Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 42

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Arc 3Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 7 


  Ke Li usually sleeps cocooned in Wei Ming’s arms, which was exactly how she woke up. But she didn’t expect to grow up so suddenly without warning, what to do next?  

  It’s impossible for her to continue pretending to sleep. They were in the same posture as the human pyramid, if she falls asleep again, Wei Ming would be crushed by a ghost tonight.  

  Revenge wasn’t good either, she was just a baby in Wei Ming’s eyes. They say that the most important affection is also apprenticeship, plus Wei Ming doesn’t know the grown-up version of her. For Wei Ming, she’s just a stranger, so how could they do the things between lovers?  

  Right now, the most she could do is secretly eat some tofu1Snax: eating someone’s tofu also means taking advantage of someone. However, it’s not the right thing for a kind person to do. This situation really makes a person feel bald.2Being bald is like being bold, or having no face aka shameless.  

  Ke Li decided to take the time to first slowly ponder why her clothes were taken off. If the female lead was the one that took them off, it would be really too shameful, so she asked the system: “Doudou, I remember that I slept in my clothes last night.”   

  Her clothes were gone when she woke up and the female lead only wore a thin coat. This kind of contact through the coat was very wonderful and hazy, but if there was nothing instead, it would hook people.  

  Doudou insisted on being the melon seed eater in the background: [The female lead saw that you were hot before going to bed and took it off for you.]  

  ”I was hot?” Ke Li didn’t believe it. 

  A joke, it’s only early March, the weather wasn’t hot, how could she get hot? 

  [This is a precursor to become an adult, the host oh, takes it for granted that you’re an adult every time.] Doudou also emphasized, [Host, have hair as an adult.]  

  ”…” Ke Li, who had been bald for a long time, subconsciously wanted to touch her hair, but just as she started to move, she found that Wei Ming’s breath became lighter from under her body, as if she was about to wake up.  

  Ke Li’s hands stiffly hung in the air. She didn’t know what to do. She hasn’t figured out how to explain this ah!   

  At the next moment, Wei Ming suddenly opened her eyes, and in the dark night, the two people’s widened eyes stared at each other. 

  Wei Ming felt that the weight on her body was too heavy. Though Tutu likes to lie on her chest to sleep, she didn’t weigh this much. She unconsciously reached out to push Tutu away, and her hands felt smooth skin.  

  ”…” At that moment, Wei Ming’s sleepiness disappeared. She wanted to sit up immediately, however Ke Li was too heavy. Instead of sitting straight up, she hit her head on Ke Li’s forehead and made a “bang” muffled sound.  

  They both gasped in pain. When Ke Li covered her forehead, Wei Ming pushed Ke Li away and sat up. In the dark, Wei Ming said coldly in the night, “Who are you?”  

  Wei Ming didn’t hear a response, also she didn’t know if this woman was an enemy or friend. In short, she suddenly appeared on someone’s bed in the middle of the night, and she was definitely not a good person as she was naked.  

  Wei Ming unconsciously reached out to hold Tutu, but as a result, she didn’t feel anything. Immediately, her heart sped up and she felt beside her, the bedsheet was still cool, as if no one had ever slept beside her.  

  Wei Ming was flustered and thought she must have felt wrong. She felt multiple times, but it was still cold.  

  She coldly stared at the dark shadow that had pressed on her body. After she adjusted to the darkness, she could vaguely see a woman sitting beside her. The woman who was naked had long hair like a waterfall, which scattered behind her. She didn’t even wear a coat or even pants. Her skin was pale and was even reflective in the dark night.  

  ”Where’s Tutu?” Wei Ming’s tone was more severe than before. After the appearance of this woman, Tutu disappeared. She could only put all the blame on this strange woman, it didn’t occur to her as to think why this person was on her own bed.  

  ”…” For the time being, Ke Li still hasn’t figured out how to explain. She was worried that the more she explained, the more likely she was going to be directly hit.  

  Wei Ming felt pain on the back of her neck and her eyes saw darkness. Wei Ming fainted and fell unconscious in Ke Li’s arms.  

  Doudou covered its eyes and said: [Host, you really have to do this ah.] 

  Ke Li held Wei Ming’s body and replied: “Otherwise, how do I explain?” 

  If she explained everything now, the female lead’s heart will be afraid of her and may even regard her as a monster.  

