Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 34

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Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 15

Please Don’t Stop Halfway

   “…” Ke Li was caught off-guard by the sudden kiss that she almost hit Shi Lin Luo’s teeth. Fortunately, her teeth didn’t, otherwise a mishap would have happened.

    She immediately immersed herself in the joy of being kissed and began to enjoy the intimacy between lovers. She soon competed with Shi Lin Luo for dominance in kissing.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t give Ke Li a chance. This time, she dominated in kissing.  

    Her kissing skill was a little shaky. She did everything Ke Li had done before and kissed her, as if she was drinking from a gourd and followed a technique.

    However, this incomprehensible kiss technique made Ke Li so dizzy that she laid down on the bed obediently and moaned comfortably.

    Shi Lin Luo’s stamina was too powerful, this was Ke Li’s first reaction. She never thought she would lose here. After all, she was the overbearing president.

    As a matter of fact, Ke Zhe’s body has been working for many years. Although she had a good figure and great physique, she was busy at work and had no time to exercise regularly. She just goes to the gym occasionally to exercise.

    And Shi Lin Luo just graduated. Before graduation, she had the habit of running in the morning. As the saying goes, a good life starts with a healthy body. Now Ke Li had regrets once she understood this truth.

    If she had known this, she would have written Ke Zhe as a strong woman who was both knowledgeable and strong.

    During this time when Ke Li reflected, Shi Lin Luo already gained the upper hand in kissing. Her kissing skill was very inexplicable as Shi Lin Luo was self-taught. She kissed Ke Li until she became confused and both her hands held her hair the entire time.

    Shi Lin Luo’s desire to conquer caused Ke Li to become passionate.

    “Lin Luo …” Ke Li called Shi Lin Luo’s name unconsciously. Although her skin was thin at times, but she was never willing to wrong her own people.

    Ke Li called out Shi Lin Luo’s name impatiently and wanted Shi Lin Luo to extinguish her simmering flames. As for the task and physical contact ban, she already casted it far away.1Basically she’s hot and horny and wants to extinguish her horniness by cumming  

    “…” Shi Lin Luo didn’t expect that Ke Li would talk like this when she touched her, but she didn’t want Ke Li, who was starving, get what she wanted. Instead, she held Ke Li’s face and kissed her until she panted in bed, then she left a warm and ambiguous red mark with her mouth.

    Shi Lin Luo could feel that Ke Li was waiting for her, but she had no intention to follow through. They could only kiss each other. She had an instinctive repulsion of further intimacy, which was previously caused by Ke Zhe.

    Recalling those bad bed experiences, Shi Lin Luo stopped her action of kissing Ke Li and there were no other movements of continuing.

    It didn’t feel good that the tenderness of becoming boneless suddenly disappeared. Ke Li wondered: “What’s wrong?”

    “Why aren’t you straight-foward?” Shi Lin Luo didn’t want to mention that memory at all, because it felt that the Ke Li in front of her was faking her tenderness, and ultimately her movements in bed.

    In fact, she still felt strange.

    Was it possible for a person who was calm on the surface but impatient in bed to suddenly become soft from a touch and gently moaned from her every action?2Aww, SLL really thinks KL is faking her enjoyment in bed!!

    Shi Lin Luo couldn’t explain why she didn’t know Ke Li before. She can explain it in other ways, but she thought she knew Ke Li best in bed.3They were only married for 3 days so it made sense why she didn’t know KL as a person at first, but when they spent 3 days in bed…very heavily she thinks this Ke Li is a fraud.

    Shi Lin Luo quietly looked at Ke Li, waiting for her reply.

    “…” At this juncture, when asked about such a disappointing thing, Ke Li felt that Shi Lin Luo was intentional. However, for Shi Lin Luo who experienced this, it was quite normal for her to ask.4In the early chapter of arc, it mentions that Ke Zhe did a bed play where she was “gentle” at first but became vicious and rough at the middle/end

    Because Ke Li now had a peaceful relationship with Shi Lin Luo, she was able to ask such a question. For a while, she couldn’t find a suitable excuse. Finally, she simply said, “Actually, the reason is very simple.”  

