Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 33

Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 14

Lin Luo, Can I Kiss You?

    Shi Lin Luo thought it was fun to see Ke Li suffer and shrivel. Before, she never knew she had the bad taste of bullying people, or did she subconsciously wanted to see the president who was superior in front of others be careful in front of her?

    Was this the legendary gap meng?1gap meng means gap moe

    Shi Lin Luo felt this idea was a bit dangerous. She stopped in time but seriously took Ke Li to the clothing store.

    Ke Li, because she wanted to be bent, didn’t have confidence in front of Shi Lin Luo. She stretched her face and said expressionlessly, “Why do we need to buy gloves?”

    The weather was still warm, and it wasn’t the time to wear gloves when going out.

    Shi Lin Luo only said mysteriously: “The mountain people have their own wonderful uses.”

    Ke Li: “…”

    Shi Lin Luo soon bought thin khaki cashmere gloves, and the two got in the car.

    Ke Li looked at the pair of gloves and thought if she put them on, she would probably have a rash. In addition, if she wore gloves in early autumn, others would treat her like a fool.  

    Shi Lin Luo directly gave her the gloves: “Put them on.”

    Ke Li euphemistically refused: “It’s inconvenient to wear.”

    Although it was thin, it wasn’t convenient when she wanted to play on her cellphone.  

    “After wearing the gloves, you can still touch the screen.” Shi Lin Luo didn’t give Ke Li the opportunity to refuse at all.

    What else can Ke Li say? As a natural attacker, her hand was undoubtedly very good-looking. It was more than enough for her to be a hand model, but she had to hide her hands. Why did she had the feeling that Shi Lin Luo was hiding a weapon?  

    However, her mind wasn’t full of yellow waste. No, there was no yellow waste. She understood what Shi Lin Luo meant when she thought about it.

    She put away her gloves and said, “Will I wear them later?”

    “En.” Shi Lin Luo leaned back in her chair and was on a well-known paid to browse website for the latest design works, ready to find some design inspiration.2Basically you have to pay to be able to browse on the website she’s on, so a paid version of pininterest

    Ke Li had no interest in design after a single glance. She knew a little about design, otherwise she wouldn’t have written Shi Lin Luo studying in art design in the beginning. However, as a dead house in computer science, she knew more about programming code and software design.

    But after several years of exhaustion, all her knowledge was returned to the teacher. She could only take out her cellphone and play a game similar to from the real world. In order to make herself not appear childish, Ke Li secretly played.

    It was best to play this relaxing and casual game when you’re bored. Of course, the real overbearing president, Ke Zhe wouldn’t play.

    Ke Li had already broken the jar and knew very well that her overbearing image was gone in front of Shi Lin Luo.

    Her face was taut, and her thumbs controlled the direction of the snake. Her heart was unwilling because she didn’t want to accidentally hit the wall or be “side-killed” by smaller snakes, she didn’t want to die and be resurrected again.

    Shi Lin Luo was really curious about the game Ke Li played on her cellphone. She didn’t really want to, but now she really wanted to see Ke Li’s parents. Her impression of Father Ke and Mother Ke was that they were powerful people. Before, she never thought she would be involved in such high-ranking people, but now she was one of them.

    At the thought of Ke Li getting married to her …

    “Why do you like me?” Shi Lin Luo wanted to ask since long ago, but she didn’t before because she didn’t care. But now the relationship between the two has improved a little and suddenly she wanted to know the answer to this.  

    She thought she didn’t know Ke Li before and she didn’t know when she attracted her.

    Ke Li was busy playing the game but didn’t expect Shi Lin Luo would ask her this question. She was worried about accidentally dying and looked up and said, “En?”

    It was rare to see Ke Li very interested in her cellphone. Shi Lin Luo curiously took a closer look. As a result, she was disgusted by the disgusting giant “worm” on the screen.

    She immediately distanced herself far away from Ke Li as if Ke Li was carrying a virus.

