Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 39

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks – HAH KL!! WAY TO GO BABYDOLL! 

Arc 3Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 4 

It’s too Shameful! 

  Seeing that Wei Ming was about to lift the quilt, Ke Li wanted her to stop, but those words turned into a “wuwu” cry as if Wei Ming hadn’t intended to lift the quilt but instead, was going to do something heinous to her.   

  Wei Ming was even more convinced that Ke Li’s body was uncomfortable. She quickly lifted the quilt, then laid her on the bed, it was really…there was a peculiar smell that pervaded the tip of her nose.1Goddam Snacks, you really called it, she really did shit herself!! 

  ”…” Wei Ming was confused at first, then finally understood what happened. She was helpless and felt the situation was funny. She stared at Ke Li like she was a mistake, as if asking: What’s going on?   

  ”…” Ke Li’s little face blushed like an oversized apple. She tilted her head and pretended to die with her eyes closed.  

  It’s too shameful! 

  She didn’t think she wouldn’t be able to control herself. Now she was incontinent! And that was seen by the female lead. How could she fall in love with the female lead in the future?  

  Even if there’s a chance, she wants to die right now. 

  Wei Ming noticed Ke Li turning her red face away and was surprised that the baby knew how to be embarassed at such a young age. She said with chagrin on her face, “It’s my carelessness.”  

  Before she went to bed, she felt that there was something she had forgotten to do. Now she finally remembered that the baby had drunk rice porridge soup twice today, so it must be excreted.2Umm..but doesn’t it takes a couple days before you excrete…  

  Ke Li: “…” 

  Please don’t talk to her, she’s dead. 

  Ke Li intended to die but Wei Ming didn’t do as she wished. 

  At the next moment, she felt herself being picked up from the bed, she didn’t know how Wei Ming could bring herself to do it. Ke Li was disgusted with herself.  

  Although Wei Ming hasn’t lived for 20 years, she doesn’t know how to take care of children. So now, Ke Li has only one swaddle, not even clothes to change into, let alone a diaper.  

  However, Wei Ming wasn’t disgusted by this and quietly cleaned Ke Li’s body, then placed Ke Li in a tub with hot water to take a bath.  

  Ke Li consciously turned upside down in the wooden tub, trying to clean her body with her chubby hands. The present attitude of the female lead made her much more relaxed. Fortunately, she didn’t dislike her. The female lead was really a good person. 

  Today was really embarrassing. She has never been so embarrassed even when she was a child.  

  In Wei Ming’s perspective, Ke Li’s action of bathing herself seemed like the baby was having a good time in the water. She was afraid that Ke Li will accidentally fall and the consequences would be unimaginable. She quickly reached out to hold Ke Li’s little arm and carefully wiped her little PP with a towel.3Pee-pee aka uretha 

  The baby’s skin was already very delicate, and she was submerged in the water, so Wei Ming’s action was very light, but if she exerts a little force, Ke Li’s body will inevitably be left with red marks.  

  Wei Ming washed and found that the baby’s face in the water was becoming more and more red. She thought it was caused by the steam and didn’t think too much about it, but she didn’t know that Ke Li was so helplessly red in front of others, naked?  

  Even if there was the bathroom play in the previous world, it was her… initiative,4Actually it wasn’t her initiative, Ke Zhe was the one who did the bathroom play and she happened to transmigrate AFTER that happened but now it wasn’t like that at all. She was like a chick that was easily picked up and was powerless to anything that happened to her.  

  Her little pp was cleaned for the first time, but Wei Ming helped Ke Li clean it the second time.5I’m glad Wei Ming did, cause she did shit herself, wouldn’t want an infection for a little baby there… This time, Ke Li could finally sit in the wooden tub. The warm water poured down her bald head. Ke Li narrowed her eyes comfortably as if saying that she was finally clean from her heart.  

  Wei Ming looked at Ke Li’s black and white eyes and tried to use a soothing tone towards children and said, “Please tell me before you pull a stink next time, or you’ll have to take a bath every time. Now it’s cold and you’ll get sick.”   

  Wei Ming wasn’t afraid that Ke Li wouldn’t understand as she gestured with her hands again, not realizing that the person in front of her was just a baby. 

  Seeing that Ke Li didn’t respond, she said with regret, “And you have no clothes to wear, only that swaddle. But now that you’ve soiled it, I’ll have to wash the swaddle for you and you’ll only be able to sleep naked in the future.”  

