Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 32

TL Note: Been required to work longer hours ~~60/70 hours and been sick this whole week. Not going be able to translate much. Please enjoy this smutty chapter.

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Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 13

    Shi Lin Luo was originally unscrupulous. She knew that Ke Li always had a difficult time when facing her. She was always in a state of restlessness. These days, she was able to bear it.

    But when she knew that Ke Li was staring at her, she was a little nervous. She was waiting for Ke Li to realize her feelings, so she couldn’t believe that Ke Li would endure the pain and kiss her.

    However, when Ke Li really kissed her, her entire person was dim-witted as her breathing was blocked. She waited for Ke Li to turn around.

    Ke Li was eager to kiss and was ready to endure the pain to kiss her. But when she touched Shi Lin Luo’s soft petal lips, she didn’t feel any pain at all contrary to her expectations. It was just a little crisp and numb, which was much better than last time. She didn’t know whether it was the result of Doudou’s efforts or other reasons. She indulged in the unique kiss.  

    Shi Lin Luo’s lips were very soft. Ke Li thought of the chewy Q.Q sugar that she ate when she was a kid, which made people crave it. Her hand stroked Shi Lin Luo’s hair and hooked her hair behind her ear while she slowly tasted Shi Lin Luo’s lips.

    For kissing, Ke Li was undoubtedly experienced. She guided Shi Lin Luo to sink herself into the kisses. She kissed her lips and occasionally touched Shi Lin Luo’s lower lips with the tip of her tongue lightly from time to time. As if wanting to extract the aroma and sweetness from within.

    Shi Lin Luo only felt her lips become numb by Ke Li’s inhalation and her brain became inflexible.  

    Ke Li’s movements were so gentle that she didn’t know the person in front of her, but the person was clearly Ke Li. Her hands hung on her sides and she didn’t respond to Ke Li, but subconsciously clenched her teeth and didn’t intend to let Ke Li enter.

    One kiss was enough, if she wants to progress more, there would be no way!

    Ke Li just tasted the sweetness. Naturally, she didn’t want to stop halfway. She lingered outside for a long time. At last, she held Shi Lin Luo’s face and held her against the tip of her nose. Her eyes were wet, and said, “Lin Luo, open your mouth, okay?”

    Her tone was so light as if she would leave at any time if Shi Lin Luo didn’t agree. In short, she gave Shi Lin Luo the authority to make the decision.  

    Shi Lin Luo looked like a ghost: “…”

    She didn’t know what Ke Li meant with this embarrassing question at this time, so she couldn’t help but ask herself, why shouldn’t she enter?  

    She didn’t speak and closed her eyes to look away.

    Ke Li assumed that Shi Lin Luo was acquiescent. She straightened her face, lowered her head and continued, scraping Shi Lin Luo’s lips with the tip of her tongue.  

    Shi Lin Luo was tickled by her and subconsciously opened her mouth. The joy in Ke Li’s eyes couldn’t be hidden. She fit herself between Shi Lin Luo’s lips and teeth, the tip of her tongue chased Shi Lin Luo’s soft tongue and began a fierce competition…

    Their breathing was entangled, and there were low gasps that sounded between them. Ke Li was addicted to kissing. She wasn’t a Liu Xiahui,1It’s a reference to a historical person. Basically, Liu Xiahui’s ambition was to reject a promiscuous person. In this case, she isn’t a Liu Xiahui since she is embracing the smutty moment. as it was impossible for her not to take a step in this disorderly moment.

    Her body unknowingly directly fell on Shi Lin Luo’s body and her hands weren’t honest. She stroked and kneaded Shi Lin Luo’s ears and finally removed her lips, then opened her mouth to cover the fleshy earlobe, sucking astringently.

    “…” Shi Lin Luo jerked, realizing that Ke Li wouldn’t be satisfied with kissing and would do more. Those bad bed experiences from the past plunged into her mind and her eyebrows wrinkled as she unconsciously resisted.

    “Stop … Stop!” Shi Lin Luo’s hand pushed Ke Li’s head.

    Ke Li heard it but acted as if she didn’t hear it. She was also a woman and knew that women’s mouths would always say yes and their hearts no.2In this case, she says she doesn’t want anymore and to stop but she actually means in her heart to keep going according to Ke Li’s logic. How could she stop at this juncture? She continued and her hands treaded on Shi Lin Luo’s face and went downwards.

