ke Li couldn’t speak and shook the box in front of her again.

    Ke Li hurriedly took the package from Shi Lin Luo’s hand. The box was placed in the gift bag, then she stood there like a child who made a mistake, her taut face showed she was a serious person. However, no matter how taut it was, she could also see she was nervous, and her face was crimson.

    Shi Lin Luo stood there silently with her arms crossed. She waited for Ke Li to explain. The two people’s identities seem to have swap. One was extremely powerful while the other cleared her mind.  

    Ke Li had acting talent. Within a few minutes, she adjusted her mood, the blush from her face faded, then she packed the box and said, “Don’t think more about it.”

    Shi Lin Luo raised an eyebrow: “How can I think more?”

    The facts were right in front of her, she didn’t need to think at all.

    When she first heard this, that she didn’t believe her, Ke Li’s face was solemn and gravely said, “I’m serious.”

    She said it with some uncertainty as if she wasn’t serious.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t speak. She was going to listen to how Ke Li explained herself. Ke Li’s seriousness wasn’t clear, she knew for a long time she wanted an explanation.  

    “Da xiaojie, furen, why are you standing here?” Aunt Li’s voice suddenly sounded, and Ke Li remembered it wasn’t safe in the living room. When her hand slipped, the gift bag in her hand fell directly to the ground and the box also slipped.

    Aunt Li saw the gift bag crumbling and naturally picked it up. Then blushed with thick-skin: “Yi? Finger condom?”2Yi means expression of surprise

    “…” Ke Li coughed uncomfortably.

    Fortunately, Aunt Li’s reaction was fast enough to know she encountered something bad. She busily put the things on the coffee table and quickly slipped away, leaving Ke Li alone in embarrassment.

    Ke Li felt she should run away from home. She couldn’t stay in this house anymore. Everyone knew that she was unruly.

    She didn’t dare to look at Shi Lin Luo again. She sullenly turned up the stairs with a straight face, then when she got to the room door, she deliberately reminded her, “I’m tired today. Don’t call me for dinner.”  

    After she finished, despite Shi Lin Luo’s reaction, she closed the door with a “bang” and locked it, then directly buried her head in the quilt.

    “…” Shi Lin Luo silently picked up the gift bag and stroked her fingers over the box. It wasn’t known what she was thinking about. Finally, she packed things and put them in Ke Li’s study.  

    On the bed in the bedroom, after Ke Li calmed down, she thought about Shi Lin Luo’s reaction carefully. She didn’t seem to be angry, but she wasn’t sure. She asked, “Doudou, has the favorability value decreased? And does the female lead think I’m hard to understand?”

    [Host, everything is normal. The female lead shouldn’t be too exclusive. Anyway, she knows you can’t touch her. The most important thing is that you suggested that she does. Besides, you already are difficult to understand.]

    Ke Li: “…” Little spicy chicken, the system is a spicy chicken!

    Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrives,3fig – speak of the devil and he appears and at this time, Jing Han’s international call rang at the right moment.

    Ke Li had a black face when she answered the call. Before she talked, she listened to Jing Han’s laughter as she gasped for breath: “A’Zhe, how was the gift? Was she very moved, ah? Or did you directly used the firework for the fire?”

    Ke Li: “…”

    She was still thinking about how to deal with Jing Han. The person on the other end of the phone asked unkindly: “Why aren’t you talking? Did you really exercised?”

    Then immediately sounded barbell-like laughter.

    Ke Li inhaled a breath and threatened: “You wait for me!”

    Jing Han wasn’t afraid of Ke Li at all, but seriously said, “A’Zhe, this is all for you. Otherwise, do you plan to be an old maid all your life?”  

    Ke Zhe’s temper, Jing Han was clearest as her close childhood friend. Ke Zhe was always eager to first become a successful woman and never enjoyed herself. She couldn’t say for sure if her sex life was harmonious or was an issue.

    She can’t help but say this close childhood friend, Jing Han was a slag but what she said was right. Only the core changed to Ke Li which made the overbearing president who attacks less aggressive.

    “Then I thank you, ah!” Ke Li hung up the phone angrily, was her feelings still good? It wasn’t the time to ask about that, ah! Or was it for her?

    She only felt that she lost face. As long as she stood in front of Shi Lin Luo, she was like a big moving condom from head to toe and told Shi Lin Luo: “Come, ah, come on me, ah.”

    Ke Li was so upset, she rolled on the bed!

    Her world-famous reputation, her whole family’s reputation, the overbearing president was gone!  

    [Host, please cheer up, or the female host will think you’re guilty.] Doudou was undoubtedly a good system, which played an encouraging role at critical moments.

    Ke Li: “…”

    Shi Lin Luo really thought Ke Li was a vegetarian for a long time these days, so she would do such a trick by any means, but she wasn’t the kind of person who would sacrifice herself for other people’s accomplishments.4SLL wouldn’t sacrifice herself to help Ke Li eat meat.

    Besides, Ke Li’s physical condition didn’t allow it.