    “What is it?” Ke Li answered so simply that Shi Lin Luo was a little uneasy. She even wondered whether Ke Li really had a split personality.

    However, Ke Li directly held her neck, swallowed her saliva and immediately replied with a red face: “Because I discovered that my bed technique wasn’t good.”

    Therefore, she became gentle and considerate, and stopped her beastly behavior. It seemed to be a well-founded and reasonable explanation.

    Shi Lin Luo: “…”

    Why did she feel that she couldn’t believe it? It was true that her bed techniques were unacceptable. In the beginning, she tried to cooperate with her as much as possible, but she never achieved the feeling of stepping high on the clouds as mentioned in the little pornographic book.  

    Ke Li saw that Shi Lin Luo looked at her and didn’t speak. Ke Li thought she still hated her and gently put her arms around her neck, pressed her forehead against hers and said, “Lin Luo, I wasn’t good before.”

    She now turned over a new leaf and became a new person. Please don’t stop halfway.

    Shi Lin Luo: “…”

    Ke Li continued to stir up emotions: “For this reason, I also consulted with an emotional expert. She said that I never considered my partner’s feelings before. I banged like a mad bull. Lin Luo, before I wasn’t good. This time…” I’ll plow gently.

    “You should lie down and enjoy yourself if your technique isn’t good.” Shi Lin Luo used her previous words, then added: “However, I’m going to sleep now.”

    Although Ke Li seemed to have made a lot of sense with her explanation, she still didn’t want to give in to Ke Li at all.  

    “…” Ke Li gloomily turned to sleep, and said it was hard to be a vicious supporting female lead. She couldn’t even attack. It wasn’t out of the question that if she could, she would behave even worse than a beast. The female lead didn’t cooperate at all, it was really….a big blow.  

    It was rare to see Ke Li reveal a childish appearance. Shi Lin Luo compensated her and fell asleep with her cuddling her and felt good. Once Ke Li cuddled her, her depression soon disappeared.

  Take your time, don’t worry, she can wait.

    The next day, the red mark on Ke Li’s neck caught the public’s attention, with joy and sorrow.

    Mother Ke looked at Shi Lin Luo with great admiration and silently prepared soup and vegetables for the two.  

    Father Ke didn’t expect his daughter to disobediently marry a woman, granted that his body has been unwell, and she was now grown. Even if he wasn’t upset normally, at least, he should be upset for a few days, right?

    He said to Shi Lin Luo with a black face: “You go into the main office later. What’s with the president’s wife working as a clerk at a small company? You’re all women, and you should help each other out in the future.”5Implying they should work at the same company

    Although Father Ke’s elbow was sharp and she was very partial to Ke Li, Shi Lin Luo didn’t respond. She was already prepared for this for a long time. Before, she was anxious to avoid Ke Li, but now it doesn’t matter if she was close.

    Ke Li didn’t expect that Father Ke’s assist was so good. She secretly gave Father Ke a thumbs-up and finally received a meaningful stare from her mother.  

    Shi Lin Luo successfully went to work with Ke Li at the main office. Although she was an assistant, she was idle and mainly helped Assistant Zhang.

    Ke Li was in a good mood for the past two days and also developed a sense of anticipation for her 9 to 5 work hours.  

    As a result, on the first day of working at the main office, Shi Lin Luo encountered something bad.

    “Miss Shi, someone is looking for you.” The front desk called and said her brother Shi Sheng came to see her.

    Shi Lin Luo’s first reaction was to not see him. She was clear with Shi Sheng’s temper and he was favored by her family as if he was a crown prince. As a result, her family had no capital to raise a crown prince. Her father wasn’t even a “local tyrant”.

