Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 47

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Arc 3Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 12 

    Before Ke Li could get a better look, her little body was held by Wei Ming and they left. The gasping sound still echoed behind them, but the sound became smaller and smaller, as if it was dispersed by the whirling wind.  

    Wei Ming’s footsteps were light and quick as if it didn’t exist. Because she knew that woman wasn’t just anyone, but the rumored demon from outside. It was the wicked fox-spirit. She didn’t expect the fox-spirit to be such a good-looking woman.  

    Wei Ming couldn’t help but glance at the baby in her arms. Just now, Ke Li just looked straight at the scene, as if she was very interested in that kind of thing. She recalled Ke Li’s teasing and seduction in her dream, as if trying to open a door to a new world to her.  

    But now Wei Ming didn’t have time to think about that kind of thing clearly. All she could hear was the continuous panting sound in her ear and Wei Ming’s steps quickened. When they returned to the room, she was still afraid and hesitated on if she should go back to check on her junior.  

    Ke Li strangely asked: “Master, what’s wrong with you?” 

    “Tell me, will that demon eat Jing Xuan?” In this aspect, Wei Ming wasn’t as knowledgeable as Ke Li. If it wasn’t as simple as seen initially, then it was too dangerous for Jing Xuan. After all, Jing Chen mentioned it before, that demon likes to eat people during that time.  

    Maybe Jing Xuan was only willing to do that with the fox-spirit because she was bewitched, not voluntary?   

    The more Wei Ming thought about it, the bigger the situation appeared to be and the more terrified she became.  

    Ke Li froze for a while, and said, “Isn’t she already being eaten?” 

    The sound of Ke Li’s voice came as a shock to the female lead, so much so that she woke up from her daze.  

    Wei Ming’s face became pale and held Ke Li, preparing to leave again. After all, the person in my arms was also a demon, so she should…be able to save Jing Xuan.  

    “…” Ke Li hurriedly grabbed Wei Ming’s clothes. “Master, don’t worry. Senior sister Jing Xuan will be fine.”  

    The female lead is so pure, ah. You can’t tell the difference between this kind of eating and that kind of eating. The difference between the two were making love and murder ah 

    Wei Ming realize Ke Li was toying with her. Her face turned red and she wanted to put Ke Li down but Ke Li stubbornly held on to her neck as if it was life or death.  

    Wei Ming wanted to know more, so she let Ke Li stay in her arms. This was a shock to her. She has never seen such a beautiful scene, and… it was of that infamous demon who had hurt countless people together with her junior sister. She suddenly wanted to know more.   

    “Are you saying they have feelings for each other?” Wei Ming still felt that this was unbelievable. How could there be feelings between two women? No, how could there be any relationship between a nun and a demon?  

    But this was none of her business. She’s a nun and a nun cannot have love. Even if there is love, it must be love towards the world.  

    “There must be.” Ke Li analyzed with her chin propped. “Otherwise, she would have stopped and given chase to kill us if she discovered us. But the fox-spirit was obviously busy exercising and trying to please the person beneath her.”  

    And the love between the two can be easily felt by an outsider like her. Fortunately, she didn’t forcibly disturb the two people’s exercise. Otherwise, the fox-spirit would have given her all to desperately kill her.  

    Ke Li, a baby, said this with a straightforward and explicit tone, but Wei Ming still thought it was strange. It occurred to her in horror as she asked: “Were we discovered?”  

    If we were discovered, how can we face that kind of demon?  

    Ke Li caught Wei Ming off guard when she squished her lips against her face: “En, don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”  

    Wei Ming: “…” 

    She wiped away the saliva on her face with the back of her hand and believed what Ke Li said. Also, her junior sister certainly broke the rules, how can she do that? With a demon no less? And that demon has killed countless people recently.  

    Wei Ming’s heart suddenly filled with worry. She was inexplicably concerned about Jing Xuan’s affair at this time. If they really had feelings for each other, then didn’t the fox-spirit give her junior sister many green hats to wear?  

    Or perhaps for them it was just a fling to solve their physiological needs? 

    Wei Ming thought about it and the person in her arms suddenly became very heavy. She almost broke her waist when she held the person. In her hands were smooth skin and the baby hanging on her neck had somehow became a woman.  

    “…” Wei Ming didn’t hesitate to release her hand and dropped Ke Li to the ground. She didn’t know why Ke Li would not give prior indication for when she turns into an adult and each time she does, she’s naked.  

    “Hiss!” Ke Li turned and sat up, protecting her chest from the fall. Seeing there wasn’t worry on Wei Ming’s face, she immediately changed into clothes.  

    “Master Wei Ming, good evening.” She said like a good child. The baby who called out Master was all grown up and now adds in the words ‘Wei Ming’ following the title.   

    “…” Wei Ming lost her desire to clarify things with Ke Li. The current Ke Li felt inexplicably dangerous to her. She went back to bed and continued to sleep, but her mind was full of the spring scenery she just saw. She can still hear the sounds and gasps from next door.  

    Her yard was originally an independent small yard, which easily echoed how fiercely the two were in exercising.  

    Ke Li naturally heard it and couldn’t help think about it too. It was like watching a movie. She couldn’t help but substitute herself in it in her mind, then changed tactics to block the outside voices. She approached Wei Ming and said: “Can you still hear it?”  

    ” … ” Wei Ming instinctively shrank inwardly, thinking that Ke Li, who when she was in baby form was innocently cute, but the current adult Ke Li was too dangerous.  