  Ke Li: “…” 

  What just happened was an illusion, the female lead actually disliked her. 

  She couldn’t speak, so she could only pat the water with her little fat hand to show her dissatisfaction, it was really unfair!  

  Why was she always hurt? 

  In the event that it was possible, Ke Li really wanted to find Doudou’s psychological shadow area, this spicy chicken system!  

  However, Wei Ming perceived Ke Li’s actions as her having fun in the water and couldn’t understand what Ke Li thought.  

  Before the water in the tub cooled, Wei Ming picked Ke Li out of the wooden tub. Because she has no hair, Wei Ming just wiped her whole body with a towel and placed her into the quilt. As soon as she touched the bed, Ke Li shivered from the cold.  

  Wei Ming washed the baby’s only clothes, the swaddle, and at last was troubled about Ke Li’s clothes. She went to consult Master Wu Nian and found some old small clothes there.   

  Wei Ming saw that Ke Li was lying on the bed obediently, smiling and flattening her clothes, then said warmly: “These are the clothes I wore when I was a child. After you put it on, you’ll be a little nun.” 

  Ke Li: “…” 

  She doesn’t want to be a nun! 

  Ke Li had no voice or option but to admire the female lead’s psychological drama, really, she could only pretend the tiger’s head and tiger’s brain has opened its eyes and wore a bewildered face while staring at the little dress. In fact, this dress wasn’t suitable for her. It should have been worn by the female lead when she was a few years old.  

  However, the clothes of the ancients were all long, so she could wear it as a nightgown. 

  The clothes are very old, but they were well preserved. Wei Ming put the clothes on Ke Li and she finally gained a little more warmth. She was even tucked into the warm quilt and felt shame towards the female lead. Everything she has never thought in her life was done.  

  What a shame! 

  Ke Li was so embarassed that she burrowed herself in the quilt for a long time. She didn’t hear the sound of Wei Ming getting into bed. When she peeked her head out of the quilt, she saw Wei Ming sitting beside the bed, it looked like she was sewing clothes. 

  The candlelight in the room glowed a little yellow, and there was a layer of golden halo illuminating Wei Ming’s body. It was hazy and beautiful and Ke Li was suddenly captivated.  

  Even her mother, Shen Qing, never made clothes for her, but the female lead sewed her clothes for her that night. 

  She recalled that the female lead would have to get up tomorrow at about 4:30 to prepare for the morning class at 5:00. 

  Ke Li waved her short hands and legs, crawled on the bed, and finally reached Wei Ming’s side. She reached out to pull her sleeves with a serious face.  

  Wei Ming who was focused, almost poked herself with the needle. Seeing Ke Li’s expression, she was shocked in her heart, then immediately understood and said: “Are you asking me to sleep?”  

  She didn’t know how normal children were at all. What’s more, she doesn’t know how old Ke Li is. She just thought that because Ke Li had no hair at all, she was born recently, but even normal newborn babies have fetal hair.  

  Wei Ming didn’t know what to think, so she didn’t think. The world was so big, there were many wonders in the world, many things she didn’t understand, so this wasn’t strange. 

  She had plans to make clothes for Ke Li to wear, she thought it was more important to prevent her from wetting the bed than tossing and turning to fall asleep.  

  Wei Ming handed the thing she just sewed to Ke Li and said, “Look, this is the little quilt I just sewed for you. If you want to wet the bed later, just pee on this.”6Oh I guess she didn’t shit herself, but piss herself 

  Fortunately, she didn’t dirty her sheets today, otherwise it would be too troublesome to wash the sheets in this weather.  

  Ke Li: “…” 

  It turned out not to be clothes! She wanted to take back her emotions that were moved! 

  Wei Ming put the small quilt on the bedspread and placed Ke Li on the small quilt. Then reached out to touch her smooth, round and bald head, then softly said, “Good, go to sleep.”   

  In fact, Wei Ming usually said very few words. Except for chanting sutras and spiritual practice, she spent most of her spare time studying with the head monk to handle the affairs of the temple.  

  She’s the senior sister, sooner or later, she will be the head monk.   

  However, some people were unsatisfied with this. In the Jianghu, the incense from the Meditation Temple was very popular, thus they became rich from that. Therefore, some monks and sisters weren’t devoted to Buddhism at all. They were more or less greedy, or secretly covet the position of head monk.  