    However, this “crown prince” wasn’t worried at all. He used his brother-in-law status and Ke Li’s name at the front desk of the company. With this great influence he directly went to Shi Lin Luo.

    “Sister, lend me some money.” Shi Sheng sloppily said.

    Shi Lin Luo didn’t want to pay attention to him. How could Shi Sheng talk to her in such a good tone compared to before? But she wasn’t valued.

    “Sister …” Shi Sheng’s face wasn’t good.

    Shi Lin Luo’s face was even worse and said, “I’m not your elder sister. You should know what virtue is and don’t come see me in the future!”

    She didn’t have any good feelings for this half-brother. She believed that they couldn’t see each other properly. Shi Sheng was only interested with her current identity.

    Shi Sheng was young and energetic. Also, Ke Li was unwilling to see him, so he turned around and complained to Father Shi. Father Shi thought he was wronged and that he wanted to have a good relationship with Shi Lin Luo. Then he went to teach his daughter a lesson.

    Shi Lin Luo could ignore Shi Sheng, but couldn’t ignore Father Shi. Otherwise, people in the company can’t predict what will happen. Just as Ke Li arrived, Father Shi’s methods of teaching his daughter became vaguely flattering.

    Ke Li was too clear about how to deal with Father Shi’s cheekiness. She directly said in a cold voice, “Mr. Shi, I, Ke Zhe married Shi Lin Luo, not your family. I want my wife, not my father-in-law. The company you have today is because of me.”

    Father Shi was so scared when he heard and started to sweat. Ke Li was threatening him with the company.

    Shi Lin Luo will advance and retreat together with Ke Li. Father Shi didn’t expect this and he didn’t dare say it. He could only scold Shi Lin Luo for being a white-eyed wolf in his heart, then took Shi Sheng, his cub and slump away. Otherwise, he won’t have any benefits now and he knew it.

    After Father Shi left, Ke Li asked, “Do you hate him?”

    “No, since my mother passed away, I knew I lost a father. Sure enough, he got along with my stepmother the next year.” Shi Lin Luo’s tone was light and there wasn’t much emotion.  

    Ke Li could hear the sadness. She lost her mother when she was a child, then her father’s love. She was really worthy of the protagonist’s aura for not becoming twisted. She gently held Shi Lin Luo in her arms. Unexpectedly, Shi Lin Luo didn’t resist. She stayed in Ke Li’s arms for a long time before she continued to work.  

    After work, Liu Meng called to congratulate her for getting promoted to Ke Li’s company. In order to learn about her best friend’s recent situation, she asked Shi Lin Luo to go meet her for an afternoon tea, so she can have dinner with Ke Li later.  

    Shi Lin Luo also wanted to talk to Liu Meng about something and agreed. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t be happy when she sees Ke Li. She had to make sure that they had tea in the afternoon and confirm with Ke Li if she was working overtime at the company first.  

    When she saw Liu Meng, Shi Lin Luo said, “Sister Cocoa, I think I really like her.”

    Her tone was a little incredulous and she felt incredulous herself, so she immediately wanted to discuss this with Liu Meng.

    Liu Meng: “…”

    Didn’t you always like her?

    However, in order to develop her best friend’s feelings, she pretended as if she just found out. After the sudden realization, she regained her original demeanor for gossip and said, “Do you feel like you’ve fallen in love?”

    What was it like?

    Shi Lin Luo seriously thought for a moment. She held her chin and slightly smiled, “I always think about kissing her.”  

    “…” Liu Meng was forced to eat dog food unconsciously. She said that women in love were terrible because they didn’t know how to be considerate with single dogs.

    She listened to Shi Lin Luo’s emotional journey. She wasn’t only happy for her best friend, but she was also sad for herself. She silently took out her cellphone and secretly chatted with her intellectual elder sister.  

