Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 31

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Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 12

Brain Full of Yellow Garbage!1Yellow means dirty thoughts/porno

    Her fingers lifted the clothes, filling half her sight with the exposed fairness.

    At this time, Shi Lin Luo felt Ke Li was really a woman, not a cold beast who only occupied the dominant position in bed. It seemed her lips weren’t only soft.

    Her eyes were soft and unknowing. She carefully wiped Ke Li’s body, but when she wiped, Ke Li’s body shook.

    Because her fingers held the towel against her skin, this kind of contact, was like a scratch with the towel acting as a barrier and Doudou shielding the pain.

    It seems that the situation was worse than expected. Shi Lin Luo could only be more careful as she helped Ke Li remove her clothes. The towel was like a feather while it brushed her, itchy.

    Damn, Ke Li dreamed that she was high in the clouds.

    After a long night of tossing and turning, Ke Li didn’t know she lost face. Fortunately, she didn’t wake up. Otherwise, if she knew what she said that night, she would probably roll out of bed again.

    The price of a hangover was heavy. When she woke up, she had a splitting headache. However, compared with waking up naked, it was a small matter.

    As soon as Shi Lin Luo entered the room, she saw Ke Li sitting on the bed and holding the quilt over her body. She pretended she didn’t see anything and said, “Are you awake?”

    “Awake.” Ke Li was indifferent as she laid down flat and pretended she just woke up, as if it was an accident that she sat up.

    “En, then get up and let’s have breakfast.” Shi Lin Luo seemed as if she was explaining to her and said, “I didn’t touch you last night.”

    Ke Li: “…”

    If she touched her, wouldn’t she die from pain?

    She also heard some meaning behind her words, I didn’t touch you, and was silently angry. She closed her eyes and pretended to sleep while recalling the previous night.

    They both didn’t mention last night’s event tacitly. Ke Li almost forgotten about it. She wished she could forget everything that happened yesterday, but that gift she gave was still impressive.

    And Shi Lin Luo subconsciously avoided the topic because of what Ke Li said last night.

    After lying down for a while, she watched Shi Lin Luo who didn’t even glance at her while she applied makeup at the dressing table. Ke Li was ready to get up but saw the clothes she wore the previous night was still on the bed.

    Why did she feel there was a scene after the event, she rubbed her eyes and asked curiously: “Doudou, what happened last night?”

    Why did she feel more vulnerable? The female lead wasn’t afraid of her anymore and she was the overbearing president.

    [Host, you confessed last night, and the female host saw the true you.]

    “……” Ke Li turned her head and carefully looked at Shi Lin Luo while waiting for Doudou to finish speaking. She doesn’t like….Shi Lin Luo, what’s with this white lie?

    Doudou added oil and vinegar while recounting yesterday’s general situation and tried to give a good impression to both sides.

    After listening, Ke Li gradually had an impression. When she thought of her naked body, she felt she was in danger because she slept like that with the female host all night.

    The most dangerous thing was that nothing happened, which only showed that Ke Zhe’s physical attractiveness wasn’t enough, or the female host’s affection towards her wasn’t enough.

    Really sad!

    Shi Lin Luo simply put on makeup, then turned around to see Ke Li sitting at the head of the bed with a quilt in her arms, her bare arms under her chin and her eyebrows slightly furrowed. It seems that she encountered a problem, but at first glance, she felt a bit calm.  

    She approached, “You really can’t touch me?”

    This kind of symptom that was human-oriented was too incredible. Ke Li was drunk last night, and with her sudden confession, she couldn’t help but ask.  

    “En?” Ke Li remembered she used a metaphor about love flower poison and recalled there wasn’t a novel by Jin Yong in this world, no wonder the female lead was blind at the time.2Jin Yong is the author who wrote that novel that Ke Li referenced last chapter.

    She didn’t care: “Don’t think about it. It’s okay, it’s not important if you can touch me.”

    She didn’t have skin hunger disease.3She’s not so starved of physical affection and doesn’t actually have a disease regarding that…double meaning

    Shi Lin Luo seemed to ponder the truth of this sentence, then asked expressionlessly: “Then what you said yesterday that you love me, was it a lie?”