  It was best that Wei Ming only interacted with Jing Chen, her junior sister. Although the other junior sisters were all awe by her, but she was very transparent and wouldn’t talk much with them. 

  Now she can speak freely to a milk doll who couldn’t talk back, which was unexpected, but also good. Children always have to learn how to speak, otherwise, what can she do if she only learns how to read the scriptures?   

  Wei Ming eyes became softer, and the hand on Ke Li’s head rubbed gently. 

  ”…” Ke Li felt this wasn’t good. If it goes on like this, the female lead will treat her as her cub. The female lead still has to fall in love with her!  

  But this is really comfortable ah. There’s a thin layer of cotton on Wei Ming’s hands. Ke Li firmly refuses to admit that her bald head enjoys being touched like this by the female lead. 

  She also wanted to touch the female lead’s bald head. 

  Thinking of her little short hand, Ke Li decided to secretly touch it when she falls asleep. She waited for Wei Ming to fall asleep, but as a result, she showed no signs of falling asleep after a long time. Instead, Wei Ming reached out from time to time to probe around the tip of her nose as if to test whether she was alive or not.  

  ”…” Ke Li was frightened by her own thoughts. 

  Wei Ming was very worried. Afterall, there was another person beside her, she couldn’t simply sleep. She was worried that Ke Li wouldn’t sleep well and that she would accidentally crush such a small baby.   

  However, what worries her the most was that Ke Li’s breathing is very soft, and she can hardly hear it. Several times, she thought something was wrong, such as being stuffy or something else, so she would test her breathing with her fingers from time to time. 

  As for what she would do if she got angry, she hasn’t figured it out yet. 

  Ke Li felt that if they continued like this, neither of them would fall asleep. She could guess the reason why she did this. She simply shrugs it off as nothing and snuggled into Wei Ming’s arms.  

  This way, can she hear her breathing now? 

  After getting close, Wei Ming could hear Ke Li’s breathing at all times, but she was still worried about turning over and crushing Ke Li. But there seemed to be something more important on her mind. 

  Regardless of whether Ke Li can understand it or not, Wei Ming seriously said, “When you want to pull a stink, remember to cry and call for me, don’t do it on me.”  

  Ke Li: “…” scum female lead! 

  The next day, It was early in the morning and Ke Li was forced awake. For the sake of not losing face again, and for the female lead’s sake of not having to wash clothes in the winter, she let go of her voice and howled hard.  

  Wei Ming was awakened by this voice, which sounded like a beating sound. Anyway, she woke up earlier than usual.  

  At first, she checked whether Ke Li peed again. As a result, Ke Li howled even more. She hurriedly got out of bed and carried Ke Li away to solve her physiological problems. 

  Ke Li finally felt more comfortable. Fortunately, she could hold it. Otherwise, she will find a way to dismantle Doudou. As for last night, it was definitely an accident!  

  Doudou: […] It doesn’t carry this pot.7this pot means this blame 

  In the following days, Ke Li laid in bed all day. When she was reciting the scriptures, she “floated” to become a mokugyo. When she wasn’t reciting, she spent it crying and howling. As soon as she wanted to use the toilet, she would howl harder. Moreover, she specially chose the time to howl in consideration of Wei Ming. In the morning, she would act as Wei Ming’s alarm clock.  

  She howled and cried. The other nuns in the temple were aware that their senior sister had a baby. There was no hair on the baby’s head. It was even balder than them, and she howled regularly every day. It was more punctual than the sound of the beating boards in the temple. The nuns came to visit Ke Li from time to time.  

  Ke Li turned a blind eye to this. If she didn’t howl, wouldn’t she be shameful in bed? Even if she was shameless, she has to be considerate of her female lead.  

  Doudou could only exclaim: the host is really shameless. 

  After such a month, Ke Li was finally able to babble and walk out of bed. Although she could only speak two or three words at a time, it was quite different from ordinary people.   

  Wei Ming was aware that she learned fast, but she thought it was normal for a baby of her age, as she was also abandoned as a baby.  

  Now Ke Li doesn’t howl at all. Every day when she wants to use the toilet, she stretches out her little fat hand and jabs at Wei Ming’s bald head until she wakes up, then she says with a smile: “Wei Ming.”  

  [Host, are you taking revenge?] 