    Shi Lin Luo’s eyebrows were tight and wrinkled as her body stiffened. In addition to the coldness in her eyes, there was a familiar fear, fearing Ke Li’s next actions.

    Before Ke Li’s hand reached down, she obviously felt Shi Lin Luo’s body stiffened. She recalled the female lead’s previous experiences in sex and knew it wasn’t good. She couldn’t be direct now, everything has to be done slowly.

    She wanted to retract her hand, but before she could, the area she had physical contact with Shi Lin Luo began to ache. It wasn’t the crisp numbness from before, but a sharp pain.  

    It appeared that Ke Li was ejected from Shi Lin Luo’s body at the fastest speed possible and was far away. She laid on the bed with her hands covering her heart and mouth, there was cold sweat on her forehead which was different from the previous symptoms.

    The area of ​​physical contact was too large. When she was in pain, she was also suckling Shi Lin Luo’s earlobe. Now her tongue was in pain. Fortunately, the pain from her body faded, but the pain from her tongue lingered.

    “Doudou, what’s going on?” Obviously, it was okay in the beginning, so why did it hurt all of a sudden? At last, she knew what a gentle and soft countryside heroic grave was. If she continued on like this, she would die in bed from pain sooner or later.  

    [Host, the higher the female lead’s favorability is towards you, the less the pain will become, so…] Doudou was a little guilty and didn’t dare finish its words.

    “…” Ke Li reacted as soon as she thought about it. “Then you allowed me to keep kissing her?”

    […] The housefly doesn’t bite its seamless eggs, obviously the host’s mind had wretched thoughts and now Doudou had to carry the pot.3So the host wanted to do smutty things to female lead but Doudou carries the pot aka the blame for her wanting to do bad However, Doudou didn’t dare refute her bad intentions and stuck out its nonexistent neck and said: [No, why would the female lead slowly accept you?]

    We can’t always be careful and didn’t dare to approach. Now the host finally moved her mind and of course, god assisted her to take advantage to strike the iron when it’s hot.

    “…” Ke Li suddenly realized the trick of injuring herself to gain the enemy’s confidence?4So basically Doudou unshielded the pain so she would get hurt and get SLL’s sympathy!! That system schemes!!

    The expression on her face suddenly became more painful and her body was curled up. She finally knew why it was so painful. It must be that Shi Lin Luo’s affection decreased and Doudou took advantage of the shielding mechanism.

    Slag system!

    Ke Li felt she could transmigrate into the entertainment circle and become a movie queen at will. It really was out of the question to act as a little flower blossom.  

    Shi Lin Luo was frightened by Ke Li’s reaction. She wondered why Ke Li was suddenly not afraid to touch or kiss her, but she didn’t expect that Ke Li would have such a great reaction now.

    She busily turned on all the lights.  

    She saw Ke Li’s brow tightly wrinkled and her body curled up, her forehead full of sweat and her mouth wide open and slightly gasping as if she was terminally ill and could have an accident at any time.

    Those unpleasant experiences in Shi Lin Luo’s mind were swept away. She straightened her messy nightgown and wanted to approach but didn’t dare. She raised both her arms in the air and worriedly asked, “How are you?”  

    “It hurts.” Ke Li swallowed back the words “won’t die” that was about to come out, then looked at Shi Lin Luo pitifully as if she was the culprit.

    Shi Lin Luo knew she was in pain at first glance and didn’t doubt it at all. She went to the bedside to find her cellphone and asked with a nervous face: “Do you need to see a doctor?”

    “No, just let me lie down.” Ke Li thought it would be a waste of money to call the doctor and stopped Shi Lin Luo in time and tentatively asked, “Lin Luo, can you not suddenly resist intimacy next time?”

    Otherwise she will really die in bed.  

    Shi Lin Luo: “…”

    Feelings and she shouldn’t resist intimacy?

    Shi Lin Luo stabilized her mood and tried to make her voice less cold. Then she asked about Ke Li’s sudden reaction unconfidently: “Your pain isn’t related to my attitude, is it?”

    She just suddenly resisted Ke Li’s sudden intimacy. It was acceptable to accept a simple kiss, but any further was impossible.  

    But this kind of thing was too incredible, right?

    Ke Li wasn’t sure if she could tell Shi Lin Luo about it, so she didn’t confirm, but said with grievance: “Anyway, I can’t get close to you, but can I hug you?”  

    Shi Lin Luo looked at Ke Li’s bright red lips. She didn’t realize this as she unconsciously nodded and uneasily said: “If…if you’re not afraid of the sudden pain, do as you like.”  