    She believed what she said yesterday, but she didn’t believe that Ke Li wanted to slap her own face. She was very interested and waited for Ke Li’s answer.

    “…” Ke Li felt that Shi Lin Luo was blatantly provoking her. How could she take it seriously since she was drunk? However, Ke Zhe really loves the female lead and was a qualified overbearing president.

    At the thought of her tyrant foundation, Ke Li was instantly confident that it was time for this image to collapse.

    “Love ah, do you want to dedicate yourself to me?”

    As Ke Li spoke, she directly got out of bed. Her clothes were taken off last night and she only had a pair of underwear on her body with no clothing on her upper body. She walked directly in front of Shi Lin Luo as she tried to retreat, but only to be trapped against a wall that was her height.  

    The problem was that her face was still expressionless, as if it wasn’t her who was naked, which was very similar to that Ke Zhe’s shamelessness.

    But the eyes were so proud that Shi Lin Luo saw it very clearly.

    Now, Ke Li appeared she was about to have sexual contact at any moment, but fortunately, Shi Lin Luo knew Ke Li couldn’t touch her.  

    She looked at the white body in front of her eyes and finally understood the sentence: Barefoot and not worried about wearing shoes.4The joke is that if you walk outside barefoot, the bottom of your foot can get hurt from stuff you step on, in this case, Ke Li is naked and can get hurt from getting touched by SLL…haha…

    At this moment, she was dressed to go to work, but Ke Li was still naked. With that expressionless face, rogue tone, blush and naked body, she was beginning to feel a strong sense of shamelessness.

    “I’m going to work.” Shi Lin Luo leaned out of Ke Li’s arm, She already knew Ke Li’s essence that she had a strange disease that wouldn’t let her touch her, so she wasn’t worried about what Ke Li would do to her, but felt her eyes were spicy.

    Ke Li’s figure was very good. She used to hide it in her black clothing, but now she exposed it to her. Shi Lin Luo thought Ke Li was sick and an exhibitionist.

    Before Shi Lin Luo left, she especially closed the door. If she really wanted to expose herself, she can only do it in front of her. Don’t make other people’s eyes spicy.5Feel like she’s low-key possessive…

    As soon as Shi Lin Luo walked away, Ke Li felt her legs were a little weak and almost fell at the spot.  

    She knew the female lead would bully her while she was drunk. But once she woke up, she was still the most powerful. If she didn’t wear a cold face every day, Ke Li wouldn’t be able to enjoy this strength. The strength of an overbearing president.

    There was no sense of security from her body. Ke Li rushed into the bathroom at the speed of light to take a bath. As she washed, she considered how to explain the physical contact phenomenon to Shi Lin Luo. The best way was to let Shi Lin Luo fall in love with her, then the ban will be lifted in order to complete the task. In this way, it was killing two birds with one stone.

    But it wasn’t an easy task.

    Ke Li subconsciously ignored her confession as it couldn’t be taken seriously since she was drunk.

    Throughout the day, Shi Lin Luo’s condition wasn’t good. She sat at her desk and her thoughts gradually drifted away.  

    At one moment, she thought of Ke Li’s sudden confession the previous night, then the next moment her shining white body, furthermore she was a mensao6outwardly cold but passionate in the inside whose plumped fair breasts fully lined the black bra. At last, she could only use her work to numb herself.

    After returning home from work, Ke Li waited for Shi Lin Luo in front of the company door again. After getting in the car, they both were very quiet and there was no communication at all.  

    No one mentioned the matter about the finger condoms.

    Ke Li adhered to the principle to not mention mistakes as much as possible. When they arrived home, she turned back to Shi Lin Luo in concern when they were in bed.

    The bed was an ambiguous place, for them both.

    Under the encouragement of promoting favorability, Ke Li wasn’t far from Shi Lin Luo in bed. She even regretted that the bed she has chosen was too big.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t reject Ke Li’s closeness, anyway, it was just being unconsciously close, and she wasn’t repulsed by her, anyway, it was just involuntary intimacy, and nothing compared to physical intimacy.