    “…” After Ke Li killed herself by crashing herself into the wall, she put away her cellphone and thought about it carefully. Finally, with a playful smile on her face, she said, “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

    When she started writing the novel, she didn’t spend too much time on the detailed reason for Ke Zhe’s love towards Shi Lin Luo.

    Generally speaking, during the school’s autumn job fair, in order to give face to her alma mater, President Ke Zhe visited the site in-person. As a result, she fell in love with Shi Lin Luo at first sight at the job fair and kept thinking about her the entire time. After Shi Lin Luo entered the workforce, she directly married people by any means and didn’t pursue them.3Basically, she forced a marriage on SLL and never met her in person or try to woo/sway/date her…

    Naturally, it led to a series of subsequent events, but it wasn’t surprising that Ke Li set things this way.

    Ke Zhe was a person who always paid attention to efficiency when doing things. She doesn’t pursue others. She was more worried that Shi Lin Luo would be chased by others. She thought that only when Shi Lin Luo was around her, she would feel at ease. So, she directly chose to marry someone and bring them home and bed them…the dominance was too strong, so that was that.

    Ke Li was guilty as she briefly said she fell in love at first sight, after all, she was the one who created the story.

    Shi Lin Luo felt that Ke Zhe’s psychology was really sick, but she didn’t have her original disgust towards Ke Zhe, otherwise she would have directly thought that Ke Zhe was abnormal and would have been far away from Ke Zhe while she continued to surf the web.  

    She really felt disgusted towards that creepy insect game.

    Ke Li: “…”

    After the car drove for more than an hour, they arrived at a private villa area. Ke Li put on the gloves selected by Shi Lin Luo and they enter hand-in-hand. At the moment she pulled on her gloves, the palm of her hand was crisp and numb. Ke Li’s heart was also a little unbearable, as if it was slightly rippling.

    She couldn’t help but look at Shi Lin Luo’s reaction. As a result, Shi Lin Luo’s expression was faint, as if there were no special feeling.

    Ke Li was suddenly lost as this was the first time she held hands with Shi Lin Luo.  

    Before when they had physical contact, there would be pain and itchiness and she had to rely on Doudou to shield the pain.

    Now, for the sake of safety, Shi Lin Luo chose those gloves for her. Obviously, she was worried about accidents, so she didn’t refuse. Instead she wanted to have direct physical contact with Shi Lin Luo than through a layer of cloth.

    Ke Li exercised restraint and moodily reminded her again: “You remember not to reject my intimacy for a while.”

    In fact, this kind of thing was inaccurate, who knows what will happen in a while, but Shi Lin Luo also replied: “En.”

    She also felt the contact through the layer of fabric wasn’t good.

    This birthday party could be regarded as a family party. In addition to Ke Li and Shi Lin Luo, there were many uncles and cousins of Ke Zhe.  

    The Ke family was prosperous as Father Ke had many brothers and sisters. But there was only a Ke daughter from Father Ke, so when Ke Zhe appears, Ke Zhe was very noticeable.  

    These relatives all came, and Ke Li was somewhat surprised, but what surprised her the most was Jing Han, a young woman who was away all year round, has returned without even notifying her in advance?

    As soon as Ke Li saw Jing Han, she had a premonition and sure enough, Jing Han came over the next second, followed by a group of young people including Mother Ke.

    “A’Zhe, why are you wearing gloves? Is this the fashion for fall and winter this year?” Jing Han, the origin of the “finger condom incident” didn’t have any consciousness at all and asked questions regardless of the occasion and straight to the point.

    Ke Li: “I just want to.”

    Shi Lin Luo: “Her hand was injured.”

    They spoke almost simultaneously. Jing Han’s face had a narrow smile, and everyone was young, since they have been married for a few months, everyone’s eyes were on Ke Li’s body.