    The only method she could think of for Ke Li now was…self-touch, and thought it was a very astringent feeling.5astringent definition – hard to understand/stern or severe

    At dinner, Ke Li stayed in the room and didn’t come out. Compared with Ke Li’s guilty consciousness, Shi Lin Luo was very magnanimous. She could eat and drink with Aunt Li’s gaze which made people’s scalp tingle.  

    “Dinner.” After eating, Shi Lin Luo went to the bedroom door and knocked on the door. After hearing nothing, she went directly to the living room to see the company’s latest design works.

    At about eight o’clock, Ke Li finally came downstairs, but she was dressed in a black formal dress. Without the embarrassment she just suffered, she became the overbearing president that attacks.

    Shi Lin Luo’s eyes had doubts, but before she could speak, Ke Li reported, “I’m going to work.”  

    Shi Lin Luo’s eyes deepened in doubt and reminded: “But now your off work.”

    Ke Li hesitated for a moment, then her face changed and said, “It’s okay. I will work overtime tonight.”

    Then she left the room regardless of the situation as if she was a runaway.  

    Shi Lin Luo: “…”

    Perhaps she really had a job to do. Shi Lin Luo didn’t care about Ke Li’s whereabouts and disregarded her embarrassment. However, by 12 o’clock, Ke Li still didn’t return.

    Shi Lin Luo was worried that she had an accident. After all, she was ill, so she quickly called.


    Ke Li’s voice sounded vague, her voice was surrounded by a deafening vocal percussion sound. It sounded as if she was at a bar or cocktail party. 

    Shi Lin Luo frowned and unconsciously said coldly, “Where are you now?”

    Ke Li was a little confused and heard Shi Lin Luo’s voice. She had a smirk on her face and said with a big tongue, “Pleasure seeking outside, ah.”

    She urgently needed to release her emotions, or she would suffocate.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t expect Ke Li still had the habit of going to the bar. It wasn’t safe to go to the bar at night. She was trying to tell Ke Li to pay attention when she heard a woman’s charming voice. Her face suddenly turned black, she directly stood up, began to change her shoes and grab her bag.

    The cellphone was still close to her ear and Ke Li’s voice continued to communicate with people through the phone. The tone of the strange woman was very good and had a seductive feeling.

    “Which bar are you in?” Shi Lin Luo’s voice was colder than ever.

    Ke Li didn’t realize that danger was coming and said: “In…in pleasure seeking, ah.”

    “…” Shi Lin Luo found the driver, A’kun. Ke Li’s driver knew where Ke Li was and finally drove to the bar.

    The men and women in the bar twisted their thin waists, and the dazzling lights flickered all over. It was the scene where demons danced together. Shi Lin Luo always goes to Qing bar. For a while, she wasn’t used to this kind of heavy music.

    Shi Lin Luo searched everywhere for Ke Li’s figure. Instead, she was first seen by Ke Li’s bodyguard. The bodyguard came over and said, “Furen.”

    Only then did Shi Lin Luo remembered that Ke Li had a bodyguard. She just felt worried that Ke Li would suffer losses. It was a chicken holding duck eggs—clearly worried!6So the chicken held the duck eggs but realized it isn’t her own eggs….this is my understanding of phrase

    Shi Lin Luo turned to leave the noisy place, but her eyes still looked for Ke Li, her figure and appearance was very outstanding, it was very easy to find her.

    Shi Lin Luo wasn’t happy at all, because Ke Li was chatting with others. The woman in red still wanted to lean on her. As a result, Ke Li allowed it. After the two people made physical contact, there wasn’t a reaction like trembling hands or pain.  

    Shi Lin Luo’s first reaction was that she was deceived. Then she remembered the Ke Li’s reaction that day wasn’t fake. She didn’t want to talk with Ke Li here, so she said to the bodyguard, “Go and bring her out.”

    She didn’t know how she commanded others so easily.

    “Furen, furen, she said she shouldn’t be disturbed.”

    The bodyguard was in some trouble, didn’t dare to offend either side.  

    “You just tell her that I will be waiting for her in the car.” Shi Lin Luo returned to the car after speaking and rubbed her brows unconsciously with her fingers.

    After a while, Ke Li returned and was obviously drunk, but her face was still taut. When she saw Shi Lin Luo, she began to speak subconsciously.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t want to talk to her: “Go back and talk.”

    “Oh.” After getting drunk, Ke Li’s reaction was two beats slower. In reality, she seldom gets drunk, because she rarely buys drinks since her alcohol tolerance was low, but Ke Zhe’s tolerance was good.

    When she’s upset, she can buy drinks to temporarily forget about the task and take advantage of this opportunity to get closer to the female lead. This was Ke Li’s only thought right now, and of course, she also wanted to buy drinks, but didn’t expect she would actually get drunk.

    Ke Li didn’t get drunk, but leaned on the seat quietly, and soon fell asleep. Shi Lin Luo looked at her crimson face and sighed in her heart. She didn’t know what to do with her.