    Ke Li did so for the intimacy value, but Shi Lin Luo relied on the fact that no matter how close Ke Li got, nothing would happen to her.

    However, when two people laid side by side, there was a kind of aura that was produced indiscriminately, it was ambiguous which was more apparent under the yellow halo of the bedside lamp.  

    Ke Li always unconsciously looked at Shi Lin Luo’s side profile with the spare light, wondering if she was looking at her.

    Shi Lin Luo laid on her back with her eyes closed and her senses were maximized as she felt the gaze on her face. She wanted to know how long Ke Li would look at her. They both fought in the dark and eventually, sleep beat them.

    In order to sleep comfortably, Ke Li directly turned to her side facing Shi Lin Luo.

    Shi Lin Luo felt tickled by Ke Li’s breath behind her neck. In fact, they weren’t close, it was her physiological senses. She also turned around and slept facing Ke Li.

    They both couldn’t sleep.

    It had to be said that Shi Lin Luo’s face was attractive to Ke Li. After several days, she wanted to have a closer look at this face, which was shaped by her.7Since she’s the author mother…

    She secretly opened her eyes halfway and looked at Shi Lin Luo from the crack of her eyes. Her face was exquisite and beautiful as ever, her facial features were more and more pleasing to the eyes and her lips were more suitable for kissing.

    Ke Li felt she was being deeply tortured by the system. There was a task systematically arranged in front of her and she didn’t feel repulsed with the thought of kissing the female lead. She even had some desire to forget the fact she would get hurt if she touched her. She wanted to kiss her full lips or touch them.

    In her heart, there was a war between man and heaven and her face became a bit powerless. At last, her body lost to her brain. Anyway, a single kiss with Shi Lin Luo wouldn’t hurt. If she touched it gently, she won’t become pregnant, in addition, it could increase the intimacy value.

    Ke Li held her breath as she inched a little closer. In fact, she felt very flustered. She felt like a stealthy cat who was cheating on her spouse by kissing someone without their consent. It wasn’t sincere, they were married, it was justifiable for her to give a kiss or go to bed together.

    And last time Shi Lin Luo rode her and kissed her without her consent.

    Ke Li convinced herself again, stretched her neck closer to Shi Lin Luo. Shi Lin Luo’s warm breath sprayed her face. The flawless face was magnified before her eyes and the seductive aroma spread across her face.

    Ke Li got closer to Shi Lin Luo’s lips … Just as she was about to kiss her, Shi Lin Luo’s eyelashes trembled, then her eyes opened wryly staring at her motionlessly.

    Ke Li: “…”

    A feeling of being caught stealing was spontaneously born. Ke Li’s face was a little hot and she subconsciously wanted to back away. Suddenly, her ears sounded with Doudou’s eager voice: [Host is steady. Have you heard of this idiom?]

    “What …… what?” Ke Li was a little confused.  

    [Those who are benevolent will receive! Your retreat isn’t the vast expanse of the sky and sea, it is boundless, you can only reap what you sow. In the end, the host can only suffer…] Doudou was like a missionary and talked incessantly as if it couldn’t help but show off all its knowledge.

    “…” Ke Li only felt she was suffering in her mind and she clearly didn’t!8Acting as if she was about to do bad things since she has to reap what she sows implying shes a villain…cough rape cough The system didn’t learn good things with its brain full of yellow garbage!

    But … she was a little shaken.

    Doudou continued to be persistent in its efforts: [Host, don’t ask. Just go up, I will shield you from the pain, otherwise you can only bear it in this life.]9Doudou threatening her if she doesn’t attack now, it won’t shield her in the future

    It has to be said its blind advice was useless. Ke Li didn’t want to give up halfway, let alone lose face in front of Shi Lin Luo. She was directly stimulated by Doudou. She held Shi Lin Luo’s face and kissed her.

Author’s Notes:

A brain full of yellow waste call Doudou!

Guess it still hurt today?

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The second arc is more difficult to write….

The second arc: →_→10The second arc is making a face at the author

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