    “…” Ke Li didn’t like this kind of gaze very much. She glanced at Shi Lin Luo who was beside her, then frowned and frankly admitted: “It was soaked in water for a long time and my fingers hurt a little.”4LOL, as if KL was soaking her fingers inside SLL’s love juices!!

    “…” Shi Lin Luo’s face turned black and Ke Li felt some pain at the place where they held each other. Her heart said that Shi Lin Luo was the type of person to be moody.  

    Mother Ke held her forehead in distress, and stared straight at Ke Li as if her eyes said, “Ke Zhe, can’t you carefully love your wife?”

    She counted on the two to have grandchildren together in the coming year!

    Ke Li: “…”

    She never attacked! How would she love her wife well?

    Everyone was an adult and some jokes were passed over. This was just a small episode, but Ke Li found that Shi Lin Luo was concerned. She said in Shi Lin Luo’s ear with her face turned: “It’s just a joke. Don’t be angry.”

    As a matter of fact, she still felt very guilty.

    Shi Lin Luo wasn’t the kind of person who couldn’t take a joke, but she wasn’t used to being in front of a bunch of strangers and having a colorful joke played on her. Moreover, nothing happened between them recently.  

    Shi Lin Luo automatically understood that Ke Li was very hungry and thirsty, then remembered that Ke Li secretly washed her underwear before, so she was even more confident of the truth of the matter. However, the more she did, the less she wanted to let Ke Li get away with it.

    The place where she held her hand restored its original feeling of crispness and numbness. Ke Li knew that Shi Lin Luo wasn’t angry and quickly kissed Shi Lin Luo on the side of her face, then casually greeted others as if nothing happened.  

    “…” When Shi Lin Luo reacted, Ke Li had already led her to the dinner table.

    Originally, the younger generation sat together while the older generation sat together. However, Ke Li and Shi Lin Luo were still “newcomers” in front of the elders. They had to at least eat together with their elders first and toast a glass of wine.5Newcomers because SLL just married into the Ke family

    Shi Lin Luo looked at the group of elders at the table and saw each and every one of them had an abundance of interest towards her. Her palms were a little sweaty. This was her first time coming here after marriage. It was impossible to say she wasn’t nervous. Fortunately, Ke Li was still reliable.  

    In fact, Father Ke didn’t like Shi Lin Luo. He thought Ke Zhe should only like men. Only in this way could his family’s business be inherited. At least someone could help his daughter manage the company.

    But Ke Zhe wasn’t obedient and directly married the woman who wasn’t suitable for the family and was a designer. In simple terms, it looked as if she lived off a woman. His heart didn’t see her, and his face wasn’t good.

    Shi Lin Luo prepared herself for this for a long time, so her heart didn’t drop. Ke Li also knew what Father Ke was thinking about. After she and Shi Lin Luo toasted and greeted the elders, she led Shi Lin Luo to the table of young people.

    However, the atmosphere wasn’t better than before.

    When they were children at the dinner table, the younger generation could freely talk about their dreams and future. However, since they were grown, most of the communication content was work.

    For example, now Ke Zhe’s cousin wanted to arrange his wife’s little brother a good position in Ke Li’s company. Her cousin thought there were some problems with his company’s capital turnover and wanted Ke Li to help.

    In short, the table just maintained the surface with work. This was a traditional banquet culture which was the same since ancient times.

    Ke Li was so taunt and her heart was twisted. In front of Shi Lin Luo, she was liberated while she was relaxed in front of Jing Han. But in front of these unfamiliar relatives, she could only maintain a superficial front and spoke polite words in a businesslike manner.

    When they had enough to eat and drink, Ke Li took Shi Lin Luo out while they were all drinking. Jing Han, who was abroad for a long time, wasn’t used to talking a lot at the dinner table and also left with them. The three were talking in the yard.

    “Sister-in-law…” Jing Han was ready to have a good relationship with Shi Lin Luo and had the chance to expose Ke Li’s embarrassment when she was a child. In fact, she was only half a year younger than Ke Li, but she was much bigger than Shi Lin Luo. She had a thick face and wasn’t ashamed to shout at all.

