Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 55

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Arc 3Fairy Doll X Beautiful Nun – 20 

 Novel Positions, Sweet Voice 

  Wei Ming wished she could get Jing Chen to repay this debt. She shouldn’t have listened to Jing Chen and forced Ke Li to drink milk in the beginning. Her face was sullen: “Go to bed honestly!”  

  Ke Li couldn’t miss such a good opportunity. She doesn’t know how many times Yan Hu has already hit third base,1full run – baseball terminology = going all the way for sex; 1st base – French kiss; 2nd base – feel; 3rd base – finger; 4th base – fuck while she herself was still testing the waters. This situation was really unreasonable.  

  She said shamelessly: “I’m talking about going to bed ah. I’m not jumping all over the place.”  

  ”…” Wei Ming subconsciously tightened her clothing and looked at Ke Li with a vigilant face. In fact, she was panicking. She knew what Ke Li wanted, and she was prepared for it. But with Ke Li’s words now, her feelings have suddenly changed.  

  Ke Li didn’t say much. She leaned in closer to kiss Wei Ming on the cheek and said seductively: “Relax, I won’t eat you.”  

  ”…” Wei Ming became even more tense and her face slowly turned soft and numb. After a while, she became adventurous and uncontrollable. She got up in a hurry, her face feeling itchy. Taking the initiative, she kissed Ke Li. Their lips gently touched at first, slowly becoming hot and passionate.  

  Ke Li cupped Wei Ming’s face in her hands, her eyes full of surprise. After a while, she took control of the pace and asserted dominance on the bed. The temperature of the room gradually rose, and the two emotional voices sounded in the quiet night.  

  She was afraid that Yan Hu also had the same thought she had, to eavesdrop on the movements here, so Ke Li set up an enchantment to the room during her busy schedule. Then continued to do whatever she wanted…  

  A room full of spring, beautiful scenery. The undulations of the quilt and the rhythm of two souls meeting drives the hearts closer together.  

  The next day when Ke Li woke up, she felt refreshed and comfortable. She didn’t hide her overflowing pride on her face and said: “Doudou, how was I last night?”  

  Doudou was speechless and dumbfounded at Ke Li. It found great difficulty in criticizing Ke Li and was unable to sweep away her good mood at this time. It replied: [It can only be said that as a qualified system, after turning on the privacy mode, I haven’t seen anything. But in summary, the positions were very novel, and the accompanying voices were very sweet sounding. The host is very diligent and deserves praise.]  

  Ke Li: “…” 

  This mosaic, wasn’t it very thin?2Doudou’s privacy mode can only see mosaic and I guess it’s a thin strip since it saw to that extent! 

  Doudou continued: [The host’s mission is completed. Do you want to continue to work hard or return to the real world?]  

  Ke Li: “Do you think I’m a person who will abandon everything once finished?” 

  [Understood. The system will apply for your postponed departure. Host, please continue to work hard.] 

  Ke Li: “…” 

  ”Tutu?” Wei Ming’s confused voice suddenly sounded. She pulled Ke Li back from her thoughts. She shook her head, reached over and pecked Wei Ming’s cheek. She smiled and said, “Woke up?”  

  Wei Ming thought about what happened last night and was extremely uncomfortable. She didn’t want Ke Li to kiss her face. She whispered softly: “Don’t be so disorderly during the day.”  

  Ke Li grinned and didn’t answer. She just smiled and asked, “Wei Ming, can you get up now?”  

  Wei Ming: “…”  

  Her body was really uncomfortable, she couldn’t get up yet. So, she turned her back to ignore Ke Li. Subconsciously, she felt that she could smell a particularly special scent lingering in the room.  

  ”I also want to take a nap for a while.” Ke Li held Wei Ming’s waist from behind and they cuddled close to each other.  

  Wei Ming’s hair was still short and swarthy. At first, Ke Li felt it was a little prickly. When she got used to it, she felt it was quite comfortable. She rubbed the top of her head from time to time and was actually happy that she didn’t need to worry about her hair.  

  Now she sniffed Wei Ming’s fragrance from her hair. She felt like a pervert but she was doing this openly and honestly.   

  Wei Ming’s neck tickled. After finding a comfortable position, she fell asleep in Ke Li’s arms again.  

