Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 46

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Arc 3Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 11 

Perverted Demon! Is this Fox-Spirit Gay? 

  Wei Ming’s palms were warm, the liquid trickled to the ground and a certain smell was spreading. Her robes were inevitably contaminated.   

  However, Wei Ming wasn’t disgusted, she just didn’t know what to do with the soft fleshy baby in her hands.  

  And Ke Li closed her eyes, pretending to die. She wasn’t alive, she wanted to die to prove her sincerity. She said: “Doudou, what will happen if I suddenly die like this?”  

  [This is a complete world, equivalent to another time and space. If you caused a troublesome mess, pat your butt and walk away, then the female lead will suffer in this world. Naturally, the task will not be complete.]  

  Ke Li: “…” But she no longer had face to see people. 

  She didn’t move in Wei Ming’s arms, clutched the front of Wei Ming’s robe and pretended to die.  

  ”…” For a moment, Wei Ming felt that the real Tutu really came back. But she knew that Ke Li was making trouble which explains all the previous inexplicable matters.   

  For example, the reason why Tutu was such an intelligent child was because she really isn’t a child, and that Tutu had no hair was because she was a mokugyo. 

  Wei Ming wanted to put Ke Li down but found the person in her arms had her eyes closed and her rosy complexion quickly spread. Ke Li’s entire body looked it it had been steamed in a steamer.  

  Was she shy? 

  It suddenly occurred to Wei Ming that Ke Li was a mature and beautiful woman last night. Now she was naked in her arms, it wasn’t strange to be shy. Even she was uncomfortable.  

  She put Ke Li in the tub. After washing her hands, she boiled hot water. She said to Ke Li, who was still pretending to be dead: “Wash yourself.”  

  ”…” Ke Li lowered her little head and kicked her short legs in the water. After a long time, she washed herself well. She slowly climbed out and pushed the tub with her bare butt. Finally, she pushed it to the door and wanted to empty out the water, but she was too small to tip it over.  

  ”…” Wei Ming felt she was abusing a child.  

  She saw that Ke Li really changed back to the original baby. She took the initiative to tip out the water and put some clothes on Ke Li, then said: “Turn around!”   

  Ke Li obediently turned around. 

  When Wei Ming was certain she wasn’t being looked at, she started to change out of her smelly clothes. She didn’t feel comfortable midway through, so she turned around to look at her. Then saw that Ke Li was turned towards her, secretly peeping at her between her fingers. She angrily said: “Close your eyes.”  

  ”…” As if she was frightened, Ke Li closed her eyes. In her heart she said, this female lead is fierce. This scummy lady knows how to bully a baby. She had experienced this many times, okay?  

  Wei Ming changed into clean clothes and went out to wash her smelly clothes by the well expressionlessly. Ke Li followed behind her with her short legs. The clothes on her body was a little big where she might step on the clothes at any time, which especially looked pitiful.  

  At the same time, Jing Chen happened to also be washing clothes there. Seeing the clothes in Wei Ming’s basin and seeing Ke Li’s uneasy expression, she said with a smile, “Senior sister, did Tutu pee in her pants again?”  

  Wei Ming, casually replied: “En.” 

  Jing Chen ‘pfff’ in laughter and greeted Ke Li’s little red face. She smiled and comforted: “Is Tutu shy? Next time just hold it. I’ll tell you a secret, I used to wet the bed too when I was a kid.”  

  Ke Li: “…”  

  She can’t be the only one with a black history.  

  Jing Chen was confident that Ke Li didn’t understand, plus she just laughed out loud. She didn’t look like a senior sister, so she leaned over to Ke Li’s ear, touched her little head and whispered her childhood embarrassment.  

  “I once wanted to drink water but needed to pee. After struggling for half a day, I finally chose to drink the water first, then…” When Jing Chen said, she felt a little embarrassed, but recalled that Ke Li was just a baby. So, she had no sense of shame. At last, she grandly said: “This matter teaches us a lesson. In different periods of time, we should learn to make different choices.”   