  Regardless of whether the female lead accepts her or not, there must be an adjustment period. Who can suddenly accept that the child they raised transforms into an adult naked woman? Not only that, but that woman is using all possible means to get on top?  

  Ke Li rarely had the opportunity to touch Wei Ming’s head. Of course, she feels Wei Ming’s head, unlike her who doesn’t have hair roots at all, she could clearly feel the sensation of being stabbed by the new hair growth. In short, she was fond of feeling it.  

  Ke Li put her arms around Wei Ming and got into the quilt. She felt like an addict who seized the opportunity to do vulgar things, then withdrew her hands.  

  Ke Li looked at Wu Ming’s unclear face and suddenly her mind gave birth to some thoughts. She rubbed her forehead that had just been hit and said, “Doudou, can I change back into a baby now?”  

  Otherwise, how do I explain tomorrow? Won’t it be difficult to say that the baby was once her 

  [Host, after becoming an adult, you can’t easily change back into a baby.] 

  Ke Li’s hand movement stopped, her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe it, she asked incredulously: “You mean that I will be a baby in the daytime, then an adult in the evening for the rest of my life? That’s to say, in the daytime, I have to pretend to be a good apprentice in front of the female lead, then in the evening, with the female lead, hehehe?” 

  When the female lead discovers the truth, she will probably directly collapse like how she collapsed just now.  

  Doudou added oil and vinegar: [Isn’t it exciting, let the female lead milk during the day, then at night, milk the female lead? And it’s fair ah.] 

  Ke Li: “…” 

  [In fact, as long as the female lead confirms with her mind, the host can always be an adult, then she can have a good time with the female lead during the day and night.] Doudou smiled lustfully. 

  Ke Li: “…” 

  Isn’t this the point? 

  ”What’s the boundary between day and night?” 

  Since she can’t change back at will, she strives to develop feelings with the female lead while she’s an adult, then tries to develop their teacher-apprentice relationship while she’s a child. Now, the biggest problem was how to explain about tonight’s matter.  

  Ke Li was worried. 

  [Host, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all. You can use magic on the female lead ah. Our system is very humane, so there’s no impossible tasks.]  

  ”…” Ke Li rolled her eyes and forgot her own setting. 

  She sat up cross-legged, concentrated and began to use magic. She weaved a terrifying dream in Wei Ming’s sea of knowledge which clearly explained the scene just now, then also took the opportunity to advertise her fully grown adult self.   

  Then she felt her legs were numb so Ke Li changed her clothes using magic.   

  She touched her face and felt it gently, her face didn’t have a single pimple and should be a beauty, but she couldn’t find a mirror to see what she looked like in the dark, so she asked: “Doudou, am I royal now?”  

  She likes a royal older sister best.3Royal older sister is an internet buzzword that means to pay respect to your sister. This is from JP anime too which is the type of young women who are mature in appearance, body, personality and temperament.  

  Doudou bluntly said: [Not Royal.] 

  It’s not the royal sister type? Ke Li was disappointed and determined, “Then I must be an iceberg beauty.”  

  She found that she was infected by Ke Zhe of the previous world, and always felt that iceberg beauties were really beautiful and royal. 

  […] Doudou didn’t reply. 

  As soon as she noticed that Doudou didn’t reply, Ke Li knew it wasn’t a good thing. She simply stopped asking and focused on the question just now: How to define daytime and nighttime, that is, what is the diving line between becoming an adult and a child.  

  Doudou said seriously: [In order to not make the female lead suspicious, but to allow the host to have time to develop feelings with the female lead, the adult time will be from 12:00pm to dawn, and the rest of the time is baby time.]  

  Ke Li: “…” 

  [Host, you can have the female lead all night, aren’t you happy?] 

  Ke Li: “…” 

  That’s not the point. The point is that Wei Ming gets up at 4:30am every day. At that time, when she faces Wei Ming, how can she explain? So, she can only run away in advance before Wei Ming woke up and instead notice that the baby beside her has disappeared.  

  Wei Ming then remember the woman from last night and was afraid for a while. She rubbed her temples and realized that it was just a dream, a dream.  

  She put away her emotions, quickly dressed and went out to find Ke Li with a lantern. At this time, everyone in the temple had just got up and had various different movements.  

  In the past three months, Wei Ming has never experienced Ke Li going missing. Her first reaction was to go to the cottage, but she didn’t see a figure, so she asked the nun who got up early in the morning to ring the bell.  