  Bed exercises really consumes energy. When she woke up, the sun was already high in the sky. Ke Li helped Wei Ming up and thoughtfully dressed her. After leaving the room, she happened to encounter Jing Xuan who was also ready to go out.  

  Compared to Ke Li, Jing Xuan looked better off, as she was already washed and groomed. On her neck hung a small fox- Yan Hu. At first glance, it looked like a beautiful and warm scarf. Yan Hu didn’t act naïve and innocent at all, she openly licked the red mark left on Jing Xuan’s neck from last night without any scruple. 

  ”…” Ke Li’s eyes widened. She felt that she was too pure compared to Yan Hu. She looked left and right but didn’t see any suitable tools for committing crimes3Ke Li was looking for human appendages, how did YH and JX do the xxx??. Now she was more curious about the voice she heard last night.  

  ”What are you looking for?” Yan Hu’s voice was lazy with a tint of indolence which gave a demagogic effect.  

  Ke Li sincerely admired: “You’re so awesome!” 

  Yan Hu: “…”  

  Jing Xuan suddenly blushed after listening to their words and glared at Yan Hu. In the next moment, Yan Hu became a human without a waist or legs. Her arms hung on Jing Xuan’s neck and blinked triumphantly at Ke Li.4Uhhh that’s scary, to take on human form with only a face and arms…hanging off a person’s neck  

  Ke Li and Yan Hu were like children competing against each other and the main topic was that sort of thing. Jing Xuan really couldn’t stand it. She evasively said to Wei Ming, “Senior sister, let’s go cook.”  

  Wei Ming also felt that her ears were very hot and wanted to beat Ke Li. She nodded and said, “I’ll go wash first.”  

  Jing Xuan and Wei Ming went to the kitchen to boil water. Yan Hu and Ke Li wanted to go with them but were pushed out. At last, they could only stare at each other.  

  Ke Li pointed out: “I thought you were a human | beast last night.”5It’s typed this way, but means werebeast 

  Yan Hu didn’t back down: “I thought you were just doing parent-child exercises.”  

  ”…” Ke Li found that she couldn’t say anything back to Yan Hu. This fox-spirit was naturally difficult to deal with. She said: “How come you turned back into a fox if you can freely turn into a human?” 

  Yan Hu replied: “Last night the energy consumption was too high, so I reverted back to my original form. Did you change into a baby midway?”  

  “…” Ke Li decided to ignore Yan Hu.  

  Yan Hu laughed twice, then turned into a fox and went into the kitchen to lounge on Jing Xuan’s body. Ke Li suddenly wanted to turn back into a baby, but this wasn’t up to her. Instead, Wei Ming drove her out before giving her the chance to even wash her face. 

   With the four people together, it would be nice to play some mahjong. It would be perfect if there were some side dishes to enjoy the great atmosphere too. 

  Like ordinary people, they work from sunrise to sunset. Jing Xuan and Wei Ming had done this before and were very good at it. Ke Li and Yan Hu bickered with each other the entire time. After bickering, they went to the river to catch fish.  

  Originally, Wei Ming didn’t eat meat or fish. She was teased by Ke Li that she had broken the rules and was no longer a nun. She slowly accepted the meat and fish, but also broke the lust commandment with Ke Li that night.  

  Ke Li: “…” 

  I may be late, but now I’ll never not know. 

  After that, Wei Ming’s hair grew slowly. Ke Li tied it into an ordinary ponytail and the four lived simply in the same yard. They didn’t interact with outsiders and didn’t provoke others. At most, they occasionally returned to the Meditation Temple to visit Abbot Wu Nian.  

  With the passage of time, beauty will always fade. Wei Ming and Jing Xuan slowly got older, while Ke Li and Yan Hu were still youthful. After the two discussed, they adjusted to the corresponding age.  

  Wei Ming’s eyes had wrinkles and her voice wasn’t as crisp as before, instead it was a little turbid. She held Ke Li’s hand and said, “Tutu, I still like your appearance when you were young. Your baby self was naughty and cute.”  

  Ke Li lowered her head and kissed Wei Ming’s hand, then said: “I like everything about you.”  

  Wei Ming smiled, and suddenly said: “I heard Jing Xuan say that Yan Hu promised to wait for her in the afterlife. Tutu, do you wish for a life after death?”  

  She had prepared herself for the day when her body was no longer able. She and Ke Li were not the same kind of people. In the end, she will become ashes with the earth while Ke Li would still live on in this world. But she was envious of Jing Xuan. After all, she wanted the same unexpected promise.  

