Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 50

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Arc 3Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 15 

She Wants to Eat Meat, Wants to Resume a Meat Diet! 

  Wei Ming’s eyes stared at her, burning with curiosity. Ke Li was in a dilemma, how could she answer such a question?  

  Ke Li drove away all those evil thoughts, and instantly became the obedient little apprentice. She held her small face and changed the topic: “Master, shouldn’t you be listening to the Abbot’s sermon right now?” 

  Every day in the monastery, there were not only a prayer session in the morning and evening, in fact, there was also a session at this moment. During this time, the nuns would listen to Abbot Wu Nian’s teachings, so as to gain enlightenment in Buddhism.   

  Wei Ming was obsessed with finding out what immediate wind was, so she replied without any hesitation: “I’m not in a hurry now.”  

  “But the Abbot is in a hurry. If you don’t go, she will worry whether or not you had an accident. Master, you are the most outstanding nun in our temple. You should set an example for everyone.” Ke Li lectured and secretly added a sentence in her heart: It would be better if she returns to secular life.  

  ”…” Wei Ming quietly watched as Ke Li improvised a diversion, but she wasn’t moved. She has to know what immediate wind means today.  

  Seeing that it was not effective, Ke Li could only bite the bullet and protect herself a little by throwing out a disclaimer. 

  She spoke carefully, as if dreading what was to follow: “Well, I’ll tell you, but you forced me to. Master, you can’t scold me after.”  

  Wei Ming knew that Ke Li’s next words weren’t something good, so she wasn’t sure whether she would scold her or not. She hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “En, I won’t scold.”  

  When push comes to shove, you just have to do it yourself. 

  Ke Li looked up and looked around to make sure there was no one else around. She just stared at the water bucket in front of her, then awkwardly said: “The immediate wind…it’s when you suddenly die in bed.”  

  ”En?” Wei Ming didn’t quite understand. If she went with the literal meaning, she had thought it had something to do with horses.1One of the character used in ‘immediate wind’ uses the Chinese pinyin for horses. 

  Ke Li did the best she could and lost face. She continued: “Suddenly died on the bed during sex. Do you understand now?”  

  If you don’t understand this meaning, you’ll have to try it out yourself. 

  Wei Ming: “…” Understand. 

  I’m scared that Wei Ming would be traumatized over hearing this kind of thing, then my future sex life won’t even happen. Ke Li added: “However, normal people rarely suffer from this kind of thing. As long as they exercise regularly, make certain preparations beforehand, use the appropriate posture in the appropriate situations, then immediate wind will rarely occur.”  

  So, don’t randomly seek stimulation, no casual S&M, and be excessively fatigued before participating in the act. All this will ensure we can have a good time, go to sleep and wake up with no issues.  

  ”…” Although what she said made perfect sense, Wei Ming still thought that Ke Li couldn’t be taken seriously since she was unable to look directly at her. It was too dangerous to let such a person stay by her side.2Basically, while Ke Li was talking, she doesn’t even look at Wei Ming, as if she’s going to be the perpetrator and Wei Ming the victim. Also signs of guilty conscience   

  These days of trouble has left her a little confused, and now there was an explanation.  

  Wei Ming act as if she didn’t hear what was said. She didn’t comment further and started a new topic abruptly and stiffly: “Tutu, why don’t you go sleep with Jing Xuan tonight?”  

  She needed some quiet time alone to figure out the best way to get along with Ke Li.  

  Ke Li’s was shocked: “…” Why? 

  Is this the legendary saying of being thrown away after being used just once?3This means that Ke Li was already used by Wei Ming since they used to sleep together, but now she’s a used good and is being given away. 

  “You promised Yan Hu that you will protect Jing Xuan. With what’s happened, she definitely needs someone to accompany her now, so you can sleep with her tonight, okay?” Wei Ming said without looking at Ke Li as she continued to fetch water. There was a sense of oppression in those words.  

  It was still morning now, but they were already talking about where Ke Li would spend the night, it was very strange. 

  ”Master, Senior Aunt Jing Xuan likes women.” 

  Aren’t you worried about your good apprentice? 

  If she was eaten, it won’t be her who suffers.  

  Ke Li tried to make Wei Ming change her decision. She couldn’t lose any spare time with the female lead, even if she’s being obvious about it now.  

  ”……” Wei Ming looked at Ke Li’s chubby body carefully. With a mischievous smile on her lips, she said, “Jing Xuan likes women, but are you a woman now?”  

