Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 35

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Arc 2: The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Her – 16

Ke Li Closed Her Legs Sharply.

    The relationship between people was very mysterious. The first impression oftentimes determined the relationship between people to a large extent.

    Shi Lin Luo used to hate Ke Li, so she wasn’t comfortable. She even thought that everything that Ke Li had done was with purpose. However, since the relationship between Shi Lin Luo and Ke Li improved, it seemed that she had a new understanding. Those annoying things from the past, became lovely.

    The current Ke Li was undoubtedly cute, with her long straight hair scattered around her ears and her lips swollen. This was the leftover evidence from last night’s long kiss.  

    Shi Lin Luo intently looked at Ke Li’s face, glanced back and forth between her eyebrows, bridge of her nose, and lips. She thought her cold silhouette softened under the nourishment of love.

    Thinking of what happened yesterday, Shi Lin Luo’s eyes were about to overflow with happiness. She reached out and gently touched the tip of Ke Li’s nose and squeezed it slightly.

    Ke Li couldn’t breathe, she randomly grasped her face. However, she didn’t grasp the right position and her handsome brows wrinkled slightly.  

    Shi Lin Luo has never been so eager to stay in bed, but reality didn’t allow it. She helped Ke Li remove the hair from her lips and used it to scratch her ears.

    Ke Li’s ears were itchy, and Ke Li moved impatiently to the side, waking up half-heartedly.

    Shi Lin Luo reached out and grabbed her. She blew air on her face and her voice softly called out, “Get up.”

    Ke Li frowned and opened her eyes halfway. She squinted and her gaze landed on Shi Lin Luo’s face that was troubled. Her eyebrows stretched out and she vaguely said: “Lin Luo, let me sleep for a while.”

    Her voice was a little hoarse.

    “It’s almost nine o’clock, you’re going to be late for work.” Shi Lin Luo said sitting up and began to dress. Yesterday, they were…fierce and intense, their pajamas and panties were crumpled in the corner of the bed and looked funny.  

    Ke Li replied subconsciously: “No!”

    “…” Shi Lin Luo stared at Ke Li softly, not expecting that she would want to stay in bed one day. Suddenly, she had a taste for a little bit of fun and went forward to block Ke Li’s lips. The tip of her tongue gently scraped her, and she could feel a different taste.  

    Ke Li had her eyes closed and now stared at Shi Lin Luo. She woke up from the kiss and reached out to hug Shi Lin Luo’s neck and said, “Let’s escape today.”

    Ke Li’s body wasn’t completely covered, and she held her in this way, so Shi Lin Luo suddenly felt itchy. She was afraid that she and Ke Li would spend the day in bed. With a narrow smile in her eyes, she deliberately said, “Is it uncomfortable there?”

    She knew it was Ke Li’s first time yesterday and knew that as soon as she mentioned this Ke Li would definitely wake up.

    “…” As expected, Ke Li opened her eyes with a stunned look, her head was clear, and her face was burning. She turned her back shamefully and didn’t look at Shi Lin Luo. Who could have imagined that she was attacked and would suffer again yesterday? However, it seems to be the norm.

    Shi Lin Luo looked at the butterfly bone on Ke Li’s back and suddenly felt she was in control of everything.

    She never thought of it before, but now she thought it was very interesting that she could control Ke Li’s emotions.

    Ke Li could feel Shi Lin Luo’s sight. It was so hot that she felt it clearly. She suddenly remembered her small achievement from yesterday. Suddenly, she felt energetic and sat up to deliberately ask, “Were you comfortable last night?”

    “Comfortable.” Shi Lin Luo said very calmly, and glanced at Ke Li. In front of Ke Li, she had to have thicker skin, or she would be teased.  

    “…” Ke Li choked. She always felt that her eyes weren’t right. Suddenly, a chill came over her, she wasn’t dressed yet. She suddenly pulled the quilt over her body and tightly wrapped it…

    Shi Lin Luo: “…”

    Ke Li continued to wrap herself into a cocoon, lying on the bed and looking at Shi Lin Luo as if saying she couldn’t be taken. Shi Lin Luo sighed and said: “You…why is such a big person like a child?”

    Wasn’t it good to have a childlike heart?

    Ke Li also refused to give in: “Then why are you so small, but just like an adult? Come and call me elder sister.”

    Obviously, she was much older than her, but was crushed last night.

    Shi Lin Luo froze slightly, followed her words with her eyebrows raised. “Does elder sister want more?”  

    “…” Last night’s memories flooded in and Ke Li rolled around in bed, blushing and said, “Shut up!”

    After last night’s deep soul communication, the relationship between the two people was more casual. After all, nothing can reflect a person’s character better than in bed. What was released at that time was their true self.  

    Shi Lin Luo smiled, didn’t speak and dressed unhurriedly.

    Ke Li felt that Shi Lin Luo had eaten and wiped herself clean. She formally expressed her thoughts and set an example with her words: “Although I am older than you, I think I have a bit of an Oedipus complex, and I like mature and stable people. You’re just right.”

    Doudou was right. She really feels that older people were more reliable. She was usually lazy and likes to have someone take care of her. Shi Lin Luo was obviously a precocious person and was definitely older than her mentally.

    Her action to protect Shi Lin Luo and Shi Lin Luo had the thought to protect her, the perfect match.

    Shi Lin Luo was a little surprised. Ke Li was six years older than her, and she felt that she was mature and stable. She felt that Ke Li was only naïve in bed, but she was usually mature and stable at other times. But this was obviously not the time to talk about this.