  The nun shook her head and replied, “Senior sister, did Tutu fall into the pit?”4So back then, people dug outhouses, which is basically a big hole and put walls around like privacy and there they excrete their waste. Can you imagine that Ke Li fell into a pile of waste and stuck in it?! LOL 

  ”…” Although she didn’t want to believe it, she went to the cottage to look again, but still found nothing. She asked the junior sisters who had already got up to help look for her together then on the way back, she saw a woman in white.  

  The woman’s stature wasn’t very tall. With the light, she could vaguely see a baby face. She felt some familiarity with it, but she wasn’t someone she knows.  

  The appearance of the woman was too startling, and Wei Ming was suspicious. She intuitively felt that the disappearance of Tutu has something to do with this woman.    

  ”Benefactor, have you seen a baby?” 

  ”Yes, I have. I’ll take you to her.” The woman in white is Ke Li. She didn’t expect that she would have a baby face after becoming an adult. Her face wasn’t either royal or an iceberg. She wasn’t even as tall as Wei Ming and couldn’t attack after all. When she stood in front of Wei Ming, she seemed to look very angry. 

  At that time, she asked Doudou why it was like this and Doudou replied: [Host, do you think a fairy doll will grow up to become a beautiful royal sister? Or an iceberg beauty?]  

  She didn’t have an unreasonable request, at least make her a pretty daughter in a humble family, not a baby, moreover a baby faced that looked too young.   

  Hearing Ke Li’s news, Wei Ming clearly was joyous and urgently asked: “Where is she now?”  

  Ke Li’s face wasn’t red nor did her heart palpitate when she replied: “I just saw her go up the mountain.”   

  ”Thank you, benefactor.” Wei Ming rushed to the mountain, which was used to grow vegetables, and the surrounding trees were thick where snakes were likely to appear.  

  When she thought that baby Tutu was now in the mountain, Wei Ming’s heart became a mess and coupled with the dream from last night, she was really afraid that something had happened to Tutu and her pace became faster and faster. 

  Ke Li immediately followed Wei Ming, worried that she will fall and reminded her: “Master Ming, slow down. She will be fine.”  

  ”Benefactor, do you know me?” Wei Ming didn’t realize she stopped and was even more confused. Wei Ming even thought that woman in front of her abducted Tutu.  

  ”Of course, I know Master’s name is Wei Ming. My name is Ke Li.” Ke Li wormed her way into being friends with her. 

  To be honest, she was a little confused about this task because she had no advantage at all. She lived two different identities with the female lead. She has even figured out a way to get along with the female lead in the future, that is, to dream of love. As for the other matters, she will slowly explain.   

  ”Benefactor Ke Li.” After Wei Ming greeted her, she continued to look for Tutu while calling her name. It was hard to walk at night and she only held a lantern and almost fell.   

  Ke Li’s heart raised to her throat when she heard the name. She knew that she wouldn’t find anything until dawn. Instead of looking around here alone, she might as well go back and wait until dawn with her.  

  She “ah” and suddenly fell to the ground. Wei Ming helped support her up, but she was still wary of her and said: “Benefactor, you stay here first. My other junior sisters will come over later. I will go find my apprentice first.”  

  Wei Ming continue to shout “Tutu” after she finished speaking.  

  Suddenly, Ke Li said: “You don’t have to find her, you can’t find her.” 

  Wei Ming’s heart tightened and approached her and said with a cold voice: “What do you mean? Did you hide her?”  

  ”Yes ah, you help me back to the house and I’ll tell you where she is.” Ke Li said while covering her fake broken foot. 

  It’s dangerous for a baby to be outside. Now that Wei Ming knows that Ke Li had hidden Tutu, she felt at ease. A woman who can hide away a baby isn’t a good person, however she still reluctantly went to help Ke Li.  

  Holding a lantern in her hand and supporting Ke Li, combined with the hard to transverse road, Wei Ming walked slowly. Her heart was very anxious so she almost dragged Ke Li away, then Ke Li said with a smile: “How about Master Wei Ming carry me?”  

  Pretending to be a bad person, you have to carry on until the end, otherwise you’ll be wronged in vain.  

  In order to see Tutu sooner, Wei Ming squatted down in front of Ke Li without hesitation. Ke Li’s stature was small and wasn’t heavy on her back, but she was in a hurry. She walked back with some difficulty in the night, full of anxiety.  