  Obviously, she was currently just a baby, who daydreams all the time. Everything she thinks about are all rubbish thoughts.  

  Ke Li: “…”  

  This is too much ah! This is definitely a personal attack! 

  No matter how much she complains about it, how come she couldn’t be a pretty daughter of a humble family? How come she’s not considered a woman? Which beauty wasn’t a child at one point?  

  Slag female lead! 

  ”Go then!” Ke Li exclaimed, then turned her back and ignored Wei Ming. In the future don’t blame her for the red apricot tree that leans over the garden wall.4Idiom for a wife having an illicit lover – since she’s going sleep at Jing Xuan’s  

  Wei Ming looked amused when she saw this. She suddenly recalled that Jing Xuan was also a person who knew what immediate wind was right away and told her: “Tutu, remember to sleep on your own in the evening. You can’t sleep in the same bed as Jing Xuan. Just in case you scare her in the middle of the night when you change into an adult. When Yan Hu comes back, she definitely won’t let you off the hook.”  

  ”…” Slag! 

  Ke Li continued to ignore Wei Ming. 

  Wei Ming coaxed: “Okay, turn around and wash your hands. Then follow me to the main hall to listen to Master’s sermon. Just wash your little head of melon seeds with the scriptures so it will be cleansed from the dirtiness.”  

  Ke Li: “……” 

  As an adult, isn’t it normal to know a little bit more? 

  She turned around reluctantly and held out her hands. 

  Ke Li’s little hands were chubby. Wei Ming lowered her head and carefully cleaned them. They were clearly free of filth, but Ke Li had the illusion that her hands were dirty. She unconsciously withdrew her hands uneasily: “Okay.”  

  Compared to when she was forced to drink milk, this matter was actually quite easy. She was sure to accomplish it. Also, she can inquire about some things. Ke Li was almost moved to tears by her Ah Q’s spirit.”5Ah Q is a protagonist of a Lu Xun’s novel “The True Story of Ah Q”, and he was a role model protagonist because of his self-preservation and self-esteem blah blah blah 

  Wei Ming wiped those little hands and took Ke Li to the main hall to listen to Master Wu Nian’s teachings. They had already started the sermon when they arrived. The hall was full of people, including Jing Xuan, who appeared a bit absent-minded.  

  ”Master.” Wei Ming took Ke Li’s chubby little hand and lowered her head apologetically.  

  Master Wu Nian looked up at Wei Ming, then looked at Ke Li the baby. She just nodded but didn’t speak.  

  Wei Ming placed Ke Li in position and sat down. She knew what Master Wu Nian’s expression meant at a glance.  

  Over the past 20 years, she abided to the rules and regulations in the monastery. She followed these rules every day and has never be remiss in her duties to this degree. However, because of Ke Li’s arrival, there has been too many firsts. 

  The first time I was late, the first time I didn’t attend morning class …  

  The first time is equivalent to countless times. She knows that she had been badly influenced through and through.  

  Fortunately, even though the sea of bitterness was boundless, there was still a shore looking back. 

  Wei Ming sorted out her feelings and turned to look at Ke Li beside her. She looked at Ke Li’s small body, then looked at the mokugyo in front of her. Wei Ming suddenly exhaled a sigh of relief.  

  Fortunately, today was just a sermon. If it was chanting the sutras, Ke Li would have had the false appearance of falling asleep as soon as the mokugyo was knocked. She doesn’t know what would have happened then.  

  The main contents of this session were to discuss some sutras that were difficult to understand usually and to teach Buddhism. After almost an hour, Master Wu Nian suddenly remembered about something and prepared to leave. Then she realized that there was still half an hour left, so she put down the scripture in her hand and called out: “Wei Ming.”  

  “This disciple is here.” Wei Ming replied.  

  Master Wu Nian said, “Teacher suddenly remembered there’s still some things that hasn’t been done in Tibet Scripture Pavilion. You shall lead the junior sisters to recite the sutra of the Great Buddha.”  

  Wei Ming: “…” This is really what I don’t want. 

  Ke Li: “…” This is Murphy’s Law.6Basic content of Murphy’s Law: if something is likely to go bad, no matter how small this possibility is, it will always happen 

  After Master Wu Nian left, Wei Ming silently glanced at Ke Li, raised her hand and knocked on the mokugyo in front of her. She slowly recited the scripture while everyone’s voices from behind followed along.  