  Ke Li hesitated. This was a task. She was going to leave after completing it. She wasn’t a genuine immortal fairy doll. She was a living person in the real world, but she had become more and more integrated with the mission world. During this time, Doudou seemed to have disappeared, so she inadvertently forgot that this was just a task.  

  Looking at the hesitant Ke Li, the light in Wei Ming’s eyes dimmed. She pretended she was only lightly joking: “Do you promise to find me in the afterlife?” 

  “No, not just in the afterlife, I will wait for you in the afterlife and the life after that.” After all, Ke Li still made this fairytale promise so Wei Ming could be reassured.  

  “Doudou, what will happen to this world’s female lead after I leave?” She used to leave after the female lead’s death, but now this world also has an afterlife. She had no experience with this at all.  

  [Host, do you believe in the afterlife?] 

  Ke Li was confused and replied: “I don’t know. Buddha said that everyone has a past life, this life and an afterlife. But I think that if you believe, there will be one. But if you don’t believe, there won’t be one, so I don’t know.”  

  [Host if you believe it, then you’ll be responsible for this world’s female lead. According to Buddhism, people are always reincarnated in six paths and four lives. In that case, there will be no end to the task.]  

  Ke Li: “Can you tell me if Wei Ming will have an afterlife?” 

  [According to the settings in your book, yes. But she will still be a stranger who has no memories of her past life. And even if there is an afterlife, your afterlife can be anyone’s afterlife. Host, you can choose to die, then this world will naturally have your afterlife.]  

  Doudou said meaningful and heartfelt words: [Host, don’t be too sentimental. We have to let children find their own happiness.6Cause Ke Li is the author mother and the female lead is her child Otherwise life will be a fixed pattern. It will become monotonous and boring ah.]  

  Ke Li: “…” 

  It made her look like an idle old lady who had nothing to do.7Mothers are usually on the older side when their child is already so big, and they have nothing to do but fret over their children… 

  However, it made Ke Li feel very relieved. Only when Wei Ming passed away will the task be complete. Though, when she finally returned to the real world, Ke Li was disorientated.  

  Because in the last moment, she was still holding Wei Ming who then had a head full of gorgeous hair. And now she was alone, lying on the bed and hooked up to machines supplying nutrition to her body. It was unlike the previous two times when Shi Jin had given her mental and physical comfort, these sad emotions intertwined in her heart.  

  Ke Li’s heart gave birth to the thought of suicide. With her mind full of Wei Ming’s death, she was filled with extreme sadness, then her mind began to empty.8So, the system emptying her emotions actually does help her in the real world since she would have probably killed herself from losing the person she spends her entire lifetime with and deeply loved. Although some readers are turned off by this setting, its necessary as a key ingredient for the end of this story.  

  The sudden rubbing and pressing on her temples relieved her headache. A special feeling invaded her mind, then her negative feelings and thoughts slowly dissipated.  

  Knowing that the approaching person was Shi Jin, Ke Li relaxed and slept like the previous two times. Until she heard the sound of Shen Qing’s voice in her ear did she gradually wake up.  


  Ke Li rubbed her sleepy eyes: “Mom?” 

  Shen Qing relaxed and patted Ke Li’s face. She smiled and said: “You lie down first. Mom will be busy out on a date.”  

  Ke Li: “…” 

  So why did you have to wake me up in a hurry? 

  Ke Li didn’t know whether Shen Qing had a big heart or was too relieved about her situation. She didn’t have the energy to ask because of her weak body. As long as she isn’t immediately sent to the next mission world, that would be good. 

  Shen Qing seemed really anxious for her date. Her makeup was exquisite, her clothes were decent, she exuded a mature intellectual beauty aura that ordinary women couldn’t achieve. After carefully looking at Ke Li’s situation, she left.  

  Ke Li continued to lie down and waited for her body to recover gradually before she sat up. She was the only one in the room, surrounded by all kinds of sophisticated equipment as if it was for a human experiment and she was the test subject. Someone recorded all kinds of data about her body  

  Ke Li naturally didn’t think that Shen Qing will try to harm her, she will definitely try any and all other alternative solutions available. 

  She walked out slowly. The next room was vacuum-like. She saw Shi Jin lying there, motionless in a meticulous suit and a relaxed face, like a sleeping beauty.  

