Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 43

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Messed around by Snacks – KL needs a drink really badly. 

Arc 3Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 8 

To Probe the Edge of Violating a Religious Precept 

  This time, it wasn’t the same as last night. It was daytime and she wasn’t in bed but instead, in a lush green grassy meadow. 

  Realizing that Ke Li was staring at her, she didn’t immediately cover up her body, but instead turned her back to Ke Li. She felt more embarrassed with this posture, so she turned again to look directly at Ke Li.1Dude, Ke Li really sucks at romance loool so fucking creepy, IMO she’s a huge pervert! 

  They both stood facing each other in their most primitive appearance.2They both naked Ke Li was a little nervous. Fortunately, although her facial expression wasn’t protected like a royal iceberg beauty,3So iceberg beauties has a forever cold face and super rarely has a different expression her figure was still good and every place with flesh was smooth, without blemishes or the least bit superfluous. 

  She had some courage and looked at Wei Ming with a smile. Her face was a little red, especially when Wei Ming just turned around. The image she saw made her blood boil, but she felt that she was happy too early.  

  When she felt Wei Ming’s gaze on herself, she noticed that her eyes were too clear and pure, as if she wasn’t looking at a woman’s mature body, but simply as if looking at a baby.    

  Ke Li suddenly remembered that Wei Ming had seen her baby body countless times, she was also a nun who abstained from meat and prayed to Buddha routinely. Perhaps her body wasn’t attractive to her. 

  She didn’t believe that Wei Ming wasn’t influenced so she stood shamelessly and didn’t hide key parts of her body. The wonderful setting in this world allowed Ke Li and Wei Ming to develop feelings by familiarity, so she can test the waters without any consequences here.  

  Even standing with a more provocative posture, there was no effect. Wei Ming’s eyes were clear as usual and Ke Li felt defeated. Though, if Wei Ming’s eyes had shone with a green light towards her, then she wouldn’t be a genuine female lead.4green light in eyes describes someone’s nature as greedy and full of desire  

  Seeing that Wei Ming didn’t react to her, she had to change her approach. Ke Li stared fixedly at Wei Ming with strange eyes, then… her eyes slowly glowed green. 

  ”…” Wei Ming felt quite uncomfortable and very insecure, especially since Ke Li stared at her like a hungry wolf. She quickly glanced around looking for her missing clothes. Eventually, she found her wrinkled nun’s robe nearby, which was mixed with a white tunic and red dudou.5It’s an undergarment covering the chest and abdomen 

  ”…” Wei Ming’s expression became a bit strange. I don’t know what happened, and I don’t want to know.  

  Wei Ming’s face was calm and collected as she put on her clothes. She wanted to escape from wherever this place is. However, she knew this was a dream, but she didn’t know how to wake up from it. She thought of the strange woman who had been staring at her this entire time, so she decided to find a safe place to close her eyes and meditate.   

  Ke Li didn’t give her the opportunity to escape. She was relying on this dreamland to make her move on the female lead. She breathlessly said: “Master Wei Ming, are you planning on treating me so heartlessly?”6 Snacks: So KL turned full on seductress vixen when insinuating that WM is abandoning her 

  ”…” Since their encounter yesterday, Wei Ming’s impression of Ke Li was that she was immoral, but had a good heart. She wasn’t an ordinary person, or perhaps not a person at all, otherwise how can she easily encounter her in her dreams?  

  She warned with a cold face: “Benefactor, don’t talk nonsense. I’m a nun, how can I do this, this…”  

  She couldn’t finish her words. 

  ”Why can’t a nun have desires or be immoral, once you realize yourself, you will become immoral.” Ke Li thought to herself that she was a corrupt evildoer who specializes in attacking people and establishing the female lead. At a young age, Wei Ming had rejected the world and romance for a monastic life, however she was a still good-looking Buddhist nun.  

  Wei Ming didn’t want to ramble with Ke Li, but subconsciously thought about whether something had happened between them before, but she couldn’t recall anything, so instead she started to chant the sutra.  

  She suddenly felt that the peach fuzz hair on her head was being stroked. She resisted the itch and continued to recite sutras while ignoring the distraction. She just wanted to wake up sooner and escape from this immoral place and the obviously eccentric Ke Li.  

  Ke Li’s hand stroked the top of Wei Ming’s head and said, “Master Wei Ming, are you really not going to take responsibility?” 

  Wei Ming was motionless like a bell.7The bell is motionless but once it moves, it rings real loud, she’s about to be shook. 

  Ke Li continued: “Look at the kiss marks you left on my body.”  

  Wei Ming’s mind moved slightly but was still indifferent. 

  Ke Li had to touch Wei Ming’s face again, gently kissing while she said softly: “Master Wei Ming.”  

  She kissed and kissed, enjoying the sensation. The kisses were light without passion, but the kisses felt like lightning striking from the skies and the earth on fire. 

  After teasing her til now, Ke Li couldn’t stay naked the entire time. She put on clothes and comforted herself: Anyway, she didn’t know how to appreciate her good figure, even if she saw it, she won’t be enticed as if she was looking at a baby.  

  Wei Ming’s heart gradually became a bit chaotic. She never lived in human society, therefore it was impossible for her to reject what she never experienced herself for a monastic life. She merely thought that Ke Li’s constant contact greatly impeded her meditation, so she rejected such intimacy because it shouldn’t be like this.  

  Wei Ming tried to recite all the scriptures and even the Mantra of Great Compassion, but it was useless. Ke Li was still stuck to her and listened to her chant repeatedly: “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.”   

  ”Master Wei Ming, do you think it’s empty?” Ke Li’s tone suddenly became ambiguous. 