  The sound of knocking on the mokugyo was in tempo and the voices of reciting the sutras were the same. It was a very unified and harmonious scene. Only the little mokugyo in front of Ke Li didn’t make a single sound, instead she looked like she fell asleep with her head down and her mouth pouting.  

  It wasn’t the first time Ke Li attended one of Master Wu Nian’s sermons, it is however the first time her head was knocked in public. The most terrible thing was that she could only be knocked on and couldn’t knock back in return.  

  Ke Li secretly whispered: “Master, my head is going to become bald, use less force.” 

  ”…” Wei Ming’s knocking become slightly lighter, then she turned to scold in a low voice: “Pay attention, don’t disrespect Buddha.”  

  Wei Ming wasn’t paying attention and had opened her mouth to say this. The junior sisters from behind her were startled when they heard this. They straightened their spines and knocked on their mokugyos loudly. Following the mokugyos’ rhythm, the scriptures were recited even more energetically.    

  This made Ke Li realize that unity is strength.  

  When some of the lazier junior sisters looked up, they realized that their senior sister’s little apprentice was lazy again and even openly dozed off in the main hall. Senior sister was being hypocritical as she only disciplined them.  

  After Wei Ming knocked for half an hour, Ke Li returned to her body. However, no one could sleep while sitting. Although her body was covered with soft flesh, she was still so stiff and numb that she couldn’t stand up. She could only reach out and ask for help from Wei Ming: “Master.”  

  Wei Ming stood up and held Ke Li in her arms. She massaged her little chubby legs that were stiff for a long time.  

  Junior sisters: “…” 

  How could this little apprentice be so sneaky? She really pinched the situation this time. She woke up as soon as the scriptures being recited were done, then staged a play of leg numbness, winning our senior sister’s sympathy.  

  Tsk tsk tsk! 

  You really can’t judge a person by their appearance. This baby knows how to scheme.  

  Ke Li was held by Wei Ming for a while until her legs were no longer numb. She didn’t want to disclose this and pretended they were still numb. So, Wei Ming held her until it was time to eat lunch.  

  After so many days of self-cultivation, her skin was more tender, but there was no use of having clear peeled egg-like skin. She was still a baby and will always have baby-like skin, so there was really no need for self-cultivation.  

  She wants to eat meat, she wants to resume a meat diet!  

  ”Doudou, tell me the reference data.” 

  Although knowing data early in the task wasn’t useful, but at least she can clear some uncertainty in her heart.  

  [Host, the affection value is almost 90. After all, the female lead loves you very much. As for the intimacy value… because it has always been parent-child interaction, even when kissing, there is no passion or desire, so it’s only about 70.] 

  Ke Li: “…” 

  Spicy chicken system, God-beeping-parent-child interaction! 

  She has got a problem with that, okay? 

  […Host calm down. I’m just a pure system. Oh, by the way, intimacy during your adult time is used to calculate your intimacy value. Oh, host do your best! Host is the fattest!7Basically cheering her on] Doudou finished its words at the speed of light.   

  Ke Li: “…” 

  Fat people are stock that has potential to increase in value. Not to mention she can change into a beauty at night, so she didn’t care about Doudou anymore.   

  After finishing the day’s work, Ke Li was actually sent to Jing Xuan by Wei Ming. Wei Ming also used the gloried excuse of: “Junior sister, I will be reciting the scriptures all throughout the night. I will have to trouble junior sister to take care of Tutu.”  

  Jing Xuan’s mood wasn’t good today. She reached out to take Ke Li and said with a smile: “No trouble. Senior sister just recite the scriptures.”  

  Ke Li: “…” 

  Jing Xuan knew that Ke Li wasn’t a real baby girl and knew the true purpose of her stay. Jing Xuan placed her on the bed and said, “Tutu, if you’re sleepy, go to sleep. I will be up for a while.”   

  ”En.” This was Ke Li’s first time being in someone else’s room at night. The first thing she noticed was that there was only one bed here. She looked around and felt the novelty, but then was bored again. She sulked in her thoughts and wondered what Wei Ming was doing now. It was impossible for her to recite the scriptures through the night, otherwise she would collapse from fatigue.  

  Ke Li was bored so she squeezed the soft meat on her arm, then gloomily thought to herself: Maybe Wei Ming is thinking about me.  

  The more she thought of this, the happier she became. She suddenly wanted to return to Wei Ming, but Jing Xuan was still here. She had to use her abilities to protect Jing Xuan.  