  Ke Li: “…” 

  After Jing Chen finished talking, she suddenly found that her little bald head wasn’t smooth. She looked at it intently and was startled: “Tutu, how come there’s a bump on your head? Mosquito bites?”  

  Ke Li said without thinking: “Master knocked it.”  

  She didn’t want to say she fell out of bed to try and solve her physiological needs.  

  Jing Chen: “…” 

  Wei Ming saw the two had nothing to do and had a good chat but felt upset in her heart.  

  She wanted to tell Jing Chen that Ke Li wasn’t a good seedling. She was a demon that seduces people but was afraid of causing a panic. When she saw Jing Chen rubbing the bump on top of Ke Li’s head, she recalled this forgotten bump.  

  She cleaned her hands and went back to the room to find some medicinal liquor. She pressed it on top of Ke Li’s head and said: “In the future, you’re not allowed to pee on me again.”  

  Ke Li’s face looked hopeful and repeated, “The future?”   

  Wei Ming also perceives that what she said wasn’t right and replied expressionlessly: “After I’ve applied the medicinal liquor, you can go back to wherever you came from. I won’t accommodate you here so don’t pester me anymore.”  

  ”…” Ke Li’s eyes were full of tears at that moment. She didn’t dare touch Wei Ming, so she turned to clutch on to Jing Chen’s thigh to cried.  

  Jing Chen: “…” What happened?  

  ”…” Wei Ming suddenly felt that her family’s child wasn’t obedient. After being personally disciplined by her, she turned to outsiders for help. Anyway, her heart was very uncomfortable. Although Jing Chen wasn’t an outsider, she definitely wasn’t an insider.  

  Wei Ming didn’t know when Jing Chen slowly came over. She said in shock: “Senior sister, you don’t want Tutu?”  

  Seeing Wei Ming nod, she said: “You see Tutu is this small. If she goes out, she will be abducted, it’s like dangling her before a wolf. Now there are demons running rampant outside, and you’re still willing?”  

  When Jing Chen said this, Wei Ming didn’t know what to think. Without saying a word, she picked Ke Li up and carried her back to her room. Her body exuded a cold air. In front of Ke Li’s bewildered eyes, she said with disappointment: “Go.”  

  Ke Li already had a rough idea what was about to happen. Regardless of the consequences, she pulled out the Jing Chen card and said, “Master, didn’t you hear what senior sister said?”  

  Wei Ming said with a cold face: “Last time you said you were captured by the demon, then saved by a beautiful sister in white? That means you saved yourself, indicating that you’re able to use magic.”  

  ”…” When Ke Li first heard beautiful sister, she felt at ease. But later, she wanted to beat her previous self that said that. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but then Wei Ming reminded her: “Don’t tell me that you even lied about being captured.”   

  ”No, no.” Ke Li waved her little chubby hand and lowered her head. She whispered in a milky voice: “But I’m really just a baby now.”  

  Wei Ming: “…” 

  What baby would always think about peeking when I’m changing clothes?   

  Seeing that Wei Ming didn’t trust her, Ke Li had to tell the entire truth about herself. Such as when she becomes an adult and a child, and that the current her was able to use magic. Seeing that Wei Ming’s complexion was still bad, she decided to play a fierce move and said: “I…I’m that mokugyo you knock on every day.”  

  Wei Ming: “…” 

  She never thought that Ke Li would be that mokugyo, although she also suspected it.  

  Ke Li pressed her luck and continued: “I was knocked by you until I had no hair. You should take responsibility.”  

  Wei Ming: “…” She has no interest in babies.  

  Seeing that Ke Li was about to continue, she interrupted: “In short, you leave here now and don’t pester me anymore.”   

  Ke Li stood there stubbornly. Her lips were pursed silently, as if golden beans were about to fall from her eyes at any time.  

  ”…” Wei Ming was too lazy to talk to Ke Li again. She ignored her with a cold face. Anyway, it was a demon that deceived her. Even if she was a baby now, it was still unforgivable.  