    Ke Li said: “Master Wei Ming, do you think I’m good-looking now?” Are you interested?  

    “…” Wei Ming nodded silently, feeling that Ke Li didn’t have good intentions. 

    Sure enough, the next moment she heard Ke Li’s good intentions: “Then what do you think of what you just saw, that matter between two women.”  

    Wei Ming didn’t fall into Ke Li’s pit. She didn’t give Ke Li the opportunity to bring up the topic about them and said, “I didn’t take it very seriously. It’s someone else’s business, it’s not my business.”  

    “Master Wei Ming, how is it none of your business? Jing Xuan is your junior sister. Now both her and your apprentice are in danger and both have a great relationship with you.”  

    “…” Wei Ming thought about it seriously and answered: “They are one person and one demon, even if they really have feelings, it won’t end well.”  

    She knew that Ke Li had different thoughts from herself. She wanted to illustrate her opinion by using Jing Xuan and the fox-spirit as an example. She wanted Ke Li to leave her alone and stop pestering her.  

    Ke Li paused and seemed to realize that there was a misunderstanding. She slowly said, “Actually, I’m not a demon. I’m a fairy doll.”  

    Wei Ming: “…” What is the difference? 

    She even began to wonder if Ke Li would also suddenly tell her that she wasn’t a woman?  

    Wei Ming was frightened by her conjectures and shrank back into the bed. After warning Ke Li that she will no longer continue the conversation, she began to sleep.  

    For the first time, she had a spring dream. In this dream, she didn’t see Ke Li, she could only feel her. There was always a kind of hazy and wonderful feeling in front of her eyes. And her ears were also accompanied by low gasping and moaning sounds. She didn’t know whether it was herself or Ke Li.  

    When Wei Ming woke up, she had beads of sweat on her forehead and there was hot sweat all over her body. It was as if she was pulled out of water. The dream just happened to give her a suffocating feeling. She seemed to have dreamt about herself…  

    Wei Ming suddenly turned around. The Ke Li beside her was still an adult. Although her face was still a baby face, she exuded a mature charm. She let out a sigh of relief and lifted the quilt slightly so her body could cool down.  

    Waiting for the ringing of the bell which signified that it was time to get up and prepare for morning class, Wei Ming looked over at Ke Li and thought that Ke Li was still asleep as she wasn’t noisy or making trouble.  

    She looked at her for a while and recalled her previous dream. She felt ashamed that she would have that kind of dream. She decided to attend the morning classes that she missed for quite some time. She had to go to the main hall by passing Jing Xuan’s door. The room’s door was closed, without a hint of the spring scenery she witnessed yesterday.  

    For the morning class held in the main hall, Jing Xuan was late. Wei Ming was highly aware of what Ke Li said last night and paid more attention to Jing Xuan from time to time.  

    During this period, Wei Ming found that her mokugyo was dull, so she knew that Ke Li was still asleep. She continued to read the scriptures but suddenly frowned. When has she ever been distracted while reading the scriptures?  

    It seems it was because of Ke Li. 

    Some things have changed unconsciously. Wei Ming didn’t want to think about it anymore and pretended it was nothing.  

    After morning class, Wei Ming wanted to return to her room, but happened to meet Jing Xuan on her way back. Jing Xuan’s appearance was very good. The expression on her face, which was always cold, was now warm like the sun in the snowy winter sky. Her eyes swam a little and Wei Ming uncomfortably greeted: “Junior sister Jing Xuan.”  

    “Senior sister.” Jing Xuan was also very guilty when she saw Wei Ming. Her face suddenly became rosy because she knew that her affairs were discovered by Wei Ming.  

    Most of the nuns in the nunnery were raised by Master Wu Nian at a young age, but there were a small minority who weren’t trained from an early age. For example, Jing Xuan was originally a daughter of a rich family. However, her family was falsely accused of a crime and was thrown into prison. Eventually, they met a violent death in prison due to the schemer. In prison, the surviving Jing Xuan ended up shaving her head and became a nun. Now, she still thought about the affairs in the mortal world and even wanted to avenge her parents.  

    Wei Ming had always known that Jing Xuan would befriend noble benefactors in secret, but she never exposed this. She didn’t expect that Jing Xuan would also have a direct relationship with a demon.  

    Wei Ming was half-tentative and half-curious: “You and her …” 

    Jing Xuan’s face became even redder. Wei Ming has never seen such a Jing Xuan before. She could only listen to Jing Xian when she honestly said: “Senior sister, I love her. I want to leave the nunnery and return to a mortal life.”  

    Love? Wei Ming was a little confused about this concept. However, she still told the truth honestly: “Jing Xuan, you know that she’s a demon who kills people without blinking an eye, and you are still with her… and I heard that she often tumbles around with others…aren’t you jealous?”  

    Is this also love? Wei Ming wasn’t sure. 

    Jing Xuan’s face sank and her voice was stuffy: “She’s suffering.” 

    Wei Ming: “…” 

    Why does this sentence feel so scummy? 

    Jing Xuan’s face relaxed and suddenly asked a difficult question: “Senior sister, aren’t you and her also a couple?”  

    Wei Ming thought of the ‘she’ in question as Ke Li right away and suddenly had a strange feeling in her heart. Then asked: “When did we become a couple?”  

    Jing Xuan smiled, as if laughing at Wei Ming for playing the fool and bluntly said: “Yan Hu said that Tutu would appear in your dream every day. Senior sister, didn’t you have a spring dream last night?”  

    Wei Ming: “…” 

    Nonsense, she isn’t, she didn’t!  

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