  Ke Li caught a man in work clothes, looked at the staff tag on his chest and asked, “Excuse me, what’s wrong with her?”  

  Shouldn’t you be on a date with Shen Qing at this time? 

  The man was very happy because Ke Li was actively chatting with him. He excitedly said: “Miss Shi always lies here for a while.”  

  Ke Li strangely said: “Every time I lie down? Just like me?”  

  The man nodded and replied: “En.”  

  Ke Li seemed to think of something wonderful, but she pondered about it more then asked: “Why?”  

  The man never said anything more. He seemed like just an ordinary employee. 

  Ke Li is actually a stranger to the Time Administration. She only knows that this is where Shen Qing goes to work at every day. The Life Experience Department is a place that specializes in life simulation which provides customers with a variety of novel life scenarios. In short, this is a virtual space. Everything is virtual, just to entertain customers.  

  When she stared at Shi Jin and felt her face looked familiar. She couldn’t figure out what was familiar after carefully thinking about it. But it seemed to overlap with Shi Jian, Shi Lin Luo and Wei Ming. Although there was no similarity at all.  

  The beauties of this era may be similar, but the beauties from her novels definitely had their own unique characteristics. So, how could there be any similarities?  

  Ke Li looked around again. She saw many employees and they all probably knew her as Shen Qing’s daughter. Walking along the corridor, no one questioned her. Instead, many male employees took the initiative to greet her. This dead house Ke Li suddenly realized that she hasn’t been forgotten in this period.     

  She went to the outside world unimpeded the entire way. She looked at the tall buildings and endless vehicles on the road. Only then did she feel completely out of the mission world.  

  Ke Li casually found a quiet coffee shop to sit down and was ready to relax. After ordering a cup of coffee, she saw Shen Qing’s back towards her. She was talking and laughing with a woman who was also well-dressed. Obviously, this was a genuine date. 

  Was her mother cheating? 

  Ke Li thought she must have been a house hermit for too long and her brains seemed to have malfunctioned. There were too many things to digest, so she decided to readily accept new things. She wanted to go out more and work hard on being a live house.9She always called herself a dead house which is the same as a shut-in hikkimori. Now she wants to be an ordinary working member of society and not be a dead house shut in. 

  Ke Li sat there quietly. She listened to the soft music in the coffee shop and watched Shen Qing talking with the unknown woman. They ate dessert, talked about interesting things and smiled at each other from time to time…  

  A sense of emptiness suddenly struck her. She also wanted to fall in love, but not the kind from doing tasks, which required emotional detachment once the task was completed. She didn’t want to forget about those emotions that once existed. Instead she really wanted to have a living person with her to remember in her heart, to stay together for a lifetime.  

  Ke Li thought that Shen Qing was right. Maybe blind dates are useful, and her availability wasn’t bad. She doesn’t have somewhere to be from 9 to 5 every day. She was a person of average height. There was a small saving in her vault, which meant she was a little lazy, a little homestead, and sometimes her thoughts were a little colorful…  

  After putting together her shortcomings, Ke Li felt she was useless. She sat for a while and suddenly felt it was really boring. She was about to get up and leave, but suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder.  

  Her clothes were thin. Just in an ordinary sleeveless white T-shirt. The heat from the hand on her shoulder seemed to penetrate into her body. Ke Li’s thoughts were interrupted and looked up at the sudden appearance of Shi Jin.  

  “Can I buy you a cup of coffee?” Shi Jin’s voice was very gentle, like the spring rain that moisturizes, which touches people’s hearts.  

  Ke Li had no room for refusal at all. She glanced at Shen Qing on the other side who was still on a date, then looked at Shi Jin’s rosy face. It seems that she ran over as soon as she woke up, then replied: “Okay ah.”  

  It’s strange and exciting that she was going on a date with someone who she suspected to be her stepmother. Beep the dog.10This phrase came from a video, the original meaning is a dog is coming. It’s understood as a mantra of being particularly unlucky and depressed.  So it’s unlucky for Ke Li to be hit on by the person who she suspects to be her stepmother. 

Author’s Notes: 

Ke Li: Mom, I’m not a qualified daughter. 

Shen Qing: No, you are! Stepmother will give you everything, please stop spying at my date. Girlfriends aren’t easy to find (tears) 

Ke Li: Got it ● v ● 

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