  In the afternoon, all the nuns in the temple heard that their eldest senior sister was disciplining her apprentice for the first time. The little apprentice was so aggrieved that she didn’t utter a single word. She was so pitiful that golden beans fell out in a string.   

  Even with strength and patience, Ke Li is no match for Wei Ming. After a while, she wiped away her tears and pleaded: “Master, you’re in danger. I want to stay here to protect you.”  

  It was impossible for the male lead to forget about the female lead. He will definitely return to the nunnery to cause trouble. Although the evil spirit didn’t dare strut to the main hall, this ordinary room was a free-for-all.  

  Wei Ming was really afraid of Ke Li’s endless golden beans. Besides, if Ke Li was really her own mokugyo, she would still return here during prayers. So, she said: “Do whatever you want.” 

  Ke Li smiled instantly. 

  When Wei Ming went to bed that night, she didn’t know what to do with this baby. It wasn’t good if she arranged for her to sleep somewhere else, but if she slept with her, it will be very dangerous for her.  

  Seeing that Wei Ming hesitated, Ke Li shamelessly said: “Master, are you afraid of falling in love with me?”  

  Wei Ming glanced at Ke Li’s chubby body, squinted, and said: “With how you look now?”  

  Ke Li: “…” Hey, hurt my self-esteem ah.  

  After Wei Ming said that, she felt that she couldn’t calm down. What she said was similar to a ridicule which wasn’t something a nun would say. She began to sit up, meditate and read the scriptures. She thought to herself that if Ke Li gets upset, she’ll then leave earlier. 

  ”De……” However, after the mokugyo was struck, Wei Ming recalled that Ke Li claimed that the mokugyo was her.  

  She turned around and saw Ke Li standing by the bed as if she was asleep. At the same time, the mokugyo that was struck had become bright and lustrous. It was made of ordinary sandalwood, but now it seems to resemble a treasure.1The word treasure also means baby 

  Wei Ming asked incredulously: “Have you really became this mokugyo?” 

  Ke Li discovered that when she became a mokugyo and was unable to speak out loud, she could only transmit her voice to Wei Ming’s mind: “Yes.”  

  Then Wei Ming saw the mokugyo jump before her eyes.  

  Thinking back on what Ke Li and Jing Chen said before, Wei Ming knew she couldn’t continue knocking. Wei Ming didn’t know if the bump on Ke Li’s head was because she fell or because of the knocking.  

  She stopped knocking and simply went to sleep. Ke Li was pardoned. Seeing that Wei Ming didn’t want to help her, she helped herself to the bed with magic and occupied a small area beside Wei Ming.  

  Wei Ming was very curious about mysterious things like magic, but she didn’t want to lose face by watching. She pretended to sleep like she didn’t care about it. However, she couldn’t easily fall asleep when she suddenly recalled that the person beside her would undergo huge changes in physique after midnight.  

  Ke Li couldn’t fall asleep either. Her mind wandered and recollected the events that happened in the past few days. During this period of time, the demon in the capital continuously killed people. This fox-spirit wasn’t very powerful, otherwise it would have revealed its evil nature earlier. She was only so powerful now, because she was attached to Zhang Chao’s body and gained many conveniences.  

  Zhang Chao was originally a skirt-chaser. Although his health wasn’t good, he often frequents brothels in the pleasure district. So the victims of the fox-spirit were naturally the rich aristocratic patrons of these brothels. 

  As for that demon, Ke Li didn’t hear anything about it at all. The news she heard so far had no mention of that person. It doesn’t seem to be a simple character.  

  Ke Li felt she should have the ability to remove a demon, but the current her couldn’t do anything. She could only follow Wei Ming and obediently listen. Then clearly understand the foundation of the fox-spirit demon. 

  She regrets that she had written this novel based on demons, now it had become her own stumbling block. In fact, she didn’t have much ambition so her worldview of this novel wasn’t big enough.2Basically, the novel she wrote isn’t world built at all, it only focuses on the characters but not the whole world or the relations between people and things…basically a half-ass novel for her brain-hole. She only wrote about the protagonist in different human settings and falling in love in different worlds.  