    Her eyes concealed her surprise: “Really?

    Ke Li said with embarrassment, “I like mature and stable, can’t I?”  

    She expressed her euphemisms like this, and Shi Lin Luo could also express it, right?

    “Okay.” Of course, Shi Lin Luo couldn’t refute.

    Ke Li didn’t wait for Shi Lin Luo’s confession. After lying down for a while, she saw Shi Lin Luo get out of bed and picked up the clothes she took off last night, then said: “I’m hungry.”

    Shi Lin Luo subconsciously answered and said: “Did you not eat enough last night?”

    Ke Li: “……”

    She was wrong, the female lead’s head was really full of yellow garbage!

    She moved when she thought of this, but realized the quilt was too tight to move. Shi Lin Luo went to the bed to help her spread out the quilt.

    Ke Li took the opportunity to hug Shi Lin Luo, and the two made some noises on the bed. This big bed became the best venue.

    “By the way, your illness?” Shi Lin Luo laid on top of Ke Li and looked into Ke Li’s eyes.

    Ke Li said: “En, that’s it.”

    “So easy?” Shi Lin Luo didn’t believe it and even began to doubt the possibility of the disease, but the facts were very clear.

    Ke Li didn’t want to answer this question, because she didn’t know how to answer it. She suddenly hugged Shi Lin Luo and sat up, then shivered in bed and said: “Really well. If you don’t believe it, I can fight you for another 300 rounds…hiss!”

    Others will flash their tongues when they talk big, but Ke Li’s waist will flash. Her originally sore and swollen waist was even more uncomfortable. It seems that she needs to increase her exercise intensity in the future.  

    “…” Shi Lin Luo helplessly helped her get up without asking that question again. Today’s atmosphere was different from usual. They both smiled at each other when they brushed their teeth and even the air was sweet.

    In the end, the two escaped from work. They spent a whole day in bed. At night, they made a reservation to go to the movies. As soon as Ke Li went out, she stumbled. Shi Lin Luo laughed at her and said she was sullen. Ke Li said she was only sullen in front of her and this wasn’t her usual self.

    They talked with each other with great interest.

    The show was a couple movie at 8 o’clock. The movie was a newly release romance movie. Lovers come to the cinema to watch the movie, usually not for the purpose of watching the movie itself, but mainly to close the distance between their hearts to create a unique atmosphere.

    Ke Li and Shi Lin Luo weren’t the exception. Ke Li bought popcorn before they entered. When watching the movie, it was common for her and Shi Lin Luo to eat together…

    When the movie began to show a passionate scene, Ke Li suddenly heard the sound of inhalation in front of her. It seemed that the person in front of her was frightened by the sudden kiss. Ke Li couldn’t help but stare at them. As a result, she saw that the two people were very familiar.

    Shi Lin Luo followed her gaze and was surprised: “Sister Cocoa? Why is the person with her so familiar?”

    Ke Li thoughtfully answered: “Assistant Zhang.”

    Shi Lin Luo: “…”

    She said that Liu Meng had a smile on her face before and must have been in love.

    “Let’s get out of here as soon as possible, so they won’t be embarrassed when they see us.” Ke Li suggested when the movie was almost finished and that they still have time to go to a night show.

    The relationship between the two was completely stabilized.

    Ke Li always had people watch Cui Lin to find his mistakes. Cui Lin hasn’t done anything to hurt them, but the male lead was a slag. It wasn’t good. Even if he doesn’t hurt them, he will harm others.

    However, she didn’t need to provoke Cui Lin, instead she kept the evidence of all the things Cui Lin left behind in the business field, in case of emergency.

    It turned out that it was right to prevent trouble before it happens. Cui Lin’s life was stained by those things later. In addition, the two brothers of the Cui family fought each other so hard that Cui Lin lost to his brother Cui Xu and no longer pose a threat to Ke Li.

    Ke Li and Shi Lin Luo lived happily and accompanied each other for a lifetime. This time, Ke Li had experience. Although she was still sad about Shi Lin Luo’s departure, the pain in her heart didn’t manifest, but was suppressed.  

    When she felt the cold fingers on her temples, she knew she was back in the real world. The technique on her temple was the same as last time as if helping her emotionally.

    Thinking of those accumulated emotions that were diluted, Ke Li suddenly gave birth to reluctance.  

    Sometimes she felt that this task was cruel, and she spared no effort to love the female leads from her novels. After finishing the task, she diluted the emotion of love, leaving only a lifetime-long memory.

    It was a lifetime for Shi Jian and a lifetime for Shi Lin Luo, but for her, it was only a task.

    Ke Li suddenly struggled, then found that she was soft and couldn’t use her strength. She couldn’t even open her eyes until she felt that the deep feelings related to Shi Lin Luo had weakened or even disappeared. She recovered some strength.

    Ke Li sat up, but as soon as she sat up, she felt chilly. She opened her eyes reluctantly and saw the dim figure in front of her.


    Ke Li closed her legs sharply.1For readers who don’t get it…her legs were completely spread in front of that woman and she was naked cause she felt chilly. So that woman was in front of her precious cave.

Author’s Notes:

There’s no more energy for the car, so compensate with red envelopes.2Basically saying she has no more energy to work on this arc, and compensate readers with red envelopes which is a reward system author gives out to their readers on JJWXC

The explanation is over.

See you in the next world: Fairy Doll X Nun with no hair (no hair is the point (*  ̄0 ̄) )

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