    Ke Li reminded with a cold face: “Lin Luo is much younger than you.”

    The biggest taboo for a woman was mentioning her age was older. Jing Han glanced at Ke Li: “Can I call her Lin Luo?”

    Ke Li directly rejected: “It’s not good to call her that.”

    This was something only she could say.

    “…” Shi Lin Luo said, “You can call me by name or call me Luo Luo.”

    Ke Li couldn’t speak now.

    “Luo Luo, how could you bear her bad temper.” Jing Han said as if Ke Li was actually Ke Zhe. “She was unruly when we were children. Somehow, as she grew older, she became more cold-faced and lacked interest in everything. In fact, she’s very boring.”

    Shi Lin Luo agreed with this point very much. Ke Li wasn’t only boring but childish sometimes. She was two different people from the inside and out, just like there was a fine division.

    “…” Ke Li couldn’t bear it and silently curse because she was a little scum from exposing her bottom. No, it was Ke Zhe’s bottom.

    Jing Han couldn’t stop once her box was opened and continued: “Look at her now, calm on the surface. But, in fact she doesn’t know where to go. Maybe the small train has arrived at the station.”

    Ke Li: “…” Spicy chicken childhood friend!

    Shi Lin Luo agreed with this, but Ke Li’s “hunger” was obvious to all.

    The two chatted and directly ignored Ke Li. However, the topic of the conversation was all about Ke Li. At the end of the conversation, Jing Han said she will leave here tomorrow and wanted to take photos with them in the evening.

    “Come, smile.” Jing Han took out her selfie stick and happily laughed at the three people’s heads.  

    Ke Li tightly held Shi Lin Luo’s waist subconsciously, and she felt Shi Lin Luo’s body slightly trembled. However, she didn’t’ feel pain from her hands, it still had the same feeling of crispness and numbness.  

    She was happy in her heart and was reluctant to let go. She kept hugging Shi Lin Luo and held a gentle and domineering smile towards the camera lens.

    Because Jing Han was still present, Shi Lin Luo didn’t reject Ke Li, and in fact, she didn’t feel repulsed in her heart.

    After taking the picture, Jing Han withdrew and said she was going to make an international phone call and didn’t want to eat dog food here.6dog food is like seeing a couple act lovely dovey and you’re the single dog watching that aka eating dog food

    Ke Li and Shi Lin Luo sat on the bench in the yard. They still held each other, and Ke Li’s heart was sweet. She didn’t plan to let go as long as Shi Lin Luo didn’t object.

    Shi Lin Luo was too lazy to let Ke Li release her grip. She looked up at the stars and thought tonight’s night sky was very quiet which was suitable for quietly talking.

    Later, when they went to bed, they naturally slept together. Ke Li was still greedy for this kind of gentleness. Besides, not only did Shi Lin Luo didn’t resist, but her affection rose steadily.

    The bottom of her heart was already full. She looked at Shi Lin Luo’s side profile, then suddenly approached and hugged her. She saw that Shi Lin Luo didn’t object. She wanted to make progress, but also wanted to respect Shi Lin Luo’s wishes. She said, “Lin Luo, can I kiss you?”

    In fact, Ke Li was ready to force herself on her if she didn’t agree and even had Doudou ready to shield the pain.  

    “…” Shi Lin Luo really didn’t want Ke Li to suffer. As a result, Ke Li would only get more and more distressed. She turned around and blocked her with her mouth…

Author’s Notes:

Tomorrow the condom can be played (I sent four earlier to Ke Li to attack)

In fact, the author and the protagonist has many similarities (specifically Ke Li and Ke Zhe) to chop one’s hands ah, homosexual ●v●

The overlord with the shopping cart is getting restless. In the next world, the female lead won’t have hair (revenge from the author)

Female lead: →_→

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