  ”What’s wrong with wanting to touch the female lead’s head?” Ke Li really was fond of touching the female lead’s bald head. She thought it was probably out of novelty.   

  Doudou rolled its eyes: [Host, you’ve been here for a month, and you aren’t tired of touching it for that month. What’s more, now you’ve changed it to poking, so you should admit you have a little obsession.]   

  Ke Li also rolled her eyes at Doudou: “I don’t care. Anyway, I’m just a one-month old milk baby!”   

  The two people got along with each other naturally, compared to the previous indifference, there was more color.  

  Wei Ming was accustomed to Ke Li’s cries and howls and now understood what she wanted to express. She worked hard every day to take Ke Li out of bed.   

  During this period, Wei Ming also gave Ke Li a childhood nickname called “Tutu”. As for her Buddhist name, there hasn’t been one prepared yet.  

  In fact, Wei Ming thought Ke Li would be her own junior sister at first,8Just a normal nun basically but her master thought differently, since she was no longer young. Once Ke Li grows up, she would be able to succeed as the next head monk, so Ke Li became her apprentice.  

  Ke Li hated the name, Tutu, wasn’t this just saying she was bald? At the thought of sticking with it for another two months after she had hair, she must find her face she lost this month with the female lead.   

  However, her fantasy is very full and her reality was very sparse. Before Ke Li accumulated enough merits and virtues to grow her hair, Zhang Chao, the male lead has appeared.  

  At this time, Zhang Chao came to Meditation Temple due to its fame. Most of the dignitaries and nobles from the capital came here to worship Buddhism and to burn incense.  

  He was a premature baby. He has been weak since he was born and didn’t resemble a man at all. In Xiang’fu, his father valued his strong brother more. People in the capital also pointed him out and often said words of pity but had no pity at all.   

  Since medicine and food were useless, they could only ask for Buddha’s blessing, as if to give medicine to a dead horse.9to keep trying everything in a desperate situation 

  However, this time he came not only for good health, but also because he heard the nuns from the Meditation Temple were all beautiful and refined and wanted to take a look. 

  When she heard that Zhang Chao was coming, Ke Li walked with her short legs behind Wei Ming. Today, there were many people who came to offer incense. Wei Ming was guiding the people offering incense in front of Buddha, which was equivalent to the temple having the acolyte in charge of incense in the temple.  

  ”Master …” Ke Li wore a big monk’s robe, pretending she needed to use the toilet. She had to pull Wei Ming away. Wei Ming had to hand her job over to her junior sister Jing Xuan first and took Ke Li away.  

  ”Tutu, what are you doing?” Wei Ming said strangely, she had put down her task so she could take Ke Li to the toilet, but Ke Li didn’t go in, instead she just stared at her.  

  Ke Li relied on her own smallness to do whatever she wanted. Without saying a word, she stood there stubbornly and said that Wei Ming couldn’t go out.  

  Wei Ming didn’t know what Ke Li was up to but she still indulged her. 

  However, the plot was always predestined. Even though they stayed in the yard for a long time and thought that Zhang Chao had left, Zhang Chao was still there and had followed Wei Ming.  

  ”Benefactor, what can I do for you?” She said coolly. She had met many male pilgrims before with such eyes. She felt naked and uncomfortable under their gazes, and it wasn’t good at this time.  

  After Zhang Chao leered, he didn’t even cover his eyes. In order to gain a good impression, he took back his gaze, turned to Ke Li and said, “This is the master’s discipline? How can you walk at such a young age?”  

  Before waiting for Wei Ming to answer, Ke Li suddenly ran to Zhang Chao in front of her, looking to be held. She appeared very small and stumbled while walking.   

  Zhang Chao had never seen such a bald little nun. She didn’t even have hair roots on her head, so he squatted down to pick up the little person.  

  However, before he had a good grip, he felt that his arms were suddenly wet and a strange smell came, then the little nun in his arms jumped out of his hands with disgust. 

  Wei Ming: “…” 

  ”Tutu, you’re not good.” Wei Ming meaningfully looked at Ke Li for her to come over, then quickly took the mischievous Ke Li and turned to Zhang Chao, “This disciple acted poorly, this offender was rude to gongzi.” 

  ”…” Zhang Chao was disgusted with the smell on his body. He thought of teaching the little nun a lesson, but he really couldn’t do anything to a baby.  

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