    Who would have thought the high, cold, overbearing president would privately look like this? Even she herself just became aware of this genius.7Ke Zhe is considered a genius since shes such a young successful CEO…plus symbolizes that SLL thoughts on KZ is slowly changing

    As soon as they arrived home, Ke Li’s nerves were tense. She was drunk and unconsciously paid attention to her ruined overbearing image. Her feet obviously appeared as if she stepped on cotton, but her face was still taut and solemn. 8She looks super serious (cause she still paid attention to her fake image) but shes stumbling around -> stepping on cotton means sinking into uneven flooring and stubbling

    Finally, with the help of the bodyguard, she was able to lie comfortably in bed, and almost fell asleep with her head turned upside down.9her head is hanging off the bed so its hanging upside down… However, Shi Lin Luo didn’t plan to let her sleep.

It was said that after drinking, people become truthful, so Shi Lin Luo stood by the bed, looked at Ke Li and said, “In fact, you can have physical contact with others, right?”

    “En? Can…can contact.” Ke Li was really drunk. She couldn’t even open her eyes. She just subconsciously answered Shi Lin Luo’s question.

    “So, you just can’t touch me?” Shi Lin Luo’s heart was suddenly blocked. For her, this wasn’t good news. She began to wonder if she was the one who was sick.

    However, Ke Li vaguely replied: “Yes, ah.”

    “Why?” Shi Lin Luo now has a lot of questions to ask Ke Li. For example, if she could have contact with her, would Ke Li treat her like before? Or why did Ke Li like her?

    Ke Li slowly opened her eyes as if thinking about it, then finally stared at Shi Lin Luo’s face, as if waking up. But Shi Lin Luo knew she wasn’t awake, and quietly waited for her answer.  

    Ke Li slowly said: “Do you know of love flower poison? It’s the kind of love flower in The Return of the Condor Heroes that poisoned the two people that loves each other. So long as the person involved recalls the heartache they felt when they think of the other, they will feel pain.10The Return of the Condor Heroes – classic wuxia martial arts TV film between 1998-2006 based on novel by Jinyong When I touch you, I feel pain too, my body hurts too, my heart hurts too, I think I’ve been poisoned too.”11Dude, this is the most romantic thing Ke Li ever said…my heart thumped

    Her tone was very light, and her drunk voice sounded particularly attractive.

    “…” Shi Lin Luo thought Ke Li’s next sentence would be “I’ve been poisoned by you” or something. She waited quietly, but as a result, waited for a long time, only to hear Ke Li mumble something, vaguely hearing damn Doudou.12Remember Doudou means peas, so what SLL thought she heard was damn peas..

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t know who Doudou was. She thought of the woman in the bar again. Her face, which had just eased down, seemed to be cover with a layer of ice. In a cold voice, she said, “I don’t love you at all.”

    So, it wasn’t any of her business.

    Ke Li also suddenly calmed down and said with a rather aggrieved voice: “I know, but I love you, ah.”

    Her voice was so light, rather than talking, it was a whisper, but Shi Lin Luo heard it. It was one thing to know it, but another thing to hear it with her own ears. Her heart suddenly softened, and it was much easier to look at Ke Li.

    Worried that Ke Li was lying uncomfortably, Shi Lin Luo planned to wipe her face. She remembered that Ke Li said as long as she didn’t have intimate contact, it was okay.

    [Host wake up quickly. The female lead is taking advantage, it’s dangerous.] Doudou was really anxious for its host, using its direct mental energy, Ke Li’s mind cleared a bit.

    It doesn’t want the female lead to see everything, but Ke Li doesn’t know at all.13She’s afraid that Ke Li will spill the beans about the mission!! For Ke Li, this was a one-sided task. For her, this was a two-sided task. They have feelings for each other, which is linked to its performance.14Aww…Ke Li doesn’t love her female leads, but they end up loving her!! Sad life.

    Thanks to Doudou’s efforts, Ke Li really woke up for a bit, but her body wasn’t awake at all. She heard Doudou’s worries, then continued to sleep and didn’t care: “Go ahead if she wants to. Anyway, even the finger condoms were given to her. If this can lead to negative distance, I also know.”

    Doudou: […]

    Host, can you be more reserved?

    “Doudou, you remember to help shield me from the pain. I don’t want to wake up from the pain.”

    Doudou: […]

    Host, are you civilized?

    However, Ke Li just woke up a bit. She wasn’t awake at all. After a few words of nonsense, she fell asleep again.

    When Shi Lin Luo heard Ke Li muttering, she thought she wasn’t comfortable. She never taken care of Ke Li before and remembered that her touch could hurt her, so she could only wipe her face gently with a towel.

    Ke Li was really more comfortable and unconsciously grunted: “Hot.”

    Shi Lin Luo thought for a while, then unbuttoned her coat and the buttons of her white shirt.

    However, when she saw the black bra inside, Shi Lin Luo’s eyes were stuck on it. She shook her head and silently added another label to Ke Li—mensao.15mensao – tsundere; outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside

    Then she took the towel and was prepared to continue wiping, but suddenly didn’t know how to start?

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