  Ke Li held onto Wei Ming who led the way and held a lantern with one hand, she blew air on Wei Ming’s ear and speciously said: “Master Wei Ming’s physical strength is good.”  

  Wei Ming angrily said: “Benefactor, please behave yourself!”  

  Ke Li laughed and didn’t speak. She was going to change back into a baby, so she can take liberties with her for once. After returning to the house, Ke Li waited for Wei Ming’s breath to even out before she hit her acupuncture point, then sat down with her back to her and said, “At dawn, the truth will be revealed.”  

  ”Where’s Tutu?” Wei Ming felt that Ke Li held no malice towards her, but she went too far, she also hid Tutu, which was extremely hateful.  

  “Don’t worry, naturally she will appear after dawn.” Before she left, Ke Li touched Wei Ming’s head, then went back to the bed and laid down. She covered herself with the quilt and waited for dawn to change back into a baby.  

  Wei Ming had no choice but to wait until dawn. Wei Ming didn’t know how much time passed, but the sky revealed light and at last, it became bright. Suddenly behind Wei Ming sounded a milky voice.   


  ”Tutu?” As soon as Wei Ming heard, her heart tightened, and she suddenly discovered that her body could move. She turned around and saw at a glance it was indeed the long-lost baby. She ignored that her arms were numb and held Tutu in front of her and her eyes were moist. She said, “Tutu, are you okay?”  

  “I’m okay.” Ke Li pretended that she didn’t understand. Suddenly, she felt that the settings were too cruel. She will decide her strategy after breakfast but was caught off guard by the female lead. She leaned forward and kissed the side of Wei Ming’s face and said: “Master, don’t cry.” 

  Wei Ming wiped the corner of her eyes, then seriously said: “Where did you just go?” 

  Ke Li bit her finger: “With that elder sister that I played with.”   

  Wei Ming asked: “Which elder sister?” 

  “It’s that beautiful elder sister in white.”  

  It’s enough to call her elder sister, but she also added beautiful to decorate it, so Ke Li felt ashamed and flustered.  

  Wei Ming thought of that woman just now, and recalled what that woman had did to herself and Tutu, she held Ke Li vigilantly: “What about her?”  

  ”Gone.” Ke Li said regretfully.   

  It’s really a pity that she changed from the adult look and didn’t let the female lead appreciate it, the result was that she changed back to a baby, it was really regrettable ah.  

  Wei Ming searched around the room and didn’t find the figure of the woman. She has already left, besides, Tutu was okay now. It was Buddha’s blessing and she didn’t pursue it. She just reminded Tutu: “Tutu, you’re not allowed to leave Master’s side without permission in the future.”  

  ”En.” Ke Li decided to start using magic tomorrow, so that the female lead will directly sleep until dawn. As for the missed morning class, she will miss it, otherwise she will look for her like today and trouble her, but also make the female lead worry.  

  Wei Ming was afraid of Ke Li’s memory and reminded with intimidation: “Last night I dreamt that you were eaten by a monster and weren’t even chewed. So, don’t run away with your beautiful elder sister again, do you understand?”  

  ”…” Ke Li scolded, last night you dreamt and can’t recall any more than that, Wei Ming said beautiful elder sister, and didn’t care about the rest.  

  Wei Ming had lingering fear from that dream and reminded Ke Li repeatedly.  

  Wei Ming was afraid that Ke Li would run away with that beautiful elder sister again and even brought Ke Li with her to chant sutras. However, what was going through her mind at that point were memories of the dreams from last night. In the dream, a naked woman opened her mouth and ate Tutu, then looked straight at her, as if she wanted to… seduce her, it was a sin.  


  Wei Ming sneaked a glance at the milk baby sitting by her side and thoughtlessly recalled it. She felt ashamed and chanted the mantra in the hall multiple times. Finally, Wei Ming turned around and kept staring at Ke Li and asked who the girl in white was.  

  As a result, like the previous night, Wei Ming dreamt of that woman again. But this time, the woman didn’t eat Tutu, but she was still naked and looked at her with a smile, the face was exactly the same as the woman in white from before.5Dude that’s so creepy to dream of a person just staring at you 

  Wei Ming closed her eyes and was about to recite Amitabha with both hands, but suddenly realized that she was also bare. 

  Wei Ming: “……” 

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It’s overtime, today there’s a lot of words, squat well ● v ● 

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