  ”…” Wei Ming had no explicit words, but suddenly thought of some places that she shouldn’t think about. Her ears were hot, and she felt that she shouldn’t be distracted, so she kept on chanting.  

  Ke Li was worried that Wei Ming was uncomfortable on the grass, so she raised her hand and changed the scene to the inner bridal chamber on a wedding night. Sitting down, she thought it was very soft and comfortable, but Ke Li didn’t dare to behave impurely anymore.   

  After all, she still respects Wei Ming, and just wanted to gauge the difficulty of her task, but now she felt it wasn’t as difficult as she imagined. Because the female lead grew up in a temple and had no experience in love. She was like a piece of white paper, so she can add various colors to the white paper, but the task definitely wasn’t simple. Wei Ming is a nun, so she was bound by being a nun. It was unlikely that she would easily cross the threshold into her heart.  

  Ke Li looked at Wei Ming’s face quietly, her gaze was fiery and she wasn’t aware of it.   

  Wei Ming felt her skin burning and continuously chanted the scriptures, but her mind raced in trying to remember when and how she provoked Ke Li, this person Ke Li, what was her reason and why does she insist on being intimate with a woman.  

  Unexpectedly, Wei Ming fell into a dilemma. She couldn’t wake up from this dream so she could only recite the sutras more quietly.  

  During this period, Ke Li only accompanied her silently. Admiring her expressionless face, she was only half-bored. The female lead was so beautiful even as she chanted the sutras. In order to drag out the time, Ke Li stayed in Wei Ming’s dream and didn’t leave until a moment before dawn.  

  When Wei Ming didn’t wake up from the dream, she was awakened by the knock on the door outside. She suddenly opened her eyes and saw the woman in white from her dream.  

  Wei Ming: “…”  

  Before she could react, at that moment, the woman in white turned into a baby. The baby was still smacking her lips, as if she was eating something delicious.  

  Wei Ming vigorously rubbed her eyes as hard as she could. After her trance, she thought she was so disoriented that she even confused Tutu with that unreasonable Ke Li. Now that she thought that as long as she was awake, she never wants to probe the edge of violating a religious precept.  

  ”Tutu.” Wei Ming unconsciously called out to the baby girl besides her. Then found the sky was light and the room was already bright. She got up, but the knocking from the door didn’t stop. 

  Wei Ming put on her clothes and opened the door. She saw Jing Chen’s face who anxiously said: “Senior sister, what’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you get out of bed until now, are you sick?” 

  Of course, Wei Ming couldn’t say that she had such a shameful dream. She just omitted that sentence as nuns don’t lie, and casually replied, “I’m okay, I just suddenly slept in.”  

  ”It’s fine.” Jing Chen breathed a sigh of relief, then said, “Senior sister, you don’t look very well today, did you not sleep well at night?” 

  I’ve been dreaming all night, how can I look good? 

  Wei Ming looked at the baby on the bed and said: “Last night, Tutu was very noisy, so I didn’t sleep well.” 

  Ke Li: “…” 

  Jing Chen asked with concern: “Is Tutu sick?” 

  Wei Ming’s face didn’t change and said: “No, she just wet the bed.” 

  Ke Li: “…” She didn’t! 

  Jing Chen didn’t doubt any more. Wei Ming went to meet Master Wu Nian, but recalled the woman in white who was abnormal, so she took Ke Li beside her. As she recalled her, her heart wasn’t as tranquil as she thought. She even took the mokugyo from her room that night and knocked on it for half an hour before sleeping.  

  ”…” Ke Li touched her little head that was knocked for no reason with deep grievances. She can retaliate several fold in their dreams but until then, she can only hold a sweet calm expression on her face. 

  This continued for the next three days, and Wei Ming ended up not attend morning classes for those days. Master Wu Nian came personally to ask her if she was ill. When she saw that she was in a bad mood, she was even more worried: “Wei Ming, are you haunted by demons?” 

  “Master, this land is blessed by Buddha, how could there be any demons? It’s just that my sunflower water came these days.”8This one has bad English translations, since Ancients Chinese were I guess shy back then, they called their periods sunflower water or Tiankui Water. Wei Ming replied simply. 

  Master Wu Nian looked at Wei Ming carefully and frowned, thought deeply, and finally let it go it reluctantly. 

  But Wei Ming was convinced that she was being haunted by a demon, so she decided to take Ke Li to the main hall to recite sutras. However, as soon as she went out, she heard Jing Chen said: “Senior sister, I heard that demons have appeared in the capital recently.”  

  Wei Ming’s heart tightened: “What kind of demon?” 

  ”I don’t know, but I heard that people often die strangely and are exhausted to death.” Jing Chen said with a blush, “The Chen family’s gongzi was lucky to be saved by a Taoist. He said that the demon specializes in seducing people in their dreams, and… first that … then that … and then those people targeted by the demon die in the end.” 

  Wei Ming: “…” Junior sister, how do you know so much? 

  Wei Ming suddenly thought of Ke Li, who had been entangled in her dreams these past few days, then looked at the baby in her arms. She was worried that Ke Li would hide Tutu again, or what can be done if she really held Tutu and “Ah wu” her.9Dude, so Wei Ming doesn’t know the word of being molested or taken advantage of so she uses a filler sound as a censorship of Tutu being molested by Ke Li lol, pure female lead 

  Ke Li: “…” 

  She’s not, she does not attack herself! 

Author’s Notes: 

Ke Li: Every day I’m wrongly accused, everyone pick a date to drop me off a horse, okay.10So, that she’s not wrongly accused every day, but only one day out of the year 

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