    Shi Lin Luo saw Liu Meng suddenly smile at her cellphone and curiously asked: “Sister Cocoa, are you in love?”

    When she finished speaking, she saw a familiar figure coming from the opposite side, with a smile on her face. After finishing her meeting, Ke Li came to pick up Shi Lin Luo. She greeted Liu Meng, then quietly listened to them.

    Liu Meng couldn’t help but admit that Ke Li’s high-spirited appearance was very good-looking. She became emotionally moved when she recalled the words Shi Lin Luo just asked, “Lao Ni, I want to fall in love, but God knows I’m so cute and rare that I’m pulled to be single to accompany him.”6Lao Ni means a nun…I guess she’s hinting she will become a nun before she falls in love since God predestined her to be a single dog to accompany him for her lifetime as a single dog.

    Shi Lin Luo: “…”

    The two exchanged some more words as Ke Li quietly drank tea, then they said goodbye to Liu Meng. Shi Lin Luo and Ke Li simultaneously agreed: “Let’s go to the supermarket.”

    Then they looked at each other with a smile.

    It was almost seven o’clock when the two bought groceries together and went home. Aunt Li already prepared the meal. As a result, they chose to cook together by themselves and Aunt Li felt that she was going to lose her job again.7Dude, they didn’t even eat Aunt Li’s cooking and went straight to cooking their own meal!

    While they were cooking, they were both well-behaved and had a warm feeling. Now Ke Li could directly hold Shi Lin Luo in her arms and even ate in a hurry. She was anxious to go to bed early.

    [Host, why are you so anxious to go back?] Doudou deliberately misinterpreted Ke Li’s intentions.

    “The task is almost complete?” Ke Li glanced at the favorability and intimacy values and said that Doudou was quite reliable this time. It didn’t wait to remind her when she was flying in the sky.8Flying in the sky aka while she was having an orgasm like in arc 1 She calmly said, “I want to apply for a postponement.”

    [Don’t worry, I won’t disturb the host. You can continue to suffer.]9Implying she’s into S&M cause technically she can still get shocked if affection drops

    “…” In order to restore her image in front of Doudou and overthrow the fallacy of her poor bedroom technique, Ke Li decided to give Shi Lin Luo an unprecedented gentle experience tonight.

    After lying on the bed, Ke Li held onto the idea of starting off strong and kissed Shi Lin Luo eagerly and tenderly. Shi Lin Luo enthusiastically responded to her. Their lips were crisp and numb, there was no feeling of repulsion.

    Ke Li knew that Doudou didn’t contribute this time. It was the effect of improving the favorability value. She could only hope that the ban could be completely lifted after this.  

    When the two removed their clothes and kissed, Ke Li suddenly stopped. She suddenly remembered what Jing Han sent. In ancient times, she didn’t care about it. But it was the modern times and she suddenly didn’t know whether Shi Lin Luo needed it.10Pretty sure she was being considerate about the finger condoms cause she doesn’t want SLL to feel any pain or discomfort from her fingernails accidentally grazing or tearing her insides…

    Shi Lin Luo seemed to know what she was thinking of and took out a small bag of things from under the pillow and continued to lie down neatly.

    Ke Li: “…”

    Was it prepared beforehand?

    Was she ready to be eaten by her? Or eat her?

    Being looked at by Ke Li’s eyes, Shi Lin Luo’s face finally had a strange blush. She didn’t look away and said: “Make the best use of everything. Anyway, you don’t need to use it in vain.”

    Ke Li: “…”

Author’s Notes:

Single dogs with rich theoretical knowledge reminds you to pay attention to hygiene, then found out everyone is a single dog ●v●

Every day, spicy chicken jj person╰_╯ changed into four mouths11Talking about the four condoms “she” left Ke Li to use, so those four condoms fit into “mouths” aka fingers and voluntarily repair brain hole (actually it’s nothing, I’m really wronged, I’m a honorable person T_T)

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