    Now she has another chip, although the disease was very strange, it was really useful to deal with Ke Li who easily got horny.

    Ke Li performed a full acting set.5So a set is usually a scene in acting… She “relaxed” in bed for a while before slowly approaching Shi Lin Luo. She carefully reached out to hug Shi Lin Luo’s waist and informed Doudou that she was ready to work. If it wants to suddenly remove the shield, it must remind her.  

    Because Shi Lin Luo didn’t continue to resist, this time it was crisp, numb and painless.

    On the first day of coming to this world, the desired hug was finally achieved. All of a sudden, Ke Li’s legs moved uneasily from the overexcitement.  

    Shi Lin Luo was alert and immediately asked: “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing, let’s talk tomorrow.” Ke Li’s tone didn’t sound normal and Shi Lin Luo didn’t think about it. Now she thought it was abnormal for her to sleep in Ke Li’s arms.

    The next day, Shi Lin Luo found Ke Li’s underwear was added to the laundry basket. Before she thought about it, Ke Li hurriedly came over and angrily took away the underwear. Before she left, she specially explained: “Don’t think about it, this is normal for me.”

    Shi Lin Luo: “ … ” She was very abnormal.

    But she probably guessed what happened.

    Because she was discovered by Shi Lin Luo, Ke Li specially changed her place to wash her underwear. She was ignited by her yesterday. It was quite normal to have a spring dream at night.

    Doudou: […]

    After that, every night, Ke Li asked Shi Lin Luo if she could hold her. Shi Lin Luo also felt if she didn’t let Ke Li have sex and physical contact, she knew she would be conniving Ke Li.

    In fact, she felt that if this continue, Ke Li might cheat and find someone else to like, then divorce her. But when she thought of these possibilities, it made her very uncomfortable.

    Ke Li slept happily every night. She likes it, even if she just slept in her arms, it was very practical.

    It has to be said that the effect of Doudou’s idea was really good. Now, apart from omitting the direct cause of the pain, this was basically a friendship with Shi Lin Luo.

    The favorability value was very stable and continued to increase at a certain pace. Although the pace was very small, Ke Li believed that in the near future, she will be able to kiss Shi Lin Luo.

    [……] Doudou didn’t speak. It hid its skills and fame. It tried its best as a system that supported Ke Li.6Poor Doudou, supporting her in the best way possible. Haha made that plan without telling her and now she reaps the benefits…

    Shi Lin Luo’s impression of Ke Li has changed a lot. Perhaps the biggest change was that she discovered that Ke Li was really good at pretending or that Ke Li had two faces.  

    Since that night, Ke Li sometimes deliberately pretended to be strong, but sometimes she had a pitiful appearance. They both were used interchangeably by her naturally, without clashing.

    But that wasn’t important. What was important was that she knew Ke Li was just a tough guy.

    What was quietly changing between them? Shi Lin Luo admitted that she wanted to see Ke Li’s terrified appearance. As a result, even the cold appearance looked extremely cute.7Think the only time she looked terrified was the finger condom gifting and the sudden surprise pain…haha

    Ke Li also thought Shi Lin Luo was cute, because recently, her favorability value was slowly rising. It was nearly eighty percent, which was really great news for her since it was previously negative.

    Ke Li almost wanted to ask Shi Lin Luo if she liked her, however, she convinced herself not to in order to promote and preserve the favorable impression.

    On the weekend, it was Father Ke’s birthday. Father Ke asked Ke Li to take Shi Lin Luo back to the family house. Shi Lin Luo was a little nervous, but after seeing Ke Li, she wasn’t as nervous and said she would like to go shopping.

    “What are you going to buy?” Ke Li thought Shi Lin Luo was going to buy a birthday gift for her father, but she had already prepared the present. She wanted to say that she doesn’t have to buy anything but saw Shi Lin Luo look at her hand meaningfully.

    The hand wasn’t easy to see as Ke Li tried to hide it, then listened to Shi Lin Luo: “Buy your favorite cover.”

    Ke Li: “…” Revenge, this was definitely revenge!

    Merely, she didn’t dare to have car sex, ah!

    Shi Lin Luo waited for Ke Li’s brain to function and have her thoughts run amok before casually adding: “Gloves.”8Female lead is ruthless when teasing the poor Ke Li. LOL what a savage

    Then looked at her face as if she was an immoral and despicable person.

    Ke Li: “…”

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