  While Ke Li was deep in thought, it seemed that Wei Ming fell asleep. She moved her body closer towards Wei Ming’s side. She didn’t hear a reprimand, so she went straight into Wei Ming’s bosom and fell asleep with a grin. As for the matter of suddenly growing up, let’s forget about that step.  

  Wei Ming fell asleep and suddenly heard a voice outside. She woke up from her dream and found the voice was a woman begging for mercy.  

  Wei Ming didn’t know which junior sister had an accident in the middle of the night. She was going to get up to have a look. As for Ke Li, who didn’t know what was going on in her arms, Wei Ming didn’t have the heart to care about her. After carefully pushing Ke Li away, Wei Ming put on her outer clothes and opened the door to go out.  

  Ke Li woke up due to Wei Ming’s movements. 

  Wei Ming hasn’t heard it before, so she was curious about this voice. But Ke Li, an old driver,3experienced person whose been around the block was already accustomed to such a sound. For fear that something might happen to Wei Ming, she jumped out of bed and closely followed Wei Ming. She also wanted to see who couldn’t bear it in the middle of the night and broke the lust commandment in the nunnery.  

  Wei Ming walked and discovered the baby walking behind her. Her present state also indicated that it wasn’t past midnight and she recalled that they slept early today.  

  Her beautiful eyes stared at Ke Li, as if to say, “What are you doing here?” 

  In fact, she was also very afraid. When she heard the woman’s voice in the middle of the night, she didn’t think it was a good thing. However, she was the senior sister. It was impossible to be aware that something was wrong and just ignore it.  

  ”Protect you.” As Ke Li finished speaking, she reached out and pulled a non-existent zipper across her mouth.   

  ”…” Although Wei Ming allowed Ke Li to accompany her bravely, she still felt that Ke Li’s short legs would greatly affect her actions. She thought about it, held Ke Li in her arms and continued to approach the source of the voice carefully.  

  Ke Li had no qualms about not needing to walk.  

  At first, Wei Ming thought someone was hurt, but the closer she got, the more she could hear the strangeness of the voice, which seemed to be accompanied by a woman’s low pants.  

  She had a general idea in her mind and her ears were a little hot. She didn’t know whether she should continue to move forward or not. At last, she decided to go take a look. As the senior sister, she couldn’t let her junior sisters break the rules.  

  As for why she thought it was two junior sisters, naturally it was because they heard the sound of two women intertwined.  

  Ke Li, the author mother, didn’t expect the characters in her novel to be so open-minded. She even staged a female on female play in the nunnery. However, the closer she got, the more uneasy her heart was.  

  ”En … slow down …” The charming voice that sounded caused people’s heart to become chaotic. It’s tone full of urgency and passion.  

  Wei Ming’s footsteps came to a halt, and her face was even worse. It was Jing Xuan’s voice. The junior sister who helps her manage the affairs of the nunnery and was very serious usually. As for the other person, she didn’t recognize it for the time being.  

  She hesitated whether to expose their presence, but suddenly discover through the door crack that it wasn’t two junior sisters. The person on top wasn’t neatly dressed and obviously had disorderly black hair, so they clearly weren’t a nun.4Nuns/monks have to be bald  

  Wei Ming continued to look through the door crack and found a white coat and nun clothing scattered across the ground.  

  The answer was already very obvious. Wei Ming didn’t care about it anymore. She turned around and was about to leave while holding her breath, but found the baby in her arms stretching her neck with great effort trying to see the spring scenery in the house.  

  Wei Ming: “…” Perverted Demon! 

  Ke Li was afraid that she would be discovered if she released her divine sense, so she could only look on with naked eyes.  

  She found that the other who was exercising with Jing Xuan wasn’t the combined fox-spirit and the male lead, but a pure fox-spirit.  

  Is this fox-spirit gay? 

Author’s Notes:  

Ke Li: Master, master, this person is a woman. 

Female lead: Ca, catching up to the times.5This one is really hard to phrase in English, basically they are keeping up with the times/trends of being open-minded. 

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