  Her eyes swam around like beads, trying to find the words: “Senior Aunt Jing Xuan, can I ask you a question?”   

  Jing Xuan opened her eyes and listlessly replied, “Ask me.”  

  ”How did you catch Yan Hu’s fancy?” Ke Li laid on the bed, cutely supporting her chin with her hands, looking like an obedient junior niece.  

  When Ke Li mentioned Yan Hu, Jing Xuan suddenly returned to her senses and madly blushed. Ke Li’s deceptive baby face suddenly gave her the desire to speak.  

  She whispered: “Ah yes … she chased me first.”8It was the fox that romanced Jing Xuan in the first place, not the other way round. 

  Ke Li pretended to stare at her in surprise and said, “Wow, I knew it was like this! Senior Aunt, you look so pure with no desire, and usually you’re cold and pure during the day. Surely, it must be difficult to chase you, right?” 

  Jing Xuan: “…” 

  As a nun, besides being pure with no desire, should she be passionate?   

  She looked at Ke Li quietly, as if thinking about whether to tell her about her journey of love.  

  “Senior Aunt don’t look at me like I’m small. In fact, I’m here to learn from you.” Ke Li didn’t hide her purpose. Anyway, she should already know everything she knows. 

  ”…” Jing Xuan thought of her love, then slowly began: “As you know, she’s a fox-spirit, a beautiful white fox. Actually, I first saw her when I was a child. It was winter. My father took the little animals to the mountain to set them free. When he returned, he brought an injured animal back. I didn’t understand at the time and mistook her for a big dog and often played with her.”  

  Play? Ke Li said with curiosity: “Then you guys developed feelings for each other at that time?”  

  Jing Xuan shook her head and said with a sad expression: “Later she ran away after her injury was healed. After that, my father and mother were falsely accused and imprisoned. After their death, I came to Mediation Temple and found out that she actually lives at the back of the mountain. It turned out that her previous injury wasn’t caused by a hunter, but by a cultivating demon who had been capturing spirit practitioners. She was targeted, leading to her getting seriously injured and then escaping to the mountain where she was rescued by my dad.”  

  Ke Li listened quietly and only heard one important point, that was Yan Hu seemed to be quite powerful, although not as powerful as that demon practitioner.  

  Jing Xuan continued: “From the moment I joined the monastery, she often came down the mountain to accompany me. Later on, she took on a human form and secretly visited me at night. And just like that we gradually became like this.”    

  ”So, you have been together for a long time?” Ke Li suddenly saw hope. If she had accompanied Wei Ming for a while like this, the result shouldn’t be any worse than this, but she didn’t want to wait any longer.   

  Jing Xuan shook her head and said: “No, I only recently broke through the barrier in my heart to be together.”  

  So, it’s actually like this. 

  Ke Li was considering the feasibility of using this method on Wei Ming. Wei Ming was born with a mild temperament, but carefully thinks a lot. She was the kind of person who cared about people. She builds friendships easily, but not romantic love.  

  In fact, to help Wei Ming understand their relationship clearly, Wei Ming must remember that she wasn’t a baby, but a normal woman.  

  She suddenly said: “Senior Aunt, what do you think about my master?”  

  Will I be able to chase her? 

  Jing Xuan understood Ke Li’s meaning and replied: “Senior sister is different from me. She seldom leaves the temple except to run errands. The things outside may be a temptation, but she restrains herself.”  

  Ke Li lowered her head in disappointment.  

  Jing Xuan added another sentence in time: “But no one dislikes new things and… people are most receptive to new things when they’re vulnerable.”  

  Ke Li also understood this, but it was currently dangerous outside. This method wasn’t feasible. Instead, she will focus on convincing her that women are beautiful. 

  After talking so much about chasing and romancing people, Ke Li’s interest waned. She asked with concern: “Senior Aunt Jing Xuan, do you know what Yan Hu is going to do?”  

  Jing Xuan shook her head and said: “I don’t know.” 

  Ke Li didn’t give up: “She didn’t even disclose a little?” 

  Or else how could they cooperate? 

  “She said that she wasn’t free now but wants to be free.” Of course, Jing Xuan knew it was very dangerous. Ke Li also had a rough idea what Yan Hu was going to do. She doesn’t believe in demon cultivation, but her strength wasn’t good either. She could only take care of Yan Hu’s Achilles heel and hope Yan Hu can solve her demon cultivation issue.  

  Once the topic became heavy, it could no longer continue. 

  Jing Xuan was distracted again. 

  Ke Li thought about a way to complete the task and how to deal with the cultivating demon. She wasn’t aware of any other additional tools to her disposal besides being a fairy doll and that celestial old Buddhist monk master in the sky.  

  Ke Li thought about it again and about what she was currently doing. Ke Li anxiously decided to sleep. There was only one bed, so she cleverly chose to sleep horizontally at the end of the bed so that even when she becomes an adult, she wouldn’t frightened Jing Xuan.  

  Jing Xuan was surprised by her sleeping position and said: “You are …” 

  Ke Li slowly said: “Master said that if I grow up suddenly, it will frighten Senior Aunt.” 

  ”Oh, then continue to sleep.” After that, Jing Xuan turned to sleep, her body was obviously relaxed. 

  Ke Li: “…” 

  It seems that Jing Xuan was still nervous about her change. 

  Ke Li also fell asleep with a grudge on her face but before going to bed, she used her divine sense to check what Wei Ming was doing. As a result, she found that she was reciting the scriptures and wasn’t knocking on the mokugyo. She fell asleep from lack of interest and was ready to make a big move in her dream.  

  Wei Ming was getting ready to go to bed. Ke Li wasn’t here so she didn’t have to worry about her wetting the bed. She headed to the toilet first but heard a strange noise on the way back. It seems to originate from the kitchen. This time, she was sure it was a man and woman, not a fox, was it Zhang Chao?  

  Wei Ming didn’t dare to rush forward but sneaked away. Before leaving, she found that the man’s voice was familiar. It was a pilgrim who often came to offer incense. She suddenly had deep doubts about everything she knew in the Meditation Temple.  

  Obviously, this was the land of Buddhism. UnexpectedlyA. PlaceOf. Passionate. Love9This is written as passionate love between a man and woman …no…love between women also exist. These things have existed since the beginning, but wasn’t discovered, or have they just appeared now?  

  Wei Ming returned to her room and began to think deeply. Over the years, she has not encountered a junior sister who broke the rules by consorting with a pilgrim. But recently has noticed it more, she has encountered this sort of incident twice in just two days. 

  Wei Ming glanced at Jing Xuan’s darkened room, closed the door and windows, climbed into bed and closed her eyes. She subconsciously groped around the quilt, then remembered that Ke Li wasn’t here.  

  Wei Ming sighed, closed her eyes and went to sleep.  

  This time, she had a strange dream. In the dream, there was a green meadow. Both she and Ke Li were naked. Before she could scold the devious Ke Li, she noticed it was completely different this time. The Ke Li in this dream was motionless and silent. This time it seemed like she was in control.  

  So, this is my own dream? 

  Desire. That is my own creation? 

  Wei Ming laid in bed and began to doubt herself. Everything in the dream just now was very realistic. Their skin was close to each other and the warmth in her arms were so real. In her dream, she was capable of her own thoughts and actions but was still addicted to Ke Li’s body.  

  Wei Ming was startled by this thought and sat up. She looked around in a daze, but it was so dark she couldn’t see anything. Ke Li’s usual breathing had always been reassuring but now there was nothing.  

  ”Amitabha.” Wei Ming fumbled out of bed, lit a candle, sat down on the futon, and began to recite the scriptures … 

  While Ke Li has been sleeping soundly, she suddenly heard a mokugyo being knocked from above, but discovered it was from her head.  


  Ke Li once again became the mokugyo and her whole person felt like it was pressed down by a mountain. Other than sound transmission and slightly jostling about, she couldn’t do any other vigorous activity at all.  

  She asked Wei Ming: “Master, why am I here?” 

  This time it was with the voice of an adult. 

  Wei Ming’s hands was still knocking on the mokugyo when she replied seriously: “I suddenly remembered your glorious past deeds and forgot to tell Jing Xuan about your bedwetting habits. I was afraid that you would wet the bed again tomorrow, so I called you here first.”  

  Ke Li: “…”  

  Called her here because she wets the bed? 

  Slag female lead! 

Author’s Notes: 

Today when I wrote, I listened to the Great Compassion Mantra,  

I hope for tomorrow I can write as much as I did today…okay. 

Conscience: You touch, I say, it won’t hurt if you don’t write?  

Slag: →_→ Really naïve, no! 

Author eating dirt: Give a red envelope for frightened conscience.  

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